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The Nafzger Heritage News

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XV-1 1 Rolf Nafziger of Ludenschied; West Germany visit
XV-1 1 Dale Nofzinger Writes (Christian Nafziger; Fulton; OH)
XV-1 2 Note on Ludwig Nafzger from Wurenbuerg; citizen of Thun; 1646
XV-1 3 Newspaper clippings (Donald C. Naffziger RCA Corp; Rev. William Henry Naffziger obituary)
XV-1 3 Seasons Greetings (picture of Clair Naftzger family
XV-1 3 Letters (Matthies Otte; Nancy Lonsinger; Julie Lynch; Ronald Nofsinger; Erma and Vilas Nafziger)
XV-1 5 Excerpts from the letter of Anita Fiedler - The John Naffziger line
XV-1 6 Naffzigers-Nafzigers in Central Illinois (Nafziger-Browning; West-Nafziger; Siscoe-Brock; Reimer-Nafziger; John Nafziger scholarship; Conservation Tillage Expo set; )
XV-1 7 Naffzigers-Nafzigers in Central Illinois (Bertha Kauffmann; Rae V. Guth; Mary Ellen Walson; Miriam E. Nofsinger; Omar D. Sutter; Leland R. Stalter; Irene Alma Springer; Mabel L. Nafziger; James A. Naffziger)
XV-1 8 Letters (A.T. Goold; Kurt Nafzger; Dorothy Gerlack; LaVeta Nafziger)
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