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The Nafzger Heritage News

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Vol-No Page Title
XVI-4 1 Play Nafzger Heritage Trivia
XVI-4 1 Peter Nofsker continuation posponed.
XVI-4 1 Hermann Guth Mennonite Family History ariticle next issue.
XVI-4 2 Answers to Nafzger Heritage Test
XVI-4 2 "Letters (Clyde A. Nafzinger; Eldon Naffziger; Jacques A. Noftzger; Rudolf Nafziger)"
XVI-4 3 Nafzger Heritage Test
XVI-4 4 "Darke County Ohio -- Noftsinger Grist-Mill; Noftsinger Block-House"
XVI-4 5 "Letters (Lynne Farmer; Mardell Edwards; Mrs. Charles Dissinger; Wilmer Nafziger)"
XVI-4 6 "Central Illinois Articles (Springer-White; Gerald W. Nofsiner; Mary Nafziger;Earl Bachmans; Payne-Naffziger; Frank Bertram; Amos Nafziger)"
XVI-4 7 "Central Illinois Articles (Sutter-Sherer; Mrs. Elmer Noffsinger; John Springer; Leslie Naffzigers; Maurice Naffzigers; Ervin Springers)"
XVI-4 8 A Dissinger Discovery [Peter Nofsinger land document]
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