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Nafzger Heritage News Vol IX No 2
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Ije J eritage J r—-• iii - -- . . . —
VOLI,IX, No. 2
SP 1980 • ••. • •
Christian Mafx
We are pleased with the many offers to host Nafzger German families if and when they decide to visit the united States. We have offers from Canada and from a number of states so that we can almost believethat if any Nafzger German fam ily decide to come to the states for a visit, we can accomodate them for a few
few days. Also, many of the offers have come from families situated in a seedbed of Nafzger heritage are pleased but not surprised, for the kindness and generosity exhbited by so many of you to host one of our visiting German cousins.
Before we went to press, we received a second letter from STEVEN B. ESTES of Normal, Illinois with a large amount of information providing the data and story of Christian Garber as he emigrated to the U.S. He came to America about 1841 with his parents coming by the way of New Orleans and them up the Mississippi River. While coming up the river they were detained on account of boat trou- ble and while waiting for repairs, the parents both contracted Yellow Fever, both dying from it and were buried some where along the banks of the river.
In ti of the News, we want to present ome additional information of the Nafzjers who settled in Canada. In a past issue of the News, we featured a Nafziger family line, Samuel and Leaman, brothers,who came to America in 185 As a result of some difficult genealogical work and untiring effort on the part of the latc. EZ1 A. NAFZIGER of intercourse Pennsy we have a substantial list of des. 5 F this Canadian Nafziger family line, Presentiy,we are in the pro cess of updating the list of descendants
Anoth wel 1 known Canadian Nafziger is Chr r!af:iger(l776—1836) who led an emigration of the Amish Mennonites to Canada. In a past issue of the News, we pUbliSh i1 story of this pioneer set tier to nt Canada. In the well known stor of Christiank pioneering efforts, liLle is mentioned of his fam iiy. In thi issue, we want to make a closer inv of his family.
Christian i.Jas born in 1776 in the Kur pfiaz(A 3erli principality around Mann— heim, s from Heidelberg to
Kaiserlautern) He was married in about 1811 to 1arie Staiter. h moved to Bay— aria sometime after l with the Stal ter faniiiy wher2 h applied in vain King Max I Josef, to whom the Stalters maintained good relations. for a tene— ment of a large farm. The letter is found in the S in Munich,Also the story appears in the I”lennonitische Geshichtsbl atter.
Marie Stalter was born in 1786. We have not been able to determine her dea th date. Ne believe that Christian died sometime prior to 1830, just four years after his arrival in Canada to live. Thus, it would appear that his newly found freedom in Canada did not last. long. Of course, we must remember that he was fifty-six years old when he arr ived in Canada to live. It would appear that five children were born of the marr iage of Christian and Marie. They were
Grafton, Ohio 44044
Pubti Quarterly
born in Alsace, Lorraine. Names of the children are Catharine, Joseph?Christian Johannas and Jacobina. All of the child ren emigrate to Canada with their parents.
Ofthe children born to Christian and Maria(Stalter)Nafziger, we do not have any information of their oldest aaugnter Catherine. We hope some of our Canadian friends can uncovered some data such as who she married and other inf3;;; their descendants.
One of the Sons of Christian and Maria was Christian, Jr. It wouid Christian, Jr. married a Catharine whose last name we do not know. Catherine was born in 1813 and would have been one year older than her husband who was born in 1814. They were married in 1840 and built their home in that same year accord ing to some old Canadian records. It would appear to us,as we study some 1861 Census information that children of the marriage are Catherine, who was born in 1855 and at least two more daughters and one son whose name we do not have. Another son of Christian and Maria must have been Joseph S. Nafziger who was born in 1820. Joseph came to America with his parents when he was but five years old. He was married in 1840 to Jacobina Naffziger who was born in 1820, the same year as Joseph. Jacobina was born in Germany and we believe her maiden en name was Naffziger. It would appear that Joseph and Jacobina and family mov ed to the states in about l850 • They moved to Hickory County, Missouri and are identified with the Mennonites there after 1850. Children of the marriage are Catherine, John, Christian, David Daniel, Samuel, Anna, Benjamin and Mary.
We are not so sure of Christian and Maria third son, Johannas Nafziger. If this name might have read Johannas Peter Nafziger on the passen list of the sailing vessel that Christian and Maria sailed,then we do have a third son of Christian and Maria that we can iden tify. Passenger lists on the sailing vessels are difficult to read and some confusion develops over this one because
of the possible use of a middle name • at a later date. If this is correct, then Peter, son of Christian and Maria was born in 1809 in Alsace, France. He was mar*ted L ‘L whose maicien name is not known but who was born in France in 1813. Children born of this marriage are Ch ! Ann&, :arbara, Magdalena and another son and a daughter whose names are not known
The fir ‘ 5orn to CI and Maria Nafziger must have been Jacobina. We do not have any information of her marriage after she landed in Canada. She would have been born in 1822.
Adding some confusion to the arrival of Christian and Maria to Ontario, Canada, we found an 1830 plat at Ontario which indicates land owned by Jacob Naf ziger, Peter Naffziger, a second Peter Naffziger and a Daniel Naffziger Christian was not listed on thisplat. We cannot identify these Naffzigers ex cept the Peter Naffziger who must have Peter,theApostle. Later, he moved to the state of Illinois. We can sus pect that some of them must represent some of the Naffzigers who later moved to the United States to Mennonite settle— ments in Illinois and other U.S. commun ities in the midwest. We know that they must have emigrated to Canada early of our Canadian friends have pointed out that Christian emigration was not nec- essarily a first settleriient in the area but just a well publicized one.
Other Nafzgers may have preceeded him but their emigration is not so well known We have not been able to determine the sailing vessel that the other Nafzgers made their less publicized journey early plat of the area would seem to in— dicate some truth to this point.We hope some of our readors will study this pro— blem and perhaps,connect one or more of the Ii . S . farn i 1 i e S L}• a t we know to have lived or first settled in Canada.
ContinuedfromPageOne	L of Canada
* * * L
We are I py to v pr t ti ‘-sr or o i ‘ ‘Ill LE NAFZI GER ) to host Ge r’ r H fzyer fami 1 es i f . !hefl t \1 c r1e to Come to visit the states. MELVILLE is the pastor o1 th . Hi H Me ... rmo(rite Ch 1 oca e(1 a t Coatesvi 1 1 c , retiis vania . rIEL\/ i!. d opened their homes to of our afziqer cou who n come to visit. Our thanks to MELVILLE and f members for ho kindness.
P NAFZI(3ER, RD 2, G Pennslvania, 175:
. ... .
We are sorry to barn of the death of Ra]nh L. Noffsinqer who passed away on September 30, ](70 after a lonq fl1ness aiph, born in 1903, is a descerid. ant of Rudolph Noff who landed in America i i7
. . .
t are in receipt of a nice letter froni i ;n2 N of Lebanon,
Penn ic hdpfly o learn that nr j ri11n1: ev l chd
R. Loser, of the khiited Church of Christ at :.! i Ohio(Iocated near Grafton)
is a n. of ‘fa N ngr Al so , a hr Rev. ri; J
Haft oqer and in turn, the Losers are (ieSCeflo of ri yer who landed in Amer- in 1719.
Oin thdnks o AI1 J ET 1A1E mr r 1( j f
ihe GOQLrS are acti’i ti’ lpcflt and oil icc nf ‘-
Society. Recently , thov viere ciesi cjn as ir hv fe 1 o. a
Meiiiber and ror work on the ‘GEr!EJ\LOGIST , f- whi ch Mrs . Go d has served as
editor since 1977.
We are pleased that STEVEN ESTES of Normal, Illinoic forwarded th inior nation he has on the Christian nd Catherine(Maurer)Naf7iqe line. in eltlcijLjofl to the good information on the descendants of this family 1ine he reports Apparent1y Christian Nafziger is buried at the union Cemetery which is boated about three and one miles north—west of a T Count,y, Illinois. Hls wife, Catharina(Maurer)Nafziger is buried there. / hur at the cemetery nre their children John(1802—1056), Barbara(18!4/1815-.t850), Jacobine(1817—1848) and Catherine Gerber(l8l8
Thus far, Steve cannot make any connection between his Nafziger line and the Ontario, Canada Nafziger lines. Our thank to Steven for his untirincj eFforts to identify the descendants of this family line. Tv’uely, ho can he considered ne of the experts of this particular rlafziqer family line. We will publish his findings in some future issue of the News.
WILBUR LINDER of Portland, to report Nafzingers listed in a book he recently purchased titled On1y a Twig” by Lois Ann Zook. The listed Nafzin are descendants of Peter Nafziger who left Jilbach, Germany in 1826 but died at sea while traveling to America.
The exact spot of burial is not known. Christian Garber continued his trip up the Illinois River to Peoria, Illinois. Later he moved to Metamore, Illinois. He married Catherine Nafziger who was the sixth child of Christian and Catherine (Mauer)Nafziger Christian had a sister who married John Nafziger, brother of Catherine, his wife. The two families account for many Mafziger descendants around Washington, Illinois. The account as provided by Steve Estes is filled with detailed data of descendants. Our thanks and apprec to h for providing such good copy for our records
-- — -	1--	-
Another offer to host a German family when they come to the states to visit. This offer was extended to us by Mary Chase of Portland, Indiana.. Also, Mary is going to Germany around M 25th. for a visit She is planning to visit fri— ends in Buhi and the Kirisinger relatives in Bebelsheim. Mary paternal great grandfatherJakob Nafziger w born and died in Germany. He lived around the Zwebrucken, Monbijou farm. ; Her mother was from Ottenweyerhof, Germany. Her grandmother was born at Wiesviller Germany. Mary has tickets to Oberammerga Passion Play on May 25th. Any of German cousins who may want to meet and visit with Mary, con contact her by writing: MARY CHASE, 503 W. High St., Portland, Indiana 47371.
—	— -	. • J-. - I
CARROLL NAFZIGER of Minier, Illinois reports his iseventh grandchild. DANIEL JOSEPH NAFZIGER was born November 1, 1979, the son of Douglas and Katherine (Mulligan)Nafziger. Daniel Joseph is a seventh generation descendants of Christ ian Nafziger who settled in Hopedale, Illinois in about 1840.
A second letter from VERA ROOT of Carlock, Illinois read that she is gather— ing data from many sources relating to the discord developed over Peter of Grover— sheim and Valentine of Gauersheim, Germany. Perhaps, her very analytical mind will provide us with some insights into the heritage of this Nafzger family line.
-	-
We are sorry to learn of the death of EVelyn Louis Summer Barlow who died April 20, 1978. Evelyn is a seventh generation descendant of Matthew(Mathias) Naftzinger who landed in America in 1749. She was married to James Ray Barlow and they have three children.
— —	— - _ - - --- -- - - -
We are in receipt of another offer to hosta visiting German Nafzger family. MRS. WAYNE SCHRACK of Hamburg, Pennsylvania has extended the offer and has opened her home for a German Nafzger visitor. She would be especially interested in a visiting Nafzger cousin from Switzerland. As she explained in her letter, Mrs. Schrack is a descendant of Mathias(Matthew)Nafzger who landed in America in 1749. It is reported that Mathias(Matthew) came from near Uetendorf, Switzerland.
- — .	- —
We have a publication prepared listing the descendants of Rudolph Noffsinger who landed in America in 1749. The publication was prepared for a family reunion and is in workbook fashion. The presenting of the material in ‘workbook” style will enable us to update for a more accurate edition laster on. COST IS $9.50..
- - —
We have a publication prepared by Thurlow Nofziger of Toledo, Ohio. It is a list— ing of several thousand descendants of Christian Nafziger whose children Fulton County in the 1840—1850 period. Cost of publication is $9.50.
*** Letters
I I—TT:-7 r-w , -. — •
Recently, Clair Naftzger, an editor for the News retired from Kent State University, Kent, Ohio after spending 33 years in education. He was retired for less than 24 hours, when he accepted the position of District Manager with the UnitedStates Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census. He has been charged with the task of conducting the 1980 Census for eight northern Ohio counties. The job is temporary and will conclude in August of 1980 when he expects to retire again and devote some time to genealogy.
—-- —---J----- The NAFZGER-NAFZIGER FAMILIEN RUNDBRIEF has been well received by
Nafzgers in the Unitel States, We have received over sixty letters from
throughout the United States expressing appreciation for the German edition.
You can convey your appreciation to Rudolf Nafziger, Reichenberger Str 32, 5880 Ludensheid, West Germany. He engineered the idea and he may need
some help with articles for future issues. Send your material to him as soon as you can do so for then, some of the burden of writing the articles can he I i fted from hi s busy schedul e.
— -	— — —	—	1l_________ —
I came across this bit of information while looking in the court re cords at the Lancaster County, Pennsylvania courthouse. John Birky, de-
-	: •	ceased(1742-l760), Part 2, Michael Baughrnan appointed guardian over Ann
--‘	.	. I3irky, orphan child of John Birky, her two sisters since deceased entitled
. to 1490 marks on their father’s estate in Germany to the value of 248 6 and 8 when the two sisters died descended on the rest of the children and their mother at the time had three other children in Germany. It is therefore cOnsidered that the said Mathias Neffsigger(that married the widow of John Birky) pay into the hands of Michael Baughman guardian of Ann Birky, her part or share of the said amount; and that he pay the 5th part of said sun to the late widow of John Birky, now wife of Mathias Neffsingger. It was noted(there were torn blank space) this took place for the Court held June 1, 1750. That is all I could find on it. I am wondering if this is the grandfather of Joseph that married Catharine Dieffenbach.
Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania
Editor’s Note: This information can be classed as a significant find if indeed, it relates to Mathias Nafzger who landed in America in 1749. There is Neffsingers in the United States who appears to be not related to the Nafzgers. Thus, it may be another family line. I am sure Stuart Yost of Philadelphia will examine the material to see what connection, if any, it has with the Mathias Naftzinger who landed in America in 1749. If it is connected, the dates would check, then, the major problem being is that it would appear be difficult to determine which Mathias. Ulrich Nafzger, landed in America in 1742 had a grandson named Mathias and Rudolph who landed with Mathias in 1749 also had a son named Mathias. Thus, it is possible that the information will connect to any one of the three of four early Nafzger lines that came to America. The only line of the early ones that did not use the name Mathias is Jacob who landed in 1750.
; Letters
Muriel I. Oliver is a descendant of Magdalena Naf who married a Johannes Ke The following items are some excerpts from two ‘etters that she sent to the News recently.
“The more I read in the News and the names of the various Nafziger families, the more confused I am about Magdalena’s lineage. I think she may have been the sister of Peter(the Apostle). I am going to write to Meta Kennel Mueler of Dar West Germany. She sent me a list of names of the Gungerichs that tie into the Nafzger families in Germany. They had large families and it has given me a lot of names to work with But many of the children carry the same names down through the generations so the work of sorting families is difficult. Also, I wrote to pastors in the area. Most of them answered but they did not have any papers as they had been destroyed in the war. The task becomes difficult Here is an interesting story.
One Nafziger married a sister from my grandfather Peter Kennel fam ily. This grandfather 1 ived at the Harfingerhof(the birthplace of all those Kennels who emigrated to America in 1830). The Hurfingerhof was difficult to work because the land was so stoney and non-.productive. It was very hard work for my grandfather to make the land productive and good farm land. Another Nafziger came and wanted to buy the farm — my grandfather did not have enough money so this Nafziger I able to pur chased the farm. My grandfather moved to Lenus(?) where he took a small farm and they had a few cows and other animals. Another Nafziger lived nearby and is buried upon our tomb in Darmstadt which belonged to her be-. fore and which she gave to me. The information and story came from Meta Mueller. As you can see, she provided us some information on where the Nafzigers are buried in Germany. As you can see, she seemed sadden that her grandfather did not have the money to buy the farm and had to move from Harfingerhof. Her feelings are understable because Hurfingerhof is the Kennel Home. I have anice picture of it. I believe the cemetery is located nearby.
I am interested in the Kennels in Switzerland and the name in
Bern in 1191. It was in that canton that our Kennel name was given in 1321.” MURIEL I OLIVER
St. Petersburg, Florida
Mrs. Oliver also acquired the 1850 Butler County, Ohio Census. Nafzgers listed are as follows:
Fred K. Knofsinger, 22 years	Living in Madison twp., Butler County
Barbi Knofsinger, 21 year	John Kennel, 23 years, born in Germany
Aug, 9 years, born in Ohio	Nance, 26 years, born in Ohio
Frederick, 6 years, born in Ohio	Valentine Knofsinger, 16 yrs, born in Germany
Edward, 11 years, born in Ohio	Lillian Kennel, 19 yrs, born in Germany
Henrietta, 2 years, born in Ohio	Magdalena Beckley, 22 yrs, born in Ohio
Elizabeth, 48 yrs.,born in Germany	Catherine Patterson, 14 yrs, born in Ohio
Living in Wayne township, Butler County
Martha Shelihouse, 37 years
CHRISTIAN KNOFSINGER, 32 years born in Germany
Elizabeth, 27 years, born in Germany
John, 11 months, born in Ohio
Charles Hinde, 26 yrs, born in Germany Peter Knofsinger, 15 yrs, born in Germany
My kind regards to the Nafzger Heritage News. My name is Frank Nafziger and I am 15 years old. I am from West Germany(Hessen). Thanks for sending us the News I will examine some of the Nafziger heritage in Germany. I have some difficulty writing in English.
B 6321 AlsfeId
West Germany
Editor’s Note: Our thanks to Frank for is letter. We did not have any trouble reading the letter with some German words. Please excuse our inability to write and read the German language. Your letter writing in English is progressing nicely. Perhaps, other young Nafziger in the U would want to develop a Ger man penpal of the same kin. We encourage them to write to Frank at the above address.
At the News we are not sure of the relationship, if any, of Dr. Horst Geriach of Post Marnheim, West Germany to the Nafzigers. We have received many letters from Dr. Gerlach and one thing is quite clear to the IJ.S. Nafzigers and that he can h trvu considered an 11 on Nafzger heritage. tJe are grateful to Dr for his many letters and articles that he has supplied to the News. We hope to acquire permission to reprint some of the articles that he has en-. closed with his letters. They have been very informative of our heritage in Ger— i Our thanks for his fine effort. One of his more recent enclosures is as Fol lows:
In have included an article about William Penn and his visit here which you may find interesting. Whether any Nafziger were present v Penn preached here I cannot tell , but in any case, after some had left for Pennsylvania, others probably heard from them and his whole story caused wave of immigration to America. Here, most people agree that it was not so uch persecution as it was in the beginning but more or less economic reasons. ‘he French army under Louis XIV pillaged the Palatinate so famine on one side and overpopulation on the other side caused many Germans to follow the invitation of Penn to go to America. Also, I have included a zerox-coy of the MQR of which I have made some corrections. The enclosed map may he used with the article I wrote once here for the local news— paper. I have added a few town names so that it more beneficial to the Nafzigers.
Recently, I met a man who told me that around l a Nafziger lady and a child were killed by a strafing US fighter bomber t Herfingerhof, which is close to Standebuhi-Dreisen, a former county of Kirchht now Donnersbergkreis. That is only a few miles from where I live. He said the remaining son went to Kuhborncheshof near Kaiserslautern. There was a railroad and the figherbombers tried to hit the railroad and the Nafzigers were killed. In that area(Munster— Dreisen), there used to be an Amish congregation and since the Nafzigers used to he Amish, they kept on living in that area, long since the Amish joined with the 1ennoni tes.
Dr. Horst GeridcM
Post Marnheit, West Germany
We have “ nice letters from Terry Kyser. krun, C fu;3o W. Noffsker, Inchel ium, Wa:; qton; Mrs . 01 aus A. More of Faribau i L New Ne co; i Nafziger, ;ionston, Te; Noftsqer, Sand Springs, Oklahoma; Merele 1leber, Wadsworth, Ohio; Linda Litzinqer MeadvMle, Pennsylvania; Aaron Roth Wauseon, Ohio, Carroll Nafzi— ger of Hopedale, Illinois and many more. Many of them will be answered in the next issue of the News.
4 . Letters
We are in receipt of a long, informative letter from VERA ROOT of Carlock, Illinois regarding the Valentine Nafziger line of Gauersheim(Germany) or Peter Naffziger line of Groversheim(America). She raises many interesttng questions regarding some confusing data from several sources from two count the USA and Germany We believe that additional information may be uncc in the near future which will help clarify some of the unanswered quest1 raised by
—i-- • -T
We are in receipt of a nice letter from MRS. KATHERINE SJOGREN Kress, Texas. Katherine’s Nafzger family line has the distinction of being able to trace her ancestors back eleven generations. It was her grandfather, Daniel Nafzger(1836 who emigrated to the United States in 1887 from Uttendorf, Switzerland. Naturally, Katherine is hoping that some of our Nafzger cousins from Switzerland will write to the News with information on other members of her family line from Switzerland.
— We are receipt of a nice card and letter from Faye FLAUGHER of West Chester,
Ohio. We are a little late in extendinci birthday wishes to FAVE for she ceie bratt her 78th. birthday or 0e:ember 3rd, 1979. In her letter, she relates how one of her aunts, Edna Noftsger used to tell them that they could trace their family line back to Switzerlnad. Thus, we have another Nafzger line from the USA waiting to hear from some of our Switzerlnad Nafzger cousins.
JESSICA MARIE NOFTZGER, born July 5, 1978 to MARK TODD NOFTZGER and Jody(Seddon)
Noftzger. JESSICA is a 10th generation descendant of Jacob Nafzger who landed
in America in 1750.
— — - . . -
We are happy to report an offer from BISHOP VALENTINE NAFZIGER of Milibank, Ontario, Canada to host a German Nafzger family if and when they come to visit United States or Canada. The area around Milibrook is a seedbed for many of our Canadian Nafziger ancestors including an early settle by the name of Christ ian Nafziger who settled the area in 1826. There are many other Nafziger fam— ilies that settled in Canada after emigrating from Alsace France. We appreciate Bishop VALENTINE NAFZIGER’S offer. Our thanks to him.
VAL NAFZIGER, R.R.#l, Milibank, Ontario, Canada, NOK 1LO.
e are sorry to report that photographs prepared by JIM And MARY HELEN (NAFFZIGER)HOOK of Hammond, Indiana of Ilibach, Germany could not be readied for publication in this issue of the News. They should appear in the next issue.
120 Edgewood Drive
Grafton, Ohio 44044

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