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The Nafzger Heritage News

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IX-1 1 Commendation (Schuyler Brossman; Valentine Nafziger; Laura Mosher; Mrs. Angelo Wallace; Earl L. Esch)
IX-1 1 A Salute to Our German Cousins
IX-1 2 Announcement (German-American visits)
IX-1 2 Letters (Clyde W. Noffsinger; Wlmer Nafziger; Wilmer A. Nafziger; Beatrice Bagley; Carroll Nafziger; Dale Nofzinger; Mary Chase)
IX-1 3 Herman Guth of Saarbrocken provides info on Peter Naffziger of Groversheim
IX-1 4
IX-1 5 Johnnes Nafziger Branch
IX-1 7 A Trip to Germany
IX-1 7 Letters (William R. Kuepfer; Betty Goold)
IX-1 7 Reunion (Honey Brook; PA)
IX-1 8 Letters (Mr. And Mrs. Art Nafziger; Archie Naffziger; Lester S. Nafziger; Oliver Jason Toder; Elmer H. Sutter; Mrs. Burdette B. Loomis)
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