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The Nafzger Heritage News

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XII-2 1 Ray Writes....Early Swiss Nafzgers
XII-2 2 Various Notes (Small Print, Carroll Nafziger Publication, Ray Noftsger; Future Pulication of the News; Nafzgers in US; Maurice Noftsger)
XII-2 3 Genealogical Listing of the Naffzger Family of Switzerland)
XII-2 6 On Tinfounders of Thun, Switzerland
XII-2 6 The Naffzger Family [Thun]
XII-2 6 Makers of the Thuner-Kanne-Thun Can
XII-2 6 Deaths/Marriages (Cora E. Bickert;William P. Rissmiller; Lori Naftzinger; Calvin R. Naftzinger; Lillian Naftzinger)
XII-2 7 Letters (Pat Bright; "History of First Amish Settlers from German in States of the U.S. and Descendants of Bylers and Naffsingers"- Fannie Byler; Joy Kleck Crews; Galen and Ruth Kline; Muriel I. Oliver; A.T. Goold; Richard L. Nofsker; )
XII-2 8 Sample Heritage sketch (Robert Naftzger)
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