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The Nafzger Heritage News

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Vol-No Page Title
XI-4 1 Margaret Nofsinger Dotzler letter
XI-4 1 Ray Noftsger moves to Italy
XI-4 1 Busy Summer for Nafzger Heritage
XI-4 2 Matthias Otte visit report
XI-4 2 Christmas Gift Idea
XI-4 3 Martin Nafzger/Elizabeth Moyer
XI-4 3 Certificate (or Discharge) - Christian Nafziger
XI-4 3 Letters (Candy Brown; Rosemary Nosker Bryan)
XI-4 4 Familien Rundbrief
XI-4 6 Chart of Nafziger Familes in Europe (from Herman Guth)
XI-4 7 Newspaper Clippings (Warren E. Naffziger; Arthur Naffziger; Marian S. Nafzinger; William Naffziger; Mr. And Mrs. John A Manwiller)
XI-4 8 Newspaper Clippings (Homer Oswald; John Kauffmann; Harry Nofzinger)
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