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The Nafzger Heritage News

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II-2 1 Early Settlers
II-2 1 Valentine From France
II-2 1 Commendation
II-2 1 Valentine Sails for America in 1831
II-2 2 From Ezra Nafziger; Intercourse; Pa.
II-2 2 How Can I Secure a Coat of Arms?
II-2 2 Nafziger Ice Cream
II-2 2 A letter from Frank Naftsinger of Roanoake; Virginia
II-2 2 Send us your picture
II-2 3 Letters: M. S. Noffsinger; Jr.; Mrs. Virgil Short; Mrs. Emily O Heaston
II-2 3 Will of Valentine Nofzinger from Wooster Courthouse
II-2 4 Letters: Mrs. Frances Noffsinger; P. M. Noftsger; Leona N Connor; Mrs. E. O. Noffsinger; Delora Nafziger
II-2 4 Ralph (Noffsinger) suggests Colorado
II-2 4 Dean (Noffsinger) suggests Kansas
II-2 5 What do you plan to do with all of the information?
II-2 5 Letters: B. J. Hundley; Henry T. Nafziger; John Noffsinger; Mrs. Donald Nicewander; Vera Root; Mrs. Ethel Dierks Fox; Harry Nafziger
II-2 6 Letters: Mrs. Mary Imhoff; Mrs. Ruth P. Clapp; Sarah Felix Fredericks; Mrs. George Cole; Robert D Nafziger and sons; Marjorie Gunden; Frank and Hazel Nofsinger
II-2 7 Letters: Harry Nafziger; Mrs. Harold Bressner; Faye Noftsger Flaugher; Wendell H. Nosker; Mrs. M. S. Noftsger; Reuben Nauftzinger; Arlie Noffsinger
II-2 8 Valentine's Children (chart)
II-2 11 Who are their Parents?
II-2 12 Do we have information on your family line?
II-2 12 Can You Help?
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