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The Nafzger Heritage News

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IX-4 1 Joseph Naffziger of Canada
IX-4 1 Commendation(Jim and Mary Helen [Naffziger] Hook; Gerhard and Edeltraut)
IX-4 2 Various Notes(German publication; Inflation; Gerhard Nafziger visit; Riley Brown 50th; Thurlow Nofziger thanks)
IX-4 3 The German Trip of Mary Chase
IX-4 4 Letters (Ray J. Dieffenbach; Chelsea Cooper; Eldon Naffziger; Else Just Nafziger; )
IX-4 7 Letters (Betty Jane Goold; Ray Noftsger; Marjorie Gautsche)
IX-4 8 Letters (Schuyler Brossman; Jean Rupp Harris; Ruth Anne Naftzinger; Terry L. Kyser)
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