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II-3 1 Donations -- Donations -- Donations
II-3 1 Write Us We Like to Hear from You
II-3 1 Johannes Nofziger Sails for America
II-3 1 Commendation (Jesse E Nofzinger; Blanche Heineken; Hazel Quist)
II-3 2 Send us Details of Your Family Line
II-3 2 We Need Help
II-3 2 Letters (Arnold E Nafziger; Pauline Clapper)
II-3 2 A Coat of Arms from M. S. Noffsinger; JR.
II-3 3 Letters (Wesley T Noffsinger; Margaret Paulsen; Winifred Heitschmidt; Edward Naftzger)
II-3 3 Can You Help Identify these Nafzgers?
II-3 4 Nofskers Noskers Noffskers (Larry Smith; Mrs. James Nosker; Mr. & Mrs. Marquis B Nosker)
II-3 5 The descendants of Hans Hauer of Neureuth; Germany
II-3 5 Letters (Rene Davis; Mrs. N. A. Cooper; Norman Noffsinger; Robert F Nofziger; Catherine Sutherland)
II-3 6 Letters (Freda Noftsinger; Malcolm Noffsinger; Edna Keim Conrad; Faye Noftsger Flaugher; William D Nofziger; Mrs. Irene (Grieser) Nafziger; Mrs. C. E. Nafzger)
II-3 7 Peter Noffsinger of Effingham; Kansas (descendants)
II-3 8 Letters (Hugh Noffsinger; Jr; Mrs. Alfred Nofziger; Mrs. William Van Nofsinger; Paul Hostetler; Jay and Dean Nafziger; Hettie S Nafzinger)
II-3 8 Mrs. Orfield of Allterton; Iowa sends valuable information on the Noftsgers
II-3 9 Johnnes Nofziger (descendants)
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