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The Nafzger Heritage News

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II-1 1 National Family Reunion
II-1 1 Commendation
II-1 1 Arnold Noffsinger of Akron; Ohio writes.
II-1 1 Peter Lands in America in 1749
II-1 2 Deaths
II-1 2 Jacob's bible printed in 1536
II-1 2 Mrs. Ralston Lawhead of Evansville; Indiana writes
II-1 2 Paul Hostetler
II-1 2 Mrs. Alice Beck of Sand Springs; Okalhoma writes
II-1 2 Persons naturalized in Pennsylvania 1740-1773
II-1 2 Letters are Welcomed
II-1 2 Donations -- Donations -- Donations
II-1 2 From the deed book
II-1 3 We Need Help
II-1 3 Letters: Mrs. John D. Birkey; Helen (Nofziger) Krause; Mrs. Dale Stilt; Samuel Nafzger
II-1 4 Letters: Walter Nafzger; Jay Nofziger; Wilmer A Nafziger; Bud Naftzger; Florence (Nafzinger) Deam; Robert Noftsger
II-1 5 Letters: Dr. M. Willis Sutter; Helen J. Naftzger; Mrs. Lewis Nafzinger; Mrs. Richard Schertz
II-1 6 Letters: Dean Noffsinger; Ruth and Edward Naufzinger; J. A Noftzger; Mrs. B. J. Hundley; Timonthy A Nafziger
II-1 7 Letters: E. Wayne Nafziger; Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Nofziger; Lloyd E Noffsinger; Agnes E Hartzler
II-1 8 Peter Nofsker's Family (chart)
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