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The Nafzger Heritage News

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XIX-1 1 Peter; The Apostle
XIX-1 2 Letters (Mrs Faye Flaugher; Mrs Della Kryder; Duane Nafziger; Eldon Naffziger; Mrs Geneva Shelton; Wilmer Nafziger; Delbert Gratz)
XIX-1 2 We Have Moved New Address; Subscriptions
XIX-1 3 Another Pioneer Passes Away: John Naffziger
XIX-1 3 Mrs Anita Fiedler of Indiana writes about John Naffziger
XIX-1 4 Heinrich Naftzger and his Nofsker/Nophsker Descendants by Larry D. Smith; part 1
XIX-1 7 Peter; The Apostle (family of)
XIX-1 8 Newspaper Clippings (Kauffmann-Twigg; Swartzentruber-Nafziger; Cleona M. Haning; 60th anniversary for Arthur Nafzigers)
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