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The Nafzger Heritage News

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XIV-4 1 A Lost Naffziger Family
XIV-4 1 The Carroll Nafziger Publication on the Christian Nafziger Family Line of Hopedale, Illinois
XIV-4 2 Letters (Erma nafziger, Alma Kauffman, Ray Noftsger, Ruth Marie Burnett)
XIV-4 3 Letters (Mrs. Ray Svejda, Mrs. Kenneth Gilmore, Rene Davis, Evelyn Martinez, Muriel Oliver, Azalia Noftsger, Alice Baker, Lowell Z Nosker)
XIV-4 6 Auf den Spuren der Mennoniten-Heofe
XIV-4 7 Notes (Rolf Nafziger visit, Donovan C. Jacoby death)
XIV-4 8 Letters (Lisa J. Nafziger, Muriel Oliver, Marjorie Gautsche)
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