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The Nafzger Heritage News

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I-3 1 John Naftzger of Wayne County
I-3 1 Jacob's Son Jacob
I-3 1 Jacob's Son Christian
I-3 1 Jacob Nafzger Lands in America in 1750
I-3 2 Letters: Fred Nofziger; Carroll Nafziger; Edgar H Ulrich; Dale M. Nofsinger; David J. Naffzgier; Dan A. Nafzger
I-3 3 Letters: Hugh Shaw Fredericks; David J. Bachman
I-3 4 Letters: Madeline M Nofsinger; Art & Verna Nafziger; Flo Townsend; C. E. Nafzger; Lester H Nafzger; Roger Nofziger
I-3 5 Letters: Marvin S. Nafziger; Vilas & Erma Nafziger; E. L. Bigelow
I-3 6 Next Issue
I-3 6 Jacob's Son - Joseph
I-3 6 Jacob's Daughter - Barbara
I-3 7 Jacob Natzger's Descendants (9 Generations)
I-3 11 Last Will and Testament of Jacob Nofzeiger
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