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The Nafzger Heritage News

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XV-2 1 The Pioneering Sprit of Nafzgers
XV-2 1 Noffsinger Family Reunion To Be Held At Osborne, Kansas
XV-2 2 Letters (Editors note about German Spelling Variations, Mabel K Strausser, Peggy Noftsger, Gene Nafzgier
XV-2 3 1892 Account of Christian Ropp from "Centennial History of the Monnonites in Illinois"
XV-2 4 Reprint of Article about Christian Nafziger from the Beacon-Herald News
XV-2 5 News Clippings (Elmer W. Bright, Madeline Comberger, Raymond J Naftzinger, Schuyler Brossman, Former mayor of Orwigsburg, Ellen Laura Rentschiler, Sallie A. Rentschler, Cora Kohr, Former broadcaster in Reading, Penny Naftzinger, Edwin C. Naftzinger, Tammy
XV-2 6 News Clippings (Willmo N. Naffziger, Wade-Springer, 50th anniversary for Charles Nafzigers, Roseberry-Martin, Nafziger-Dolan, Sarah Mae Sutter, Ansel F. Stubblefield, Wittrig-McGhee, John G. Birky, 50th anniversary for Wayne Naffzigers, 45th anniversary f
XV-2 7 Letters (Ruth M. Burnett, James R. McKitrick, Kathleen Naftzger)
XV-2 8 Letters (Ray Dieffenbach, Margaretta Frey)
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