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The Nafzger Heritage News

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III-3 1 Mrs E. E. McIntire letter
III-3 1 Rudolph Lands in America in 1749
III-3 1 Jacob B Noffsinger (Photo)
III-3 2 Subscribe the News Now
III-3 2 Letters (Mrs. Stanley B Noffsinger; Rev. Wilbur E Fether)
III-3 2 Some Nafziger ministers and elders found in Europe in 18th Century
III-3 3 Letters (Agnes Hartzler; Wilbur Linder; Patricia Brown; Mrs. Orville Miller; SN Garri D. Noftsger; Eileen Hastings Duncan; Mavin S Nafziger; Dolores Rutherford; Mrs. Edward J Naffziger)
III-3 4 Descendants of Rudolph Noffsinger
III-3 4 Letters (Vera (Sakemiller) Root; C. J. Kurtz; Phurlow H Nofziger; M. S. Noffsinger; Jr; Rachel W Kreider; The Lancaster Mennonite Conference Historical Society; Mrs Kenneth H. Gilmore)
III-3 8 Letters (Rose Nofsinger; Mrs A. T. Goold)
III-3 9 Peter I and Peter II (descendants)
III-3 10 Mathias Noffsinger (descendants)
III-3 11 Letters (Kenneth W Nafziger; Harley Nofziger; Donald A Noffsinger; Robert E Noffisnger; Orval C Myers; Luella N Ernst; Mardell Edwards)
III-3 12 Letters (Finis B Stroud; Foster Nafzinger; Mrs. Eldon Dean Nafziger; Moses Leroy Nafzinger; Mrs E L Bigelow; Mrs Ralph J Knouf)
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