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The Nafzger Heritage News

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XI-2 1 Welcome Matthias
XI-2 1 Matthias Otte Writes
XI-2 2 Letters (Mary Wallace; Hugh R. Naffziger; Carroll Nafziger; Mrs. Blanche Barnard; Frank Nofsinger; Azalia Hill)
XI-2 3 Hermann Guth of West Germany Writes
XI-2 4 Letters (Mrs. Harold Kryder; Dean F. Noffsinger; Elmer L. Garloff; Marjorie M. Nafziger Hilty)
XI-2 4 Newspaper Clippings (Frank Glen Nofsinger; Lester Nofziger)
XI-2 5 Letters (Faye Flaugher; Erma and Vilas Nafziger; Marie Hollinger; George Nafziger; Kurt Nafzger)
XI-2 6 Letters (Dr. John Deam; Dr. Tom Maddox; Mrs. Willis Noftsger; Foster Noftsger; William Mast; Dorothy Still; John L. Nafzinger; Mrs. Lloyd Clapper; Deke Noftsker; Annie Orfield; Kathleen Meekins)
XI-2 7 Letters (Roger Nafziger; Mrs. Edward Nafzger; Herman Nafziger; Gehardt and Edeltraut Nafziger)
XI-2 8 Heritage Sketch
XI-2 8 Newspaper Clippings (Maggie M. Reber; John Cassel; Mr. And Mrs. Walter C. Nafzinger; Ernest Naftzger; Florence P. Sanders)
XI-2 9 Letters (Jacques A. Noftzger; Laura Rycherner; Mrs. Irene Noffsinger; Dr. Terrell L. Noffsinger; Vida Wright Naffziger; Earl Naffziger)
XI-2 9 Forgive Us for an ocassional error
XI-2 10 Tom Armour; Carroll Nafziger; Jean Rupp Harris; Johnnes Nofziger; Carolyn C. Wenger; Warren E. Naffziger; Schuyler Brossman)
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