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The Nafzger Heritage News

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XIII-2 1 Changing our Name
XIII-2 1 Ray writes…Fleckenstein Nafzigers in Germany become Pioneer Settlers in Fulton County; Ohio
XIII-2 1 Alain Naffzger of Cernay Writes…
XIII-2 2 Neuf-Brisach (areal view photo)
XIII-2 2 Ray Noftsger in the U.S. for a visit
XIII-2 5 Clippings (Glen C. Nafziger; Eunice B. Sommer; Samuel Oyer; Springer-Lee; Shadday-Nafziger; St. John-Wittrig)
XIII-2 6 Letters (Dale Nofzinger; Merrill F. Raber; Larry Beckler; Muriel Oliver; Wilma Nofzger Beer; Mrs. Wayne D. Yoder)
XIII-2 7 Corrections to previous issue.
XIII-2 8 Letters (Vonnie Koons; Wilmer Nafziger)
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