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The Nafzger Heritage News

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XII-4 1 Ray Nofsger Continues his Research in Europe
XII-4 1 Nafzgers from Geislingen/Steige (Wurttemburg)
XII-4 2 Thanks for the letters
XII-4 2 Warren Naffziger death; Archbold Ohio Reunion
XII-4 3 Geislingen/Steige Naffzger families
XII-4 7 Excerpts from Ray Noftsger's Letters (The Naffzger?Nafziger Exclusion Principle; A summary of Naffzger Movement in Europe; A complete listing is in the making; Chances for Errors; Matthias; Rudolf; Peter of 1749 and Jakob of 1750)
XII-4 8 Newspaper Clippings (Mountaineer Commentary; Alice Sutter Wenger)
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