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The Nafzger Heritage News

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IV-4 1 Naftzger School; Lebanon County PA (photo)
IV-4 1 Commendation (Mystery Donor; Mrs. J. L. Lantow; Carrol Nafziger; Mrs. E. E. McIntire; Mrs. Joseph L. La Pers; Jesse D Naftzger; Mrs. Edmund E. Wells; Ralph H. Nafziger; Bernard Naftzger)
IV-4 1 New Information Discovered on the Early Nafzgers
IV-4 2 Letters (Harley Nosker)
IV-4 2 88 Year Old Letter Written by a Great Grandson of Ulrich Nafzger Reveals Considerable History for the 1975 Nafzgers
IV-4 2 Editorial
IV-4 3 Featured Letters from Mrs. A. T. Goold
IV-4 4 Letters (Mrs. Hugh S. Fredericks; Gletha M. Fisher; Faye Flaugher; Delbert Gratz; Vivian Nafziger; Mrs. K. H. Gilmore; Wilbur Liner; Leona Nofziger Connor)
IV-4 5 Letters (Annie Orfield; Mrs E. E. McIntire; Mrs. Charles W. Naffziger; Mrs. Lois R. Nafzinger; Mrs. E. D. Conroy; Dorothy Noffsinger Detwiler)
IV-4 5 Midwestern Naffzigers
IV-4 6 Descendants of Henry Noftsker - Grandson of Ulrich Nafzger
IV-4 6 Letters (Ralph L Noffsinger)
IV-4 7 Letters (Delbert Gratz; Mrs. Stanley C. Noffsinger; Mrs. Robert Farner; Harriett Nafziger; Mrs Brice R Smith; Thurlow H. Nafziger; Mrs. W. Harry Noffzinger; Dale Nafziger; Mrs. Elmer Nafziger; May Schad)
IV-4 7 Hopedale Nafzigers Meet for Reunion
IV-4 8 Letters (Ray J Dieffenbach; Mrs. Opal Yoder Coleman; SN. Garri D Noftzger; Mrs. Burr G Noffsinger; Samuel M. Nafzger; Mrs. James Nofziger; John M Noftsger; Jr; Lois R Nafzinger; Mrs. Celia L. Ebert; Wilmer A. Nafziger; Zelma Woods)
IV-4 9 Information Data Sheet
IV-4 10 We Need Help
IV-4 10 Letters (Mrs. Cecil V Reeser; David L Cocanower; Mrs. Lyle B. Noffsinger; Betty Naffziger; Mrs. Glendora Reynolds)
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