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The Nafzger Heritage News

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tbc IT’ critac Ac)n,I 
VOL. IX, No. 3 The Nafzger Heritage News SUMMER 1980 
The second German Nafziger family that will be visiting the U.S.A. is also named Gerhard. The Gerhard Nafziger family of 3579 Neukirchen, West Germany did not indicate in their letter when they will be checkingin the U.S.A. except to say that they have a trip planned and that they would like to make contact with other Nafziger families living in the US.A. 
Gerhard indicated in his letter that he would be interested in participating in a Nafziger exchange program which is a rather new and nice developrnent.The Gerhard Nafziger family would welcome a couple of U.S. Nafziger but no more than three when they are visiting Germany. We have sent Gerhard a list of Nafziger families who have indicated that they would accomodate a visiting German Nafziger family. And if you are interested in the exchange of visits, you may contact Gerhard by writing. 
Gerhard Nafziger 
Hassel berg’ 1 
3579 Neukirchen 
West Germany 
We have asked Gerhard and Edeltraut to telephone us as soon as they arrive in the states. We ask any Nafziger in the states who may want to extend a welcome or expression of courtsey to our visiting cousins from Germany to telephone us 
——(216) 458 8752). Perhaps, in this manner we can relay any messages to our visiting cousins for you. Hopefully, we can play a small part in bringing Nafzi— ger families together. Also, we have told •Gerhard and Edeltraut to telephone Nafzigers as they arrive in the various communities whfle traveling across the USA by consulting the telephone directories in the various communities. 
Of course, we recognize that Gerhard and Edeltraut have a very busy schedule planned for their trip to the states and they may not have time for as much visiting as some of us would like but we appreciate any opportunity to extend a welcome and sy hello to our cousins. 
Gerhard N,,a’fziger is 38 years old. He works for ,the I.B.M. Company in Germany. Gerhard ‘and Edeltraut lives at Stock— dorf,West Germany which is a suburb just south of Munich. They are parents of two sons; Stefan,ll years old and Claus, 8 years old. Gerhard does not speak English so Edeltraut is the spokesperson 
for the translation. 
Several German Nafziger families are planning visits to the United States in the very near future. Gerhard and Edeltraut Nafziger will begin their trip at Munchen, West Germany when they board a plane to fly to New York. They will arrive in New York City on June 21st. and continue onto Chicago with the arrival time set for the windy city on June 23rd. From Chicago, they expect to visit Salt Lake City, Yellowstone National Park, Phoenix, Tombstone, Flagstaff, Kayenta, Nashville and finally — back to New York City for their return fligh back to Germany. The entire journey is expected to last for three weeks. 
fl A A A A,., 
I am working on the Noffsinger (Peter) and I am trying to correct some of the information that you sent me.I agree that there is quite a bit of confusion in the information about the Coffman’. Hannah, the daughter of John Noffsinger, married Benjamin Franklin Coffman in Franklin County, Virginia. They had several sons but the one I would like to point out to you is John L. Coffman. On the sheet that you sent me, it is listed John’ F. Coffman that marries Eliza Bennett. This is incorrect, John L.Coffman married a Hayden. She is a sister to one of his brother’s wives(Hayden. I cannot account for the John F, unless he is the son of Benjamin, Sr’s brother, John? In the minutes of the County Court, a John Coffman’s estate is settled by his administrator, Benjamin Coffman, Sr. This was about 1815, John F. was born about the same time Ben Sr.’s first child was born. 
I can give you most of the correct dates of the births,,marriages and deaths of Ben Sr.’s children. I can also give the names of their children. Beyond that I am not sure. I can also give you some information about the names that were left out of Peter Noffsinger’s generations. I counted up and I am about the eighth or ninth generation.(both ways- John and Jacob). 
Dixon, Kentucky 
It has been a long time since I received your letter with information from Germany pertaining to Valentine Nafziger three birth certificates and two certificates of death. They were written in French - not German. We have a granddaughter living in Kalamazoo that knows some French and she has given us a great deal of help with the translation. I enjoyed her helping meand I want to thank you for passing it onto me. 
I wrote a letter to Rudolph Nafziger some time ago and received a nice letter from him. He is sure that we are related because our ancestors came from the same area and they also were Mennonites. 
Sturgis, Michigan. 
(Certificate information found on page 5) 
I am wondering if you can help me with a heritage problem. We used to know a Menno Nofziger and family - also a brother to him that I do not remember his name. We used to take my mother(Lizzie) to the family reunion in Archbold, Ohio during the 1925-30 period. We met Menno at the reunion. My mother was born in 1882. I believe he could have been near her age. They had one daughter-I do not remember her name. 
Also, I remember a aunt Lizzie Sickle or maybe Siegel. We have a picture of her with other members of the family. I would like to know other persons that could give me information from the Arch— bold area. 
Also at the reunion, I remember my sister and myself singing German songs when we were very young. 
My mother’s name was lizzie Gerig. Her sisters were Mary Fielitz and Katie Schlatter. Her brothers were Sam, John, Dan! and J. K. Gerig of Gràbill. 
Woodburn, Indiana 
Editor’s Note — We believe that the I9enno Nafziger mentioned in this letter is a descendant of Johannes Nofziger who landed in America in 1847. He was married in 1894 to NoraRobinson(1869— ) They lived in Fulton County until they moved to Missouri. Still later, in 1919 they moved to Col’lidge, Arizona. Children of Mennon and Nora are Hugh, Jessie Violet, Beulah and Mervin.If our records are correct,Menno’s brothers and sisters are as follows: Nicholas(died at the age of 2 years), Daniel, Catherine, Mary, Leo, Eliza, Barbara, Susanna, John, Mattie, Sarah, Anna, and Ida. 
Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur 
W. Nafziger of Hopedale as they mark their 50th. wedding anniversary with a celebration. Hosting the anniversary celebration were their children, Betty, Jean Cender Fisher;Patricia Murphy, Faye Conltas; Paul and Joel. The Nafzigers are descendants of Christian Nafziger of Hopedale, Illinois. 
Our thanks to Louis R. Noffsinger of Arlington, Virginia for reporting his thinking on the recently publized heritage book by Beatrice Bagley. We did not 
- 2 order a copy of the publication. 
We are impressed with the work completed by L. Earl Naffziger of Saskatchewan, Canada. He has been collecting information on the Joseph Naffziger family line. Joseph married Barbe Janzi and they had five children. Joseph and Barbe left France in 1840 with three of their children (two had not been born yet) and arrived at New York City with their fourth child. Their fourth child, Johannes was born at sea. The family lived in Ontario, Canada about ten years and about 1850 or 1851; the family moved from Canada to Lee County,Iowa.In about 1868, the family moved to near Melvern, Usage, Kansas. The family was Mennonite and their family records are written in German. 
Although more work needs to be done, we believe that Earl’s initial findings are very significant. Descendants of this family line are found in Missouri, Washington, Iowa, Idaho. Somehow, we be— lieve that this particular family line will account for many Naffziger descendants found throughout the midwest once various Naffzigers have been place into into their proper family line.About 1845 the spelling of the name for this family line changed from Nafziger’ to Naffziger. We have had a difficult time trying to place the many Naffzigers found in the far west and mid—west into their proper family line. It would appear to us that Earl’s information may enable us to do so in the near future. 
More Letters 
I note from the Nafzger book(Richer’s publication) that Christian and Elizabeth Naffziger Gingerich’s 8 children are listed on page 118.However, when I look at the Vol. III, No 2 issue of the News, I cannot find any descendants of this couple. If you are currently lacking this information,I perhaps can help you, as a member of my family has made quite a thorough search of our Ginger— rich family. 
I had a fantastic trip to Europe concerning Mennonite history in France, Switzerland, and Germany last summer under the leadership of Dr. Delbert Gratz of Bluffton College in Bluffton, Ohio. Part of our itinerary included stops at the Salni where my great, great great, great grandfather, Jacob Kupferschmidt, was a Mennonite leader in the leader in the 1700’s and gradfather of my Gingerich ancestors. I slept in the home he built in 1790. I also had the opportunity to meet Willi Peterschmidt, current Mennonite leader and my third cousin, the chance to stay at the home of Richard Hertzler at the Weierhof in Germany, whose great grandfather and my great, great, great, grandfather were brothers, and the accidental meeting of Dr. Ortwin Peterschmidt at the Mennonite Church in Zweihrucken — also a relMRS. OLAUSE A. MOE 
Faribualt, Minnesota 
Our thanks to Wilmer A. Nafziger of Gridley, Illinois for his periodic report of recent happenings of Nafzigers in the central Illinois area. Periodically, Wil— mer supplies the NEWS with the latest 
clippings from the local newspapers on the recent births, deaths and marriages. We are grateful for his untiring effort in behalf of our heritage. 
We hope some of out German cousins will send us their picture. We will reprint them in the News for the benefit of our readers. It would help us if the picture is in black and white as color pictures offer some difficulty in getting them reprinted for the News. 
We are sorry to learn of the death of 
Waldo A. NoffsinQer of Continental, Ohio. 
Waldo passed away December 16, 1978 of a 
heart attack. He was born January 16, 
1909 and is a descendant of Rudolph Noffsinger who landed in America in 1749. 
More letters . 
We appreciate the interest of Dean F. Noffsinger of Green Valley, Arizona in the heritage of the Rudolph Noffsinger family line. Recently, he forwarded an updated list of descendants of this line. Also, he provided us with corrections to the Rudolph Noffsinger’s workbook that we prepare some time ago. 
FrÜhe Nafzigers 
geb.22.2.1780 Uberau, Sohn von 26,oo 1.12.1801 
Fischer vom Edenbornerhof, Kinder: Peter 1804, 
Barbara 1811 
der Ilibacher, geb.?, vermutl. Sohn von Peter(22), 00 Elisabeth 
Danner, stirbt vor 1797, Witwe heiratet Johann Peter N.26. Sohn: 
Peter geb. 7.6.1790 Ilibach 00 14.12.1817 in FreinsheimJakobine 
Schwarzentruber (lt.Urkunde) geht mit Kindern Daniel, Elisabeth, 
Magdalena, Marie, Johannes, Peter nach USA und stirbt auf der 
29. Peter geb. urn etwa 1750 + 1813 Hof Ludwigsburg bei Seelbach/hessen 00 
1.E.Kath.Nafziger,2.Ehe Magdalena Schantz geb. 1758 auf Langenberger 
hof bei Weller i. Els. 1771 in Hochheim bei Worms 1780 Ludwigsburger ho Kinder unbekannt 
30 Valentin geb. 1763, lebt in Hochehim, 00 Magdalena Spring (viell.vorh.Schon andere) und hat mit ihr 1798 Sohn Jakob, der nach USA auswandert. Vieileicht vorher weitere Kinder z.B.Peter 24?. Valentine stirbt 1800, Witwe heiratet Valentin 31 Nach 1802 
1769, Muller in Gauersheim, i.Ehe mit Magdalena Fischer und 
Christian geb.1802 + 1826 lt.Urkunde, nach 1802 2. Ehe MagdaSpringer, Witwe von 30 (+1806) mit ihr Sohn Valentin 1805, der 
Kath.Nafziger aus Uberau heiratet, nach 1806 3. Ehe mit Elisa— Beck von Neustadt, weitere Kinder Johann + Elisabeth 21.3.1811 
32. Valentin geb.1748 auf Fleckensteinerhof, 00 Elisabeth Nafziger, lebt 1782 
auf Ludwigsburgerhof b. Seelbach/Hessen stribt 1826 auf Hó’rderhof, 
nach Merk.Wiesbaden Sohn von Johann 7, Sohn Johannes geb.24.6.1782 
verh.rn.Barbara Schanz, Hôrderhof 
33 Valentin der Urbacher, geb. 1757 Steinseltz, Sohn von Johannes 5, verh.m. Anna Esch, lebt Engeishof, H&llenhof und stirbt 1827 in Urbach lt.Erna Guth, Nachkommen siehe Men.G.B1.l959 
34. Valentin der Steinbacher, mit Bruder Christian (16)1780. Bewerber urn den 
Steinbacher Hof, Sohn von Johannes 8, Ehefrau vielleicht Madeleine 
Maurer (Tochter Madelein 37 J.geb.Steinb.Hof stirbt 1825 als 
Witwe Keller in Keskastel lt.Hochst’ttler) 
35. Valentin geb. 1791 in lilbach, Sohn von Peter oo 1822 in Hôchst Katharina 
Scherf, Kind Peter am 21 .11.1822 
36. Valentin geb. 21 .7.1791 Uberau, Sohn v.Joh.Peter 00 Elisabeth Irnhof vorn 
Willsteinerhof, gest 1836 Uberau, Kinder: Magdalena, l8l9Christian, 
Peter, Katharina, Johannes, Magdalena, Jakob, Valentine 
37. Andreas geb.3.7.1797 auf Schottenhof bei Saaralben, 00 15.11.1825 in 
Keskastel Marie Mailer, Sohn von Valentin Nafziger und Susanne 
Somrner auf Schottenhof gest. (viell.Sohn von 34) 
27. Peter 
28. Peter 
in Hochheim Jakobine Anna Kath.l806, 
31. Valentin 
So hn lena 

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