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The Nafzger Heritage News

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Vol-No Page Title
XI-3 1 Matthias Otte to Visit Us
XI-3 1 New Information from Germany
XI-3 2 Letters from Carroll Nafziger
XI-3 3 Modest Perry of Orlando; Florida writes
XI-3 4 Letters (Pat Bright; George Nafziger; Azalia Hill; Dean F. Noffsinger; Elsie Weaver)
XI-3 5 Letters (Paul J. Noftsker; Marie Naffziger; Ralph A. Naffziger; Katherine Nafzger; Mrs. Muriel J. Oliver; Mrs. Bruce Madden; Azalia Hill; Chelsea Cooper; Thomas Nofsinger)
XI-3 6 Newspaper Clipping (W.R. Nofsker; Retired Sales Manager)
XI-3 6 Letters (Mike Wittrig; Mrs. Blanche O Barnard; Richard A. Nafsinger; Lynn Nafziger; Vila Nafziger)
XI-3 7 Lowell Nosker of Yellow Springs; Ohio writes; Wilmer Nafziger Writes; Kurt Nafzger of Germany writes
XI-3 8 Newspaper Clipping (George H. Nafzinger)
XI-3 8 Letters (Elmer & Pansy Nofziger; Edna Nafzinger; Vera Root)
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