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The Nafzger Heritage News

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XIII-4 1 The Berwarstein Castle
XIII-4 2 Untitled Comments
XIII-4 4 Letters (Beverly Schlatter Dickinson, Elanor Kottke, Nancy Lonsinger, George F. Nafziger, Lancaster County Historical Society, Nancy Gilmore)
XIII-4 5 Letters (Betty Schroeder, Janette J. Lukenbill, John NOffsker, Dorothy J. DeGruchy, Shirley Noffsinger)
XIII-4 6 Letters (Betty Jane Goold, Ray J. Dieffenbach, Dietmar Nafzer, Dale Nofzinger, Schuyler Brossman, Wilmer Nafziger)
XIII-4 7 Letters (Joan Pengra, Rev. P. Melville Nafziger, Mrs. George Nafzinger, Rebecca Anne Clarke, Mrs. Lloyd Clapper, Rudolph Nafziger, R.T. Plessinger)
XIII-4 8 Letters (Zeola Van Winkle, Mary Chase, Eugene E. Kenaga, Chelsea Cooper)
XIII-4 9 Reprint of "Old cemeteries, records are haunts of area man [Clair Naftzger] in family history search" by Pat Giesler, Chronicle-Telegram
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