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The Nafzger Heritage News

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XV-4 1 Looking For Descendants
XV-4 1 Editors Note
XV-4 2 Letter from Lowell Nosker
XV-4 2 Mathias Otte
XV-4 5 Articles(Nafziger-Beiler, Raymon J. Naftzinger, Founder of ice cream firm Harry J. Nafziger dead at 86, Death of Christian Naffziger 1836, Photo: Descendats of Valentine N.)
XV-4 6 Letters(Dale Nofzinger, Shirley Shore)
XV-4 7 Articles(Roy Nafzgier, Hopedale man killed on farm, Emma Litwiller, Ora Weimer, Henry Yoeder, Emma Hieser Lippitt, Naffziger-Wagner, Whitehead-Naffziger)
XV-4 8 Letters(Carolyn Nafziger, Rudolph Nafziger, Ella Gieg, Ethel Zehr, Lynne Farmer)
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