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XVI-2 1 Naffzgers on the Move
XVI-2 2 Commendation (Eldon Naffziger)
XVI-2 2 Life of Dan B Raber and Mary Nofziger
XVI-2 3 "Letters (Clara Naftzger; Betty Jane and Arthur Goold; Elizabeth Immel; Ethel M. Zehr; Delbert Gratz; Lois Bakehouse; Norma and Tom Finneran)"
XVI-2 5 "[Map of Germay; France; and Switzerland border region]"
XVI-2 6 "Letters (Gerhard and Traudl Nafziger; Dean Noffsinger; Rudolf Nafziger; Rolf Nafziger; Matthias Otte; Charlotte Johnson; Mrs. Paul M. Johnston)"
XVI-2 7 "Letters (Shirley Shore; Dale Nofsinger; Beverly Schlatter; Lowell Nosker)"
XVI-2 8 Letters (Betty Stanfield)
XVI-3 1 Peter N. To America
XVI-3 3 "Letters (Elizabeth Immel; Paul V. Hostetler; Harold Beer family)"
XVI-3 5 Letters (George Nafzinger)
XVI-3 6 "Letters (Ella Gieg; Delbert Gratz)"
XVI-3 7 "Letters (Harold Noffsinger; Harin Nafziger)"
XVI-3 8 "Letters (Evelyn Martinez; Shirley Shore)"
XVI-4 1 Play Nafzger Heritage Trivia
XVI-4 1 Peter Nofsker continuation posponed.
XVI-4 1 Hermann Guth Mennonite Family History ariticle next issue.
XVI-4 2 Answers to Nafzger Heritage Test
XVI-4 2 "Letters (Clyde A. Nafzinger; Eldon Naffziger; Jacques A. Noftzger; Rudolf Nafziger)"
XVI-4 3 Nafzger Heritage Test
XVI-4 4 "Darke County Ohio -- Noftsinger Grist-Mill; Noftsinger Block-House"
XVI-4 5 "Letters (Lynne Farmer; Mardell Edwards; Mrs. Charles Dissinger; Wilmer Nafziger)"
XVI-4 6 "Central Illinois Articles (Springer-White; Gerald W. Nofsiner; Mary Nafziger;Earl Bachmans; Payne-Naffziger; Frank Bertram; Amos Nafziger)"
XVI-4 7 "Central Illinois Articles (Sutter-Sherer; Mrs. Elmer Noffsinger; John Springer; Leslie Naffzigers; Maurice Naffzigers; Ervin Springers)"
XVI-4 8 A Dissinger Discovery [Peter Nofsinger land document]
XVII-1 1 Immigrant Ulrich Nafziger -- Ancestor of Mennonite Nafzigers by Hermann Guth
XVII-1 6 "Letters (Rene Nafziger wants to in the US; David Stuaffer; John Lapp)"
XVII-1 7 Heritage Information Family Line of Rene Nafziger
XVII-1 8 "Articles (Jere R. Stamm; Naffzinger-Moyer; Nafziger-Reitz; Mrs. Eric Nafziger)"
XVII-2 1 Ray's Research of Rudolph
XVII-2 2 "Eunice A Olsen of McMinnville; Orgegon Writes"
XVII-2 6 "Letters (Lorina Sebring; Joan Michael)"
XVII-2 7 Mr. Zeiser Gauthier writes
XVII-2 8 "Articles(Lowell Nosker; Clara M. Martin; Esther K. Voyt)"
I-1 1 Letters Welcomed!
I-1 1 Collecting Information
I-1 1 Contribution
I-1 1 Nafzgers Sail For America
I-1 3 Paul Writes
I-1 3 Foster Begins Naftzinger Study
I-1 4 Matthew Nafzger
I-1 4 Naffe/Zahringer?
I-1 4 About our Guest Writer (Foster Naftziger)
I-1 4 Matthew lands in America
I-1 4 Matthew settles in Berks County
I-1 5 Matthew Naftzinger descendants
I-1 5 Pedigree Problems Can you help?
I-2 1 The First Burial
I-2 1 Contribution
I-2 1 How to Use the Chart
I-2 1 Two Brothers Arrive in America
I-2 2 Chart for (Descendants of) Christian Nafziger
I-3 1 John Naftzger of Wayne County
I-3 1 Jacob's Son Jacob
I-3 1 Jacob's Son Christian
I-3 1 Jacob Nafzger Lands in America in 1750
I-3 2 Letters: Fred Nofziger; Carroll Nafziger; Edgar H Ulrich; Dale M. Nofsinger; David J. Naffzgier; Dan A. Nafzger
I-3 3 Letters: Hugh Shaw Fredericks; David J. Bachman
I-3 4 Letters: Madeline M Nofsinger; Art & Verna Nafziger; Flo Townsend; C. E. Nafzger; Lester H Nafzger; Roger Nofziger
I-3 5 Letters: Marvin S. Nafziger; Vilas & Erma Nafziger; E. L. Bigelow
I-3 6 Next Issue
I-3 6 Jacob's Son - Joseph
I-3 6 Jacob's Daughter - Barbara
I-3 7 Jacob Natzger's Descendants (9 Generations)
I-3 11 Last Will and Testament of Jacob Nofzeiger
II-1 1 National Family Reunion
II-1 1 Commendation
II-1 1 Arnold Noffsinger of Akron; Ohio writes.
II-1 1 Peter Lands in America in 1749
II-1 2 Deaths
II-1 2 Jacob's bible printed in 1536
II-1 2 Mrs. Ralston Lawhead of Evansville; Indiana writes
II-1 2 Paul Hostetler
II-1 2 Mrs. Alice Beck of Sand Springs; Okalhoma writes
II-1 2 Persons naturalized in Pennsylvania 1740-1773
II-1 2 Letters are Welcomed
II-1 2 Donations -- Donations -- Donations
II-1 2 From the deed book
II-1 3 We Need Help
II-1 3 Letters: Mrs. John D. Birkey; Helen (Nofziger) Krause; Mrs. Dale Stilt; Samuel Nafzger
II-1 4 Letters: Walter Nafzger; Jay Nofziger; Wilmer A Nafziger; Bud Naftzger; Florence (Nafzinger) Deam; Robert Noftsger
II-1 5 Letters: Dr. M. Willis Sutter; Helen J. Naftzger; Mrs. Lewis Nafzinger; Mrs. Richard Schertz
II-1 6 Letters: Dean Noffsinger; Ruth and Edward Naufzinger; J. A Noftzger; Mrs. B. J. Hundley; Timonthy A Nafziger
II-1 7 Letters: E. Wayne Nafziger; Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Nofziger; Lloyd E Noffsinger; Agnes E Hartzler
II-1 8 Peter Nofsker's Family (chart)
II-2 1 Early Settlers
II-2 1 Valentine From France
II-2 1 Commendation
II-2 1 Valentine Sails for America in 1831
II-2 2 From Ezra Nafziger; Intercourse; Pa.
II-2 2 How Can I Secure a Coat of Arms?
II-2 2 Nafziger Ice Cream
II-2 2 A letter from Frank Naftsinger of Roanoake; Virginia
II-2 2 Send us your picture
II-2 3 Letters: M. S. Noffsinger; Jr.; Mrs. Virgil Short; Mrs. Emily O Heaston
II-2 3 Will of Valentine Nofzinger from Wooster Courthouse
II-2 4 Letters: Mrs. Frances Noffsinger; P. M. Noftsger; Leona N Connor; Mrs. E. O. Noffsinger; Delora Nafziger
II-2 4 Ralph (Noffsinger) suggests Colorado
II-2 4 Dean (Noffsinger) suggests Kansas
II-2 5 What do you plan to do with all of the information?
II-2 5 Letters: B. J. Hundley; Henry T. Nafziger; John Noffsinger; Mrs. Donald Nicewander; Vera Root; Mrs. Ethel Dierks Fox; Harry Nafziger
II-2 6 Letters: Mrs. Mary Imhoff; Mrs. Ruth P. Clapp; Sarah Felix Fredericks; Mrs. George Cole; Robert D Nafziger and sons; Marjorie Gunden; Frank and Hazel Nofsinger
II-2 7 Letters: Harry Nafziger; Mrs. Harold Bressner; Faye Noftsger Flaugher; Wendell H. Nosker; Mrs. M. S. Noftsger; Reuben Nauftzinger; Arlie Noffsinger
II-2 8 Valentine's Children (chart)
II-2 11 Who are their Parents?
II-2 12 Do we have information on your family line?
II-2 12 Can You Help?
II-3 1 Donations -- Donations -- Donations
II-3 1 Write Us We Like to Hear from You
II-3 1 Johannes Nofziger Sails for America
II-3 1 Commendation (Jesse E Nofzinger; Blanche Heineken; Hazel Quist)
II-3 2 Send us Details of Your Family Line
II-3 2 We Need Help
II-3 2 Letters (Arnold E Nafziger; Pauline Clapper)
II-3 2 A Coat of Arms from M. S. Noffsinger; JR.
II-3 3 Letters (Wesley T Noffsinger; Margaret Paulsen; Winifred Heitschmidt; Edward Naftzger)
II-3 3 Can You Help Identify these Nafzgers?
II-3 4 Nofskers Noskers Noffskers (Larry Smith; Mrs. James Nosker; Mr. & Mrs. Marquis B Nosker)
II-3 5 The descendants of Hans Hauer of Neureuth; Germany
II-3 5 Letters (Rene Davis; Mrs. N. A. Cooper; Norman Noffsinger; Robert F Nofziger; Catherine Sutherland)
II-3 6 Letters (Freda Noftsinger; Malcolm Noffsinger; Edna Keim Conrad; Faye Noftsger Flaugher; William D Nofziger; Mrs. Irene (Grieser) Nafziger; Mrs. C. E. Nafzger)
II-3 7 Peter Noffsinger of Effingham; Kansas (descendants)
II-3 8 Letters (Hugh Noffsinger; Jr; Mrs. Alfred Nofziger; Mrs. William Van Nofsinger; Paul Hostetler; Jay and Dean Nafziger; Hettie S Nafzinger)
II-3 8 Mrs. Orfield of Allterton; Iowa sends valuable information on the Noftsgers
II-3 9 Johnnes Nofziger (descendants)
II-4 1 Commendation (Nafziger descendants at Goshen College; visitors to Grafton)
II-4 1 Five Nosker brothers (photo from Larry Smith)
II-4 1 Five Brothers from Pennsylvania
II-4 2 Who is In Charge?
II-4 2 Instant Nobility?
II-4 2 National Family Reunion
II-4 2 Extra Copies
II-4 2 Copies of Back Issues
II-4 3 Letters (Dale M Nofsinger; Charles and Carla Nafziger; Rev. Philip Nofsinger; D. Lynn Nafziger; Mrs. Dale Stitt; Mrs. John Clark; Mrs. Lloyd Nafziger)
II-4 3 Nafziger Reunion Held in Hopedale
II-4 4 Letters (Glenn A Noffsinger; Glen W Nofziger; Galen E Kline; Rose Nofsinger; Mrs. Alfred Naffziger; J. L. Noffsinger; Mary Nafziger)
II-4 5 Descendants of Five Brothers from Pennsylvania
II-4 7 George David Noffsinger
II-4 7 Letters (Floyd Naftzger; Mrs Orville Noffsinger; Ruth Noffsinger; Mrs. Russel R Uhlmann; Mrs Oscar Gautsche; Dr. M. L. Nafziger)
II-4 8 Letters (Harold M Nofzinger; Mrs. Cecil V Reeser; Forrest Noffsinger; Foster M Nafzinger; Mrs. Paul Noffsinger; Dan C Nafiger; Eugene Naffziger)
II-4 9 Letters (David L Cacanower; Agnes Hower Wells; Mrs. Elmer Gish; Daniel W. B. Jones)
II-4 10 Visit to Hopedale
II-4 10 Donations -- Donations -- Donations
II-4 10 Do we have information on your family line?
III-1 1 Harley Nofziger
III-1 1 Nafzger Heritage News to Subscription in 1975
III-1 1 Nafzger Familyin Switzerland in 1600's
III-1 1 Commendation (Mr and Mrs Delmar Oswald; Vilas Nafziger; Sem Sutter; Litwiller; Rev. Samuel Nafzger)
III-1 2 Letters (Carroll Nafziger; William M Noffsinger)
III-1 2 Naftzgers on TV
III-1 2 Nafzger descendants
III-1 2 Schedule of Future Issues
III-1 3 Letters (Death: Lewis M Nafzinger; Ralph Nafzger; Ben E Nosker; Earl Nafziger; Mrs. Roy Noffsinger; H. Dennis Reed; Mrs. Freda Noftsinger; Simon S Nafziger)
III-1 4 NHN Donors
III-1 7 Information Data Sheet
III-1 8 Samuel and Susanna (Krumrine) Noffsinger
III-1 8 Letters (Rose Nofsinger; Dolores C Rutherford; Hazel Nosker; Mrs. Stanley B Noffsinger; David L Cocanower)
III-1 9 Letters (Mrs.Milo E. Wenger; Doris M. Nofziger; Roger Naftzger; Mrs E. E. McIntire; John and Alma Kauffmann; Simon S Nafziger; Mrs C. E. Nafzger)
III-1 10 Swiss Nafzgers (descendants)
III-2 1 Illinois Naffzigers Enter the U.S.A. In 1826
III-2 1 Untitled [Apostle Peter Naffziger]
III-2 2 Subscribe to the News Now
III-2 2 Untitled Editors Notes [Harold Nofziger, Coopers, Hazel Nosker, Harley Nofziger - The Fulton County Nafzgers]
III-2 3 The Beginning of a Mennonite Settlement in Canada and Illinois (reprint from Beacon-Herald News)
III-2 4 Letters [Meredith Runner, William Nofsker, Mrs. Andrew Takacs, David L Cocanower, Mrs. Earl Noffsinger, Mrs. C.E. Nafzger, Glenn Nafziger, Rev. Wilbur E Fether, Edna Keim Conrad]
III-2 5 Letters [Donald E Nafziger, David Naffziger, Mrs. W. Dale Brown, Gletha Mae Fisher, Marion L. Nafziger, Estil J Noffsinger]
III-2 6 Peter Naffziger [Descendants]
III-2 8 Contributors of Substantial Nafzger Material to the News
III-2 9 Letters [C.J. Kurtz, A. Wayne Naftzinger, Gene Nafziger, Louis R Noffsinger, Lehman Noffsinger, Martha Reed, Gertrude Nafziger Birky, Mrs. J.F. White]
III-2 10 Photos [Harley B Nosker, Hazel Nosker, Samuel Nosker]
III-3 1 Mrs E. E. McIntire letter
III-3 1 Rudolph Lands in America in 1749
III-3 1 Jacob B Noffsinger (Photo)
III-3 2 Subscribe the News Now
III-3 2 Letters (Mrs. Stanley B Noffsinger; Rev. Wilbur E Fether)
III-3 2 Some Nafziger ministers and elders found in Europe in 18th Century
III-3 3 Letters (Agnes Hartzler; Wilbur Linder; Patricia Brown; Mrs. Orville Miller; SN Garri D. Noftsger; Eileen Hastings Duncan; Mavin S Nafziger; Dolores Rutherford; Mrs. Edward J Naffziger)
III-3 4 Descendants of Rudolph Noffsinger
III-3 4 Letters (Vera (Sakemiller) Root; C. J. Kurtz; Phurlow H Nofziger; M. S. Noffsinger; Jr; Rachel W Kreider; The Lancaster Mennonite Conference Historical Society; Mrs Kenneth H. Gilmore)
III-3 8 Letters (Rose Nofsinger; Mrs A. T. Goold)
III-3 9 Peter I and Peter II (descendants)
III-3 10 Mathias Noffsinger (descendants)
III-3 11 Letters (Kenneth W Nafziger; Harley Nofziger; Donald A Noffsinger; Robert E Noffisnger; Orval C Myers; Luella N Ernst; Mardell Edwards)
III-3 12 Letters (Finis B Stroud; Foster Nafzinger; Mrs. Eldon Dean Nafziger; Moses Leroy Nafzinger; Mrs E L Bigelow; Mrs Ralph J Knouf)
IV-4 1 Naftzger School; Lebanon County PA (photo)
IV-4 1 Commendation (Mystery Donor; Mrs. J. L. Lantow; Carrol Nafziger; Mrs. E. E. McIntire; Mrs. Joseph L. La Pers; Jesse D Naftzger; Mrs. Edmund E. Wells; Ralph H. Nafziger; Bernard Naftzger)
IV-4 1 New Information Discovered on the Early Nafzgers
IV-4 2 Letters (Harley Nosker)
IV-4 2 88 Year Old Letter Written by a Great Grandson of Ulrich Nafzger Reveals Considerable History for the 1975 Nafzgers
IV-4 2 Editorial
IV-4 3 Featured Letters from Mrs. A. T. Goold
IV-4 4 Letters (Mrs. Hugh S. Fredericks; Gletha M. Fisher; Faye Flaugher; Delbert Gratz; Vivian Nafziger; Mrs. K. H. Gilmore; Wilbur Liner; Leona Nofziger Connor)
IV-4 5 Letters (Annie Orfield; Mrs E. E. McIntire; Mrs. Charles W. Naffziger; Mrs. Lois R. Nafzinger; Mrs. E. D. Conroy; Dorothy Noffsinger Detwiler)
IV-4 5 Midwestern Naffzigers
IV-4 6 Descendants of Henry Noftsker - Grandson of Ulrich Nafzger
IV-4 6 Letters (Ralph L Noffsinger)
IV-4 7 Letters (Delbert Gratz; Mrs. Stanley C. Noffsinger; Mrs. Robert Farner; Harriett Nafziger; Mrs Brice R Smith; Thurlow H. Nafziger; Mrs. W. Harry Noffzinger; Dale Nafziger; Mrs. Elmer Nafziger; May Schad)
IV-4 7 Hopedale Nafzigers Meet for Reunion
IV-4 8 Letters (Ray J Dieffenbach; Mrs. Opal Yoder Coleman; SN. Garri D Noftzger; Mrs. Burr G Noffsinger; Samuel M. Nafzger; Mrs. James Nofziger; John M Noftsger; Jr; Lois R Nafzinger; Mrs. Celia L. Ebert; Wilmer A. Nafziger; Zelma Woods)
IV-4 9 Information Data Sheet
IV-4 10 We Need Help
IV-4 10 Letters (Mrs. Cecil V Reeser; David L Cocanower; Mrs. Lyle B. Noffsinger; Betty Naffziger; Mrs. Glendora Reynolds)
V-1 1 Commendation (Thurlow H Nofziger); Paul V hostetler; Leona Nofziger Conner)
V-1 1 Christian Nafziger's Family Settles in Wayne County from 1831 to 1840
V-1 2 Letters (Mrs. L. R. Nafziger; Muriel E. La Pera; Dolores C Rutherford; Dorothy E Noffsinger; Mrs. Clapper; Jeannine Takacs; Catherine Murphy; Paul and Zoe (Nafziger) Iutzi)
V-1 3 Letters (Douglas R Weimer; Margaret Bullock; Terry Noffsinger)
V-1 4 Letters (A. T. Goold; A. H. Naftzger (Reprinted Obituary); Lillian L Miller; Mrs. Beulah Nofziger; Brs. Boyd Noftsger)
V-1 5 Reprint from the North Manchester News-Journal
V-1 5 Letters (Evelyn and Vern Jay Nafziger; Noel C Dicks)
V-1 6 Letters (Mrs. N. A. Cooper; Jack Naffziger; Luther O Naffziger; Mr & Mrs B. E. Nosker)
V-1 7 Descendants of Christian
V-1 8 Untitled by Conni Nafzinger
V-2 1 Peter B Nafzinger and wife; Elizabeth (photo)
V-2 1 New Format
V-2 1 Recent Deaths (Lewis M Nafzinger; Marth Nafzinger Eckhard; Ida E Nafzinger Breidenbuagh)
V-2 1 Commendation (Mrs Lois R Nafzinger; Jodie Huffaker; William L Nofsker; Carroll Nafziger; Myron L Noffsinger; Mrs. Lloyd Hall)
V-2 1 Peter of Illbach Sails for America
V-2 2 National Family Reunion
V-2 2 Letters (Wilbur Linder; Arline V Rickabaugh
V-2 2 Recent Deaths (Robert Woodland Noftzger; Daniel Benjamin Nafzinger; Floyd Fike Nafzger; Max A Nafzger)
V-2 3 In Memory of Dad
V-2 3 Letters (Thurlow H Nofziger; Glendora Reynolds; Mrs. Lois R Nafzinger)
V-2 4 Letters (Vietta Nafzinger; Heffner; Martha Reed; Welon Roupp; Norman Cooper; Jacques A Noftzger; Marion Nafziger; Lehman Noffsinger; James Nosker; Obert M Noffsinger; Mrs. R. J. Sommer)
V-2 5 Descendants of Peter Nafziger of Illbach
V-2 6 Photos (Peter Nafziger Home; Moses and Emma Nafziger)
V-2 8 Letters not printed
V-3 1 Richard Nofsker family (photo)
V-3 1 Commendation (Robert D Nafziger; Dr. M.L. Nafzinger; Margaret Bullock; Lynn Nafziger; Grace Nafziger; Mrs Clapper; Mrs A.T.Goold)
V-3 1 Family of Peter of Uberau sails for America
V-3 2 Pass Issue List - Reprints
V-3 2 Letters (Richard Noftsger; Frank and Myra Noftsger; Harold Short; Richard L. Nofsker; Helen (Naftzger) Wallace; Mrs. Paul Liggett; Laura (naftzger) Fetzer; Dealths: H. Dennis Reed; Norman A Cooper)
V-3 3 Letters (Mrs. Dora Brunk; Katherine; A. Brooks Naffziger; Edward Noffsinger; Virginia (Nafziger) Sherry; Virginia W Jackson; Gaylord Noftsger; Dale M Nofsinger; G. Philip Nofsinger; Jack Naffziger; Helen N Krause; Sem Christian Sutter)
V-3 4 Letters (Judy Humphrey; Harry Nafziger; Kenneth H Gilmore; Arline V Richabaugh; Dolores C Rutherford; C.N. McKee; Rose S. Noffsinger; Ralph L Noffsinger; M. Edwards)
V-3 5 Descendants of Christian Nafziger from Hopedale; Illinois
V-3 9 Descendants of Peter of Uberau
VI-1 1 John and Anna Land in U.S.
VI-1 1 Commendation (Emil Kinssinger; Grace Nafziger; Lowell Nofziger; Frank Nofsinger; Alfred J. Nafziger)
VI-1 2 Family Reunion (Nosker)
VI-1 2 Letters (Mrs Faye (Noftsger) Flaugher; Mrs. N. A. Cooper; Marion Nafziger; Ralph Naffziger; Paul V. Hostetler)
VI-1 3 Political Advisor (Lyn Nofziger)
VI-1 3 Letters (Lillian miller; C. J. Kurtz; Ann Wilhelmina Britsch)
VI-1 3 Our car was trapped; the rain was getting heavier (Mr and Mrs Ralph Noffsinger)
VI-1 4 Letters (Mrs. Boyd Noftsger; Mrs. Harold Wyse; Nadine M. Walker; Galen E. Kline)
VI-1 4 Grafton Visitors (Herber Nofziger; Mrs. William Mottice; Mrs. Leona Baughman; John Nofsinger)
VI-1 4 Hopedale Mennonite Church Heritage Celebration
VI-1 5 Fulton County Publication
VI-1 5 Letters/Vistors/Deaths (Mrs Laura Clapper; O.E. Noftsinger; Paul Hostetler; Dororthy C. Noftsinger; Mardee Edwards; Leona I. Baughman; Mrs. T. J. Nafzger; Lawrence A. Summer)
VI-1 6 Descendants of John and Anna Nafziger
VI-1 6 Letters (Gertrude nafziger; Sherman Nafzger; Martha S. Uhl; Mrs. Kenneth H. Gilmore; Stuart Henri Yost; Mrs. Riley Brown)
VI-1 8 Family Reunion (Nafziger)
VI-2 1 Commendation (Mrs. John Noffsinger; Alfred Nafziger; Noftsinger Industrial Service)
VI-2 1 Rare Old Book: A reprint from the Clinton County Democrat - 1892
VI-2 1 Annual Nosker Reunion
VI-2 1 The Noftsgers Land in America
VI-2 2 Letters (Agnes Hower; Mrs. William C. Pritchard; A. T. Goold; Mrs. Leona Baughman; Katherine Zurgan; Foster M. Nafzinger; Mae and Cecil Reeser)
VI-2 3 Fulton County Publication
VI-2 3 Letters (Dean F. Noffsinger; Mrs. Charles Oliver; A. Wayne Naftzinger)
VI-2 3 An Old Picture (Amelia Mary Hower Nafzger)
VI-2 4 Letters (Frank Nofsinger; Vietta Nafziger Heffner; Mrs. Leona Baughman; Wilbur Linder; Meredith Runner; Mrs. Isabelle J. Oliver; Deaths: Leonid N. Schultze; Mrs. Samuel (Helen) Bricker; Marriage: Mildren Irene Baughman and Grant Kowell)
VI-2 5 Connect the Following Nafzgers to Family Lines
VI-2 6 Children Of (William F. Noftsger; Alfred M. Noftsger; John Noftsger; Josiah S. Noftsger; Naaman Noftsger; Jacob Noftsger; Henry Noftsger)
VI-2 7 Fifth Generation; Sixth Generation (Noftsger family)
VI-2 8 Seventh Generation (Noftsger family)
VI-3 1 Samuel Settles in Canada
VI-3 1 Commendation (Leona Clapper; Carroll Nafziger; Frank Nofsinger; John B. Noftsger)
VI-3 2 Letters (Steven R. Estes; Lloyd Nafziger)
VI-3 3 106th Birthday Celebraion (Amanda Wylkle)
VI-3 3 Letters (Mrs. Riley Brown; Steven R. Estes)
VI-3 4 Letters (Muriel E. La Pera; Lyla Noffsinger Legg; Vincent Correll Jr.)
VI-3 9 Letters and Annoucements (Martha Reed; C. Edward Baughman; Hazel Noftsinger; Jeffrey David Naffziger; Jutdith Naffziger Lann, Eugene F. Naffziger; Donald Naffziger)
VI-3 10 Letters (B.W. Moore; Harry Nafziger; Dale Albert Nafziger)
VI-3 10 Letters (B.W. Moore; Harry Nafziger; Dale Albert Nafziger)
VI-4 1 Commendation (Carl F. Noftsger; Mr. And Mrs. William G. Naftzinger; Lucinda McIntire)
VI-4 1 An Old Nafzger Cemetery
VI-4 1 Jacob Lands in America in 1847
VI-4 2 Letters (Carolyn Nafziger; Mr. And Mrs. Neil Kleck; Nancy Myers; Mary Helen Naffziger Hook; Mae Nosker)
VI-4 3 Descendants of Jacob Nafziger
VI-4 4 The German Trip
VI-4 4 Letters (Paul Hostetler; Orval C. Meyers)
VI-4 5 Great grandchildren of Christian Nafziger from Hopedale; Illinois
VI-4 7 Can you Help - 1880 Census (Daniel Naffsiger; John C. Nofsinger; Valentine Naffziger; John Nofsinger; William Naffziger)
VI-4 7 Letters (Mrs James Antonio; Ed and Irene Noffsinger)
VI-4 7 Fulton County pulication delays
VI-4 8 Christian P. Nafziger - Portrait and biolgraphical Album of McLean County Illinois by Chapman Brother; 1887.
VII-1 1 Identify These Nafzger Lines
VII-1 1 Commendation (Muriel Oliver; Wilmer Nafziger)
VII-1 2 Letters, Annoucements, 1880 Census (Fulton County Nofziger Publication; Mrs. John Clark; Daniel Naffsiger; John C. Nofsinger; Valentine Naffziger; John Nofsinger; William Naffziger)
VII-1 3 Letters (Leona Baughman; David W. Stauffer )
VII-1 4 From History of Randolph County, Indiana by E. Tucker-1882 (Sarah A. Noffsinger; Eli Noffsinger)
VII-1 4 Letters & More Nafzgers (Tom Nafziger; Schuyler C. Brossman; C.P. Nafziger; C.J. Nafziger; John Nafziger; Christian Nafziger; C.E. Nafzger)
VII-1 5 Descendants of Peter Nafziger of Illbach
VII-1 5 From Martha C. Reed of Fallson, Maryland (Jacobina Nafzinger)
VII-1 7 Deaths (Melissa Kaye Needles; Maried Nafziger; Grace Nafsinger; Kenneth William Siscoe; Adina B. Oswald; Dennis L. Sutter; James Nafsinger; Daniel Nafzinger; John Nafziger; Christian W. Nafziger)
VII-1 8 Letters (J.H. Deam; Catherine Belsly; Christian Nafziger; Vivian Nafziger; Lakelynn Nafzger; Ed Noffsinger)
VII-2 1 Commendation (Rosalie Naffziger; Frank Nofsinger; Marvin S. Nafziger)
VII-2 1 More Descendants of Mathias
VII-2 2 An Addition (Christopher Dean Nafziger)
VII-2 2 A Trip to Germany
VII-2 2 Fultgon County Nafzger publication trouble
VII-2 2 Letters (Vivian B. Nafziger; Vida Naffziger)
VII-2 2 The Noffsinger Reunion
VII-2 3 Letters (Mrs. Ben (Rose) Nofsinger; Leona I. Baughman)
VII-2 4 Annual Nosker Reunion
VII-2 5 Deaths (Glenn W. Baker; William P. Naffziger; Howard Warstler)
VII-2 6 Descendants of Mathias
VII-3 1 Rudolph of West Germany writes
VII-3 1 The Noftzger of Somerset County
VII-3 2 Recent Deaths (Ivan Naftger; Eva A. Naftzinger)
VII-3 2 Tuscarawas Marriages
VII-3 3 Marriage and Births (Mark T. Noftzger; Emily Rachel Nafziger)
VII-3 3 Last Will and Testament of John Noptzinger
VII-3 4 Can you identify the descendants of any of the following Nafzgers (Heinrich Naftzger; Elizabeth Naftger; Martin Nafzger)
VII-3 4 Will of Christian Nofsinger
VII-3 5 Dear Reader
VII-3 6 Information Data Sheet
VII-3 7 Descendants of Valentine Nafziger; b. 1783 em. 1831
VII-4 1 Commendation ( Mrs. Riley Brown; Earl Naffziger; Schuyler B Rossman; Gertrude Wynkoop; Betty Nafiziger)
VII-4 1 4 Generations from Valentine Nafziger; landed 1831 (Photo)
VII-4 1 More Information on Peter of Illback
VII-4 2 The Nafzger Name
VII-4 2 Births (Emily Rachel nafziger; Mart T Noftzger)
VII-4 2 Deaths (Alfred Nafziger; Ruth E. Nafziger; Ivan Nafzger; Eva A. Naftzinger)
VII-4 2 Editors Notes
VII-4 2 Reason for publication
VII-4 3 Chilren of Rudolph Noffsinger
VII-4 3 Rudolph Nafzger
VIII-1 1 Letters (Mrs. William S. Hammers; Waldo Noffsinger; Moses Hartz)
VIII-1 1 Noffsinger Reunion At Kansas
VIII-1 1 Four Nafzger Family Lines Marry (Peter of Uberau)
VIII-1 2 Christian Nafziger; born 1837; Goderexange
VIII-1 2 Pedigree Prolems; Can you help? (John Nafzger; John Nafzger)
VIII-1 2 Births and Deaths (Michael and Marsha Kay Nash; Janet and Larry Hagen; Florence M. Werner)
VIII-1 2 1831 Descendants of Valentine Nafziger (Photo)
VIII-1 3 Letters (Ray Dieffenbach; Mr and Mrs. Carl F. Nafzinger; Deaths: Horace B. Rentschler; Ruth B. Nafsinger Loser)
VIII-1 3 Peter of Ilbach
VIII-1 4 Short Biographies
VIII-1 5 Dean; Clayton; Jerffery Noffsinger (photo)
VIII-1 6 1800 Census (Daniel Naffsiger; John Nofsinger)
VIII-2 1 Noffsinger Reunion at Kansas
VIII-2 1 Commendation (Dan A. Berry)
VIII-2 1 Hometowns of U.S. Nafzgers in Germany
VIII-2 2 Deaths (Raymond E. Egan; Mabel Nofziger)
VIII-2 2 Dr. Stuart Yost of Philadelphia calls
VIII-2 2 Good Luck to Jane (Robinson)
VIII-2 2 A Letter from Edeltraut nafziger of West Germany
VIII-2 2 A Nafzger Heritage News in Germany
VIII-2 3 Letters (Charles and Paula Leitzell; Mrs. A.T. Goold; Carrol Nafziger)
VIII-2 4 Annual Nosker Reunion
VIII-2 4 Letters (Martha Uhl; Carroll Nafziger; Rudolph Nafziger; Ivan H. Stoltzfus)
VIII-2 4 Some Good Genealogical Work from Steven Estes of Normal; Illinois
VIII-2 5 Descendants of Jacob Nafziger; Hesse-Darmstadt; 1800
VIII-3 1 More Information on the Proposed German Tour
VIII-3 1 Nafzger Families in Europe (Peter of Illbach; Christian Nafziger)
VIII-3 2 Letters (Leona Baughman; Finis B. Stroud; Mrs. R. John Yost; Mardell Edwards)
VIII-3 2 Nafzger Population
VIII-3 2 Reason for Publication
VIII-3 3 Account of Christian Ropp; 1826 immigrant to Canada
VIII-3 4 Letters (Ruth Cole; Helen Webb; Rev. P. Melville Nafziger; Margaret Naffziger; Hopedale Nafzigers; Evangelische Kirche in Hessen and Nassau Germany)
VIII-3 5 Descendants of Peter Nafziger; 1740 Essingen
VIII-4 1 Commendation (Dean Noffsinger; Arlie Noffsinger; Dorothy M. Kennedy)
VIII-4 1 Nafzgers in Europe (Johann Peter Nafziger)
VIII-4 2 Letters (Lynn Nafziger; Ralph Nafziger; Ray Dieffenbach; Martha Reed; Mrs. Elizabeth Golitis; Laura Hartz Mosher)
VIII-4 3 Mrs. Riley Brown Writes
VIII-4 4 Record and book reprints
VIII-4 4 Too Many Letters
VIII-4 4 Inflation
VIII-4 5 Johann Peter Nafziger of Uerberau (descendants)
VIII-4 8 Letters Welcomed
IX-1 1 Commendation (Schuyler Brossman; Valentine Nafziger; Laura Mosher; Mrs. Angelo Wallace; Earl L. Esch)
IX-1 1 A Salute to Our German Cousins
IX-1 2 Announcement (German-American visits)
IX-1 2 Letters (Clyde W. Noffsinger; Wlmer Nafziger; Wilmer A. Nafziger; Beatrice Bagley; Carroll Nafziger; Dale Nofzinger; Mary Chase)
IX-1 3 Herman Guth of Saarbrocken provides info on Peter Naffziger of Groversheim
IX-1 4
IX-1 5 Johnnes Nafziger Branch
IX-1 7 A Trip to Germany
IX-1 7 Letters (William R. Kuepfer; Betty Goold)
IX-1 7 Reunion (Honey Brook; PA)
IX-1 8 Letters (Mr. And Mrs. Art Nafziger; Archie Naffziger; Lester S. Nafziger; Oliver Jason Toder; Elmer H. Sutter; Mrs. Burdette B. Loomis)
IX-2 1 Christian Nafziger of Canada
IX-2 1 Commendation (Steven B.Estes)
IX-2 3 Letters (Pastor Melville Nafziger; Ralph L. Noffsinger; A. Wayne Naftzinger; Arthur and Betty Jane Goold; Steven Estes; Wilbur Linder)
IX-2 4 Letters (Mary Chase; Carroll Nafziger; Vera Root; Evelyn Louis Summer Barlow; Mrs. Wayne Schrack; Thurlow Nofziger-Fulton County Nafzigers)
IX-2 5 Letters (Clair Naftzger; Nafzger-Nafziger Femilien Rundbrief; Raymond J. Dieffenbach)
IX-2 7 Letters (Frank Nafziger; Dr. Horst Gerlach; )
IX-2 8 Letters (Vera Root; Katherine Sjogren; Faye Flaugher; Mark Todd Noftzger; Bishop Valentine Nafziger; )
IX-3 1 Nafzigers to Visit the USA
IX-3 2 Letters, Contribution, Annoucements (Sandra Dorris, Harry J. Gerig, Frank Nofsinger, Arthur W. Nafziger, Louis R. Noffsinger)
IX-3 3 Commendation, More Letters, Death (L. Earl Naffziger, Mrs. Olause A. Moe, Waldo A. Noffsinger)
IX-3 5 Fruhe Nafzgiers
IX-4 1 Joseph Naffziger of Canada
IX-4 1 Commendation(Jim and Mary Helen [Naffziger] Hook; Gerhard and Edeltraut)
IX-4 2 Various Notes(German publication; Inflation; Gerhard Nafziger visit; Riley Brown 50th; Thurlow Nofziger thanks)
IX-4 3 The German Trip of Mary Chase
IX-4 4 Letters (Ray J. Dieffenbach; Chelsea Cooper; Eldon Naffziger; Else Just Nafziger; )
IX-4 7 Letters (Betty Jane Goold; Ray Noftsger; Marjorie Gautsche)
IX-4 8 Letters (Schuyler Brossman; Jean Rupp Harris; Ruth Anne Naftzinger; Terry L. Kyser)
X-1 1 Commendation (Special Donations)
X-1 1 A Nofziger in Politics (Lynn Nofziger)
X-1 2 Letters (Mary Chase; Nafziger at Octoberfest; Mrs. Burr G. Noffsinger; Dale Nofzingers; Ron and Jackie Nofsinger; Mrs. Riley Brown)
X-1 3
X-1 4 Letters (Marion Nafziger; Mrs. Edward J. Naffziger; John Louis Nosker)
X-1 4 Jacob Nafziger - reprinted entry from a Tazewell County; IL plat book.
X-1 5 Visitors from Germany (from Carroll Nafziger)
X-1 6 Couple Begins Sudan Service (Harold and Phyllis Horst Nofziger)
X-1 6 Letters (Marjorie Gautsche; Mr. And Mrs. Rodney D (Miriam E. Herr); Bob and Paula Leitzell; Frieda Nafziger St. John)
X-1 7 From Dr. Meredith Runner of Boulder; Colorado - Reprint of a 1901 Letter from Leslie Roy Nafzger to Azro Huffman Naftzger)
X-2 1 Letter from Switzerland (Ida Nafzger-Kurth)
X-2 1 Raymond Noftsger Writes
X-2 2 Editorial
X-2 2 Letters (Naomi Weaver; Howard Guernsey; Frank Nofsinger; D. JoAnn Johnson)
X-2 4 Newspaper clipping (Mr and Mrs. Frank Nofsinger 60th)
X-2 4 Letters (Dorothy E. Noffsinger; D. JoAnn Johnson; Mary Noffsinger Wallace; Thurlow Nofziger; Bruce E. Nosker; Dorothy Kleck Kennedy; Betty Jane Goold; Lynn Nafziger; Dale Nofzinger; Mrs. T. W. Jeffries; Nancy Yood; A. Wayne Nafzinger)
X-2 5 Editors Notes
X-2 6 Letters (Marjorie Gautsche; Mrs. Leo Cora Collins; Mr. & Mrs. Elton Gunden; Marlyn J. Tabor; Leona Connor; Carroll Nafziger)
X-2 7 George Nafziger writes - The Meaning of Our Family Name
X-2 8 Letters (Vilas Nafziger; Harriett Nafziger; Wilbur Linder; Lynn Nafziger; Dale Nofsinger; Schuyler Brossman; P. Melville Nafziger)
X-3 1 Newspaper Clipping (Dale L. Nafziger)
X-3 1 Lorraine Roth writes
X-3 1 Commendation (Herbert Nofziger; Wilmer A Nafziger; Dean Noffsinger)
X-3 2 Letter (Mrs. Dwight E. Nofzinger)
X-3 3 Newspaper Clippings (Nafziger-Ewert; Kauffmann and Alma Litwiller; Mr. And Mrs. Rodney D. Nafziger)
X-3 3 Letters (Faye (Noftsger) Flagher; Mary Chase)
X-3 4 Newspaper Clipping (Randy and Rita Springer)
X-3 4 Letters (Vinita Cross; Harry Nafziger; Mrs. Laura Rychener; Muriel Oliver; Les and Carol Naffziger; Jacques Noftzger)
X-3 5 Heritage of Eldon Naffziger
X-3 5 Newspaper Clippings (Mr and Mrs William F. Rissmiller 60th; Edsel Nofsinger)
X-3 6 Frederick Nafziger (family of)
X-3 7 Obituaries (Mary M. Rentschler; Mrs E. A. (Salome B.) Nafziger; Joseph W. Weaver; Esther R. Nofsinger; Wannie Nafziger; Helen M. Naffziger; Clyde B. Noffisnger; Homer Nafziger)
X-3 8 Newspaper Clippings (Mark James Thomas Nafziger; Peters-Nafziger; Cox-Nafziger; Lawrence and edith Nafziger; Loni Jo Nafziger)
X-3 9 Familien Rundbrief
X-4 1 DK2NV
X-4 1 A Town Which Takes Care of Its Own (Reading Pennsylvania - reprint)
X-4 2 Heritage of Deloris Brown
X-4 3 More Research from Ray Noftsger
X-4 4 Pulication Announcements (A Goodly Heritage: A History of the North Danvers Mennonite Church by Steven R. Estes; Mennonite Family History)
X-4 4 Letters (Mrs. Carter Fratt; Mrs. Muriel Oliver; Schuyler C. Brossman; Obit of Mrs. Catharine Nafziger)
X-4 6 Heritage of Mary Wallace; Heritage of George Nafzinger
X-4 7 Letters (Mrs. Charles E. Dissinger)
X-4 7 Newspaper Clippings (Nafziger rite read in Iowa; Nan P. McCullough; Arilie and Frances (Jerman) Noffsinger)
X-4 8 Nafzingerstown photo
XI-1 1 Letters; Calls; Visits (Mardell Edwards; Lloyd Nafziger; Mrs. D. A. Berry; George Nafziger; Mrs. Riley Brown; James F. Nofzinger; Schuyler Brossman; Wilmer Nafziger)
XI-1 1 Another Nafzger Spelling (Lena B. Nofcier)
XI-1 2 Ray Noftsger research to appear
XI-1 2 Newspaper Clipping (Pvt James C. Naftzinger; Dale L. Nafziger)
XI-1 2 Visit to Washington DC
XI-1 2 Heritage Sketches
XI-1 3 Information Data Sheet
XI-1 4 More Research From Ray Noftsger
XI-1 5 Darryl Lynn Nafziger Heritage Sketch
XI-1 5 "Newspaper Clipping (Nafzigers[Dlmar ""Lefty""] to celebrate golden year; Lena Litwiller; Marian S. Nafzinger)"
XI-1 7 Letters (George Nafzinger; George Nafzinger)
XI-1 8 Heritage Sketch of Modest Perry
XI-2 1 Welcome Matthias
XI-2 1 Matthias Otte Writes
XI-2 2 Letters (Mary Wallace; Hugh R. Naffziger; Carroll Nafziger; Mrs. Blanche Barnard; Frank Nofsinger; Azalia Hill)
XI-2 3 Hermann Guth of West Germany Writes
XI-2 4 Letters (Mrs. Harold Kryder; Dean F. Noffsinger; Elmer L. Garloff; Marjorie M. Nafziger Hilty)
XI-2 4 Newspaper Clippings (Frank Glen Nofsinger; Lester Nofziger)
XI-2 5 Letters (Faye Flaugher; Erma and Vilas Nafziger; Marie Hollinger; George Nafziger; Kurt Nafzger)
XI-2 6 Letters (Dr. John Deam; Dr. Tom Maddox; Mrs. Willis Noftsger; Foster Noftsger; William Mast; Dorothy Still; John L. Nafzinger; Mrs. Lloyd Clapper; Deke Noftsker; Annie Orfield; Kathleen Meekins)
XI-2 7 Letters (Roger Nafziger; Mrs. Edward Nafzger; Herman Nafziger; Gehardt and Edeltraut Nafziger)
XI-2 8 Heritage Sketch
XI-2 8 Newspaper Clippings (Maggie M. Reber; John Cassel; Mr. And Mrs. Walter C. Nafzinger; Ernest Naftzger; Florence P. Sanders)
XI-2 9 Letters (Jacques A. Noftzger; Laura Rycherner; Mrs. Irene Noffsinger; Dr. Terrell L. Noffsinger; Vida Wright Naffziger; Earl Naffziger)
XI-2 9 Forgive Us for an ocassional error
XI-2 10 Tom Armour; Carroll Nafziger; Jean Rupp Harris; Johnnes Nofziger; Carolyn C. Wenger; Warren E. Naffziger; Schuyler Brossman)
XI-3 1 Matthias Otte to Visit Us
XI-3 1 New Information from Germany
XI-3 2 Letters from Carroll Nafziger
XI-3 3 Modest Perry of Orlando; Florida writes
XI-3 4 Letters (Pat Bright; George Nafziger; Azalia Hill; Dean F. Noffsinger; Elsie Weaver)
XI-3 5 Letters (Paul J. Noftsker; Marie Naffziger; Ralph A. Naffziger; Katherine Nafzger; Mrs. Muriel J. Oliver; Mrs. Bruce Madden; Azalia Hill; Chelsea Cooper; Thomas Nofsinger)
XI-3 6 Newspaper Clipping (W.R. Nofsker; Retired Sales Manager)
XI-3 6 Letters (Mike Wittrig; Mrs. Blanche O Barnard; Richard A. Nafsinger; Lynn Nafziger; Vila Nafziger)
XI-3 7 Lowell Nosker of Yellow Springs; Ohio writes; Wilmer Nafziger Writes; Kurt Nafzger of Germany writes
XI-3 8 Newspaper Clipping (George H. Nafzinger)
XI-3 8 Letters (Elmer & Pansy Nofziger; Edna Nafzinger; Vera Root)
XI-4 1 Margaret Nofsinger Dotzler letter
XI-4 1 Ray Noftsger moves to Italy
XI-4 1 Busy Summer for Nafzger Heritage
XI-4 2 Matthias Otte visit report
XI-4 2 Christmas Gift Idea
XI-4 3 Martin Nafzger/Elizabeth Moyer
XI-4 3 Certificate (or Discharge) - Christian Nafziger
XI-4 3 Letters (Candy Brown; Rosemary Nosker Bryan)
XI-4 4 Familien Rundbrief
XI-4 6 Chart of Nafziger Familes in Europe (from Herman Guth)
XI-4 7 Newspaper Clippings (Warren E. Naffziger; Arthur Naffziger; Marian S. Nafzinger; William Naffziger; Mr. And Mrs. John A Manwiller)
XI-4 8 Newspaper Clippings (Homer Oswald; John Kauffmann; Harry Nofzinger)
XII-1 1 Marha Reed of Fallston; Maryland Writes
XII-1 1 Merle C. Weber of Pheonix; Arizona Writes
XII-1 1 More on Early Swiss Nafzgers
XII-1 2 Nancy Lonsinger of Lakewood; Ohio Writes
XII-1 2 Growth of the Newsletter
XII-1 3 Ralph A. Naffziger of Visalia; California writes
XII-1 4 Aus dem historischen Museum Schloss Thun: Von Thuner Zinngiessern
XII-1 4 Ray Noftsger writes
XII-1 5 Newspaper clippings (Mr. And Mrs. William G. Naftzinger 60th; Danville; PA; Jodi Marie Naffziger; Sallie M. Bagenstose)
XII-1 6 Newspaper clippings (Ray Dieffenbach Ends Faithful Career At Gap; Nafzinger Birth; Naftzinger-Kuhn; Mr. And Mrs. Harry Naftzinger Sr.; Area firms Rod Nafziger)
XII-1 7 Gladys Nafzger of Broadhead; Washington Writes
XII-1 7 Merle C. Weber of Pheonix; Arizona Writes
XII-1 8 Venus Knoll of Pasadena; California Writes
XII-1 8 Marha Reed of Fallston; Maryland Writes
XII-1 9 Several Letters from Janette Lukenbill of Des Moines; Iowa
XII-1 9 Joan Pengra of Makato; Minnesota Writes
XII-1 10 A Letter from Shirley Schrack of Bernville; Pennsylvania
XII-1 10 Timonthy L. Noffsinger of Schenectady; New York
XII-2 1 Ray Writes....Early Swiss Nafzgers
XII-2 2 Various Notes (Small Print, Carroll Nafziger Publication, Ray Noftsger; Future Pulication of the News; Nafzgers in US; Maurice Noftsger)
XII-2 3 Genealogical Listing of the Naffzger Family of Switzerland)
XII-2 6 On Tinfounders of Thun, Switzerland
XII-2 6 The Naffzger Family [Thun]
XII-2 6 Makers of the Thuner-Kanne-Thun Can
XII-2 6 Deaths/Marriages (Cora E. Bickert;William P. Rissmiller; Lori Naftzinger; Calvin R. Naftzinger; Lillian Naftzinger)
XII-2 7 Letters (Pat Bright; "History of First Amish Settlers from German in States of the U.S. and Descendants of Bylers and Naffsingers"- Fannie Byler; Joy Kleck Crews; Galen and Ruth Kline; Muriel I. Oliver; A.T. Goold; Richard L. Nofsker; )
XII-2 8 Sample Heritage sketch (Robert Naftzger)
XII-3 1 Newspaper Clippings (Carroll S. Nafziger; Illinois Couple to Mark 50th Anniversary)
XII-3 1 Memorial Fund Begins .. (Carroll S. Nafziger)
XII-3 1 Ray's Research
XII-3 2 Geislingen
XII-3 3 Newspaper Clippings (Eldon Roth Nafziger; Leah L. Springer)
XII-3 4 History of the Estates
XII-3 4 Newspaper Clippings (Krening-Nafziger; Naffziger-Schleder)
XII-3 5 Letters (Lois Taylor; Kurt Nafzger; Wilmer Nafziger; Herbert Nafziger; Lynn Nafziger)
XII-3 5 Central Illinois Newspaper Clippings (Eileen J. Nafziger; Theodore A. Springer; Marie Hieser; Henry M. Redenbo; Eva M. Nafziger)
XII-3 6 Letters (various; Mrs. Paul Fillmore; Pat Bright; Ralph Naffziger; Evelyn Martinez; Lowell Z. Nosker; Dietmar Nafzer)
XII-3 7 Extract of the Parish register of Sandbach near Neustadt in the Odenwald
XII-3 8 Newspaper Clipping (Henry M. Redenbo)
XII-3 8 Letters (Joan B. Pengra; Orville and Lottie Noffsinger; Harold O. Nofsinger; Muriel Oliver; Maurice Noftsger)
XII-4 1 Ray Nofsger Continues his Research in Europe
XII-4 1 Nafzgers from Geislingen/Steige (Wurttemburg)
XII-4 2 Thanks for the letters
XII-4 2 Warren Naffziger death; Archbold Ohio Reunion
XII-4 3 Geislingen/Steige Naffzger families
XII-4 7 Excerpts from Ray Noftsger's Letters (The Naffzger?Nafziger Exclusion Principle; A summary of Naffzger Movement in Europe; A complete listing is in the making; Chances for Errors; Matthias; Rudolf; Peter of 1749 and Jakob of 1750)
XII-4 8 Newspaper Clippings (Mountaineer Commentary; Alice Sutter Wenger)
XIII-1 1 "Another Nafzger Publication (""History of First Amish Settlers from Germany in the US and Descendants of Byler and Naffsingers""; by Mrs. Wli Y. Byler"
XIII-1 1 More Info on Seven Nafzgers Lines
XIII-1 2 Letters (Dale Nofzinger; Faye Noftsger Flaugher)
XIII-1 2 A consumer report from Chronicle Telegram; Elyria; Ohio
XIII-1 4 Dan Noffsinger of West Jordan; Utah writes (family of Eli Noffsinger)
XIII-1 6 Letters (Roberta Madden; Rev. A. C. Fischer; others)
XIII-1 6 L'histoire des vieilles - familles de Neuf-Brisach - La famille Nafzger (in French)
XIII-1 7 Central Illinois Newspaper Clippings (Dina B. Sears; Carrol C. Springer; Nafzinger-Hills; Nafziger-Brunk; 50th anniversary for John Litwillers)
XIII-1 8 Letters (Alain Naffzger; La Veta Nafziger)
XIII-1 8 Newspaper Clippings (Herman J. Nafzinger; Miss Nafzinger On Mission Call)
XIII-2 1 Changing our Name
XIII-2 1 Ray writes…Fleckenstein Nafzigers in Germany become Pioneer Settlers in Fulton County; Ohio
XIII-2 1 Alain Naffzger of Cernay Writes…
XIII-2 2 Neuf-Brisach (areal view photo)
XIII-2 2 Ray Noftsger in the U.S. for a visit
XIII-2 5 Clippings (Glen C. Nafziger; Eunice B. Sommer; Samuel Oyer; Springer-Lee; Shadday-Nafziger; St. John-Wittrig)
XIII-2 6 Letters (Dale Nofzinger; Merrill F. Raber; Larry Beckler; Muriel Oliver; Wilma Nofzger Beer; Mrs. Wayne D. Yoder)
XIII-2 7 Corrections to previous issue.
XIII-2 8 Letters (Vonnie Koons; Wilmer Nafziger)
XIII-3 1 A Nice Gift
XIII-3 1 Some Help for Mrs. Brown
XIII-3 1 Theories on the Early Nafzgers
XIII-3 2 Newspaper Articles (Double Celebration: Deana and Denise Nafzger; Nafziger retiring from Acme)
XIII-3 4 Descendants of Valentine Nafziger - Emigrated 1831 (photos)
XIII-3 4 Can you help connect the following descendants to a family line?
XIII-3 5 Letters (Wilmer Nafziger; Ed Nofziger; Susan Zmrsel; Mrs. Robert Shelton and Mrs. Pat Bright; Rosemary N. Bryan; Lowell Z Nosker)
XIII-3 6 Letters (Dale Nofzinger; E. Edwin Fike; Shirley W. Shore; Mrs Mardell Edward; Zeola Van Winkle; John Byler; Tim and Marilyn Noffsinger; Dale Nofziger)
XIII-3 7 Central Illinois Articles (Growing Grounds; MacDonald-Neumann; Springer-Preachy; Velde M. Nafziger; Lawrence W. Sutter; Rosalie M. Sommer)
XIII-3 8 A Surprised Lyn Nofziger (photo)
XIII-4 1 The Berwarstein Castle
XIII-4 2 Untitled Comments
XIII-4 4 Letters (Beverly Schlatter Dickinson, Elanor Kottke, Nancy Lonsinger, George F. Nafziger, Lancaster County Historical Society, Nancy Gilmore)
XIII-4 5 Letters (Betty Schroeder, Janette J. Lukenbill, John NOffsker, Dorothy J. DeGruchy, Shirley Noffsinger)
XIII-4 6 Letters (Betty Jane Goold, Ray J. Dieffenbach, Dietmar Nafzer, Dale Nofzinger, Schuyler Brossman, Wilmer Nafziger)
XIII-4 7 Letters (Joan Pengra, Rev. P. Melville Nafziger, Mrs. George Nafzinger, Rebecca Anne Clarke, Mrs. Lloyd Clapper, Rudolph Nafziger, R.T. Plessinger)
XIII-4 8 Letters (Zeola Van Winkle, Mary Chase, Eugene E. Kenaga, Chelsea Cooper)
XIII-4 9 Reprint of "Old cemeteries, records are haunts of area man [Clair Naftzger] in family history search" by Pat Giesler, Chronicle-Telegram
XIV-1 1 Ray Writes - Fredrick Naffziger
XIV-1 1 Rolf Nafziger
XIV-1 2 Letters (Dorothy Gerlach, Frank Noftsger, Larry Kinsinger, Esther Miller, Wilmer Nafziger, Rudolf Nafziger)
XIV-1 4 Central Illinois Newspaper Clippings (Ralph Nafziger obituary, Celeste nafziger, Toby Nafsinger obituary, Linda and Rex Nafziger birth, Wendy and John Nafziger birth, Shanen Lee Nafziger birth)
XIV-1 5 Letters (Tom Armour, Mrs. Ray Svejda, Dorothy Gerlach)
XIV-1 6 Letters (James Novinger, John Byler, Marie Hollinger, Orville Noffsinger, Eugene Kenaga, Roberta Madden, Evelyn Martinez, Michael D. Noftsger)
XIV-1 8 Mattie Amanda Zook (photo and caption)
XIV-2 1 Rudolf Nafziger Writes
XIV-2 8 Letters (Alma Kauffmann; Virginia Ottinger; David J.R. Smucker)
XIV-3 1 Brief Notes (Articles on hold; Hopedale Nafzigers book; Rolf Nafziger visit)
XIV-3 1 Ulrich Nafziger to America in 1741
XIV-3 2 Naffzger Families of the Palatinate and Pennsylvania by Raymond L. Noftsger
XIV-4 1 A Lost Naffziger Family
XIV-4 1 The Carroll Nafziger Publication on the Christian Nafziger Family Line of Hopedale, Illinois
XIV-4 2 Letters (Erma nafziger, Alma Kauffman, Ray Noftsger, Ruth Marie Burnett)
XIV-4 3 Letters (Mrs. Ray Svejda, Mrs. Kenneth Gilmore, Rene Davis, Evelyn Martinez, Muriel Oliver, Azalia Noftsger, Alice Baker, Lowell Z Nosker)
XIV-4 6 Auf den Spuren der Mennoniten-Heofe
XIV-4 7 Notes (Rolf Nafziger visit, Donovan C. Jacoby death)
XIV-4 8 Letters (Lisa J. Nafziger, Muriel Oliver, Marjorie Gautsche)
XV-1 1 Rolf Nafziger of Ludenschied; West Germany visit
XV-1 1 Dale Nofzinger Writes (Christian Nafziger; Fulton; OH)
XV-2 1 The Pioneering Sprit of Nafzgers
XV-1 2 Note on Ludwig Nafzger from Wurenbuerg; citizen of Thun; 1646
XV-2 1 Noffsinger Family Reunion To Be Held At Osborne, Kansas
XV-2 2 Letters (Editors note about German Spelling Variations, Mabel K Strausser, Peggy Noftsger, Gene Nafzgier
XV-1 3 Newspaper clippings (Donald C. Naffziger RCA Corp; Rev. William Henry Naffziger obituary)
XV-1 3 Seasons Greetings (picture of Clair Naftzger family
XV-1 3 Letters (Matthies Otte; Nancy Lonsinger; Julie Lynch; Ronald Nofsinger; Erma and Vilas Nafziger)
XV-2 3 1892 Account of Christian Ropp from "Centennial History of the Monnonites in Illinois"
XV-2 4 Reprint of Article about Christian Nafziger from the Beacon-Herald News
XV-1 5 Excerpts from the letter of Anita Fiedler - The John Naffziger line
XV-2 5 News Clippings (Elmer W. Bright, Madeline Comberger, Raymond J Naftzinger, Schuyler Brossman, Former mayor of Orwigsburg, Ellen Laura Rentschiler, Sallie A. Rentschler, Cora Kohr, Former broadcaster in Reading, Penny Naftzinger, Edwin C. Naftzinger, Tammy
XV-1 6 Naffzigers-Nafzigers in Central Illinois (Nafziger-Browning; West-Nafziger; Siscoe-Brock; Reimer-Nafziger; John Nafziger scholarship; Conservation Tillage Expo set; )
XV-2 6 News Clippings (Willmo N. Naffziger, Wade-Springer, 50th anniversary for Charles Nafzigers, Roseberry-Martin, Nafziger-Dolan, Sarah Mae Sutter, Ansel F. Stubblefield, Wittrig-McGhee, John G. Birky, 50th anniversary for Wayne Naffzigers, 45th anniversary f
XV-1 7 Naffzigers-Nafzigers in Central Illinois (Bertha Kauffmann; Rae V. Guth; Mary Ellen Walson; Miriam E. Nofsinger; Omar D. Sutter; Leland R. Stalter; Irene Alma Springer; Mabel L. Nafziger; James A. Naffziger)
XV-2 7 Letters (Ruth M. Burnett, James R. McKitrick, Kathleen Naftzger)
XV-1 8 Letters (A.T. Goold; Kurt Nafzger; Dorothy Gerlack; LaVeta Nafziger)
XV-2 8 Letters (Ray Dieffenbach, Margaretta Frey)
XV-3 1 (John Nofftsger)
XV-3 1 Management Change at N.H.N
XV-3 3 Letters (Jim McKitrick; Alain Naffzger)
XV-3 3 Descendants of Valentine Nafziger Emigrated to America in 1831 (photo)
XV-3 6 Past and Present Nodaway County; Missouri History 1910 (article reprint)
XV-3 6 Letters (Howard Noffsinger; Elsie Weaver; Tom and Norma (Naffziger) Finneran; Rolf Nafziger; Clude Nafziger)
XV-3 7 Transplant article reprint (no title)
XV-3 8 Lois L. Taylor Letter
XV-4 1 Looking For Descendants
XV-4 1 Editors Note
XV-4 2 Letter from Lowell Nosker
XV-4 2 Mathias Otte
XV-4 5 Articles(Nafziger-Beiler, Raymon J. Naftzinger, Founder of ice cream firm Harry J. Nafziger dead at 86, Death of Christian Naffziger 1836, Photo: Descendats of Valentine N.)
XV-4 6 Letters(Dale Nofzinger, Shirley Shore)
XV-4 7 Articles(Roy Nafzgier, Hopedale man killed on farm, Emma Litwiller, Ora Weimer, Henry Yoeder, Emma Hieser Lippitt, Naffziger-Wagner, Whitehead-Naffziger)
XV-4 8 Letters(Carolyn Nafziger, Rudolph Nafziger, Ella Gieg, Ethel Zehr, Lynne Farmer)
XVI-1 1 Heinrich N. of Centre County
XVI-1 1 Editors Notes(Mattias Otte, Amish-Mennonites of Waldeck and Wittgenstien by Hermann Guth)
XVI-1 2 Photo: Illbach estate
XVI-1 2 Editors Note: No News-sponsered Nafzger Descendants Diretory to be Published
XVI-1 7 Articles (Aaron Nafziger, Orvetta F. Naffziger, Nafziger-Castleman, Varnal L. Sutter, William Nafziger, Brian Dale Springer)
XVI-1 8 Letter from Rosemary Schertz
XVII-3 1 Jacob N. To America in 1750
XVII-3 2 Editors note
XVII-3 2 The Life of Preacher Dan B. Raber and Mary Nofziger
XVII-4 1 Jacob N. To America in 1750 - Part Two
XVII-4 2 Ms Alice J. Baker of Kentucky inquires about a descendent of Rudolph Noffsinger
XVII-4 6 Jacob N. Family Outline (descendants)
XVII-4 7 Mrs. Lois Taylor of Ohio inquires about a descendent of Rudolph
XVII-4 8 D. JoAnn Johnson of Loretto; MI writes about decendents of Rudolf
XVIII-1 1 More on Jacob Naftzger; 1750 immigrant
XVIII-1 1 Nafzgers in Holland
XVIII-1 2 Londonderry Twp Land tracts
XVIII-1 4 Mrs. Nancy Lonsinger and Mr. Kenneth Striker inquire about Rudolph's descendants
XVIII-1 5 Rudolf Descendants
XVIII-1 6 Readers respond about Judith (Noffsinger) Emerick
XVIII-1 7 John Nofsinger Descendants
XVIII-1 7 Mrs Laura Clapper of Ohio inquires about John Nofsinger of Starke County; OH.
XVIII-2 1 Untitled cover story (Noffsinger emmigrations)
XVIII-2 2 Letters (Faye Flaughter; Wilmer Nafziger; John Byler; Larry Smith; Judie Neuhaus)
XVIII-2 3 1808 Marriage Record of Jean [Johannes] Kennel and Magdeleine Navziger [Nafziger]
XVIII-2 4 Bindnagle Evangelical Lutheran Church
XVIII-2 6 Ms Pat Ciokajlo of Michigan writes about Johnnes; grandson of Jacob of 1750
XVIII-2 6 Jacob of 1750 descendants
XVIII-2 7 Jacob W. descendants
XVIII-3 1 Mystry Noffsinger
XVIII-3 2 Letters (Rolf Nafziger visit; Mrs Eunice Olsen)
XVIII-3 3 John of Berkeley County; PA
XVIII-3 4 Letters (Ms Shirley Murray; Mr David Stauffer)
XVIII-3 5 Letters (Mrs Irene Lawler; Mr Martinus; Mr Philip Miller)
XVIII-3 6 Outline of family of Christian of Hopedale
XVIII-3 7 Newspaper Clippings (Nafziger-Ryder; Springer-Ropp; Naffziger-Bruns; Bernice Zehr; Hallie L. Nafziger; Warner-Nafziger)
XVIII-3 8 Letters (Mrs. Christensen; Charlan Graff)
XVIII-4 1 Christian N. Of Canada
XVIII-4 3 Brief Summary of the Amish
XVIII-4 4 Jacob W. Nafziger
XVIII-4 5 Jacob W. Nafziger; descendants
XVIII-4 6 Christian Nafziger (1776-1836) Encyclopedia Entry
XVIII-4 6 Nafziger Encyclopedia Entry
XVIII-4 6 Christian Naffziger of Canada descendants
XVIII-4 7 George Curran of New York inquires about Esther (Noffsinger) Knee
XIX-1 1 Peter; The Apostle
XIX-1 2 Letters (Mrs Faye Flaugher; Mrs Della Kryder; Duane Nafziger; Eldon Naffziger; Mrs Geneva Shelton; Wilmer Nafziger; Delbert Gratz)
XIX-1 2 We Have Moved New Address; Subscriptions
XIX-1 3 Another Pioneer Passes Away: John Naffziger
XIX-1 3 Mrs Anita Fiedler of Indiana writes about John Naffziger
XIX-1 4 Heinrich Naftzger and his Nofsker/Nophsker Descendants by Larry D. Smith; part 1
XIX-1 7 Peter; The Apostle (family of)
XIX-1 8 Newspaper Clippings (Kauffmann-Twigg; Swartzentruber-Nafziger; Cleona M. Haning; 60th anniversary for Arthur Nafzigers)
XIX-2 1 Jacob Naffsinger of Hocheim
XIX-2 2 Twentieth Anniversary Next Year
XIX-2 2 Our New Address; Subscriptions: Are You Due?
XIX-2 3 Jacob Naffziger: a brief family sketch
XIX-2 4 Letters (Wilmer Nafziger; Nina Roupp; Marie Hollinger; Susan Slaymaker; Eugene Kenaga; Virginia Poling)
XIX-2 5 """Heinrich Naftzger of Centre County; PA"" by Larry Smith; part 2 of 2"
XIX-3 1 Peter of Illbach; 1827
XIX-3 2 Reader's Corner (Wilmer Nafziger; Eldon Naffziger; David Luthy)
XIX-3 2 Subscriptions; Twentieth Anniversary Coming Up; New Feature
XIX-3 3 Letters to Jakobina Naffzinger
XIX-3 3 Peter and Jakobina's children
XIX-3 7 Reader's Corner (Russell harris; Steven Estes)
XIX-3 8 Reader's Corner (Mrs Gail Van Auken; Tim and Martina Nafziger)
XIX-4 1 Valentin Naftziger of Fleckstein ~ 1831
XIX-4 2 Congradulations Gulish-Nafzger; Happyy Holidays; Dues
XIX-4 3 Reader's Corner (Charlan Graff; Gene Nafziger; Mrs Ruth Burnett; Dean Noffsinger; Thomas Armour)
XIX-4 4 Familiy Outline of Valentin Nofziger
XIX-4 5 Descendents of Valentin Nofziger
XIX-4 6 Reader's Corner (Mrs Betty Jane Goold)
XIX-4 7 Reader's Corner (George Curran; David Luthy; Delbert Gratz; Eldon Naffziger; Geneva Shelton; Margaret Oyer; M.J.F. Nafzger; Steven Estes; Rudolf Ingold)
XIX-4 8 Reader's Corner (Ms. Anita Fiedler)
XX-1 1 Christian of Mottenhof
XX-1 2 Obituary (Mrs Faye (Noftsger) Flaugher)
XX-1 2 Editor's Comment
XX-1 3 Reader's Corner (Dr John Vogel; Beverly Schlatter Dickinson(Valentin Nofziger descendants); R.E. (Ted) Nafzger Jr; Marjorie (Hart) Buckmaster)
XX-1 4 Reader's Corner (Shelly Hallard-Beckham; Mrs Elisabeth Immel)
XX-1 5 Reader's Corner (Clyde Nafzinger)
XX-1 6 In the Literature (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage)
XX-1 7 Christian Nafziger of Mottenhof near Lebach
XX-1 7 Reader's Corner (Mrs Geneva (Kaufmann) Shelton)
XX-1 8 Heritage Plaques
XX-1 8 Twentieth Anniversary
XX-1 8 Sorry we're late
XX-2 1 Railroad John Nofziger ~ Pettisville
XX-2 2 Reader's Corner (Ms Judy Watson)
XX-2 2 Editor's Comment
XX-2 3 Reader's Corner (mrs Erma Nafziger)
XX-2 5 Family sketch of Railroad John Nofzinger of Pettisville
XX-2 6 Reader's Corner (Ray Dieffenbach; Florence Bilbro)
XX-2 7 In the Literature (Mennonite Family History)
XX-2 7 Reader's Corner (Ms Polly Rago)
XX-2 8 Another note concerning the family of Jacob Naffziger of Hocheim
XX-3 1 Christian Naffziger; Bourscheid
XX-3 2 Family Correction/Update
XX-3 2 Editor's Corner
XX-3 3 In the Literature (Illinois Mennonite Heritage; Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage)
XX-3 4 Book Review (The Peter Leibundgutt Journal)
XX-3 5 Letters and Queries (David Stauffer; John Byler; Anita Fiedler)
XX-3 6 Family of Christian and Catharine (Maurer) Naffziger
XX-3 7 In the Literature (Mennonite Family History)
XX-4 1 1850 Emigrant to Perth County; Canada (Samuel Nafziger)
XX-4 2 Editor's Corner
XX-4 3 Queries / Letters (Livengood/Nafziger; Noffsinger/Rohn; Noffsinger/Patterson; Naffziger; Noffsinger/Simmons/Cook/Keister; Unzicker/Gungerich; Noffsinger/Young/Root)
XX-4 4 Family of Samuel and Anna (Kuepfer) Nafziger
XX-4 5 Family Update: Information Sheet
XX-4 7 Book Reviews (Ammish Immigrants of Waldeck and Hesse)
XX-4 7 Queries / Letters (Noffsinger/Thompson; Noffsinger/Rhoads)
XX-4 8 In the Literature (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage; Hawkeye Heritage)
XXI-1 1 27 Separate Immigrant Arrivals Indentified
XXI-1 2 Editor's Corner
XXI-1 3 Queries (Noffsinger; Nafsker/Nofsker/Porter/Baxter; Noffsinger/Snyder/Huffman/Hoffman; Noffisnger/Crumerine/Ritter/Davis) / Announcements (Open House)
XXI-1 4 Featured Letter to the Editor (Ms Charlan Graff - Johannes and Katharina (Gingerich) Naffziger)
XXI-1 6 In the Literature (Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage; Mennonite Family History; Mennonite Heritage)
XXI-1 7 Follow-up letters on previous Newsletter
XXI-1 8 Nafzger Immigrants

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