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The Nafzger Heritage News

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Vol-No Page Title
XVIII-3 1 Mystry Noffsinger
XVIII-3 2 Letters (Rolf Nafziger visit; Mrs Eunice Olsen)
XVIII-3 3 John of Berkeley County; PA
XVIII-3 4 Letters (Ms Shirley Murray; Mr David Stauffer)
XVIII-3 5 Letters (Mrs Irene Lawler; Mr Martinus; Mr Philip Miller)
XVIII-3 6 Outline of family of Christian of Hopedale
XVIII-3 7 Newspaper Clippings (Nafziger-Ryder; Springer-Ropp; Naffziger-Bruns; Bernice Zehr; Hallie L. Nafziger; Warner-Nafziger)
XVIII-3 8 Letters (Mrs. Christensen; Charlan Graff)
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