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The Nafzger Heritage News

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XIV-1 1 Ray Writes - Fredrick Naffziger
XIV-1 1 Rolf Nafziger
XIV-1 2 Letters (Dorothy Gerlach, Frank Noftsger, Larry Kinsinger, Esther Miller, Wilmer Nafziger, Rudolf Nafziger)
XIV-1 4 Central Illinois Newspaper Clippings (Ralph Nafziger obituary, Celeste nafziger, Toby Nafsinger obituary, Linda and Rex Nafziger birth, Wendy and John Nafziger birth, Shanen Lee Nafziger birth)
XIV-1 5 Letters (Tom Armour, Mrs. Ray Svejda, Dorothy Gerlach)
XIV-1 6 Letters (James Novinger, John Byler, Marie Hollinger, Orville Noffsinger, Eugene Kenaga, Roberta Madden, Evelyn Martinez, Michael D. Noftsger)
XIV-1 8 Mattie Amanda Zook (photo and caption)
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