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The Nafzger Heritage News

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XIII-1 1 "Another Nafzger Publication (""History of First Amish Settlers from Germany in the US and Descendants of Byler and Naffsingers""; by Mrs. Wli Y. Byler"
XIII-1 1 More Info on Seven Nafzgers Lines
XIII-1 2 Letters (Dale Nofzinger; Faye Noftsger Flaugher)
XIII-1 2 A consumer report from Chronicle Telegram; Elyria; Ohio
XIII-1 4 Dan Noffsinger of West Jordan; Utah writes (family of Eli Noffsinger)
XIII-1 6 Letters (Roberta Madden; Rev. A. C. Fischer; others)
XIII-1 6 L'histoire des vieilles - familles de Neuf-Brisach - La famille Nafzger (in French)
XIII-1 7 Central Illinois Newspaper Clippings (Dina B. Sears; Carrol C. Springer; Nafzinger-Hills; Nafziger-Brunk; 50th anniversary for John Litwillers)
XIII-1 8 Letters (Alain Naffzger; La Veta Nafziger)
XIII-1 8 Newspaper Clippings (Herman J. Nafzinger; Miss Nafzinger On Mission Call)
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