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The Nafzger Heritage News

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XI-1 1 Letters; Calls; Visits (Mardell Edwards; Lloyd Nafziger; Mrs. D. A. Berry; George Nafziger; Mrs. Riley Brown; James F. Nofzinger; Schuyler Brossman; Wilmer Nafziger)
XI-1 1 Another Nafzger Spelling (Lena B. Nofcier)
XI-1 2 Ray Noftsger research to appear
XI-1 2 Newspaper Clipping (Pvt James C. Naftzinger; Dale L. Nafziger)
XI-1 2 Visit to Washington DC
XI-1 2 Heritage Sketches
XI-1 3 Information Data Sheet
XI-1 4 More Research From Ray Noftsger
XI-1 5 Darryl Lynn Nafziger Heritage Sketch
XI-1 5 "Newspaper Clipping (Nafzigers[Dlmar ""Lefty""] to celebrate golden year; Lena Litwiller; Marian S. Nafzinger)"
XI-1 7 Letters (George Nafzinger; George Nafzinger)
XI-1 8 Heritage Sketch of Modest Perry
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