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VI-4 1 Commendation (Carl F. Noftsger; Mr. And Mrs. William G. Naftzinger; Lucinda McIntire)
VI-4 1 An Old Nafzger Cemetery
VI-4 1 Jacob Lands in America in 1847
VI-4 2 Letters (Carolyn Nafziger; Mr. And Mrs. Neil Kleck; Nancy Myers; Mary Helen Naffziger Hook; Mae Nosker)
VI-4 3 Descendants of Jacob Nafziger
VI-4 4 The German Trip
VI-4 4 Letters (Paul Hostetler; Orval C. Meyers)
VI-4 5 Great grandchildren of Christian Nafziger from Hopedale; Illinois
VI-4 7 Can you Help - 1880 Census (Daniel Naffsiger; John C. Nofsinger; Valentine Naffziger; John Nofsinger; William Naffziger)
VI-4 7 Letters (Mrs James Antonio; Ed and Irene Noffsinger)
VI-4 7 Fulton County pulication delays
VI-4 8 Christian P. Nafziger - Portrait and biolgraphical Album of McLean County Illinois by Chapman Brother; 1887.
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