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The Nafzger Heritage News

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VII-1 1 Identify These Nafzger Lines
VII-1 1 Commendation (Muriel Oliver; Wilmer Nafziger)
VII-1 2 Letters, Annoucements, 1880 Census (Fulton County Nofziger Publication; Mrs. John Clark; Daniel Naffsiger; John C. Nofsinger; Valentine Naffziger; John Nofsinger; William Naffziger)
VII-1 3 Letters (Leona Baughman; David W. Stauffer )
VII-1 4 From History of Randolph County, Indiana by E. Tucker-1882 (Sarah A. Noffsinger; Eli Noffsinger)
VII-1 4 Letters & More Nafzgers (Tom Nafziger; Schuyler C. Brossman; C.P. Nafziger; C.J. Nafziger; John Nafziger; Christian Nafziger; C.E. Nafzger)
VII-1 5 Descendants of Peter Nafziger of Illbach
VII-1 5 From Martha C. Reed of Fallson, Maryland (Jacobina Nafzinger)
VII-1 7 Deaths (Melissa Kaye Needles; Maried Nafziger; Grace Nafsinger; Kenneth William Siscoe; Adina B. Oswald; Dennis L. Sutter; James Nafsinger; Daniel Nafzinger; John Nafziger; Christian W. Nafziger)
VII-1 8 Letters (J.H. Deam; Catherine Belsly; Christian Nafziger; Vivian Nafziger; Lakelynn Nafzger; Ed Noffsinger)
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