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The Nafzger Heritage News

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VIII-2 1 Noffsinger Reunion at Kansas
VIII-2 1 Commendation (Dan A. Berry)
VIII-2 1 Hometowns of U.S. Nafzgers in Germany
VIII-2 2 Deaths (Raymond E. Egan; Mabel Nofziger)
VIII-2 2 Dr. Stuart Yost of Philadelphia calls
VIII-2 2 Good Luck to Jane (Robinson)
VIII-2 2 A Letter from Edeltraut nafziger of West Germany
VIII-2 2 A Nafzger Heritage News in Germany
VIII-2 3 Letters (Charles and Paula Leitzell; Mrs. A.T. Goold; Carrol Nafziger)
VIII-2 4 Annual Nosker Reunion
VIII-2 4 Letters (Martha Uhl; Carroll Nafziger; Rudolph Nafziger; Ivan H. Stoltzfus)
VIII-2 4 Some Good Genealogical Work from Steven Estes of Normal; Illinois
VIII-2 5 Descendants of Jacob Nafziger; Hesse-Darmstadt; 1800
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