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Nafzger Heritage News Vol II No 1
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tjje JZ J A
Vol I Not
Arnold Noff&nger of
Akron, Ohio writes	-
Jacob Noff singer, son of Peter I, was born in 1764 and died in 1836. According to fifty pages of old family records sent to the News, Jacob, Dr. John, and Daniel are all children of Peter who migrated to Nohlenberg County, Kentucky during the late 1700’s.
MRS. LI.OYD J CLAPPER Mansfield,Chio Sb. has supplied the News with pages of information on her ancestors who represent some of the early settlers of thio. We believe her family line will eventually connect to Matthew
. tzinger. We need a list of the idren and their movements of Henry
N.ftzinger, who is a eon of Matthew, to make the connection.Any help from our readers will be greatly apprec iated.
Mrs. Liggett is active in the Wayne County, Ohio, Historical Society and provides considerable information on the early Nafzgers from Wayne County. Many thanks to Mrs. Liggett for her fine effort.
Front Row: John Nafziger, Lena Litwiller, Laura Nafziger(wife of Silas), Lizzie Nafziger (wife of Asa. Back Row: Christian D Nafzi ger and Silas Nafziger. All were featured in Volunme I,Issue No.2. dated July 4, 1973.
Hannah. There may have been other children but the above named children are to be found in Vir ginia courthouse records. Some may have remained behind although later York County records do not seemed to indicate this fact.How— ever, Virginia courthouse records would seemed to indicate that the migration of Peter’s family began just a few years after his death and continued until 1800.
One son of Peter; SAMUEL bought land in Botetourt County, Vir ginia from 1788 to 1824. He ap peared in the 1810 Census with a family of six children. The 1820 Census would seemed to indicate a family of five sons and three daughters. By 1830 Census, it would appear that only two daugh— era remained at home and the rest had moved from home. Samuel died in 1839. His children: Elizabeth Bilbro, Mary Nace, Polly Nace, Isaac, Abra Sally and Sarah.
Peter Noffsinger, Jr. must have been born around 1745 and died in 1795. He was married to Salome. Peter, Jr. must have been the first Noffsinger to enter Virginia He bought land in Botetourt Cou nty in 1784. Children: Peter III, Jacob, Hannah Snider, Elizabeth, Polly, Heddy, Cadey, Susan, and Maria.
C ontinued on Page Five
January 20, 1974
Peter Nofsker emigrated to America in 1749. He sailed on the ship
“Phoenix” from Rotterdam and arrived in the port of Philadelphia. It would appear that he was born somewhere between 1700 and 1710. He was married to Sophronia Wise in Germany. He was naturalized in 1771 at Baltimore.After landing in Philadelphia, Peter settled in Berwick Town ship, York County, Pennsylvania. The land was in Lancaster County from 1729 to 1749, in York County from 1749 to 1800 and today, part of the land is found in Adams County and part in York County, Pennsylvania.
Apparently, Peter lived his entire life in Berwick township and died in 1783. He is probably buried somewhere in that area although several searches for the burial site by the publisher have failed to locate the exact site.
According to the records of Mrs. B. J. Hundley of Reston, Virginia, his children are Peter, Jacob, David, John, Samuel, Daniel, Joseph, and
A U. S. national Nafzger Family Reunion during the bi—centennial year or 1976 is in the talk stage to see if such an event can be arranged or has any merit. It would be held at a central location in the United States so that transportation would be convenient to Nafzgers through out the U.S. Probably, the site selection should include a camp site for those who may wish to use campers as well as have motel—hotel accomo dations nearby.Sometime during the sunnier months would be an ideal time for such an event so that Nafzgers throughout the U.S. can use their vacation time. Perhaps, such an event should run for a week to allow time for the various Nafzgers to meet and get to know each other.If the idea is favorably received, I suppose the first order of business would
‘ to search for a Nafzger who would be interested in serving as Chair— n of the celebration. The chairman, in turn, could select his work ing comeittees. The News can offer some special issues to communicate information and announcements of the committees. We are open for sugg— geetions so write and let us know what you think of the idea.
120 Edgewood Drive
Grafton, Ohio
Publisher:	C. E. Naftzger
Editor:	Kathleen Naftzger
1. Book A, page 633. Date:Deceniber 17, 1762. Peter Naftzger, yeoman, grantor to: Peter Shirch,gran— tee, 100 acres ,wOO pounds in Paradise Township.
2. Book A, page 634. Date: January 22, 1754. Jacob
Wolf, grantor and Peter Naftzger, 100 acres in
Paradise Township in exchange for 100 acres in
Berwick Township on which Peter Naftzger lives.
being foreigners and having inhabited and resided in the space seven years and upwards in his Majesty’s Colonies in America,and not having been absent out of some of the said Colonies for a longer apace than two months, at any one time, during the said seven years. (At a Nisi Prius Court held at York, for the County of York, before Thomas Willing, Esquire, one of the Judges of the Supreme Court of of the Province of Pennsy1vania on the thirtieth Day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand seven huddred and seventy—one)
Af firmer’s names.
PETER NAFFSEGER, of Frederick County, Maryland.
Letters are welcomed
Mrs. Alice Beck of Sand Springs,Qk writes The Muhlenberg County, Kentucky
will book III,page 3 & 4 lists the will of John Noftsinger, dated 1833, mentioning among others his wife, Mary, daughter of Hannah Coffman, and grandson Benjamin Coffman. According to her grand father’s records, Hannah Coffman is the daughter of Benjamin Coff— man and Hannah Nofsinger. Shf’ further writes that he left no dates for either person but did state that HannahNofsinger is the daughter of a Nof singer who marr— a Spangler. We need additional information to clarify the line age of the Nof singer who married a Spangler. Can you help?
Mrs. Ralston Lawhead of Evansville, Indiana writes—---
Daniel and Dr. John Noffsinger were brothers of Jacob Noffsinger. Daniel’s only child married Wil son Turner. Dr. John died in 1835 at the age of 80 years.
PAUL HOSTETLER Hamden Connecticut 1’aul has been supplying considerable information on the early Nafzgers of Pennsylvania. It has been most help ful in making connections of the early lines of Nafzgers from Penneyl vania.
Deaths — CARL F NAFZGER (1897—1973
of chronic lympathetic leukemia at
St. Petersburg, Florida, Wife f
Madalyn K. Nafzger. Carl was a
cendant of Jacob who entered the U..
in 1750.
We welcome letters and will publish as many as we c find space. It is impossible to print all the mater i
contributed. The material will be used in some future issue. We appreciate your letter and hope you will write again. We reserve the right to edit the material for publication.
ations — Donations —— Donations -— Donations— D The Nafzger Heritage News is published as a result of
donations from its readers. The dpnations are used to cover printing and mailing costs.Thus far,the donation
plan is working but if a decision is made to move to subscriptions in order to reduce costs, all past and present donations will be applied to the subscription price. Presently, the newsletter is being sent to 2,000 Nafzgers throughout the United States. Let us involve more Nafzgers by keeping the donation, plan working.
Persons naturalized in Pennsylvania 1740-1773
The Bible of Jacob Naftziger, who entered the United States in 1750, has been found in Wilmington, Ohio. It is now in the hands of Willard Noftsger who is probably a sixth generation of Jacob. The book is over six inches through, a foot and half long by a foot wide and is bound in leather covered boards, which are in turn bound and tipped with brass. The clasps are of heavy leather with brass hooks. It was printed in German text in Zurich, Switzerland, in 1536. A family tradition is to the effect that it cost Jacob forty acres of good land in Germany. It was in a ship wreck on the voyage to the new world and had evidently been watersoaked, but it still in marvelously good condition.
We asked Willard to photostat the fly pages of the Bible. Ray Dief— fenbach of Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania and Delbert Gratz of the Menno nite Historical Library of Bluffton College, Bluff ton, Ohio have trans lated a number of pages to the old Bible. The translation proved it to be an excellent discovery. His children were listed on the back page.The date of birth of Jacob and Christian as published in the last issue of the Heritage News were confirmed but the list of children listed on Jacob’s will does not check with the list from the Bible. There were other children who may have died prior to the will. There are indications that Jacob may have been married twice. Some of his children were born between 1751 and 1753 and possibly the death of his wife. The rest of his family were born between 1763—1773. Apparently, the Bible was handed to Christian who took over the home farm in Penn— sylvania.Christian passed the Bible to his oldest son, John (Johannes) and it was John who carried the Bible to Ohio.
Page TwoS
Vol Ii, No. I	THE NAFZGER HERITAGE NEWS	January 20, I974
Thank you for the interesting newsletter. Your mention of Pal— myra Pennsylvania recalls an in teresting experience of mine. While searching for Gingrich mat— erial, I started corresponding with J.Ammon Gingrich of Palmyra. We corresponded for years but never made any connection between the two families.
Us went to Arizona to spend some time with friends. They were tak— a vacation and J. Asinon remaine a vacation and J. Ammon remained
behind to take care of the house. My telephone rang one evening and it was the hospital i this littis town saying that he had been fotuid ill with a stroke and could not talk. They found some of my letters among his belong ings. I referred hospital of fic— ials to his family in Palinyra.
I had only known him through cor respondence but he seemed very near and dear to me. He was in his 80’s and had planned to stnp here on his way home. But he died o months later, so I lost a ar friend if only by correspon— ence.
Mrs. Dale Stilt
Clay Center, Kansas
The Gingricha are related to Naf— zgers at least twice.Mrs. Stilt’s line is related to Peter Naffziger of Groversheim. The Gingricha of Palayra have inter—married with the gr—gr— grand—daughters of Ja cob Nafziger who entered the cou— try in 1750 on two ocassions.
Congratulations on the Nafzger Heritage News. We enjoyed the first issues and look forward to future editions. Since last comm unicating with you, I can report three additions to our branch of the Nafzger family. Records have been enclosed.
Samuel Nafzger Dedham, Mass.
Our readers will be interested to know Samuel has traced parts . his line to the 1600’s and for Jieven generations.
Enclosed is the information you had requested as nearly as I can compile it from our records. Also, the name and address of our son who is an Ohio resident for your mailing list. We are interested in any additional information you may be able to gather on the Na zgers families. If there is a book published, we would be most interested in obtaining a copy.
Mrs. John 0 Birkey Hopedale, Illinois
There are no plans to publish a book.However, we will try to keep the newsletter alive so that we can tontinue to exchange informa tion on the various family lines. Also, an attempt will be made to update the information on your family line before the next fam ily reunion. We have added con siderable information to your line during the last two months. It is becoming quite complete.
Your hobby of collecting infor tion on the Nafzgers is of great interest to me and I would like to receive the newsletter. Is it possible to get the first two issues already published? I started to fill in the inforaa— ion sheet but talked to my father (who lives in southern Calif orni and he advised me that he had sent the information. So if you will check the form completed by Jay Nofziger of Los Angles, you will find the information on our fan— ily. Keep up the excellent work. Helen (Nofzlger) Krause Rancho Cordova, California
Sorry You are quite right. The information is on file. Jay of California and Frank Nofsinger of Sturgia, Michigan have supplied considerable information on a fam ily line that was a blank a fe’, months ago. Many thanks. The line traces to Valentine Naf tiger who entered the U.S. in 1831.
rbl& of
1p— the risyl•
The following list of questions will help clarify the early heritage of the family of Peter Nofsker who entered the U.S. in 1749.
1. Christian Noffainger (1768—1838) and wife Elizabeth (1770—1845) are buried in the Dadeville Ceinetery,Botetourt County,Virginia. IS THIS
MAN THE SON OR GRANDSON OF PETER? If the answer is grandson --- WHO IS HIS FATHER?
2. Catherine Noffsinger married John Wingard in 1798 in Berkley County, Virginia. WHO IS CATHERINE’S FATHER?
3. Let us move north to Frederick, Maryland. Parish records from 1743-
1811 indicate that Johannes Neuschwanger married Anna Maria Napzingsr in 1780. The marriage was witness by Samuel, Matthias Peter and Cath erine Napzinger. CAN ANY OF OUR READERS IDENTIFY THIS FAMILY?
4. From the same parish records, Rudolph Npppzinger a widower, married Suzanna Kernin, a widow in 1784. COULD THIS RUDOLPH BE THE ONE WHO EN— TERED THE UNITED STATES IN 1749 WITH PETER AND MATTHEW?
5. Jacob Noffsinger lived in Rockinghatn County, Virginia. David Nofain ger was married to Hannah Crumpacker in 1793 in Rockingham County. Prob ably the two were brothers. However, another Jacob Noftzinger is listed as a Virginia Taxpayer (1728—1787, from Annuals of Southwest Virginia) as owning 1329 acres in 1800. WHO IS THIS JACOB
6. A David Noffainger married a Polly Horn and another David married a Polly Stover in 1799. CAN ANY OF OUR READERS IDENTIFY THE FATHER OF EITHER DAVID AND7OR THEIR FAMILIES?
Page Three
Vol II, No. I	THE NAFZGER HERITAGE NEWS	January 20, 1974
I received No. 3 of the News and it was incomplete. Page six was blank so I couldn’t get the dope on old John.I have been told that he was quite a rugged individual— ist.I have never taken much o an interest in my lineage until I read your paper which aroused my curiosity. When a small boy I was told by one of my uncles that I was a mixture of shanty Irish and slop bucket Dutch. My mother’s maiden name was Kelley which ac counts for the Irish part.
There was an inquiry in the last edition about Naftziger ice cream. I saw a sign advertising it at a small store on the corner of Rt. 68 and 81 in Dunkirk, Ohio. I asked about it and was told that it was made in Napoleon, Ohio. Good ice cream, too.
Enclosed are additional listings to Jacob’s grandchildren. I found an old picture of Albert Wade Naf— tzger and a family group taken in the old homestead in Woodster, I can identify six of them. If you would care to have it, I will forward it to you. Perhaps, some of your readers can identify the others. It is nowhere near as frightening as that picture of John. Please send me another copy and move my name nearer the top of your mailing list and to show my appreciation and ease your frustrations,I am kicking in with a little loot.
Bud Naftzger Findlay, Ohio
We enjoyed Bud’s letter.Our apol ogy for the blank page. It was a poor printing job. Trouble cart at us from all directions.We pur chased some cheap paper which was too thin for the press — and that was the beginning of our troubles. We rushed Bud the rest of the
story and showed our appreciation for his donation by moving him to the top of the list. We will try to do better next time.
If you know a direct line Nafzger descendant who would like to re ceive a copy of the Nafzger Herit age News, send their mailing add ress to: THE NAFZGER HERITAGE NEWS
Enclosed check for the News. I found it very interesting and hope to receive future issues. I found that Daniel Nafzger who settled in Green County is my gr eat grandfather. Thus, I guess I am the fourth generation of this family line.
Walter Nafzger
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
You are right — 4th generation since the family entered the U.S. But parts of this line has been traced by Samuel Nafzger (letter appears in this issue of News) to 1650 and the eleven generation.
Perhaps, we car. ask Samuel to write some stories about the fam ily line when we feature it in some future issue of the News.
I received the first two issues of the Heritage News and enjoyed them very much. In fact, I went to the Hopedale Mennonite Ceme tery the first week and looked for the tombstone of the first burial. We had to make two rounds through the cemetery before we found the site. He was my gr—gr— grandfather. I am sending a small listing (six pages) of the family and I am working on more.
Wilmer A Nafziger Gridley, Illinois
Judging by the information en— enclosed in his letter, Mr. Naf— ziger has an extremly good collec tion of information on his family line. Congratulations.
Enclosed contribution to the News. Foster Naftzinger sent me the in formation on my family line.Since
my father, Oliver (1878—1951) was an only child of James F Naftzin— ger and I am the only offspring of Oliver, the name ends in my line with me. We have two child ren, Dr. John Deam and Mrs. Doro thy Roche. I appreciate Foster’s thoughtfullness for sending me a copy of the newsletter.
Florence ( Naftzinger) Deem Birdsboro, Pennsylvania
I received two copies of the Naf zger Heritage News and enjoyed them very much. Enclosed is my check to become a regular sub scriber. My son advises me he has subscribed.My daughter would like to be included on your mailing list. I am enclosing four differ ent parts of some genealogical in formation we have on record. They include a family tree of our im-’ mediate family and a genealogical record o F. U. Nofziger. Jay Nofziger
Hollywood, California
Jay is a descendant of Valentine Nafziger (1783—1852) who entered the U.S. in 1831. He married Jacobina Schantz. They are buried in a small Mennonite Cemetery just northeast of Wooster, Ohio. Most of their children are found in Fulton County, Ohio the next generation so it would appear tht most of them started their west ward migration soo with Jay’s line ending up in California.Most of the Nofziger spellings are cendants of either Valentine c Johannes, both of which have con nections to Fulton County, Ohio. For example, the Nofzigers found in Salem, Oregon are descendants of Johannes who moved westward via Missouri.
Carol and I received the News yesterday and are quite excited to know that someone is doing so much research into our heritage. This is something that we have been wanting to do for some time. Do you have any further informat ion on our ancestors Noftsgers. I known of only two other male Noftsgers, my father, Frank W., C and his brother, George of Tulsa, Oklahoma, Please put by father on your mailing lists.
We are having trouble tracing
this family line to the one who
entered the United States.We hope .
other Noftsgers will write and ‘
help us with the problem.
Robert Noftsger San Diego, California
Page Four
Peter Enters U.S. In 1749
Continued from Page One ‘V other son of Peter, JACOB was
orn around 1762 and died in 1808.
According records in Harrisonburg,
it would appear he owned land in
Rockingham County, Virginia in
B	1789. James and Ann Breckinridge
e	of Botetourt County sold part of
their military grant (1000 acres) in Humlenberg, Kentucky to Jacob.
Thus, the family moved to Ken tucky. He was married to Susan Stoner (1764—1836) i Botetourt
County. Children are: Nancy, Mary, Samuel, Elizabeth, Jacob Jr., Catherine, Høni Suoannah, Reb ecca, Sally, Rachel, Joseph, and John.
DMIEL NOFFSINGER another son of Peter, Moved to Kentucky with his brothers, Jacob and John. He had one daughter who married Wil son Turner.
Dr. JOHN FFSINGER is the third son of Peter to move to Muhlen— berg County, Kentucky. Like bro ther Jacob, He too, purchased a part of the military grant from the Breckinridges of Botetourt
S oty, Virginia on the Mud River Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.
John was born in 1755 and died in 1835. He was from Franklin County, Virginia. He had a family of dau ghters, Hannah, Mary, and other children whose names are not known and one son named John.
There must have been another son named JOSEPH who died in 1815. He was married to Betsy who died in 1836. The children were young when he died. Little is known about the movements of his child ren but it would appear that they could have been named David, John, Wilhiam,Joseph and perhaps others. There is no available information on daughter, HaNNAH NOFFSINGER,to date.
A great deal of the above infor mation on the children of Peter who entered in 1749 is in the for mative stages and stand to be cor— hg rected if proven otherwise. Some
of the information has been put e together with only a thread of
and	pvidence which is only slightly
tter than no evidence at all.
hope our readers will join to—
tlier to help clarify the early
teritage of Peter Nofsker’s fain
I certainly enjoyed the July 4 issue of the Nafzger Heritage News. I was particularly interested in the Christian Nafziger (100 on the chart) which shows both my father, Levi Sutter (436) and my mother,Alma Nafziger(400). Christ ian must have put longevity in them because my father was 86 to day and mother was 82 last Sept. They celebrated their 60th wedding anniversity last Christmas.
Dr. M. Willis Sutter Rantoul, Illinois
Old age is evident throughout the Nafzger families. It seems to be a family characteristic to live to a ripe old age.Congratulations to your parents on their 61st.
We hope other Nafzgers will write the News of other long marriages.
We enjoyed the Heritage News and forwarded our copy to our son who will enjoy reading of the family. My husband who is 77 years old has been in and out of the hos pital nine times with operations which replace the hip joint. He is getting along nicely, now. The family history I am enclosing are descendants of Moses Nafzinger. My husband had three sisters so Lewis is the only son to carry on the name.
Mrs. Lewis Nafzinger Earleville, Maryland
The above letter is from a des cendants of Peter Nafziger who died at sea enroute to America as did one of his children.He sailed for America in 1827. The widow landed with six children ranging in age from a nine year old to a baby a few months old. The fam ily grew up in the real tradition of the country, a one parent f am— in a society with a language barrier and no possible govern ment help. The family had all odds against them except the de sire to make good———and they did. I have used this true story in many of my talks given in this area because of the beautiful message in it for us to think about.
My father received two copies of the Nafzger Heritage News. It gave me quite a thrill to read about all of my relations.I never knew I had so many. Please keep up the very interesting work. Re quest my sister and me be placed on your mailing list. Also, we would like copies of the large wall chart listing Matthew’s de scendants.
Helen J. Naftzger
Narberth, Pennsylvania
Helen’s line traces to Christ ian Nafziger who lost his entire fortune during the Napolenic
Wars. Christian died in Germany and it was his widow and child ren who emigrated to the U.S. in about 1846. They settled in Wayne County, Ohio. Two other Nafzger families were living in Wayne County at the time.One was Jacob
descendants who had been in Amer ica since 1750 and the other was Valentine who entered in 1831. Helen’s line of her family adopt ed the Naftzger spelling from de— cents of Jacob. The re of her line used the Nafziger spell ing. The family moved westward and did not remain in Wayne County for more than a generation.
Thus far, I have made no attempt to duplicate the various wall charts created for each family line. As soon as I can find an economical way to make duplicates of charts so large, it will be done.
The newsletter was most informa tive and enjoyable to Nafziger members of our line. The story of the meaning of the name (how ever it was spelled) was most in teresting to young and old alike. If you have room for Henry Nsf z ger’s branch (1832—1897), eon of Jacob(l800—1882), I have the line quite complete. My grandmother was an Otto and her ancestors in— several Naffzigers and Nafzigere. Enclosed is a chart starting with my mother. Keep up the good work as we know this is a very time consuming task that has to be for a “labor of Love”.
Mrs. Richard Schertz
Gibson City, Illinois
:e J
Page Five
Vol II, No. I
January 20, 1974
I was veil pleased with the first two issues of the Heritage News. Enclosed is my contribution so that I will not miss the next issue. I did not find my family line in the first two issues but hope to find it in the future. I have been trying to trace the line for some time but I can only take the line to Peter Noffsinger my great grandfather who is bur led in Atchinson, Kansas.
Dean Noffsinger Hays, Kansas
We encountered a dead end in tracing Peter Noffsinger of Atch— inson, Kansas. We hope some of our readers can help us with this line. I am almost certain you are a descendant of Peter who en’ ed America in 1749 and Is featur ed in this issue of the News. Here are some of the Noffsingers who moved westward after being born in Botetourt County,Virginia.
PETER NOFFSINGER — born about 1780 and died in 1859. William and Mar tin are probably brothers of Peter. Peter moved from Pennsyl vania to Frederickburg, Maryland to southeastern Ohio and finally to Missouri (Nodaway County). His wife’s name is Fraults. A few o the children must have been Fran ces, William and Wesley.
JOHN SHAVER NOFFSINGER was born in 1833 in Botetourt County, Vir ginia and died in 1860. He marr ied Elizabeth Trout in Roanoke County, Virginia. He moved to Cedar County, Missouri in 1856. Children are Mary, George, Julia, Sarah, Charles, Margaret, Newton and Susan.
DAVID C NOFFSINGER appears to be a brother of John Shaver. He was born around 1795 in Botetourt Cou nty, Virginia and moved to Ray County, Missouri in 1845. Appar ently, he stopped in Indiana for a period of time because several of the children were born in this state.
PETER NOFFSINGER (1833—1891) was born in Montgomery County, Ohio.
Continued - Next Column
Enclosed is a donation for the Heritage News. May I suggest you send a form to the Nafzgers to find out who wants the paper mailed? It would eliminate mail ing to the disinterested ones and save some expense.
We just missed you last summer at Centerport, Pennsylvania by a few hours. The Naftzingers from Centerport visited us a few weeks ago and left some more history. I notice Matthew, Edward, Will iam, and Rueben are listed under the fifth generation. I suppose these would be my father—in—law and h-is two brothers. Your paper is very interesting and I am look ing forward to receiving future issues. Enclo is information on our granLlchildren.
tRuth and Edward Naufzinger Gallon, Ohio
The letter raises an important point relative to sub versus donation. The entire pro ject is only a hobby. The inter est in the Nafzger name was corn— pl miscalculated. Letters re questing information arrive daily. The project must be trimmed or continued through some hired help. It is becoming almost impossible for one man and his daughter to keep up with the project at this stage of development.We will hang in for a couple issues to see what should be done.
Thanks for the information on your grand daughters.Edward, Will— jam and Rueben would be your father—in—law and his brothers. I have more. information on their family now.. I believe there is a sister by the name of Ida. I do not have any information on her family or whereabouts.
Continued from Column One
He was married in Nodaway County, Missouri in 1853 to Margaret Mar tin (1836—1915). Margaret was born in -Indiana. They are the Parents of Julia, William, Miss ouri Ann, Martin Levi, John Wes ley, Amanda, Margaret, Lona, Clara and Maude. He is. buried at Effingham, Kansas.
I received my copies of your
interesting newsletter. Woul.
you know it —— name spelled wron Also, enclosed is my contributio
My sister, Juanite Lockler o Texas is preparing some informat ion for you.She will send it you way just as soon as it has bee completed. You will find lots o Noftzger history in Wabash Count Indiana.
J. A Noftzger, Whittier’, Qal Whittier, California
Many of the Noftzgers found i:
Wabash,County, Indiana are relate to Jaco1 who entered in 1750 an featured in the last issue of th News.In fact, the early Noftsger to settle there were children o:
John whos picture appeared o the front page of the last issue
My mother was a Noffslnger and s my maternal grandparents are Nof singers.My grandmother Noffsinge is still living and 98 years old I was given a copy of your lette by Mrs. Erniley Heaston whe
visited her this sui I
been working on the NoffsIng genealogy for some years and wi] be glad to help you anyway I ca Our line descended from Peti Nofsker who landed in Philadelpi
Mrs. B. J. Hundley Restori, Virginia
Much of the material collect’ for this issue of the News c from Mrs and Mrs. Hundi Mrs. Hundley has been very he1 ful in placing the many earl Noffsingers living in Virgin into family lines. Our thanks Mrs. Hundley and Mrs. Heaston.
Enjoyed the Nafzger Heritage N* I have enclosed contribution help with printidg costs. As can see from the enclosed infr mation on our family line,we hi a Matthew and didn’t know we elected a family name at the t Timothy A NaIziger Lake Geneva, Wsconsin
Page Six
\:oI II, No. I
January 20, 1974
read with interest your article
•	in Vol.1, No. 1, page 4, in which
you indicated that, according to
Lunn, Naftzinger meant “nephew of house of Zahringer”. Halberts,
Inc., Bath, Ohio, cite Elsdon C.
ith’s New Dictionary of Family Names which states that Nafziger meant “one who sleeps or dozes off”, a less flattering origin.
if Can we assume that all 20 spell ings of the Nafzger name had the same origin? How does one explain the difference between the two sources, Lunn and Smith?
E. Wayne Nafziger Manhattan, Kansas
The interpretation is just one of many that I have encountered. It appears to vary with the period of history. I believe it is import ant to be aware that there are many interpretations. I suppose each individual will believe the one he likes. (I like the sleepy
I don’t know if all the spellings
S ave the same origin. If someone orced me into believing some thing on the issue,.I would think the different spellings would join at some point in history. One of the reasons would be:
Jacob emigrated to America in 1750. His grandchildren migrated to Wayne County, Ohio. Two other Nafziger families, Valentine and christian emigrated in the 1800’s and settled in Wayne County. The Nsf zigers moved from Wayne County to Fulton County,Ohio and shortly after were joined by Johannes Nofziger who emigrated from Ger many. The same can be said for Hopedale where two or three lines live which appear to be unrelated. Canadian Nafziger are found in
and around Hopedale. There are only about two reasons for this collection of Naffzigers, Nafzi— gers, Nofzigers, Naftzgers, Nof— zingers in just two locations.One is they were Mennonites and the
other is they were probably re lated. Both reasons are probably n correct so I can easily believe
‘ hat the 20 names would evenually ‘I onnect to one if we went far
enough back in history.
Jesse L Nofziger (1910— ) is the founder of the Nofziger’s De— lux Ice Cream in 1940 which was most profitable at that period of time. Jesse was the owner and operator of the Nofziger Dairy Store, south of Archbold, Ohio on Rt. 66 on the west side of the street in Lugbill. In 1945, Jesse designed a hand ice cream slicer which cut a quart at a time. He sold some of these slicers but never had it patented. In 1951,he moved to Goshen, Indiana and sold ice cream and groceries in that area for a number of years. En closed donation and information on our family line.
Mr. & Mrs. JESSE NOFZIGER Goshen, Indiana
Thanks for the information—your line leads to Valentine who enter the U.S. in 1831. We expect to feature the line in a future is sue of the News so the information is welcome. You may be interested to know that the wife of Lloyd LaVaugn Nofzinger, a counsin of yours, lives in nearby Elyria, Ohio. Lloyd died in 1960.
Thank you for a copy of the News. Enclosed my contribution for your fine work. Please keep me on your mailing list. My grandfather, James Noffsinger moved his family from Skidmore, Missouri to Wray, Colorado around 1900 and took up homestead there. The Noffsinger name remains prominent in the area yet. My mother will supply you with more detailed information of this particular line.
Lloyd E Noffsinger
Cottage Grove, Oregon
We believe this line will prob ably connect to Peter Noffsinger who entered the U. S. in 1749. It would appear that there are many Noffsingers from the midwest and northwest part of our country to be added to the long list of des cendants of Peter when they all write. So please forward the data to the Nafzger Heritage News soon.
My aunt just sent me a copy of the Nafzger Heritage News, which I did not know even existed. My mother was a Noffsinger. Her f a— ther was James L Noffsinger (1843— 1909). He married Sophia Mast in
1869 and is buried north of Mount City, Missouri. My mother and all of her brothers and sisters. are gone now. I do not know the names of grandfather’s parents and very little about our heritage
Mrs. Blanche Heineken Effingham, Kansas
Your great grandfather is prob ably Martin Noffsinger who was born in Monroe County, Ohio in 1814. He was married to Matilda Henthorn in 1836. Their children are Rachel, Martha, John, JAMES (your grandfather, Francis, Cas— sey, Mary Jane, Sarah Jane, Mar garet and Peter Craig. We do not know the father of Martin but have strong clues it will connect to Peter who entered the U.S. in 1749. Until we received your let ter, the only Information we had on any of the 10 children of Martin was of Peter Craig who married Sarah Ewer in 1878 and had children: Myrtle,Orpha,Delia, Martin, and Lloyd. We hope Noff— singers who may be connected to this line will write the News and provide us the information to up date and trace the line to the one who entered the United States.
Robert and I have had correspond ence with Alexander Coyle who in vestigates family histories as an avocation. We received some maps of Germany and recent letters from his German correspondents. I am wondering if this information would be of any interest to you for your research project. If so I will be happy to forward them
to you.
Agnes E Hartzler
Morton, Illinois
Mrs. Hartzler was a heavy contri butor of material of Issue No. 2
of the News. The picture which appeared on the front page was ac quired by her. We welcome any assistance fathering material for the News.
ar 1
gin ks $ n.
e Ii
ie ti
Page Seven
* ** **
second generation
Susan (Humphrey)Gosset t George Humphrey
John W Danner
Sarah (Danner) Branson
Frances (Danner)(ish
Harriet (Danner)Hendricks
Mary (Danner)Groves
Amanda Danner
Samuel Danner
John Gish
Sarah Gish
Daniel Cish
Jacob Gish
Samuel Gish
Joseph Gish
Prudence (Nof f singer) Eades
John L Noffsinger
Jacob Noffsinger
Joseph Noffsinger
Edward R Noffsinger
John Reed
Isaac Reed
Jacob Reed
Samuel W Rhoades
Joseph N Rhoades
Catherine M Nofsinger
George Nofsinger
Mary Beckner
Robert Beckner
Peter Noffsinger
Joel Noffsinger
Mathias Noffsinger
Henry Noffsinger
Hannah Noffsinger
Betty Noffsinger
Katherine Noffsinger
Polly Noffsinger
Susan Noffsinger
Nary Ann Noffsinger
Maria Noffsinger
Helty(Noffs inger)Wightman
William R Nofsinger
Elizabeth (Nof s inger) Baker
Nary (No f S inger) Ha le
Samuel Nofsinger
Peter Nofsinger
Jacob Nofsinger
Susan (Nofsinger) LaFollette
Catherine (Nofsinger)Beckner
Caroline (Nofsinger)Conover
Abram Gish
Lewis Gish
Betsy Gish
Hester (Gish)Hedgewood
Mary Ann (Gish)Noomaw
Hannah Gish
Frances (Gish)Mooinaw
Solomon Rhoades
Jacob B Rhoads
Nancy Rhoades
John L Coffman
Benjamin F Coffman
Jacob Coffman
Joseph Coffman
Kather me (Co if f man) Plain
Kather me (Plain) Johnson
Sarah (Cof f man) Rust
John Noftsinger
Nancy(Noffsinger)Huf f
Samuel Noffsinger
Peter Noffsinger
Jacob Noffsinger
Hannah Noffsinger
Joseph Noffsinger
Folly Noffsinger
David Noffsinger
George Noffsinger
Edwin A Noffsinger
James Noffsinger
Clifton Noffsinger
Margaret (Noffsinger)Morgan
John S Noffsinger
William A Noffsinger
Andrew Noffsinger
• Peter Noffsinger, Jr.
• William Noff singer
Jacob Hill
Susan Hill
Daniel Hill
Elizabeth Hill
Francis(Cook)Gish	-
Samuel Gossett
Susan Gossett
Jacob Gossett
Isaac Gossett
Betsey Cossett
Mary Gos
Rachel Gossett
Catherine Gossett
John Gossett
Daniel Gossett
Nancy Noffsinger
Bradford Noffsinger
Joseph Noffsinger
Solomon Noffsinger
Samuel R Noffsinger, Jr.
James H Noffsinger
John S Noffsinger
William A Noffsinger
John Bowman Noffsinger
William Green Noffsinger
Upton Noffsinger
Isaac Noffsinger
Susan Noffsinger
Rachel Noffsinger
William S Humphrey
Benjamin J Humprey
John J Humphrey
Martin Noffsinger
indicates our inability to trace the person to the
Note: Mrs. B. J. Hundley provided us with considerable help with information of Peter Nofsker who entered th
U. S. in 1749. We are grateful for the help. Sybil Hundley is an eighth generation descendant of Peter Her chartsreads: Peter (1), Peter II (2), Peter III (3), John Edwin (4), Samuel (5), William Cilliam (6), Willie(Noffsinger)SteveflS (7), and Sybil(Stevens)Hundley (8)
Page Eight
Vol I No. I
January 20, 1974
Samuel Noffsinger
Edward Britts
Mary C Britcs
Caroline E Britts
Joseph A Britts
John W Britta
Sarah A Britts
David Shannan Britta
Louisa J Britts
Thomas W Britts Andrew J Britte
James H Britta
rz	Wallace Nofsinger
Francis B Nofsinger
o	Mary(Nofsinger)Noble
Rowland Nofsinger
Joseph L Nofsinger
f	Wallace Nofsinger
ES	Thomas H Nofainger
D	George W Nofsinger
Carrie (Nofainger)Forgery
Nancy Nof singer
Mary (Nof a inger) Ledman
Lorenzo 0 Nofslnger
Joseph 4 Nofsinger
Eveline E (Nofsinger)Markee
Viola (Nofsinger)Markee
Irene (Nofsinger)McCoy
r Howard Nofsinger dson Beckner
Clara Beckner
George T Beckner
John H Cross
Sara (Cross)Miller
Samuel Gross
John S Gross
Mary (Gross) Stewart
Francis M Cross
Mary (Noffsinger ) Eades
David E Noffsinger
Millie (Nof fs inger)McDonald
Maggie Noffsinger
Rosa Noffsinger
Nancy (Nof fs inger) Sparks
William J Noffsinger
Jesse S Noffsinger
Daniel Noffsinger
Elizabeth Noffsinger
Alfred Noffsinger
Emma (Noffslnger )Conway
Henry Noffsinger
Lucy (Noffs inger)France
Sarah (Noffsinger) Rhoades
David Nofsinger
Peter Noffsinger
John N Nofsinger
Samuel Noff singer
Sarah Noffsinger
Nancy Noffsinger
Susanna Noffsinger
William Huff
Samuel P Huff
David Huff
Martin J Huff
Elizabeth Noffsinger
Jane (Noffslnger)Jopling
Margaret (Noffsinger)Wightman
Martin Van Buren Noffsinger
Charles Noffsinger
Penelope (Noffsinger)Hines
Isabella (Noffsinger ) Blounk
Samuel Noffsinger
Pauline Noffsinger
Peter L Stover
John M Stover
Mary C Stover
George H Stover
William C Stover
Josephus Stover
Salina J Stover
William Noffsinger
Susanna (Noffs inger) Shanks
Mary (Nof fsinger) Deisher
John Noffsinger
Sarah (Noffsinger)Gingher
Rufus Noffsinger
George Noffsinger
Virginia Noffsinger
Francis S Noffsinger
Joseph Noffsinger
John F Noffsinger
Luclen P Noffsinger
nma Noffsinger
Martin S Noffsinger
W. J. Noffsinger
Hattie Noffsinger
Charles T Noffsinger
Robert C Noffsinger
Robert Clifton Noftsinger
Katherine Noftainger
John Noftsinger
William Noftsinger
Fred Noffainger
Ellen Noffsinger
Nancy Noffsinger
Price Noffsinger
Edward A Noffsinger
John Noffainger
Nancy Noffsinger
• Missouri Ann(Noffsinger)Shell
• ilaude (Noffsinger)Tucker
Nancy (Noffsinger)Taylor
Bradford Noffsinger
Mary (Nof fs inger )Brown
Samuel R Noffsinger
Shelby Noffsinger
Nannie (Gish) Bruce
James H Noffsinger
Benjamin E Noffainger
Abraham Noffsinger.
Amelia (Nof fsinger)Faith
Emma (Noffsinger )Timnions
Georgia (noffslnger)Gresham
Callie Noffsinger
George M Noffsinger
Edward J Noffsinger
William H Noff’singer
John M Noffsinger
Alice (Humphrey) Shaver
Thomas Humphrey
Sallie (Humphrey) Bennett
Mary (Humphrey) Blackwell
Jennie (Humphrey) Bennett
Samuel Humphrey
Sarah (Humphrey)Millard
John Humphrey
Jesse Humphrey
Gertrude (Humphrey) Lockery
Cerema Noffsinger
Victoria Noffsinger
John W Noffsinger
Benjamin C Nofgsiner
Isaac B Nofsinger
Woodie (Nofs inger)Howden
Robert Noffsinger
Addie Noffsinger
Joseph Noffsinger
Benjamin Millard
John Millard
Jacob Millard
ma (Millard)Crass
Flurrie Millard
Jess Millard
John Eades
Henry R Eades
Barney Eades
Julia Eades
Mattie Eades
Jacob Rhoades
John E Rhoades
• Lona(Noffsinger)Mulligan
• Margaret (Noffsinger)Corrigan
• William A Noffsinger
• John Wesley Noff singer
Flurrie C Nofisinger
Viola A (Noffsinger)Eades
Harriett (Noffsinger)Peveler
Clannie Noffainger
Townes Noffsinger
Edna (Noffsinger)Kittinger
Polly Wilkins
Margaret Wilkins
Jodie Wilkins
William Wilkins
Ivey Wilkins
Jess Wilkins
Addison Wilkins
Edmond Wilkins
Oscar Noffsinger
Isaac Coffman Nall
John T Noffsinger
Mary E Gish
Nancy Gish
Andrew J Cish
Martha Gigh
Louis Gish
John Gish
Ephraim T Cish
Samuel Giah
Penelope (Gish)Osborne
Francis M Gish
William T Cish
Joseph F Gish
Sarah Jean Gish
Henry L Gish
Joseph Gish
Sarah (Gish)Rogers
Bradford Stroud
John Stroud
Mary J(Stroud)Vick
Peter Shaver Noffsinger
Andrea Noffsinger
Nancy (nof I a inger) St ringer
Sarah (Noffsinger)Jones
Joseph Noffsinger
Jacob Noff singer
Virginia(NOff singer) Wright
James R Noffainger
Phinas a Noffainger
William B Noffainger
Samuel R Noffainger
Samuel R Noffainger
Josephine (Noffainger) Edward
Jacob J Noffsinger
J. Bradford Noffainger
Nancy Noffsinger
• Amanda(Noffsinger)Knoll
• Martin Levi Noffsinger
••***John Shaver Noffsinger
*****Davjd C Noffsinger
Jr. P
• Julia (Noffsinger)Clark .
*******jndlcates our inability to trace the person to the fourth generation
Page NIne
Vol II, No. I
January 20, (974
Charles Blackwell
Fannie J Noffsinger
John T Noffsinger
Mary C Noffsinger
Eclas J Noffsinger
Jacob C Noffsinger
Elmo B Noffsinger
Ronald A Noffsinger
Elvy P Noffsinger
Shelby C Noffsinger
Mary J (Noffsinger)Humphrey
Isaac W Noffsinger
George V Noffsinger
John W MoE fsinger
Gertrude (Noffsinger)Vincent
Henry Noffsinger
Callie (Nof Es inger)McDonald
Dudley Noffsinger
Howard Noffsinger
Alva Noufsinger
Elizabeth(Ncff singer) Wilkins
Edgar Noffainger
Pearl (Noffsinger)Grundy
Augustus (Noffsinger)Miller
Bradford Noffsinger
Guy Noffsinger
Ulys8ess S Noffsinger
Georgia(Noffsinger)V incent
William C Noffsinger
Walter E Noffsinger
Samuel 0 Noffainger
Ollie (MoE f singer) Vincent
Will Stroud
George Stovall
Eugene Whitmer
Russell Whitmer
Bradord Whitmer
Emma (Whitmer)Whitmer
Sad fe(Whitmer) Whi tmer
Crom Humphrey
Howard Humphrey
Thomas B Noffsinger
Lelia Noffsinger
Loreen S(Noffsinger)Williams
Jessie M Noffsinger
Millard S Noffsinger
Nellie M Noffsinger
Hugh A Noffsinger
Owen W Noffsinger
Everett Noffsinger
Earl Noffsinger
Lillian (Noffs inger)Arnett
Clemon Noffeinger
Finley Hendricks
Alva Hendricks
Matt ie (Hendricks) Strader
Hollie (Hendricks) Buckman Mary Belle Nofsinger
Morris Noffsinger
Samuel Noffsinger
Charles L Noffsinger
Marvin Noffsinger
Finis Jones
Willie Jones
Samantha (Jones )Miller
Dennis Eades
Eugene Noffsinger
William Noffsinger
Ida (Noffslnger)Vincent
Andrew Noffsinger
John Noffsinger
Ernest Noffsinger
Claude Noffsinger
Myrtle Noffsinger
Clifton Noffsinger
Emmett Noffsinger
Bettie (Stroud)Helfin
Eugene Stroud
William Stroud
Thomas Eades
Dennis Eades
Charles Eades
William Eades
Ruth (Eades Henry
Birdie Gross
Clinton Gross
Essie Gross
Jacob Gross
Audrey (Gross.) lright
Melbourn Gross
Floyd Rhoades
Oscar Rhoades
Vasti Taylor
Eunice (Noffsinger)Gossett
Elvis Noffsinger
Ecles Noffsinger
Flossie Noffsinger
•	Mary Jane Noffsinger
•	George David Noffsinger
•	Julia Ann Noffsinger
•	Sarah(Noffsinger)Johnson
•	Charles E Noffsinger
•	Margaret (Noffsinger)Johnson
•	Newton Shaver Noffsinger
•	Susan(Noffsinger)Levis
•	Lloyd M Noffsinger
• Lois(Noffsiflger)AmOS
• Lysle C Noffsinger
• Awyn(Noffsinger)Schultze
• Margaret(NOffSiflger)CaPUtf
• Gerald Noff singer
• Elsie May Noffsinger
• Ralph Noff singer
• Lynn Noffsinger
• Maurice Tucker
• Ramona (Tucker)Armour
• Leotta (Best) Snyder
• Hazel(Best)Kauflflan
• Blanche(BeSt)GrOff
• Perry ElVerdo Noffsinger
• Clarence A Noff singer
• Mabel Noffsiflger
• Cecele (Noffsinger)RobinSofl
• Ula(Noffsinger)KelSeY
• Ge
• Joh’ Ef singer Opal Pauline : singer
Blanche (Marshall)Frantz
Flora (Marshall)Tucker
Lambert M Marshall
Cora (Nof singer) Briskey
Leona Nofsinger
Mary (Nofs inger)Fisher
Floyd Millard
Iron Wright
Howard Wright
Woodie Noffsinger
Thomas E Noffsinger
Edna Noffsinger
Mina Noffsinger
Erma Noffslnger
Flora Noffsinger
Nannie Noffsinger
Benjamin E Noffsinger
Joseph E Noffsinger
Flora (Nof fsinger)Kelly
Ruth (Noffs inger)Oatey
Louise (Noffsinger )Broskey
Lucien Howden
Giles R Howeden
Maree E Howden
William C Nail
Henry Eades
Leland Peveler
Elizabeth Rose
W. R. Rose
Lucian Rose
Edward C Rose
Rufus Rose
Mary (Rose)Roll
Ila (Nofsinger)Dannelley
Arlie Noffsinger
Paul Noffsinger
Robert Noffsinger
Norman Noff singer
Elbert Rhoades
Lelia Rhoades
Louise Rhoades
Edward Noffsinger
Albert Noffsinger
John Noff singer
Charles Noffsinger
Ernest L Noffsinger
Garland Noff singer
Elmer Noffsinger
Shelby Noffsinger
Verdie (Noffsinger) Reno
Omer Noffsinger
Robert Noffsinger
Linda (Noffsinger)Mercer
Priscilla (Edward)Gregory
Verona (Edwards)Morris
Ollie (Edwards)Gregory
Beulah (Edwards )Murphy
Shelby Edwards
Clyde Edwards
Coley Edwards
Evan Edwards
John Noffsimger
Willie Noffsinger
Leslie Noffsinger
Herbert Noffsinger
Lorene Gertrude Noffsinger
Ellis Lee Noffsinger
Susannah (No f fsinger )John
thristina(No ffs1nger)
Mary Jane(Nofsthger)&
John Nash Nofsinger
Eliza (Nofsinger)Linkenhol
Amanda (MoE singer )Austin
Sarah MoE singer
Claiborne C Nofsinger
Millard P Nofsinger
Sally Nofsinger
Lucy Nof singer
A.lamar ma (Noffsinger ) Beei
Ada (No f f singer) Hook
Edward E Noffainger
John D Noffsinger
John E Noffsinger
Charles T Nof singer
William C Noffsinger
Id (Noffsinger) Savilie
Samuel P Noffsinger
Hugh G Noffsinger
Charles W stover
John H Stover
Emma F Stover
Robert C Noftsinger,jr
Virginia (Nof singer) Keisei
Francis (Nof singer)Robins
Joseph D Nofsimger
Lucy Penelope Nofsinger
John L Nofsinger
William C Nofainger
Marcus R Nofainger
Mary (MoE singer )Knippl
Sarah E Nof singer
Ona C (Nofsinger)MscCaul
Norwood P Nofsinger
Maude A Nofsinger
Cora (Nofsinger ) Borden
Elsie M Noffsinger
Bessie J Noffsinger
Sylvis P Noff
Cora (Noffsinger)Beachey
Emna C Noffsinger
Sarah (NoffBinger)Armstrc
Mary (Noffsinger)Armstrc
Rufus G Noffsinger
Elto Nofsinger
Bell (Nofsinger) Saxton
John Shanks
Mary (Nousinger)Nobie
Frances B Nofeinger
Gertrude E Nofainger
Elizabeth (Nofsinger)Sh
Lewis E Nofslnger
Charles W Nofainger
George A Nofainger
Mary (nof singer) Higdon
Thomas 0 Nof singer
Sarah 0 Nof singer
James B Nof singer
William F Ledman
James F Ledman
John T Noffsinger, Jr.
Robert E Lee ‘offsing
Dorothy Nell Noffsinger
Page Ten
Peter No1sker Gr-Gr-Gr Grandchildren
, wey Noffainger
era (Noffsinger)Jenkins
illie(Noffsinger)Kincheloe r Nina(Noffsinger)Searm
Ada (Nof f singer) Hudson
Elbert C Noffsinger
Nat Noffsinger
Edgar Noffsinger
Edward Camp
Joseph tamp
Lee Camp
Clara (Richardson) Summer
Cora (Richardson)Nindsman
Nora(Richardson) Rosenburg
Minnie (Heltsley )McRoy
Lester Heltsley
Rosa (Drake) Peveler
Goldie CDrake)Peveler
Fannie (Drake)Noffsinger
William Drake
John Drake
Claude W Drake
Samuel Humphrey
Sulviree Humphrey
Charles E Humphrey
Anna M Humphrey
Rena Bennett
Dixie Bennett
Juanita Blackwell
meg Blackwell
Luckie Bennett
Murdeth Bennett
Clara Beemer
Kate Beemer
rt Nellie Beemer
Lura E Wilhelm
Ralbert Wilhelm
Vivia Wilhelm
o Carl Wilhelm
o Mary(nofsinger)Rudisel
Harry Nof singer
John Nofsinger
Mattie Nofsinger
tharles Nofsinger
Martin S Nofsinger
William J Noffslnger
Ellas W Noffsinger
Hugh C Noffsinger, Jr.
Marguerite Noffsinger Samuel Noffsinger
Mary L Robinson
r John W Robinson
anc is (Robinson) Firestone (Robinson) Watkins
Clara A Robinson
Elbert C Robinson
Dora (Rob jason) Watkins
Jessie (Robinson) Walker James E Robinson
Lorenzo B Ledman
George Ledman
Elmer E Ledinan
Walter H Ledman
Vincent B Ledman
Lorena (Ledman)Moore
Alice Ledman
Myrtle (Ledman) Spears
John E Ledman
Frank Nofsinger
May Nofsinger
John S Nofslnger
Elma (Nofsinger)Rich
Lila E Nofsinger
Nellie (Nofsinger ) Heisel
William C Nofsinger
George L Nofsinger
Leroy Nofsinger
Freda Nofsinger
Edna Markee
Frederick Markee
Jacob B Markee
John W Markee
flnma (Markee)Bauman
Ruby (Markee) Briedenstein
Grace (Markee)Groethe
Elmer J McCoy
John H McCoy
Edith (McCoy)Dyer
William W McCoy
Levi McCoy
Jacob McCoy
Hettie Noffsinger
Theodore Noffsinger
Joseph ;Noffsinger
Arthur Noffsinger
Thomas A Noffsinger
Wilbur Noffsinger
Emma J Noffsinger
Roma Wilkins
Plurna Wilkins
Harold Wilcox
Willadean. Wilcox
Shirley Stirsmore
Joseph Stirsmore
Raymond Stirsmore
Charles Stirsmore
Mary Jane Stirsmore
Lawrence Noffainger
Lucille Noffslnger
Joseph Noffsinger
Mabel McDonald
Estil McDonald
Hayden McDonald
Imogene McDonald
Catherine McDonald
Agnes McElroy
Leonard McElroy
Freeman McElroy
Martine Noffsinger
Vanell Noffsinger
Barbara J Noffsinger
Leeman H Noffsinger
Dorothy J Noffainger
Elizabeth A Noffsinger
• Virgil Kusel
• Velda(Kusel)Maginnis
• Vera(Kusel)Ackley
• Jennie Clark
• Emma Clark
• Katherine (Clark)Metzger
• Roy Clark
• Charles A Noffsinger
• Frederick P Noffsinger
• Leroy Noffsinger
• Robert Noffsinger
• Harry M Noffainger
• Doc Noffsinger
• Ray E Noffainger
• Sadie(Noffsinger)Dillon
• Ralph L Noffsinger
• Hubert Shell
• John Shell
• George Shell
• Felix Shell
• Bessie (Shell)NOakeS
• Nina(Shell)Orencjorff
• Everett Shell
• Wilhelmina(Shell)Gragg
• Muriel(Corrigan)Wllls
• John Corrigan
• Dorothy (Corrigan)Henderson
• Clarence Mulligan
• Ernest Mulligan
• Guy Mulligan
• Georgia (Mulligan) King Leona (McCoy)Cowden
Lowey L Markee
Una F Noffsinger
Dorville J Noffsinger
Francis Briskey
Edward Briskey
Lyle Briskkey
Leo Briskey
Ernest Briskey
Donnie Fisher
William M Nofainger
Rowland Nofsinger
•	Clayton M Noffsinger
‘	Winhfred(noffsinger)lletschmidt
•	Dean F Noffslnger
•	Margaret (Noffsinger)Paulson
•	James Lyle Amos
•	Thomas Armour
•	Clyde W Noffsinger
•	Marjorie(Noffsinger)Jackson
•	Dorothy(Noffslnger)Detwiler
•	Lyla(Noffsinger)Legg
• Marietta(Noffsinger)Goering
e Wayne R Noffsinger
• Clifford E Noffsinger
• Esther Noffsinger
•. Ralph Noffsinger
• Dale Noffsinger
• Jane Louise Robinson
• Oren Snyder
John Synder
• Helen(Snyder)Freeman
• Nancy(Croff)Streith
• Blanche Oretta Noffsinger
• Elwin L Noffsinger
• Pauline Noffsinger
Henry Crist
Era (Eades ) Lewis
Gert ie (noffs ingér) Putman
Lula (Nof fs inger ) Blackwell
William McDonald
Bird I (mcDonald) Coy ing ton
John Durall
Robert Noffsinger
Homer J Noffsinger
Beulah L Noffsinger
Robert Noffainger
John Reynolds
Nora Reynolds
Walter Reynolds
Benjamin Reynolds
Lemuel Reynolds
Milton Reynolds
John Greshan
Dolf Greshan
flla(Greshan)Bart lett
Grace (Creshean)Merrjll
Willie Greshan
Charles B Noffsinger
Epnriam A Noffsinger
Dora E Noffsinger
Virgil Noffslnger
Render Gregory
Raymond Gregory
Lillian (Gregory)McDonald
Leonia (Gregory)Deeks
Hortense Gregory
Walter Gregory
Robert Gregory
Sus (Morris) Wells
Ollie(Morris) Watkins
Opal (Morris) Peve ler
Anna (Morris)Kelluin
Clyde Morris
David Gregory
Calvin Gregory
George M Gregory
Francis Gregory
Flora (Noff singer) Kirk
Emma (HumphreyjPaser
James Humphrey
Wilie Humphrey
Timothy Humphrey
Ethel (Woodson) Bell
Eula Woodson
Clydia Woodson
Pearl (Woodson) Bruce
Hughes Woodson
Kathleen (Noff singer)Meekins
Bonnie (Noff singer) Frank
Arnold C Noffsinger
Pag Eleven
Vol I No. I	THE NAFZGER HERITAGE NEWS	January 20, 1974
Peter Notsker’s Gr-Gr-Gr-Gr Grandchildren
Rhoda (Robinson)Cook
Willi H Nofainger
Earl L Nofsinger
Edith M Nofainger
Pearl A(Nofsinger)Dobbims
Naomi (Nofsinger)Garrett
Lura (Nofsinger )Hinchee
Joseph D Nofsinger
Goldie M Nofeinger
Clarence W Nofsinger
Willian (Nof a inger )Armstrong
Myrtle Nofainger
Lade (Knipple)Jenny
Garnet Knipple
Rollard C Noffs lager
Anna E Noffsinger
Ruth M Noffslnger
Grace (Nof singer) Snyder
Curtis MacCauley
Lois MacCauley
Glenn Nofsinger
Carroll B Nof singer
Ethel (Nofs inger) Lehman
Ruth Borden
Earl Borden
Chester Eskiss
Lester Eskiss
Harold F Eskiss
Hazel M Eberhart
Anna B Eberhart
Elizabeth K Eberhart
Lois E Eberhart
Mildred A Beachey
Marquer its A Beachey
Ada M Beachey
Dorothy J Armstrong
Paul C Armstrong
Florence L Armstrong
Kenneth E Armstrong
Robert B Noftsinger
William Martin Noftslnger
Nellie(Rich) Harris
Tressie (Rich)Markee
Frederick W Rich
Ronald A Rich
Avery B Rich
Berkie (Heisel) Case
Frreda Heisel
Eldon L Noffsinger
Otto Noffsinger
Thelma Noffsinger
Elmer James Noffsinger
Elma Noffslnger
Esther M Noffainger
Richard C Noffsinger
Donald W Noffsinger
Dorothy M Noffslnger
Bert V Noffsinger
Joseph V Noffsinger
Florence P Noffsinger
Faith Noffsinger
Joan Noffsinger
Evangeline Noffeinger
Duane Noffslnger
Arvid L Noffsinger
ERma H Noffainger
Ortha V Noffsinger
Velda M Noffsinger
Terry Noffsinger
Teela Noffsinger
Taimey Noff singer
Gordon Noffainger
Dewey Noffsinger
Lucille (Nof Is inger) Reid
Mildred Noffs inger
James L Noffsinger
Lavella (Noffsinger)Glbbons
Ada Heflin
Eunice Helm
Mathew Benton
Margaret Benton
Pearl Ross
Herschel Eades
Herbert Eades
William B Noffslnger
J. Courtland Whitmer
Gladys Whitmer
William Noffsinger
Joseph Noffslnger
Wilma (Nof Is inger ) Bruce
Ruth (Nof Is inger ) Bruce
Oscar E Noffsinger
Bernice .
Nodell Noffsinger
Wallace Noffsinger
Ray Allen
J. B. Allen
May(Reno) Wiggins
Mary (Reno)Vilklns
Marjorie Reno
Joseph Reno
Clifford Reno
J. C. Reno
Kenneth Noffsinger
Houston Noffsinger
Beatrice Noffsinger
Albert T Holland
Winola Holland
Winifred Noffslnger
Millard P Nof singer
Hester (Nof singer)Deeds
Sallie K(Nofsinger)Evans
Walter N Nofslnger
William K Nofsinger
Claude D Nofsj
Clyde J Nofainger
Sallie Austin
Sue Austin
Francis Austin
Hiram Austin
Noah Austin
George H Noffsinger
Olive (Noffsinger)Williamson
Nannie (Nofsinger)Phillips
David A Nof singer
Maude M Nofsinger
Homer I Nofslnger
John J Nofsinger
Mary (Noffsinger) Stevens
Marguerite (NOffsinger)Horn
Willie G Saville
Blanche (Saville)Newcomb
Mollie (Saville) Evans
Mattie (Saville)Deisher
Fannie (Saville)Ripley
Samuel Saville
ett Saville
Frank Seville
Tipton Beemer
Veira Beemer
Edward Beemer
William M Noffsinger
James W Noffsinger
Nancy (Noffsinger)Trowbridge
Frances Noffsinger
Earl Camp
Cecil Camp
Katheryn (Nofsinger)Browfl
Mary Anne Nofsinger
Franklin N Noffsinger
Mary Frances Noffsinger
Charles Noffsinger, Jr.
Lillian Strader
Virgil Strader
Marion Strader
Arthur Camp
Robert Camp
Rodney Camp
Alma Camp
Vivian Camp
Garath Camp
Juanita Heltsley
Catherine Heltsley
Rose Heltsley
Mary Nofsinger
Bennett Nofsinger
Eva Nofsinger
Charles Nofsinger
Mary Alice(Nall)BeCk
Mary A Noffsinger
Martime Noffsinger
Mary (Whitmer)Mayes
Alma L Whitmer
Charles H Whitmer, Jr
Robert 3 Whitmer
James D Whitmer
Jesse S Whitmer
Benjamin E Whitmer
Arthur Noffsinger
Terreell Noffsinger
Izetta Noffsinger
Neville Noffsinger
James P Noff singer
Raymond Noffsinger
Lanell Noffsinger
Estelle J Noffsinger
William C Noffsinger
Jewell Vincent
James R Vincent
Mary Vincent
Hoyt Morris
Samuel L Noffsinger
Retha (Noffsinger)Ryan
Howard A Nofsinger
Ewell 0 Noffsinger
Irene Vincent
Mildred Vincent
William H Vincent
Joseph Noffsinger
Virginia (Kincheloe)Johnston
Sallie Hudson
Tommie Noffsinger
W.C. Noffsinger
Nat Noffsinger, Jr.
Robert Noffsinger
Pauline Noffsinger
Lucille Greshan
Laurence Greshan
Gus Noffsinger
Herschel Noffsinger
Fairy Noffsinger a Esther Noffsinger ‘Ralph Noffsinger Dale Noffslnger
Liburn B Noffsinger
Page Twelve
• Irene Noffsinger
• Wilbur Noffsinger
• Myron Noffsin
• Harold Noffsinger
• Paul Noffsinger
• Lois Noffsinger
• Ruth M Noffsinger
• Betty(Randall)Mikesell
• Richard D Randall
• Donald L Randall
• Martha(Randall)Gillett
• Margie(Kelsey)Streeter
• Myron E Kelsey
• John A Noffsinger, Jr.
• Sandra(Knoll)Remick
• Veda Kusel
• Vesta(Kusel)Feljx
• Venus Kusel
• Albert Noffsinger
• Forrest Noffsinger
• Robert Noffsinger
• Harold Noffeinger
• William E Noffainger
• Betty Noffsinger
• Harry E Noffsinger
• Floyd Noffsinger
• Lyle N
• William Noffsinger
• Ella Mae M
• Glenn Noffsinger
• Stanley Noffsinger
• Robert Dillon
• Gene Dillon
• Frances Dillon
• Connie Noffsinger
• Anita Noffsinger
• Arnold Shell
• Carol Shell
• Mercedes Shell
• Margaret (Noakes)Mitchell
• Rita Naokes
• Virginia Shell
• (Uven Marie fr
• Sharon(Corrigan)Mandel
• Mary J(Corrigan)Bryant
• Edward Henderson
• Robert Noffsinger
• Leona Mulli9an
• Ramona Mulligan
• Dorothy Mulligan
• Betty Mulligan
• Tames King
C Patrick King
• Charlotte L King
• L. S. Noffsinger
• Charles Henry Noffsinger
• Walter B Noffsinger
• William 0 Noffsinger
• Frank Noffsinger
• Hathew Noffsinger
• Susan Noffsinger
• Etta Noffsinger
• Mary(Johnson)Brack
• James C Johnson
• Charles F Johnson
• William W Johnson
e Eunice (Johnson)Bloo
• Sarah(Johnson)Wallace 4
• John Johnson
• George Noffsinger Johnson
• Margaret (Johnson)Whitaker
• Jane Louise Robinson
Mary (Nof fs inger)Downey
Modest (Nof fsinger)Perry
Marie(Nof fsinger)Vincent
Vol II, No. 1	THE NAFZ GER HERITA GE NEWS	January 20, 1974
Dorothy (nof singer) Prince
James Neil Noffeinger
James Hoyt Nofeinger
Robert J Nofsinger
William A Nofsinger
Eugene H Nofainger
Karen Noffsinger
Kimberly Noffainger
James R Noffsinger
John V Noffsinger
Gordon H Nofsiflger
Norma Mae Nofeinger
Denise M Nofsinger
Dennis H Noffsinger
Debbie L Noffeinger
Ronald Nofsinger
Mary Lou Nofsinger
Linda Nofsinger
Dawn Nofainger
Scott Nofsinger
Mark Nof singer
Lynn Nofsinger
•	Eunice Noffsinger
•	Celeste(Noffsinger)Ness
•	Burr Roy Noffsinger
•	F. L. Noffsinger
•	William E Tinsley
•	Margaret (Tins ley)Quinn
•	Eff Ic (Tins ley)Mooney
•	Jerry Tinsley
•	Carmen Tinsely
•	Jenny(TInaley) Quinn
•	Gusaie(Tinsley)Davidson
•	Juiia(Tinsley)Berg
•	Louise(Tinsley)Hurst
•	Bertha(Tinsley)Roberts
•	Dennis Tinsley
•	Stella(Tinsley)Clark
•	William Johnson
•	Edna Johnson
•	Ethan Johnson
•	Elsie (Johnson)Turner
•	Beulah (Johnson) Smith
•	Junita E Evans
•	Joseph B Evans
•	Boone F Evans
• Margaret (Evans) Stephens
• Theodore Evans
• Ore Evans
George D Stevens
Joseph D Stevens
Mary S (Stévens)Hundley
Mannie P Phillips
Alma D Phillips
charles E Phillips
Helen L Phillips
Lou E Phillips
Millard W Reynold
Merle P Reynolds
Virginia M Reynolds
John A Reynolds
Mary L Reynolds
Made Nofsinger
Leon R Nof singer
Dorothy C Nof singer
Edith L Nofsinger
Millard H Nofsinger
Grace E Nofsinger
Glenn R Nofsinger
Bernice C Nofsinger
Gordon Alton Nofslnger
Virginia (Owen) Pendleton
Fhi (Owen) Heaston
Wallace L Noffslnger
Virginia B Noffsinger
‘targarert L Huff
Lawrence E Huff
Dorothy (StInnett)Rarris
James J Stinnett
Samuel L Stinnett
Charles J Stinnett
Martin S Noffsinger,Jr
Louise E (Noffslnger)Ballou
Jack K Noffainger
Theodore J Noffsinger
Walter Russel Noffsinger
Robert E Davis
William B Davis
Samuel P David
James E David
Sarah Jane Noffsinger
Elsie (nofsinger)Mays
Warner W Nofsinger
Gertrude (Nof singer) Housman
Clarence C Nofsinger
John K NofsInger
Mary Jane (NofsInger)ca
Frank M NofsInger
Thomas D Nof singer
Maurice H Nofsinger
Dennis E Nofsinger
Mary I Deeds
John Ii Deeds
Mary Hester Noffsinger
Mattje (Nofsinger)wilsen
Ada Blanche NofsInger
Essie (Nofsinger)Goodpasture
Lindwood J Nofsinger
Ernest D Nof singer
Virginia (Nofsinger)Wjiljws
John H Nofeinger
Stanley V Nofsinger
William L Nofsinger Walter Nofsinge
Claibourne Nofsinger
Elaine (Noff singer) Sparks
Roger B Noffainger
Sara Sue(Noffsinger)Rees
Garnett Nofsinger
Christine Nofsinger
Allan J Marshall
Phillip Nofsinger
Roy Nofsinger
Raymond Nofsinger
Lodema Y Nofsinger
Eldon L Nofsinger, Jr.
Lauren J Nofsinger
Dennis V Nofsinger
Ray R Nofsinger
Amy (nofsinger)Kowirz
Merna E Nofsinger
Scott W No! singer
Ruby M Nofsinger
Kim N Nofsinger
Brice K Nofsinger
Robert L Garrett
Donald L Garrett
Wayne P Garrett
Elmer L Nofsinger
Della J Nofsinger
Theresa H Nofsinger
Rogert F Garrett
Joseph Garrett
G. A. Nofainger
Alice Nofsinger
Laths Nof singer
Audrey Nofainger
Judah Nofsinger
Norma Lehman
Vincent D Eskiss
Milton Eskiss
Noble G Nofsinger
William V Nofsinger
Donald L No! singer
Donoldo R Nofsinger
Raymond Hinchee
Alvin Hinchee
Sally Brown
Susanne H Brown
Mary (noffsInger)Brown
Carol (Noffsinger)Raysdon
Jerry Noffsinger
Judy Noffsinger
Rebecca Noffsinger
Mitchell Rhoades
Jack Durall
Raymond Miller
Charles R Meekine
David F Johnson
Ruth E Joyhnson
James Arnold Johnson
Annette Frank
Carol Jean Frank
Eliane L Cope
Susan K Cope
Patricia A Youngblood
Pamela F Youngblood
John R Youngblood
Denise (Nof fs inger) Erwin
Jana Noffsinger
Beth Noffsinger
Scott Arnold Trowbridge
Sue Ann Trowbridge
Sarah Jane Trowbridge
Sally Renolds
Susanne H Brown
Mila M Noffsinger
William D Noffsinger
Mildred (Nofsinger)Knisely
FlorenceE Noffsinger
Nancy L Noffeinger
Lactic (Smith)Rutledgs
Gladys (Smith)Hunter
Mildred (Smith) Rhoades
• Robert W Noffsinger
• Ann M Noffainger
• Carol H Noffeinger S Karen S Noffsinger
Mary R Noffsinger
• Cheryl L(Goering)Randal
• Marl A Goering
• Lora Janice Coering
• Daniel E Legg
• Beverly A Legg
• Steven L Noffainger
• Julie A Noffsinger
• Robert Noffainger, Jr.
• James L No! isinger
• Jackie L Noffsinger
• Joel Mandell
• Linda(Detwiler)Smith
• Milton D Detwiler
• Joyce E Detwiler
• Marcia B Detwiler
• Norman L Noffsinger
• A Noffsinger
• Allen Heitschmidt
• Robert Hejtschaidt
• Sherry Heitschmidt
çrry Wayne Jackson Larry U Noffsinger
*4 Clayton Noffsinger
• John Noff singer
jiteven L Noffainger
•Julie A Noffsinger
• Robert Noffeinger. Jr. James L Noffsinger
• Jackie L Noffsinger
Susan Freeman
• Sandra Freeman
• Bruce Freeman
• Hark Freeman
• Marilyn Noffsinger
• Sarah E Noffsinger
• Carrie S Robinson
• Michael W Streeter
• Deanna J Street
• Marcia J Streeter
• Audrey C Kelsey
• Howard M Kelsey
• Warren L Kelsey James W Mikesell
• Jane Mikesell
• Dana Ruth Randall Gail R Randall
• Donna L Randall
Janet L Gillett
Lori Lou Gillett
John Noff singer
Webb Streit
• John Streit
Laura Streit
Phillip Armour
Rosalind Armour
Anita Armour
• Matthew Armour I • BetsY Armour
Mich Noffeinger Charles M Noffsinger
Gary Evans Noffsthger
Nancy L Noffsinger
• Mary Alice Evans
• Vernla(Wallace)parr
• OrIal(Wallace)Riley
• Will Wallace
• Archie Wallace
• Houston Wallace
• Francis W Wallace
• August Wallace
• Beulah(Wallace)Ledbetter
• Ernest B Whitaker
• Herman Whitaker
• Beatrice(Whitaker)Lewjg
• Glenn B Whitaker
Robert C Noffslnger
Burr C Noffslnger
Donald D Noffsinger
Daniel J Noffsinger
Charles D ‘Noffsinger
Geraldine (Noffsinger)Fuchs
Rick L Noffsinger Page Thirteen
Vol II,	No. 1	THE NA FZG ER HERITAGE NEWS	J anuary 20, 1974
PETER NOFSKER’S GR-GR-GR N— 9th Generation
Walter B Harris, Jr.
L (Harr is) Lilt on
Harriett B Harris
Cynthia L Stinnett
Janice L Stinnett
Judson L .Stinnett
Theodore J Noffsinger,Jr.
Elizabeth J Davis
Robert E Davis, Jr.
Margaret Sue Davis
Robbin L Davis
Paige L David
Donald P Nofsinger
George D Stevens III
Cosette A Stevens
John B Rees
Julie K Noffsinger
Lora Noffsinger
Martin Noffsinger, Jr.
Stephen Noffsinger
David Noffsinger
Ann B Owens . Ruth (Not fsfnger)Sumeral
Matthew G Stevens
Rita (Pendleton)Henderson
Mary J Heaston
Linde S Huff
Jo Anne Harris
Dorothy (Harris)Monger
James G Nofsinger
Nancy (Wingren)Wiedmer
Robert M Wingren
John H Wingren
Ronald R Moore
Eileen A Moore
Jean M Moore
• Stacie L Noffsinger
• Cynthia L Noffsinger
Rodney R Nofsinger
Wendy K Nofsinger
Todd M Nofsinger
James D Nofsinger
James G Nofsinger II
Ryan E Wiedmer , Burr Charles Noffsinger
• Adam Whitson
• Jamie L Jackson
Samuel P Davis, Jr.
Kristan S Seigfried
Scott Siegfried
Patsy (Ballou) Saunder
Judith L Noffsinger
Thomas L Noffsiriger
Linda D Noffsinger
Martin W Noffsinger
Timothy Noffsinger
Thomas Noffsinger
• Mary(Noffsinger)scheiber
Cindy K Owens
Linde F Owens
Douglas J Nofsinger
John L Nofsinger
Karen L Nofsinger
Gail J Nofsinger
• Burr Jay Noffsinger
• Robert Charles Noffsinger
• Burr George Noffsinger
• Donald D Noffsinger
• Daniel J Noffsinger
• Charles D Noffsinger
• Florence E Noffeinger
• Nancy L Noffsinger
• Lucile(Smith)Rutledge
• Gladys(Smith)Hunter
• Mildred (Smith)Rhoades
Kim Ann Noffeinger
Charles N Sparks
Lee B Snarks
Roger B Nofsinger, Jr.
Kevin D Nofeinger
Kristine J Henderson
Karen R Henderson
Jull Y Monger
Kristan S Siegfried
Theodore J Noffsinger III
indicate that ancestors of the head of the family line have not been clearly established and therefore; placement of descendants according to generation may not be accurate. We have substantial reason to believe that persons so marked will connect to Peter Nofsker. We hope our readers will help make the connection so that accuracy can he assured.
We are collecting data on some 15,000 Nafzgers who lived in or are living in the United States since 1749. The data includes date of birth, name of spouse, marriage date, county of residence, names of children, and if deceased; date of
dj and burial site. In this issue of the Nafzger Heritage News, we are featuring descendants of Peter Nofsker who en tered the United States in 1750. Look over the list and see if you have any of the information. If you have some of the data that we are seeking to perserve the heritage for future generations or if you find descendants not listed, send the information to THE NAFZGER HERITAGE NEWS, 120 EDGEWOOD DRIVE, GRAFTON, OHIO 44044.
Most of the names on the foregoing list of generations have been ch
feet) which is too large printing. For further information of the names
Dani T Nrf€ainger
9050 South ISO We9t Sa
Salt Lake City, Utah 41OO
: o	arge wal	(4 x 6
Peter Nofsker’s Gr_Gr_GrGrGrGr Grandchildren — 10th Generation

See here for the pdf version (scanned images) of this issue.
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