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The Nafzger Heritage News

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III-2 1 Illinois Naffzigers Enter the U.S.A. In 1826
III-2 1 Untitled [Apostle Peter Naffziger]
III-2 2 Subscribe to the News Now
III-2 2 Untitled Editors Notes [Harold Nofziger, Coopers, Hazel Nosker, Harley Nofziger - The Fulton County Nafzgers]
III-2 3 The Beginning of a Mennonite Settlement in Canada and Illinois (reprint from Beacon-Herald News)
III-2 4 Letters [Meredith Runner, William Nofsker, Mrs. Andrew Takacs, David L Cocanower, Mrs. Earl Noffsinger, Mrs. C.E. Nafzger, Glenn Nafziger, Rev. Wilbur E Fether, Edna Keim Conrad]
III-2 5 Letters [Donald E Nafziger, David Naffziger, Mrs. W. Dale Brown, Gletha Mae Fisher, Marion L. Nafziger, Estil J Noffsinger]
III-2 6 Peter Naffziger [Descendants]
III-2 8 Contributors of Substantial Nafzger Material to the News
III-2 9 Letters [C.J. Kurtz, A. Wayne Naftzinger, Gene Nafziger, Louis R Noffsinger, Lehman Noffsinger, Martha Reed, Gertrude Nafziger Birky, Mrs. J.F. White]
III-2 10 Photos [Harley B Nosker, Hazel Nosker, Samuel Nosker]
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