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The Nafzger Heritage News

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XII-3 1 Newspaper Clippings (Carroll S. Nafziger; Illinois Couple to Mark 50th Anniversary)
XII-3 1 Memorial Fund Begins .. (Carroll S. Nafziger)
XII-3 1 Ray's Research
XII-3 2 Geislingen
XII-3 3 Newspaper Clippings (Eldon Roth Nafziger; Leah L. Springer)
XII-3 4 History of the Estates
XII-3 4 Newspaper Clippings (Krening-Nafziger; Naffziger-Schleder)
XII-3 5 Letters (Lois Taylor; Kurt Nafzger; Wilmer Nafziger; Herbert Nafziger; Lynn Nafziger)
XII-3 5 Central Illinois Newspaper Clippings (Eileen J. Nafziger; Theodore A. Springer; Marie Hieser; Henry M. Redenbo; Eva M. Nafziger)
XII-3 6 Letters (various; Mrs. Paul Fillmore; Pat Bright; Ralph Naffziger; Evelyn Martinez; Lowell Z. Nosker; Dietmar Nafzer)
XII-3 7 Extract of the Parish register of Sandbach near Neustadt in the Odenwald
XII-3 8 Newspaper Clipping (Henry M. Redenbo)
XII-3 8 Letters (Joan B. Pengra; Orville and Lottie Noffsinger; Harold O. Nofsinger; Muriel Oliver; Maurice Noftsger)
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