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Nafzger Heritage News Vol II No 2
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Perhaps the hardest working des cendant of Valentine and Jacobina Nafziger is FRANK NOFSINGER of Stur— gis, Michigan. Descendants of one of the sons of Valentine(Christian) had scattered throughout the United States and there appeared to be little record of the family hi8tory until Frank went to work on the pro blem. Letters came from throughout the U.S. with the writers identify ing themselves as descendants of Christian until much of the family line was put together. In addition, Frank collected reams of material which he very kindly forwarded to the News. Many thanks.
Mrs. Earl Sinclair (May Naftzger) of Wooster, Ohio — Hundreds of Hal— zgers lived in Wayne County, Ohio down through the years and it takes an interested Naftzger living near the courthouse in Wooster to help us keep them identified. Mrs. Sin clair is the Naftzger who helps the News with the sorting of the Wayne County Nafzgers. She is a descend ant of Jacob who entered the U.S. in 1750.
Valentine from France In Germany, Valentine had been
tenants of the Flecknesteiner Cas tle Estate at Steinselz bei, Weisen— berg, Alssace Lorraine. The estate is located in an area between Vosges and the Rhine that was detached from France and annexed to the German Empire after the Franco—Germany War It was ceded by France to Germany in 1871 and retroceded to France in 1919 after World War I from Germany. In 1940, it went back to France un til 1945. Valentine lived in the territory when it was a part of France.
Above picture was taken at the Noffsinger Family Reunion held near Eagle Rock, Botetourt County, Vir ginia. Noffsingers attending this reunion are descendants of Peter who sailed for America in 1749 and featured in the January issue of the Nafzger Heritage News
Early Settlers
Valentine Nafziger came to America at the age of 48 years with his sev en children ranging in age from a four year old to an 18 or 19 year old.It would appear that his child ren began moving to Fulton County, Ohio just as soon as they became of age. They must have represented some of the early settlers in Ful— ton County. In 1847, another Nof— ziger, Johannes emigrated from Ger many and settled in Fulton County. Now, we find four Nafzger lines three living in Wayne County and one living in Fulton County before the Civil War, giving all appear ances of being related. Thus far, no one has been able to establish the relationship between the four families. We hope some of our readers can help us with the prob lem.
is buried in a cemetery behind what was the Mennonite church just north
of Wooster, Ohio. Jacobina died In 1866 and is buried in the same ceme tery. We have noted before in the News that grandsons of Jacob Naf— zger, who entered the United States in 1750, lived about ten miles away. In the 1850’s, a third Nafziger fam ily, Christian, emigrated from Ger many and settled about five miles from where Valentine lived.
Valentine’s oldest son must have been Jacob Nofziger. He was born in Weisenburg, Germany, and came with his parents in 183l,as did the rest of the children. In 1834, just three years after they arrived in Amer Ica,he married Fannie Stutzman, who was a native of Germany. We do not have the birthday of Jacob, but assuming that he was around twenty years old, we can decuce that he was a young man when his father de cided to bring the entire family to America.He was probably born around
1810—1811. Valentine’s second son, Peter, was born in 1815. He married Magdalena Wyse and they became the parents of John, Seth, Peter, Eli, Christian, Elizabeth, Magdalena, Barbara, Jacobina, and Leah. He was a bishop in the Mennonite Church. Peter died in 1874, and it would appear that both are buried in the Eckley Cemetery in Fulton County, Ohio.
Valentine’s third son, Christian, changed the spelling of the name to “Nof singer”. He was born in 1819 and died in 1892. He married Eliz abeth Plank (1823—1912) in 1844. They are the parents of six child ren: Samuel,Jacob ,Christian, Nancy Lydia,and Magdalena. He was ordain ed a preacher in about 1844 and
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VOL. II, No. 2
March 27, 1974
Valentine Nafziger was born in 1783, in Condoma County, Weisenburg, France or Germany, Weisenburg is a town 30 miles below Nurnberg in the southwestern part of Germany and a portion of territory that has been claimed by both countries through the years. He married Jacobina Schantz in Germany. Jacobina was born in 1785. They became the parents of Jacob, Peter, Christian, Catherine, Magdalena, Jacobina, and Elizabeth. Valen tine and Jacobina, with their family immigrated to America in 1831 and settled in Wayne County, Ohio. The children grew up in Wayne County, but most of them were quick to make their way to Fulton County, Ohio to ‘make their new homes. Several of the daughters married and remained in Wayne County. Valentine died in 1783 and
for printing and po8tage costs to:
Nsf zger Heritage News
120 Edgewood Drive
Graf ton, Ohio 44044
March 27, 1974
120 Edgewood Drive
Graft on, Ohio 44044
Clair E. Naftzger
Kathleen Naftz ger
Publication financed from donations of the NAPZGER families in the U. S.
Nafzgers have written the News about the family’s coat of arms. Our thoughts on the subject may not agree with those of our readers but we believe it should be explored for the benefit of the ones who want the information.
I attended a seminar at which the topic was “What is Your Coat of Arms?” It was very informative and presented the viewpoint that there are very few original coats of arms and most of them are officially re corded at a historical center In England. The speaker Indicated that most coats of arms today are being created from a dictionary of names by professional artists for cot cial sale to families with the name. the Dictionary of names, he said, could be found in any well—supplied library.
In that my brother had spent money to secure a coat of arms for our name, I thought I would check the information at the seminar. I went so a library in a nearby city, ac quired the recoi dictionary of names, and discovered we could have created our own coat of arms. It is probable that the commercial coat of arms manufacturer, did the same thing. According to the re ference, the coat of arms for our name could have been interpreted two or three ways because of the spelling variations of the name. We are reproducing a reprint of the one that we selected from the dic—
Send Us Your Picture
The News will begin to publish a “picture page” of Nafzgers to in troduce them. Send us a black and white photograph(3 x 5) with a bio graphical sketch. The biographical data can include date of birth, res idence, occupation, degrees, names of children, and any other detail which you believe would be of in terest to our readers. So when you write to the News, enclose a pic ture of yourself so our readers can see you.
tionary of names. There are other interpretations that could be used. More recently, I received a tele phone call from Brooks NaffzIger of Columbus, Ohio. He indicated that he had researched the coat of arms for the Nafzger name to have it placed in a picture window of his new home. The results of his re search report varied from my inter pretation. We are hoping he will send a sketch of his findings on the subject. We hope other readers will do the same thing if their findings differ from the one we have printed. Let us gather all the in terpretatIons on t subject.
Nafziger Ice Cream
We enjoyed the Nafzger Herit. News very much. Enclos.d is my o nation. I, Harry Nafziger, was the one who originated the Nafziger Ice Cream Company mentioned in the News in a letter from Mrs.E. L. Bigelow. My son Dale is operator of the plant under the same name and it is located in Archbold,Ohio. Enclosed is information on our family line which begins with my grandfather.
Sarasota, Florida
Thanks for the information. Quite a number of other Nafzgere like your ice cream. Also, the informa tion on your family line was appre ciated but we could not make a con nection with one of the Nafzgers who entered the U.S. We think the line will connect to Valentine Naf— ziger (1783—1852) who is featured in this issue but need more Infor— nation.
From EZRA NAPZIGER, Intercourse, Pa. We have a letter from Ezra Nafziger of Intercourse, Pennsylvania, sug— esting two reunions for the Nafzgera in the United States. His suggest ion calls for a western 1ocatic and an eastern site. He points o that a reunion of Canadian Nafzigers has been held for years. Nafzigers have been active in the Waterloo area of Ontario, Canada since 1820. Christian Nafziger was the pioneer branch of Nafzigers found in Canada. He arrived in the Waterloo County Mennonite settlement in 1822. He landed at New Orleans and travelled to Pennsylvania, hoping to find a place for hi. family. The land in Pennsylvania was too high and Can ada was suggested as a place where land was yet cheap. He conferred with leaders of the Mennonite set— lement and they suggested land just west of their holdings.The proposed site was Crown land reserved for the King, and Christian approached the Governor of Upper Canada. Gov ernor Maitland agreed to sell a block of land to all German settleri he would bring as follows: 50 acres of free land provided each would clear a two—rod strip along the front of a 200 acre plot, built a cabin and pay surveyor’s fees. Then, he could purchase the rsmaining acres of the plot for $2.50 an acre. He returned to Bavaria and his con tingency began to arrive in 182’ And now, the Nafzigers of Cana meet each year for a reunion which must represent the first national reunion of Nafzgers.
A letter from FRANK NOFTSINGER of Roanoke, Virginia
I enjoyed the last issue of your newsletter and will appreciate receiving future issues. Enclosed is a check to help with the expenses. Inasmuch as I am the baby of the family and my parents died when I was quite young I never learned much about the background of my family. I was told they came from Maryland and some of the original family went west. I am one of the sons of Abram H. NoftsInger and my mother was Catherine Flowers
Noftsinger. My grandfather was Andrew Noftsimger and my grandmother was Virginia Rebecca. All were from Botetourt County, Virginia. Perhaps you can tell me where I can secure a coat of arms, or could have one made to order. If you can assist me in this matter, It would be great appreciated.
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VOL II. No. 2
March 27. 1974
I received the last issue of the News. Please make the following changes in your mailing list. My father, who had the same first name is now deceased. Your address for me is correct. In reading Vol. II No. 1, I notice a Martin Noffsinger Jr. a a 10th generation and a Mar— tim S. Noffainger, Jr. as an 8th. generation. Is this in error?
M. S. NOFFSINGER, Jr. Dayton, Ohio
My records show that Martin, Sr. and Martin Jr. are found at least two tise. in the Noffeinger line from Virginia. One combination is found as a seventh and eighth gen eration as follows: Peter (1) Peter
(2) Peter (3) John Edwin (4) Sam uel (5) Charles (6) Martin (7) and Martin, Jr. (8).
The family line of the second use
of the name Martin is Peter (1)
Peter (2) Peter (3) John Edwin (4)
Samuel (5) Charles (6) William (7)
Theodore (8) Martin (9) and Martin Jr.(lO). The way I have it figured
you are the eighth generation of
Peter and your father Martin and
William of the second line are brothers
As I was formerly a Nafziger, I am interested in the Nafager Heritage News. Would you please put us on your mailing list? I have enclosed dome information on our family line.
Bradentan, Florida
There were not too many clues in the enclosed material but I was quite lucky to find your family line among 15,000 Nafzger names early. Your let ter became interesting when I real ize that your father, Jacob and Harry Nafziger’s father, Samuel are brothers.(letter from Harry in this issue of the News) Thus, youluncle is living at Sarasota, Florida,Then the letter got even more interesting when I found that your brother,Orval Nafziger, married another Nafziger deecendant(Ada Crosegrove) from ano ther line, Johannes Nofziger as did Harry Nsf ziger except it was Valen tine in hi. case. Thus, children of both Harry and Orval are descen— ants of Nafzgers from both sides of the family and from two different lines.
Continued from Page One
was still believed to have been liv ing in Wayne County at the tine. Later, he migrated to St. Joseph County, Michigan.He labored forty— seven years in the Amish—Mennonite churches in both states and died in St. Joseph County, Michigan, in 1892. He is buried in the Pretty Prairie churchyard, which was the location of the Pretty Prairie Mennonite Church Meetiaghouse at one time. His wife, Elizabeth Plank, was born on the high seas enroute to America.
We do not have much information on families of Valentine’s daughters. One daughter, Catherine, married a Yoder, whose first name we do not have. They had four children; John, Simon,and two daughters whose names are not known. Another daughter, Jacobina, was born in 1827 in Ger many. She married David Stutzman (1824—1876). They are the parents of Daniel, Sally, and Emma. Their one son, Daniel, died at the age of one year, Jacobina died in 1868.
Another daughter, Elizabeth, married Isaac Plank. Isaac was a widower with children. Christian and David are children of Elizabeth Magdalene (1812—1873) married Peter Blough in 1833 in Wayne County. Peter had been married to Leah Yoder who died in 1833 prior to his marr iage to Magdalena. David, Lydia, Solomon, John, and Joseph are child ren of the first marriage while Elizabeth, Mary, Peter, Magdalene, Leah, Catherine, Christina, and Jacobina are children of the marri age of Peter and Magdalena. Magda— lena and Peter are buried in the same churchyard cemetery as her father and mother.
I am enclosing a donation toward the operation of your newsletter. The last issue being”close to hone” was very interesting to me.
I am also enclosing a picture of our reunion held in October 1973. We hold this reunion each year at the Huff hone in Botetourt County, between Eagle Rock and Buchanan,Vir— ginia at a small place called Salt peter Cave. I am the one kneeling in front with the stripped blouse and my sister, Claudine Owen Pendle— ton is in front of me.
We had 50 in attendance plus a few friends. The largest family attend ing was Kay Ann (Noffsinger and Alton Owen(no blood relation to me) and their six children.We are wish ing you success in your endeavor.
Roanoke, Virginia
I, Valentine Nofainger of Canaan Township, Wayne County and State of Ohio do make and publish this, my last will and testament:
First, I give and devise to my beloved wife, Jacobina, in leiu of her (can not make out words) jointly with my sister, Elizabeth Nofzinger. The farm on which we now reside situated in Canaan Township, Way Cou nty and State of Ohio containing about one hundred acres during the natural life of my wife, Jacobina and all the stock, household goods, furniture,provi.ions and other goods and chattels which may be thereon or in my possession or whatsoever kind they may be, at the time of my decease during the natural life of my wife,Jacobina as aforesaid. They however, shall sell so much thereof as may be sufficient to pay all my just debts and funeral expenses. At the death of my said wife, the stock, household goods, furniture provisions and other goods and chat tels that yet remain and not consumed to be sold and converted to mo ney and the said money to be applied to the support of my said sister, Elizabeth Nofainger. The farm is to be rented after the death of my wife, Jacobina so long as my sister, Elizabeth lives and the proceeds of said farm is to be applied for the sustenance of said sister or as
much as will be necessary and the surplus if any of to be equally div—
• ided among my legal heirs annually and at the death of my sister,Eliz— abeth, if she survives my wife, Jacobina, and if she does not survive my said wife, then,at the death of my wife, the farm is to be sold and and after paying funeral expenses and after legal charges, the money is to be equally divided among all of my legal heirs. In case my sis ter, Elizabeth should survive my wife, then, it is my wish that my children or same one would give my sister room and let her live in the house with then.
Lastly, I do hereby nominate and appoint my son, Christian Nofzinger and Peter Slough executors of this my last will and testament hereby authorizing and empowering then to compromise, adjust, and settle my my debts and they execute this my last will and testament. I do hereby revoke all former wills by me made. I testify where I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 6th of April 1847.
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VOL II No. 2
March 27, 1974
Dean Suggests Kansas
I an enclosing another contribution to renew my subscription. I was es pecially interested in the last issue because it contained my branch of the family. You stated that a dead end was reached beyond Peter 11sf fsinger (my great grandfather)who is buried at Effingham, Kansas. I will attempt to gather this inf or— metion for you. You are correct in stating that he married Margaret Martin in Nodaway County, Mo. in 1833 and died in 1891. However, one of his sons was named Levi Martin and not Martin Levi. This was my grandfather.
I believe the Nafzger National isunion in 1776 is a wonderful idea and would like to see it carried through. Furthermore, I would like to suggest a site for the event.The suggestion is Kanapolia State Park and reservoir near Sauna, Kansas. The following are reasons why I be— ljsv. this is an ideal location.
It is situated just off of Inter state 70 and close to Interestate35. It i. only a few miles from Saline, Esnsas — a city of 40,000 populat ion with numerous motels — hotels. Plenty of camping areas at the re servoir. The National Campers and fliksrs Association had their nation al encampment there. They found p1 of recreation,boating, swim— ing, fishing, water sking. There ar. ny historic sites nearby.
It is located less than 100 miles from the exact center of the United States. Saline, Kansas can be re ached by aircraft. Frontier Air lines have regularly scheduled flights. Added to all this, Kansas has quite a number of Naftzgers, 11offsingers, Nofeingers, Naffzigers and you will find Kansas is over flowing with hospitality.
This is my case for the area. I hops you will give us consideration. I would be happy to assist anyway I can help make it a success. Again, say I fly again,I like the idea and hops we can move it to reality.
Thanks for the suggestion. I would like to substantiate a point made in your letter for the benefit of our rsaders.There are probably more living in the midwest than any part of the country according to my sailing list. I would guess that the state of Illinois is first with Indiana and Kansas running a close s.cond.
Ralph suggests C olor ado
I am very interested in your paper. I would like to offer a suggestion to consider as a meeting place in the U.S. for the Nafzgers. Colorado is the most central location in our country. It is a beautiful state. I wag born here in 1903 and have a good knowledge of the history of the state.
(Ralph enclosed some good descript ive material on the 238,000 acre Rocky Mountain National Park. Our readers can go to the local library to check this one out——it will save the reproduction of the material) Senior citizens are permitted to camp free and I am willing to make necessary arrangements with the Park Service for tourist information, etc. My great grandfather, Peter was a wagon boss from Ft.Levenworth Kansas to Denver during the Civil War. Our family line helped settle this area of the west.
Ralph Noffsinger
Greeley, Colorado
In answer to your letter requesting information of the Noftsgers, the enclosed material may help. Marion Noftsger moved to Iowa in the 1860’s and I have heard that he moved from Kentucky. We think his father’s name was Jacob Noftsger. Marion married Catherine Wion probably in 1866 or 1867. Their first child was Bird Henry who was born in 1868. The names of the other children are David, Frank, Thomas, Jenny, Char les, and Enmett. I believe they were all born on the family farm in Decatur County, Iowa. This is about all I know about the family but I would like to learn more about Mar ion’s father and where they lived before moving to Decatur County.En closed is my check to help with pos tage on the Nafzger Heritage News.
P. N. Noftager Sandsprings, Oklahoma
We are hoping some of our readers will provide you with some major clue(s) for tracing the Noftsgers.
s. E. 0. Noff singer of
Akron, Ohio write.:
Our entire family is intaresLed in the Noffsinger National Reunion. It will be fun to get together. Enclosed is information on our fam ily line for an update of material.
From Mrs. Frances Noffstnger
of Weliman, Iowa
Thanks you for the newsletter. My husband’s far’ily are descendants of Rudolf, one of three brothers who sailed on the Phoenix to Philadel phia in 1749. Rudolph brought his Bible with him which was published in 1704 in Leipsic. It is now in the possession of a descendant,Nrs. Ida Brown of Union City, Indiana. My husband ° fed 1t’ 1966 and his only brother John in 1972. We have one son, Lt. Col. James Noff— singer in Washington, D.C. He has a son, Douglas, who is the last de scendant in this family line. There is a Noffsinger Cemetery near Day ton, Ohio which we visited and fou nd many Noffsinger stones. I am en closing some informat on Rudolf.
From LeonaNConnor of
Seal Beach, California
Thank you for the Heritage News. Enclosed is an article we clipped out of the Los A Times sever al weeks ago and tbrri ft night be of interest t: you. Lvn Nofziger is the so’ of Nzige’ ird the nep hew of Jay. °e has plaveJ quite a role in ‘d m politi Is Fred NoFziger the man who write. articles icr Travel Magazine John Naftzger is really forbidding look ing isn’t he? A real Puritan. En closed ot notes on California Nafzgers.
Delors Nafziger Wharr te of
Fort Madison, Iowa writes----.
I received my first issue of the Nafzger °eritage News—Volune 2,No.
1. I would like to rcr on Your mailing i Believing that I have missed ‘ut on some interest ing issue, I would like to have past ±ssue out. Enclose is my donation.
I ad- and thank you for the tremendous job and great ser vice you are rendering for the many decendants of the Naftzger families. Also, I an enclosing the address of our son for your nailing list.
We have received a few letteri indicating that they have not re ceived past issues. We cannot fig ure out what happen because the ad ress checks and an issue was The prob1e must relate to the ta that we are mailing 3rd class and not sending the News lst.clau.
- — Page Four — —
VOL II, No. 2	‘LH GER hi GE NEWS	- March 27, 1974
fast. Mrs. Richer’s publication printed in 1940 included a sketch of about 1,000 Nafzgers. The list is now about 15 times that number so any publication would be large and expensive.
only the year of birth, not the day or the month. Census data can be put to better use as a result. an sure thac most genealogists would not agree with me. However, I find that after a number of years. the day and month of birth is not very important and one can spend a great deal to time and effort trying to establish the exact day and month. Many readers may disagree with this point but I believe each Nafzger is an individual born somewhere, liv€d somewhere, probably married someone and had a family, died and is bur ied somewhere——and that is all that we have recorded. cr have we att empted to access the quality of life for each indi.-idual Nafzger We are not recording where they worked, for how long. ho monv degrees. Trying to list the ar lishmeats beccme too confusing be cause of the many changes in the lives of all of “a “e ±l ervr that pro to someone who warts to create a birgrap sketcb book on the Nafzgers
I recent iv obtained a book from Pauline harper, a cousin of mime about the Ncftsinger family. She told me of your nublication. I am very interested so 1 “ave enclosed my do nation for conies rf rest issues. Thank you very much.
Massillor.. OhIo
Enclosed is a check to halo with the publishing costs. I have read and re—read the two copies of your paper.However, I apparently missed Vol I, No 1.
My ancestor was Peter Naffziger who came to America in 1826 and settled first in Canada. His wife was Bar bara Beck. I am anxious for your story on them. I have no exact dates of birth/death for Barbara, nor have I found who her mother and father were. Keep up the good work.
Carlock, Illinois
I find your News’ very interesting and would like to suggest that an annual subscription of ten dollars might relieve you of some of the undoubtably large expenses. I am enclosing a check.
Two or three thousand subscription. could enable you to set up a more ambition project ——— or a magazine type of news could be published and sold at a price per copy.
I am 86 years old and still mowing my own lawn. My wife, Marie J Naf— ziger died in 1973 and lies in the Davenport cemetery. I have a eon who lives in Miami and a Grandson living in Davenport. Best wishes.
Davenport, Florida
Your ideas about the subscription approach are good and sound. Thanks for the suggestions. Donations are improvinn to the point where I be lieve I should remain with the do nation plan a while longer. More Nafzgers are involved this way
have found the Nafzger Heritage ‘ vs very interesting. My husband, John,was born in Muhlenburg County, Kentucky in 1919. His father was William He Noffeinger who marr— ie Willie Ethel Lott. William H had at least two sisters, One was hucy, who married a France and one named Eimna who married a Conway. I am not sure if there are other brc— thers and sisters. Enclosed is the families of William Henry’s line.
Tennyson, Indiana
Just a note to tell you how much we enloy reading the Nafzger history ard to let you know that Mother was always proud of her Ohio relatives. Yo’:hcr (Marie Whitmore Dierks) ex pired on August 26, 1973. Enclosed is a contribution toward the cost of the next issue. Please keep our w’mes on your msl].ing list.
Albany, New York
Thank you for your nice letter. We really enjoyed reading about our an cestors. We just thought we would take the time to do it while our minds are still working. We were glad to find out that Harry’s great great grandfather was Christian and his great grandfather was Joseph. Enclosed is some other information.
Sarasota, Florida
I am sorry to have been so late in returning the information you requested. I have made notes on your paper by each Noffsinger where we
are encountering a dead end in tracing the family line with some comments. I will be interested to know if any details on these family lines come from the readers of the News. Please advise me if they come up with some new information on the missing Noffsingera. Should I cone across further details on the ones listed, I will write to you. By the way, what do you plan to do with all the information being collected on the Nafzgers?
Mrs. Hundley last question in her letter is a good one. The project was started as a hobby to find out more about my family line but soon grew out of proportion. It was due to the fact that I discovered early that it was about as easy to col lect all Nafzger names to eliminate some lines not a part of my line.
Most letters suggest some kind of book. At this time, I do not have any plans for a book because of the cost. I doubt if the circulation would be enough to justify print ing costs. Most likely, the price would be so high that no one could afford one. And books on genealogy have a way of becoming outdated
One solution we may try is to re print the charts we create for each family line and make them available for the ones who want them. On the chart, each member of the family pick up an identification number and the corresponding number in a key book gives the data on the per son. I find that the charts can be mounted in a family room or recrea— tion room and them make a good con— versation piece for the home. In this way, you can keep records on your own family line updated on the
- charts and the key book as the years a go by. We will check printing re production costs of the charts.That too, may be too costly.
r The newsletter is doing a good job of exchanging information for each
e family line and updating material.
r It is fun to hear from Nafzgers throughout the U.S. and we try to
cc pass on as many letters as we can so our readers can enjoy them too. But the newsletter can never pro— ers vide the data on each Nafzger name re— because there are so many of them.So fig— some other publication is needed.
ad— We must caution our readers that we t are not genealogists. We have crc— f ated a system which works for us
S	but genealogists may find it a bit
s5. unorthodox. For example, we record
— — Page Five — —
Many thanks to you for publishing the Nafzger Heritage News. Enclosed is a donation to express our apprec iation. My children and I are a part of that group of teachers that you made note of in the July 4th issue.My son Ralph is a teacher and therapist for the emotionally dis turbed children;Mary Luette teaches neurologically handicapped children. Dorothy is a music teacher and I have been a special reading teacher f or the slow learners. I like to think it is a part of the pioneer heritage of our grandparents that prompted us to explore these fields in education. Your research and pub lishing has renewed our appreciation of our heritage —— Thanks.
Goshen, Indiana
The list of teachers in the family continues to grow.It is impressive for the family members of Christian and John. Your mention of the pio neer heritage of the Nafzgers in— interest me. As I pursue the herit age of our family I am formulating a new appreciation of the pioneers of our country. It is a bit diffi cult to comprehend that Nafzgers helped settle a number of counties in Pennsylvania,Ohio, Indiana, Ill inois, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Col orado, !daho, Oregon, etc. The list of counties that they helped settle in the United States is impressive. They were always headed for new lands in other states until they reached the West Coast.
Enclosed is my check for two Christ mas gift subscriptions for the Naf— zger Heritage News to be sent to the enclosed addresses. Thank you for my copies. I have enclosed informa tion on our family line, which is connection to John and Christian, who were featured in Issue 2 of the News. The comments about the sizable num bers of this family line found in the professional and teaching ranks interested me. My husband and I do our oldest two daughters, so you an add four more teachers to the list. Another daughter is taking pre—dental courses at college and our son is majoring in architecture. I hope the enclosed information is helpful.
Naples, Florida
I received your “Nafzger Heritage News’, Volume 2, Number 1. It is great: I am enclosing my donation for a complete copy of this issue because Page 6 was a blank.
I am working on the genealogical findings of the women of Matheis’ line. If you are interested, I shall share the information when finished.
Others may be interested to know that the Matheis Nafzger line has been established for DAR eligibility for membership — and could be used to become SAR (Sons of American Revolution)inembers. I have researched and established the line for a cou sin. All good wishes.
Wifliamsport, Pennylvania.
Sorry about the blank page. We will send you another copy. We are very much interested in your research on the women of Matheis’s line.We hope you will contribute your findings to the NOws so that we can pass the material onto our readers.
Enclosed is a contribution for the Nafzger Heritage News. Please put my name on your mailing list. Also is the information on our family line, who are descendants of Jacob who entered the United States in
Portland, Oregon
We received the Nafzger Heritage News. Please put us on your mail ing list.I am enclosing some news paper clippings kept by our family and hope they will be of’ some value to you.Also, enclosing some papers that are in German which we don’t know what they are. Thought maybe you know someone who would be interested in translating the material. Enclosed is a contri bution to help cover some of the printing costs.
Selleville, Kansas
Ray J Diefenbach of Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, the official family translator went to work on the doc uments and came up with a trans— lation. A copy has been mailed to you. We believe the documents iden tifies Robert’s great grandfather’s brothers and sisters as well as his great—great grandfather. It is a very valuable find for Robert and his family.
— — Page Six — —
I believe I have another name t add to your list of family names, but it is spelled NOFZIGER—RICHARD L of Ljkiah, California. I landed in the hospital for surgery and one of my nurses as a Mrs. Nofziger. When I received the Heritage, News, I showed it to her and she took it hone for husband to read. At first, they did not think there was any re lationship to the ones found in the News. Her husband seemed delighted about the research being done on the “Nofziger” spelling.Hia father’s name is Willard and his grandfather is Elvin Nofziger, who was born in Oregon. Perhaps he has contacted you as he said he would.
Harris, California
I did not have any trouble locating his name on my charts with the in formation you provided in your let ter. Richard’s great—grandfather is Christian Nofziger, born in 1862 and died in 1940. He married Re becca Stutsnan and they had ten children.The family resided in Ohio until about 1886, when they moved to Arkansas. Tn 1902, they moved to Idaho, and still Tater n 19l9,th moved, to Albany, Oregon. I unde stand he is buried at Albany. Richard’s great—great—grandfather, who married Elizabeth Gingrich and after her death, Magdalcna Yoder, was also named Christian.He fathered 13 children. He was known as “railroad” Christ in Fulton County, Ohio. Richard’s great—great— grandfather is Johannes Nofziger, who immigrated to the U.S. in 1847 from near Metz, Germany. He settled in Fulton County. I hope Richard will write so we can update his fam-’ ily line by including the latest additions to the family line either - through birth or marriage.
I am still around and here is soarl information on the family of Lyd Nof singer Ziegler. An interesti fact is that I located a first cou sin of mine (Amanda Wykie) who 102 years old.
You may add this information to thi Jacob Nofziger family line (mater ial enclosed). We wish you and you family a joyous Christmas season.
Sturgis, Michigan
Thanks for your letter and I am sorry that we cannot supply you with any more information. If we were in Ohio, I am sure that we could get the information you need. I am going to get in touch with de scendants of Harry’s grandfather’s brothers and sisters to get their year of birth, etc. We think the family line is connected to Valen— tine and Jacobina Nafziger but can— not be sure. My mother was Emma Nofziger of Fulton County, Ohio. We are glad to help all we can on your project and think it is nice someone is working on it.
Sarasota, Florida
Harry and Rosa Nafziger have the unique distinction of both being direct descendants of Nafzgers lines.Rosa is a great—granddaughter of Valentine and Jacobina(Schantz) Nafziger who is featured in this issue of the News. Harry is a dir ect descendant of Christian Nafzi— ger(1777—1849) who died in Germany, but his wife, Catherine (Schantz) Nafziger, and her sons immigrated to America in about 1846. They settled in Wayne County as did Valentine.
‘ In addition, a third Nafzger family, descendants of Jacob who entered in
1750 had emigrated from Pennsylvania
and settled in Wayne County. We be—
lieve the three lines had a relat
ionship although we cannot prove it.
•	Children of Valentine and Christian
both moved to Fulton County, Ohio, which brought Harry and Rosa to gether several generations later. Your children can claim Nafzgers from both sides of the family.Thanks for writing.
I am the last of the 5th generation in Bucyrus, Ohio and 77 years old. I have been compiling records on the line of Matthew or(Mathias)Naft— zinger for a number of years but I do not have complete records of John who was born in 1812 and died in 1885. I have been back to Berks County, Pennsylvania twenty times since 1917 after Naftzinger Mater ial. Please put me on your mailing list. I would like the past issues of the news where Foster Naftzinger is the feature writer. My son, Don ald is receiving it but I am not on the mailing list.
Bucyrus, Ohio
We enjoy the newsletters that you have been sending to my folks. They have been given to me by them to read and I have been passing them to my brother in Oklahoma. I am the daughter of Glenn and Dora Nofsinger My grandfather and his sister (nor— wood P and Oma McCauley)and descen dants of Peter Is the family line with the Bible. I am enclosing in formation from this family Bible
which updates our line.
Mrs. Harold Bressner
Pontiac, Illinois
I am beginning to get further in formation on the Morris family in Oregon. You have then all listed under their maiden name of Morris. I have enclosed a partial list of descendants of Sarah Jane Noftsger Morris, who was my father’s sister. Thank you for sending five extra
copies of the news, which I forward ed to then. In turn, they have sent
their donation to me, which I am enclosing with the information.
Cincinnati, Ohio
If Faye will forward the addresses of her cousins, they will be added to the mailing list.
Thanks for sending me the Heritage News. I am enclosing the only in formation I am aware of concerning the Noftsger family. I am unable to give you much information but hope this will help contribute to the story in a small way. I found the Heritage News very interest.
Bellevue, Washington
We have received letters from Noftagers from California,Oklahoma, Iowa, Colorado, and Washington.Also, we have discussed the ancestors of Noftsgers on the telephone with John Noftsger of Oklahoma City with no determination of the connection with the one who entered the United States. It would appear that the Noftsgers will connect to one of the early Nafagers to land inArner— ica. The evidence is leading us to Jacob who entered in 1750 but it is not proven with records as yet. We hope the Noftsgers will keep writing with information.
- - Page Seven — -
Enclosed is a list of some of my ancestors listed in the old family Bible. There Is some information in the courthouse record8 in Cos— hockton, Ohio. I spent a little time on these records about ten years ago. Many of the records are on microfilm. I am not sure if this information is of much help but I would like to hear from you. En— is my donation. I will be waiting
the next issue.
Wendell H Nosker Herscher, Illinois 60941
We received excellent Information from Wendell. I had visited the Coshockton County courthouse and collected considerable information on the Noskers. The information from Wendell helped tie the family line together. Also working on the task of trying to identify the Nos— kers are Mrs. Henry Easter of Iro— quois,Illinois and MRS N Cooper of East Gary, Indiana. They have been very helpful. And now the pro blem:
and had the following children:
Benjamin, Henry, Abed, Samuel, Catherine, George, and James. Who
is the father of George? Is he a grandson or great grandson of one of the early Nafzger pioneers—— Peter, Rudolph, Matthew, and Jacob? We want to trace the Noskers to the one who entered the U.S. Write if you can help.
My wife and I have read with great Interest all of the information you have collected on the family of “Nafzgers”and would appreciate your adding my name to the mailing list as a subscriber for future issues. Enclosed is my check as a donation to receive this publication. I am also enclosing more family back ground information (mother, father, brothers,and sisters) for your use. Many thanks for the opportunity of participating and sharing In this very fine endeavor.
Willowick, Ohio
Arlie Is a 6th generation descend ant of Peter, who was featured in the last issue of the News. It was Peter who entered in 1749, (2) Jacob who moved to Kentucky, (3) Samuel,
(4) William, (5) Samual, and (6) Arlie.
George Nofsker who was 1797 and died in 1874, Catherine Fisburne, lived
born in married in Ohio
Mary Blough	Peter P Blough	Magdalena Blough	Christina Blough
David Nofzinger	John Nafziger	Barbara Nafziger	Magdalena Nafziger
Valentine Nafziger	Seth Nofainger	Jacobina Nafaiger	Lydia(Nafziger
Jacob Nafziger	Peter Nafziger	Leah Nafziger	Valentine Nafziger
Catherine Nafziger	Eli Nafziger	Samuel V Nafziger	Sally Stutsman
Jacobina Nafziger	Christian Nafziger	Jacob (Jake)Plank Nofziger	Emma Stutsman
Fannie Nafziger	Elizabeth Nafziger	Christian K Nofainger	Christian Plank
Elizabeth Nafzlger	Magdalena Nafziger	Nancy Nafziger	David Plank
Mary Nafziger	Leah Blough	______Yoder	John A Yoder
Elizabeth Blough	Catherine Blough	Mary Yoder	Simon P. Yoder
Jacobina Blough
Ira Nafziger	Mary(Nofziger)Short	Emery Raber	Carl Nafziger
Albert Nafziger	Jacob Nofziger, Jr.	Ernest Raber	William Nofziger
Galen Nafziger	Levi D Nofziger	Charles Raber	Cora Nafziger
Vernon Nof singer	Samuel D Nofzinger	Elizabeth A Raber	Edwin Nafziger
Frank Nofsinger	Lizzie Nofziger	Franklin Raber	Peter Nafziger
Martha(Hartzler)Myers	Sarah Nofziger	Daniel R Raber	Henry Nafziger
Simon Hartzler	Katie(Nofziger)Sauder	Ralph M Nofziger	Silas Schad
Samuel Martzler	Eimna(Nofziger)Short	Cora Nofziger	Elizabeth(Schad)Short
William Hartzler	Joan Nafziger	Dennis Nofziger	Alvan F Nafziger
Harvey Hartzler	Samual Nafziger	Glen Nofziger	Aaron Nafziger
Noah Hartzler	Eva(Nafziger)Davis	Dale Nofziger	Simon Nafziger
Frank Keim	Emma Nafziger	Vernon Ziegler	Perry Nafziger
Earl Keim	William Nafziger	AaLanda Ziegler	Myron Nafziger
Ella(Ke	Harvey Nafziger	Ethel(Ziegler)Garmon	Samuel Nafziger
Mayine Kim	Jesse Nafziger	Emma Ziegler	Louesa(Nafz1ger)
Albert I	Amandus Nafziger	Salina Ziegler	Samuel Nofziger
Alva Nafziger	Ezra Nafziger	Hattie Ziegler	Jacob Nofziger
Melvin Nafaiger	John Nafziger	Elizabeth E Hartzler	Daniel Nofziger
Alfrd Nafziger	Solomon Nafziger	Levi F Hartzler	Andrew Nofziger
Abraham Nofziger	Elmer Rlopenstein	Christian V Rartzler	Ephriam Grelser
Jennie(Nafziger)Short	Aaron Kloppenstein	Carrie Hartzler	Daniel Greiser
Betty(Nafziger)Beck	Simon Klopenstein	Frank C Nofsinger	Aaron Greiser
Emma(Nafziger)Beck	Fannie Kiopenstein	Frank 11 Nofziger	Mary Greiser
Ella(Nafziger)Rupp	Mary K Klopenstein	Daniel I Nofziger	Samual Lantz
Frank Nafziger	Samuel Greiser	Bertram Nofziger	Almer Lantz
Elias Nafziger	Mennon Greiser	Galen R Nofziger	Ammon Lantz
Magdalena Nafziger	Fannie Greiser	Minnie (Nof ziger)Kli	Mary Lantz
Eliza(Nafziger)Schlatter	Emma(Ziegler)Plank	Irvin Lantz	William Lantz
Amanda(Ziegler)Wykle	Levi Ziegler	Ella Larita	Clara Lantz
Simon Ziegler	Saline(Ziegler)Roberts	Emma Lanta	Ethe]
Mattie(Ziegler)Conn	Frank Ziegler	Vernon Ziegler
It, Short	Anna Nofziger	Lillian(Short)King	Clarence Grieser
Lydia(ahort) King	Marilyn Nofziger	Dale Nofeinger	Ralph Grieser
Nora(ehort)Sta	Lowell Nofziger	Betty Jean Nofsinger	Irene Grieser
William L Nofziger	Ervin E Nofzinger	Glenn Nofsinger	Irene(Grie
Ira Nofziger	Ervin E Nofzinger	Roy Nofslnger	Ea(Sauder)Grieser
Cora Nofziger	Elsie Nofzinger	Frank Nofsinger	Edward Sauder
Herma Nofziger	Lilly Nofzinger	Lucille(Short)Short	Laura(Sauder)Roth
Floyd L Nofziger	Ira Nofzinger	Ella(Short)Miller	Melvin Sauder
Jesse L Nofziger	William Nofzinger	Lloyd La Vaughn Nofeinger	Carrie(S
Alma Nofziger	Harold A Nofzinger	Harry A Nofainger	Viola(Sauder)Aeachlamn
Elmer Grjeser	LaVern Nofzinger	Alfred Nofzinger	Wilma(Short)Short
Raymond Grieser	Olga(Nofsinger)Kersteiner	William D Nofziger	Roea(Short)Nafziger
— Page Eight
Benjamin Nofzinger
Evelyn Nofzinger
Edward Nofzlnger
Frank Nofzinger
Jennie Nofzinger
Leona (Nofziger ) Conner
Earl G Keim, Jr.
Sylvia Ann(Keim)Corrigan
Paul Keim
Mary (Hart zler) Markward
Mabel (Hartzler) Cowger
Harold E Hartzler
Jesse B Myers
Leona Nofziger
Elizabeth (Plank) Jenks Edward Plank
Nancy Hartzler
Dorothy (Hartzler)Macy
Earl D Myers
Beatrice (Keim) Robbert
Harold J Keim
Howard Sigrist
Paul W Sigrist
John Sigrist
Esther (Sigrist)
Jay C Nofziger
Bennett R Nofziger
Frances Nofziger
Evelyn Nofziger
Lela L Carmen
Edward C Nofziger
Gladys (Nof ziger) Fager
Iris Nofziger
Minnie (Kl Elliott
Raymond M Kline
Galen E Kline
Paul R Kline
Katharine (Kline) Lowe
Jennie J Nofziger
Frank U Nofziger
Galen R Nofziger
Opal (Roberts) Claxyon
Ralph Roberts
Betty J Carmen
Gladys (Nofa inger ) Rager
Richard Swihart
Glenn Nofainger
Roy Nofeinger
Dale M Nofsinger
Bet ty(Nofslnger)Mead
Mart Elizabeth Hartzler
Jay Nofzinger
Francis Nofzinger
llilda(Con Wills
Robert Conn
Donald Garmen
2J(7 INE’S
Mary E Elliott
Lorine M Elliott
Carl R Elliott
Bessie I Elliott
Charles F Elliott
Mildred A Kline
Ada J Kline
Eugene E Kline
Richard H Kline
Loretta Kline
Margaret Kline
Shirley Lowe
John Lowe, Jr.
t Lionel A Conner
Berneda (Short) Beck
Mabel (Short) Burkholder
Kenneth Nafziger
Helen (Nsf figer) Richener
Dale Nafziger
Marvin J Nafziger
Ilva (Nafziger) King
Mary A King
Roger D Short
La Mar L Miller
Connie (Miller) Blosser
Lonnie D Nofsinger
Donald F Nofsinger
Barbara L Nofeinger
Cynthia A Nofziger
Elizabeth Nofziger
Thomas His tand
Susan Histant
Ervin D Nofzinger
Richard G Nofzinger
Donald L Nofzinger
Sharon L Nofzinger
Carol Nofzinger
Beth Nofsinger
Jo Lynn Nofsinger
Eric C Nofsinger
Stacy A Nofeinger
Brenda E Mead
Kim I E leon
Brian I E leon
Jackey Plank
Steven D Ison
Karen S leon
Paul R Lauver
John W Lauver
Anna L Lauver
David A Lauver
Margaret S Lauver
Douglas A Swihart
Bruce A Swihart
Paul Swihart
Shirley (Funk) Clutter
Roy Funk
Janet (Funk) Shearer
Mussette Rein
Mellissa Keim
Susan Keim
Allison Rein
Ruth Rein
Barbara Corrigan
Katherine Corrigan
John Robbert III
Joan (Robber t )McKay
John R Keim
George W Keim
David R Sigrist
Doris (Sigrist)Debolt
Dale A Sigrist
Darlene L Signet
Sharon(Sigrist) Stahicy
Sheldon J Sigrist
Ralph Signet
Donna (Signet )Messner
Janet (Grove) Barker
Joyce (Grove) Parker
James A Grove
Dorothy (Cowger)William
Gladys (Cowger) Starks
Clarence S Cowger
Donald N Macy
Martha (Myers )Mahuron
E. Carlton Myers
Margaret (Nyer.)Luckow
Dorothy (Kirk) Jones
Mable A Grieser
Leora P(Grieser)Nofziger
Elsie M(Grieser)Klopfenstein
Clela M(Grieser)King
Ernest E Grieser
Verna (Sauder ) Miller
Lowell E Sauder
Velma (Sauder) Knagey
Orval E Sauder
Mary A(Sauder)Eash
Becky (Roth)Ball
James Allen Roth
Gene J Sauder
Donalda (Sauder) Brennenan
Richard W Miller
Robert L Miller
Annabell(Miller)Be lie
Doris (Miller) Eberly
Jerry M Miller
Linda L Miller
Betta L Aeschliman
Donald L Aeschliman
Mary (Aeschliman)Gibson
Lena (Cowger) Brooker
Jay C Nofzinger, J
Donald 0 Nofzigcr
James C Nofzlger
Franklin C Nofziger
Niels C Nielson, Jr.
John F Nielson
argaret Nielson
Kathryn Nielson
Barbara (ersteiner
William Kersteiner
Katherine 0 Kersteiner
Margaret (Enyeart)Wendt
Ruth (Enyeart )Wi ison
Keith R Pager
Margaret J White
Barbara (Conn) Prude
C Short
eon Short
Marvin King
Irma (King) Kauf f man
Irene King
Harold F King
nerson R King
Mabel(King) Court ney
Dorothy M King
Maurice E King
Helen King
Thelma Stamm
Lorene (Nof ziger )Bradenberger
Kathryn (Nof ziger) Briskey
Levi D Nofziger
Robert .1 Nofziger
t)onald I Nofziger
Marvin L Nofziger
Walter Maust
Doris (Gautache) Ebersole
Dale Gsutsche
Delmar Gautsche
Al ice (Gautsche) Schmucker
Richard Gautsche
Harold L Nofziger
Phy llis(Nofziger)Barte
1 nda(Nofziger)Kauffman
David P Nofziger
Charles L Nofziger
Roger K Nofzlger
Myrl I) Nofziger
Daryl J Nofziger
Orville J Grie8
Mary (Cr ieser) Snyder
Merle 0 Griser
Donald J Grieser
Marlin L) Criecer
Arlene M Grieser
Rogert L Grieser
(;h 1) Grieser
Evey In J Grieser
Janice A Grieser
1lnton Wills
— — Page Nine — —
Paul B Gauteche
Judith Gauteche
Nancy J Gautache
Gary Gautsehe
Randall Gautsche
Harold L Nofziger
Howard L Nofziger
Myron D Nofaiger
Robert D Goner
Katherine S Goner
Julia A Corner
Barbara J Goner
Sheryl L Barte
Karen A Barte
Jeffery L Barte
Sonya R(Nofziger)
David A Nofziger
Frederic J Grieser
Sally A Grieser
Keith A Thiarry
Douglas J Thierry
Max B Thierry
Jeffrey L Thierry
Mary E(Nofziger)Johnson
Richard Nofziger
Vet lane (Nof ziger) Adams
Ke L Nofziger
Merle C Klopfenstein
Roger D Klopfenatein
Linda (Klopfenstein)Nofziger
Shirley (Klopfenstein)Nafziger
Connie H Klopfenstein
Melanie Dawn Nofziger
James R King
Paul. D King
Karen A King
Debra P Grieser
Pat C Grieser
Vicky L Grieser
Terry L Miller
Rebecca S Miller
Craig H Miller
Elaine K Miller
Eileen F Miller
Merril Dean Miller
Lee E Sauder
Roseanna Sauder
Dean A Sauder
Paul R Sauder
Diane Lyn Sauder
Kathleen S Knagey
Leslie J Knoagey
Marvin L Knagey
Douglas R Knagey
Gail L Knagey
Randall E Sauder
Karen L Sauder
Timothy J Sauder
Michael Smith
Carrie A Smith
Karen N Biltz
Jennifer C Bunker
Brett L Wendt
Wendy N Wendt
Michel J Woolac.
Lavon D Shorts Jr
Douglas A Beck
Bradley Jones
Norma (Short) Woolace
ha Mae Short
Brenda Kay Short
Beverly Short
Lavon D Short
Keith E Short
Douglas R Troyer
Barbara 3 Troyer
Charlene K Troyer
Larry J King
Duane J King
Bruce A King
Bette Jean King
Cheryl A King
David F King
Linda L lUng
Bonita K King
Wendell D Beck
Karen F King
William D King
Clark I Nofziger
Robert J Nofziger
Paula A Nofziger
David A Nofziger
Beth A Nofziger
Matthew L Nofziger
Mardee Brandenberger
Marvin Brandenberger
Daniel W Brandenberger
Jay J Brandenberger
Mary Lou Brandenberger
Loyal D Briskey
Barbara A Briskey
Dianne H Briskey
Jo Ann Briskey
Victoria L Nofriger
Lawrie E Nofziger
Susan R Nofziger
Ann E Nofziger
Any J Nofziger
Sandra (Maust) Sauder
Donna (Maust ) Winbush
Donald Ebersole
Patricia Ebersole
James Ebersole
Joseph A Ebersole
Fredric Gautacha
Steven Gautsche
Victoria S Gautsche
Eric Gautsche
Lori J Gautsche
Sherrie Gautsche
Kevin Gautsche
Luther Gautsche
Alonia J Gautsche
La Dell Gautsche
Gregory Gatuache
Jeffrey Gautsche
Timothy Gauteche
Douglas Gautsche
Tiumly A Lantz
Jodi L Winbush
Tyler B Nafriger
Liane R Rychener
Jo M Rychener
Michael L Mayberry
Steven K Mayberry
Delbert N Mayberry
Patricia B (Roach)Young
Randall Jones
Keith L Bash
Beverly A Eash
Denise Bash
Lonnie C Eaah
Douglas W Ball
Randy C Sauder
Chris A Sauder
Cynthia L Brenneman
Arlene S Miller
Anita M Miller
Anaecte K Miller
Pamela Miller
Christine F Miller
Sheryl A Belle
Kevin D Belle
Sheri L Eberly
Jerry H Eberly
Roger W Christenson
Kathy S Aeschliman
Rich W Shehorn
Diane (Beck) Roth
Brent A Beck
Tony Burkholder
Rise Burkholder
Neal Burkholder
Richard A Rychener
Thomas L Rychener
Bette J King
Cheryl A King
Steven J Nafziger
Gary L Nafziger
Harry J Nafziger
Susan F ‘
Dirk Sigi at
Danette i Sigrist
Doren C Sigrist
Eric S Coles
Lisa Coles
Troy S Stahly
Todd A Stahly
Julie A Stahly
Cynthia Sigrist
Diana Sigrist
Mary Signet
Jackie L (Messner ) Bunker
Frederick Messner
Richard Nessner
Sheibla M Barker
Brian R Barker
Kay V Kovatch
Melissa Grove
Todd A Grove
Mark J Grove
Kathryn (Cowger)Mayberry
Mary (Cowger ) Roach
Keith E Cowget
Edwin C Cowger
Willis D Cowger
Lisa L Mahuron
Mark Mahuron
Michael B Maust
Michele A Maust
Lisa E Adams
Neal C Adams
Terry L Salsbury
Gregory B Salebury
Todd Allen Nofzigar
Mark A Klopfenstsin
Scott C Lantz
Timmy A Lantz
Keeta S Myers
Brian K Myers
George B Luckow
Martha Luckow
Bruce L Wendt
Dale Jay Wsndt
Karen A Wilson
Kenneth L Wilson
Gregory J Nafeiger
David A Nafziger
Michael D Short
Greg A Short
Kevin L Miller
Marlene K Miller
Terry L Blosser
Tracy S Bloaser
Donna 3 Nofzinger
David H Nofzinger
Gerald P Schloeaser
Vicky L Schloeeaer
Roger C Schloesser
Eric Nofainger
Stacy Nofeinger
Kevin D Snyder
James L Snyder
Kriby L Gnieser
Kevin L Gnieser
Randy L Crie8er
Shirley A Fry
Sharon R Fry
Elaine N Fry
Thomas E Fry
Timothy A Fry
Hhn Q Fry
erry V Fry Fry L Nofz
Catn rine A Nofringer
Nicoli L Nofzinger
Roderic D afziger
Timothy Swihart
.u)gela Swihaz-t
Lame H Clutter
Lee S Clutter
Tyrus R Clutter
Vincent 3 Funk
Deron .3 Funk
Robbert E McKay
Cora D McKay
Taiim Keim
Knistine Keim
Chad Keim
Conrad .3 Sigrist
Kevin H Signet
Rene .3 Debolt
Leanne Dabolt
Beth A Dubolt Terry Jones
Eatle C Young
Linda J Cowger
Janet L Covger
David A Cowger
Diana L Cowget
Douglas E Cowg.r
Randall .3 Covger
Carla N Myers
William E Myers
Kelly Jones
— — Page Ten - -
RUDOLPH NAFZGER who enter the United States in 1749.
He sailed for America on the same ship as did Matthew(Mathias) and Peter and landed in 1749. John, Catherine, Esther, Samuel, Andrew, and Peter were children of Rudolph. There may have been more but we do not know their names. We do not know the name of his wife or where they lived. This writer believes that he may have lived near Frederick, Maryland or the extreme southeastern corner of Pennsylvania but we lack the documentation to prove it. Also, there is rather complete information on the descendants of one son, John, as a result of work done by Mrs. Richer in 1939. Thus, any help with additional information on Rudolph and his descendants will greatly appreciated.
HENRY NOFSGER who lived near Shanesville, Ohio.
Henry was born in 1852 near Shanesville, Ohio and died in 1901. He is buried near Rogereville, Ohio. His grave is recorded but not marked with a marker. He married Mary Espenchied (1857—1929) who was born in Germany. Re lived his entire life near the Rogersville, Ohio area and had a very large family. Childrn are Alice, Edward, Simon, Elmer, Clara, Callie, William, Pearl, John, Roy, Vernon, Alvin and Nora. Can any of our readers identify the ancestors of Henry? Where did they come from and when did they moved to Ohio?
JOHN NOFFSINGER who lived in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 1790.
John married Elizabeth Farney or Forney. He lived in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and represents one of the early Nafzgers in America. They are the parents of John, Henry, Matthias, Joseph, Anna, Katherine, Barbara, and Elizabeth. Can any of our readers identify his father and mother? It i probable that he was a son of one of the early Nafzgers, Peter, Rudolph, Ulrich, Matthew(Mathias), and Jacob, to settle America. There are indications that he was the son of Ulrich or an older grandson of Jacob. Any help will be apprec iated on the identification of this John Noffsinger.
NAFFZIGER of Standford, Illinois
Can any of our readers identify this man? We do not know his first name or when he emigrated to the United
States. Who did he marry? They are the parents of Christian (1817—1872); Catherine; Valentine; Elizabeth;
John (1826—1899); Jacob (1830—1885); Helen (1827—1896); and Peter (1823—1885). The family lived near Walnut— Standford Illinois but descendants of his children moved westward. Today, they represent a very large group of Naffzlgers found in the western states.
MATTHAIS NOFFSGER who walked across the frozen Ohio River in 1805
Matthais Noffsger died in 1808 and is buried in Belmont County, Ohio. Tradition passed down through the years has it that he crossed the frozen Ohio River in 1805 to settle in Powhatan, Ohio. A superficial check at the weather service reveals that this tradition may have been true. He was married to Nancy Brill and was a sol dier in General Wayne’s army. Mathias and Nancy are the parents of Sally, John, Nancy, Betsey, Lydia, Samuel, and James. Who are his parents? How does he connect to one of the early Nafzgers?
CHRISTIAN NAFZIGER who married an Unzicker
He was born in 1779 and died in 1847. He was born in Germany and married to an ________Unzicker (1779—1854)
They are the parents of Jacob and Eliza and perhaps other children but the names are not known. When did this
Nsf zger emigrate to America and where did he settle in the United States? Do you have a complete list of his
________________NOFSKER—NOFFSKER of Pennsylvania
The Nofskers—Noffskers represent a substantial line found throughout the United States. The originals are found throughout Pennsylvania but without any identification of ancestors. Can any of our readers help iden tify the parents of Jacob (1805—1881); Margaret (1807—1856); John W. (1828— ); Henry Martin (1829— ); George James (1831— ); Mary Magdalene (1834— ); Margaret Jane (1836— ); Jacob Emanuel (1839— ); William A (1840— ); Martha Susan (1842— )‘; Sammy V (1845— ); Sarah Ann (1848— ); and Johnathan N. (1852— ); It was a very large family from central Pennsylvania with no records of their ancestors. We hope you can help us make identification.
He was born in 1808 in Alsace—Lorraine, France or Germany. He was a miller in Germany and a farmer in the United States. He married Barbara Yancie or Rancy. They are buried in Osage County, Kansas. Who are their ancestors. We do not have much records of the descendants of this man so a complete updating of information is needed.
i. nOBERI NOFZINGER who married Elizabeth Hulterman in 1848 at Summitt County, Ohio?
2. HENRY NOFTSGER who settled Brown County, Ohio in the early 1800’s?
3. LEONARD NAFTZGER who settled in Seneca County, Ohio in about 1840?
4. PHILLIP NOFTSKER who is listed in the 1880 Census as living in Howard County, Indiana?
5. CHRISTOPHER NOFTSGER who was born in about 1785 and settled in Clermont County, Ohio in the early 1800’.?
6. HENWi NOFTSICI(ER who was living in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in 1790?
7. JOHN NOFTSCUR who was living in Bedford County, Pennsylvania in 1790/
8. JACOB NOFTSGER who was born about 1775 and settled in Clermont County, Ohio in about 1840?
If you do not have a record of your family line on file at the Nafzger Heritage News, why not take care of this matter today Complete the following information on each Nafzger you know about or have
reocrds and forward to the News today. We will make an attempt to connect your family line to one of the early Nafzgers to enter the United States and print the result of our efforts in the next issue of the
Nsf zger Heritage News.
1.	Name of Nafzger ______________________________________ -
2.	Birthyear and County of Birth _____________________________________
3.	Name of Spouse and year—place of marriage	— -- -
4.	County of Residence ______ ___________
5.	Names of Children ______________________________- - - -
6.	Year of Death and Place of Burial __________________________
7.	Name of Mother and Father __________________________
SEND INFORMATION TO: THE NAFZGER HERITAGE NEWS 120 Edgewood Drive, Graf ton, Ohio 44044— --
‘-. - -- i4*wu
‘	‘ , - •-‘ ‘ . _:
‘: South 150 Wes S-n.
• r

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