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The Nafzger Heritage News

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XIII-3 1 A Nice Gift
XIII-3 1 Some Help for Mrs. Brown
XIII-3 1 Theories on the Early Nafzgers
XIII-3 2 Newspaper Articles (Double Celebration: Deana and Denise Nafzger; Nafziger retiring from Acme)
XIII-3 4 Descendants of Valentine Nafziger - Emigrated 1831 (photos)
XIII-3 4 Can you help connect the following descendants to a family line?
XIII-3 5 Letters (Wilmer Nafziger; Ed Nofziger; Susan Zmrsel; Mrs. Robert Shelton and Mrs. Pat Bright; Rosemary N. Bryan; Lowell Z Nosker)
XIII-3 6 Letters (Dale Nofzinger; E. Edwin Fike; Shirley W. Shore; Mrs Mardell Edward; Zeola Van Winkle; John Byler; Tim and Marilyn Noffsinger; Dale Nofziger)
XIII-3 7 Central Illinois Articles (Growing Grounds; MacDonald-Neumann; Springer-Preachy; Velde M. Nafziger; Lawrence W. Sutter; Rosalie M. Sommer)
XIII-3 8 A Surprised Lyn Nofziger (photo)
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