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The Nafzger Heritage News

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V-1 1 Commendation (Thurlow H Nofziger); Paul V hostetler; Leona Nofziger Conner)
V-1 1 Christian Nafziger's Family Settles in Wayne County from 1831 to 1840
V-1 2 Letters (Mrs. L. R. Nafziger; Muriel E. La Pera; Dolores C Rutherford; Dorothy E Noffsinger; Mrs. Clapper; Jeannine Takacs; Catherine Murphy; Paul and Zoe (Nafziger) Iutzi)
V-1 3 Letters (Douglas R Weimer; Margaret Bullock; Terry Noffsinger)
V-1 4 Letters (A. T. Goold; A. H. Naftzger (Reprinted Obituary); Lillian L Miller; Mrs. Beulah Nofziger; Brs. Boyd Noftsger)
V-1 5 Reprint from the North Manchester News-Journal
V-1 5 Letters (Evelyn and Vern Jay Nafziger; Noel C Dicks)
V-1 6 Letters (Mrs. N. A. Cooper; Jack Naffziger; Luther O Naffziger; Mr & Mrs B. E. Nosker)
V-1 7 Descendants of Christian
V-1 8 Untitled by Conni Nafzinger
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