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The Nafzger Heritage News

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VI-2 1 Commendation (Mrs. John Noffsinger; Alfred Nafziger; Noftsinger Industrial Service)
VI-2 1 Rare Old Book: A reprint from the Clinton County Democrat - 1892
VI-2 1 Annual Nosker Reunion
VI-2 1 The Noftsgers Land in America
VI-2 2 Letters (Agnes Hower; Mrs. William C. Pritchard; A. T. Goold; Mrs. Leona Baughman; Katherine Zurgan; Foster M. Nafzinger; Mae and Cecil Reeser)
VI-2 3 Fulton County Publication
VI-2 3 Letters (Dean F. Noffsinger; Mrs. Charles Oliver; A. Wayne Naftzinger)
VI-2 3 An Old Picture (Amelia Mary Hower Nafzger)
VI-2 4 Letters (Frank Nofsinger; Vietta Nafziger Heffner; Mrs. Leona Baughman; Wilbur Linder; Meredith Runner; Mrs. Isabelle J. Oliver; Deaths: Leonid N. Schultze; Mrs. Samuel (Helen) Bricker; Marriage: Mildren Irene Baughman and Grant Kowell)
VI-2 5 Connect the Following Nafzgers to Family Lines
VI-2 6 Children Of (William F. Noftsger; Alfred M. Noftsger; John Noftsger; Josiah S. Noftsger; Naaman Noftsger; Jacob Noftsger; Henry Noftsger)
VI-2 7 Fifth Generation; Sixth Generation (Noftsger family)
VI-2 8 Seventh Generation (Noftsger family)
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