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The Nafzger Heritage News

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XV-3 1 (John Nofftsger)
XV-3 1 Management Change at N.H.N
XV-3 3 Letters (Jim McKitrick; Alain Naffzger)
XV-3 3 Descendants of Valentine Nafziger Emigrated to America in 1831 (photo)
XV-3 6 Past and Present Nodaway County; Missouri History 1910 (article reprint)
XV-3 6 Letters (Howard Noffsinger; Elsie Weaver; Tom and Norma (Naffziger) Finneran; Rolf Nafziger; Clude Nafziger)
XV-3 7 Transplant article reprint (no title)
XV-3 8 Lois L. Taylor Letter
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