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The Nafzger Heritage News

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Vol-No Page Title
X-2 1 Letter from Switzerland (Ida Nafzger-Kurth)
X-2 1 Raymond Noftsger Writes
X-2 2 Editorial
X-2 2 Letters (Naomi Weaver; Howard Guernsey; Frank Nofsinger; D. JoAnn Johnson)
X-2 4 Newspaper clipping (Mr and Mrs. Frank Nofsinger 60th)
X-2 4 Letters (Dorothy E. Noffsinger; D. JoAnn Johnson; Mary Noffsinger Wallace; Thurlow Nofziger; Bruce E. Nosker; Dorothy Kleck Kennedy; Betty Jane Goold; Lynn Nafziger; Dale Nofzinger; Mrs. T. W. Jeffries; Nancy Yood; A. Wayne Nafzinger)
X-2 5 Editors Notes
X-2 6 Letters (Marjorie Gautsche; Mrs. Leo Cora Collins; Mr. & Mrs. Elton Gunden; Marlyn J. Tabor; Leona Connor; Carroll Nafziger)
X-2 7 George Nafziger writes - The Meaning of Our Family Name
X-2 8 Letters (Vilas Nafziger; Harriett Nafziger; Wilbur Linder; Lynn Nafziger; Dale Nofsinger; Schuyler Brossman; P. Melville Nafziger)
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