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The Nafzger Heritage News

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XVI-2 1 Naffzgers on the Move
XVI-2 2 Commendation (Eldon Naffziger)
XVI-2 2 Life of Dan B Raber and Mary Nofziger
XVI-2 3 "Letters (Clara Naftzger; Betty Jane and Arthur Goold; Elizabeth Immel; Ethel M. Zehr; Delbert Gratz; Lois Bakehouse; Norma and Tom Finneran)"
XVI-2 5 "[Map of Germay; France; and Switzerland border region]"
XVI-2 6 "Letters (Gerhard and Traudl Nafziger; Dean Noffsinger; Rudolf Nafziger; Rolf Nafziger; Matthias Otte; Charlotte Johnson; Mrs. Paul M. Johnston)"
XVI-2 7 "Letters (Shirley Shore; Dale Nofsinger; Beverly Schlatter; Lowell Nosker)"
XVI-2 8 Letters (Betty Stanfield)
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