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The Nafzger Heritage News

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II-4 1 Commendation (Nafziger descendants at Goshen College; visitors to Grafton)
II-4 1 Five Nosker brothers (photo from Larry Smith)
II-4 1 Five Brothers from Pennsylvania
II-4 2 Who is In Charge?
II-4 2 Instant Nobility?
II-4 2 National Family Reunion
II-4 2 Extra Copies
II-4 2 Copies of Back Issues
II-4 3 Letters (Dale M Nofsinger; Charles and Carla Nafziger; Rev. Philip Nofsinger; D. Lynn Nafziger; Mrs. Dale Stitt; Mrs. John Clark; Mrs. Lloyd Nafziger)
II-4 3 Nafziger Reunion Held in Hopedale
II-4 4 Letters (Glenn A Noffsinger; Glen W Nofziger; Galen E Kline; Rose Nofsinger; Mrs. Alfred Naffziger; J. L. Noffsinger; Mary Nafziger)
II-4 5 Descendants of Five Brothers from Pennsylvania
II-4 7 George David Noffsinger
II-4 7 Letters (Floyd Naftzger; Mrs Orville Noffsinger; Ruth Noffsinger; Mrs. Russel R Uhlmann; Mrs Oscar Gautsche; Dr. M. L. Nafziger)
II-4 8 Letters (Harold M Nofzinger; Mrs. Cecil V Reeser; Forrest Noffsinger; Foster M Nafzinger; Mrs. Paul Noffsinger; Dan C Nafiger; Eugene Naffziger)
II-4 9 Letters (David L Cacanower; Agnes Hower Wells; Mrs. Elmer Gish; Daniel W. B. Jones)
II-4 10 Visit to Hopedale
II-4 10 Donations -- Donations -- Donations
II-4 10 Do we have information on your family line?
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