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The Nafzger Heritage News

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Vol-No Page Title
X-3 1 Newspaper Clipping (Dale L. Nafziger)
X-3 1 Lorraine Roth writes
X-3 1 Commendation (Herbert Nofziger; Wilmer A Nafziger; Dean Noffsinger)
X-3 2 Letter (Mrs. Dwight E. Nofzinger)
X-3 3 Newspaper Clippings (Nafziger-Ewert; Kauffmann and Alma Litwiller; Mr. And Mrs. Rodney D. Nafziger)
X-3 3 Letters (Faye (Noftsger) Flagher; Mary Chase)
X-3 4 Newspaper Clipping (Randy and Rita Springer)
X-3 4 Letters (Vinita Cross; Harry Nafziger; Mrs. Laura Rychener; Muriel Oliver; Les and Carol Naffziger; Jacques Noftzger)
X-3 5 Heritage of Eldon Naffziger
X-3 5 Newspaper Clippings (Mr and Mrs William F. Rissmiller 60th; Edsel Nofsinger)
X-3 6 Frederick Nafziger (family of)
X-3 7 Obituaries (Mary M. Rentschler; Mrs E. A. (Salome B.) Nafziger; Joseph W. Weaver; Esther R. Nofsinger; Wannie Nafziger; Helen M. Naffziger; Clyde B. Noffisnger; Homer Nafziger)
X-3 8 Newspaper Clippings (Mark James Thomas Nafziger; Peters-Nafziger; Cox-Nafziger; Lawrence and edith Nafziger; Loni Jo Nafziger)
X-3 9 Familien Rundbrief
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