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The Nafzger Heritage News

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VII-4 1 Commendation ( Mrs. Riley Brown; Earl Naffziger; Schuyler B Rossman; Gertrude Wynkoop; Betty Nafiziger)
VII-4 1 4 Generations from Valentine Nafziger; landed 1831 (Photo)
VII-4 1 More Information on Peter of Illback
VII-4 2 The Nafzger Name
VII-4 2 Births (Emily Rachel nafziger; Mart T Noftzger)
VII-4 2 Deaths (Alfred Nafziger; Ruth E. Nafziger; Ivan Nafzger; Eva A. Naftzinger)
VII-4 2 Editors Notes
VII-4 2 Reason for publication
VII-4 3 Chilren of Rudolph Noffsinger
VII-4 3 Rudolph Nafzger
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