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Nafzger Heritage News Vol I No 3
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tjjc ff? J ii
Vol I,. No. 3
August 4. 1973
Christian Naftzger was born in 1765. He was married to Juliana
• Huber. Juliana was born in 1766 and I a the daughter of John Ulrich Huber, Michael, Christian, Jacot John, Joseph, Barbara, Nancy, Eliiabóth and Lydia were born of the marriage. As near as can be ‘de termi ned, Michael i a one of the few Naf tger m ale descendants of Jacob to remain in the Lebanon, Pennsylvania area. It would aope ar that all of the other male descend- an is of this ii ne left Lebanon Co unty for Ohio in the early 1800’s. Christian d ed In 1829. Jullana died in 1853. Both are burled on a small family cemetery on the homefarm just north of Palmyra, Pennsylvania,.
jacob N aft ‘ger wa s married to Magdalena Bow man who was born in1767. Ma is the dau ghter of Abralia m Bowman. Ver y little. Information have been un covered about t he couple. The names of, the children, if any, are not known. We do kupw that they were married at the time of her father’s death in 17 86 and also atthetimeof Jacob’s death in 1783. Also, Magdalena’s brother,’ Abra ham Bowman, Jr. and his wife,
‘ Christina Kreider moved to Stark
County. Ohio in 1829. Eli 7abeth
Bowman, daughter of Abraham
Bowman married Gootge Har’ ter
1n anä moved to Ohio in 1805 ‘ It is a beli oved that Jacob was a
circuit minister and traveled about agr eat deal.
Many Na.f7ge rs ‘c I be I nterested I n the above ohotograp h. It i s John Naft7ger who was born in 1780 in Leb anon County. Pennsylvania. He isagrandsonofJacobwho entered the United States 1nl750. When he first came to Ohio, John re sided i nHarrisonCountyfor about four years. He moved to Wayne Count In 1816 or 1817. J hn was married to Eli7abeth Rider. John Joseph, Josiah, Jermiah, Ephraim, Eli7a, Sarah, and Itebecca were the names of their oh ild rem. After the death of Eli7abeth in 1829, he was married to Catherine Haag.
Cont’d on Page S
Apparently, Jacob fared better than many other Ger mans In tb misguided venture to England in search for passage to Americi Heappearedtohave departed with wi th enough of his allowed pos seslons to establish his family I Lebanon County In short orders As early as 17 51, hi s name begins to appear on the effective tax list In Pennsylvania. JleIslistedas having land, horses, and cattle
for both 1771 and 1772. He applied for a land warranty in 1755 from
the State of Pennsylvania for twc tracts of land of 100 acres and 50 acres By 1779 the taxable It ems on Jacob’s farm were reducing but the names of hi s children be gin to aopear. - Jacob died in 17 83 and according to one source, hI burial site i an unmarked site at Bindnagle’s ch urchy ard cemetery. Jacob left a will which we have reproduced in this issue of the Naf7 Her itage News.. We though it w make Interesting reading. As thE will states, Jacob was mwrl ed to Anna and Is th e fat her of fo w Children, Jr,seph. Christian. Ja cob and Barbara. One ]aughter died in i nfancy.
Jacob Nafzger Lands in America in 1750
settles in Lebanon County. Pennsylvania
Jacob Naf arrived in America in 17 50 on the ship “B rotherho ad’ It was an English ship that left the port of Rotterdam in Holland. SIncE only the names of the adult males were listed on the captain’s passen ger lists, it probably that he was accomnanied by his family. Jacob’s iourney was a long one. He left Germany for Coves, England because Engli sh off tel ala had made some 1 ucratatlve promises to the Germans who wer e being nersec uted at the tim e. Some German s wer e stranded as long as two years in England trying to secure passage to America. It is not known how long Jacob was stranded but it is known that he
returned to Rotterdam for hi a passage to America.
. I, No 3
August 4, 1973
ing costs. Thus far, we haven’t been able to recover even the postage costs thr’o ugh the donation plan, but it may improve as we continue. Presently, the newsletter is being sent to 2,000 Nafzgers throughout the United States. We are considering a move to subscriptions. It would reduce the number being sent, throughout the U.S. and our postage bill. A decision will be made prior to the publi cation of the next issue. If the move to subscriptions is necessary, all pest and pres ent donations will be applied to the subscription price.
*******	LETTERS	****ic**
Dear Editor,
I read a copy of The Nat zger News at my father’s house. Please put me on your mailing list and send me two additional copies.My fath er is Daniel B Nafziger. My sister is listed on the chart, but there are nine of us in the family so I have enclosed list of them ‘or your records.
MRS. EDGAR H UL..RICH Mt. Sterling, Illinois
Dear Editor,
I just received The Nafzger Heritage News and enjoyed it very m Enclosed a check and I am looking for-- ward to receiving future issues. My father in Sturgis, Michi gan is our family historian and I believe he has been supplying you with information on our famly line.
D M NOFS M Georgia
Dear Editor, Many thanks for including me
among those to receive the News. It is a most interest ing publication and serves to again whet my appetite regard ing the name I bear.
Though I have never delved into the subject it has been in triguing. Perhaps I was too lazy or didn’t really know where to begin. At any rate I’m glaa to,with your help, get another insight into the name and its many changes.
Do you, by the way, have the following on your list? If I can be of assistance, please call on me.
Toledo, Ohio
Editor’s Note
The Nofzigers will be fea tured in a future issue of the News. Thanks for the names.
You must be the writer in the famly. Other Nafzgers have been sending me your articles and calling my atten tion to the fact that we have a writer of considerable im portance in the family.
Dear Editor,
Your Heritage News is very interesting. Keep upthe good work.Would you please send a copy to my sister. Address enclosed. Keep us on your mailing list. The new address has been enclosed.
Anaheim, California
Dear Editor, The Nafzigers held their re union a week a9o.The news letter created considerable in terest. I guess the real test of interest will be theresponse from other Natzgers. L_aVeta and I spent two even ings lest week collecting data. Just Friday, we visited with descendants of Magdalene Naf ziger(l820_ls7l) that married Christian Sutter.We gathei-ed Iot of good informaton. - CARROLL NAFZIGER Miner, Illinois
Editor’s Note Carroll contributed mjch of the information for the second issue of the News. The sec— cond issue was prepared,for the Daniel Naiziger family re union. Mail service delays, printing breakdowns,and dead line dates resulted in the omission of some good ma terial he had submitted for the second issue Our apolo gies to Carroll. Ft is eVtort included a trip to Ohio so that we could visit and compare notes. Thanks again,CarroII.
Dear Editor,
Enclosed herewith please find check. I refer to Col I, Page 3 of Vol I, No. I ‘ iel Nafzger who moved with all of his family excepting’ one son to the U.S. and settled in Green County, W I would appreciate the named of the tamly historian.
Stanley, Wisconsin
120 Edgewood Drive
Gratton, Ohio
C. E. Nat tzger Kathleen Nattzger
We welcome fetters and will publish as many as we can find space. The list of letters writers for this issue came from ten states. It is impossible to print all the material contributed. material
will be used in some future issue. We appreci— ated your letter and hope ;you will write again.
We reserve the right to edit the material for publication
‘We appreciate the donations
to cover the printing and mail— :********LET TER S **************LE T TER S
- Page Two -
Vol 1, No. 3
LETTERS ***************LETTERS ****************LETTER
* **
Dear Editor,
Thank you for sending me the News. I am a direct de scendant of Matheis Nafzger. I published a book on the tam ily a few years ago; and a member of our family visited Switzerland last Christmastime. She located the original Naf zger homestead and took pic tures of the 400 year old home- and views of the farm. Will you please give me your source for the statement that the home stead was in Thun? Our facts gotten from the records led us to the only land granted to a Nafzger was this homestead in Uetendori,near Thun. Matheis and not Matthew were the spell ing of both. father and son who were the only two Nafzger fam ilies in the 1790 Berks County Census of Population.
Also, will you enlighten me on the statement that Matheis was married twice. I have
Con — next column
Your letter illustrates one of the major functions of the newsletter-—we can discuss and compare information.The information relating to Thun, Switzerland as birthplace of of Matthew or Matheis and the fact that he was twice married came from my cor— espondence with Foster Naft zinger of Reading, Pa. His collection of information on the Naftzinger is very impress ive and I am sending you his address so that you can ex change information.
The Indian story came from Paul Hostettler of Han den,Connecticut who related
it to me in a letter as an in cident of many years ago while he was researching hiE family line. Foster would be the first to correct me on the Indian story and I knew this at the time of printing. How ever, it is important to our readers to know that both
C - next colum
never found that fact, but hope to be corrected if wrong.
Joseph Naftzinger gave me his writing in 1936. He was an undertaker in Hamburg.He made no mention of an Indian attack on the homestead. In fact, he wrote that during col onial times, “you know that part of Berks County suffered much from atrocious Indian massacres from 1753 to 1770. However, while the pioneer of our family lived with t family almost ;n the middle of these troubles,we . after care ful exar of the list of persons slain,cannot find one person by our name who !ost his or her life to the Indians” Could your account of the death of a daughter of Matheis at the hands of Indians be con fused with the fact that Matheis is buried at the gable end of his barn. At the present, it is an unmarked grave. We hope
Cont’d - next column
accounts exist and they can believe or discard either or 9th accounts. The purpose of the News is to explore and collect such accounts for our readers.
Your suggestion that the name is Matheis, not Matthew is interesting.I began my study by using Matheis until correct— edby Foster. He convinced me and I switched to Matthew. will use both names with an “or” in between until the point has been clarified.
I visited the cemetery on Jacob’sfarm. At the time, I did not know enough about the family to fully appreciate my Visit.
We will be happy to publish any pictures you may want to show our readers. May I suggest that you have a re print made at a nearby photo shop rather than risk sending the original through the mails.
the DAR will erect a In... ment, soon. His son, Jacob owned a large farm about 1/2 mile away. On Jacob’s farm s an old private cesmeteryand here we found and took pic tures of the fieldstone mark ers of Elizabeth (first one in terred here),
I have a number of pictures of the farms and buildings of Matheis and Jacob. However, I do not have any pictures of the members of Matheis, Jacob or Peter’s family except Reb ecca who was my great grand mother. Do you know anyone who may want to exchange pictures
I could go on and on, if time permitted. I enjoyed your publication. You deserve a lot of credtt for a mountain of hard work -—- but isn’t it fun
Mrs. Hugh Shaw FredericRs Williamsport, Pennsylvannia
Dear Editor,
Enclosed please find do nation for your publication. I enjoyed reading the first two and. wish you the best in the future. I believe it will stir some interest gathering ma terial on the Nafzgers. Enclosed is material I copied and would be of interest to Clair. Sorry, I cannot fill you in on the end of the bio graphy. During recent trip to Lebanon County, I copied a few tombstones relating to the Nafzger family but felt they would be worthless unless tied Into a family line. If you wish, Ican send them to you. Good luck on the venture.
Reisterstown, Maryland
Editor’s Note
Good material on Dr. John
S. Noffsinger of Maryland. Also, the publisher would appreciate the cemetery list ing to see if it can be tied to a family line.
- Page Three -
August 4, 1973
•4 LETTERS ******* LETTERS ********
Thank you for copies of The Nafzger Heritage News. We will be looking forward to re ceiving additional copies as they are printed. It is a gr eat idea to have one source or clearing house for all the information so that all inter ested persons can compare notes and not duplicatie or clearing house for all the Information so that all inter ested persons can compare notes and not duplicate so much work.
My great uncle has done extensive research on our various lines and he gave me all of his work last summer. Wnile browsing through some of the notes, I found this bit of information which may con firm the name of .John Noft singer’s wife. In the book, “History of Dauphin and Le banon Counties by W.H.Egle on page 336 — Joseph Forney of Londonderry died prior to 1795 leaving a wife and child ren, Joseph, John, Elizabeth who married John Nafzgar; Anna who married etc.
Editor’s Note
You may have a clue but the information from the “his tory of Dauphin and Lebanon Counties” is complicated by the fact that Jacob(who is fea- turedinthisissue)lived in the area end he had two grand children and at least four great grandchildren named “John”. To cloud the picture more,Matthew lived just east of Jacob in Berks County and he had a child and some grand children named “John” I be lieve the John Naftzger you refer is the grandson of Jacob who married Elizabeth Rider. His picture has been published in this issue of the News.
Dear Editor, Enclosed is detailed infor maton or, our fam1y line. We just returned from Europe a few days ago. We met a Nafziger in Germany who speaks English. His aunt is doing much the bame type of research in Europe as you are doing in the United States. We thought you would enjoy corresponding with him so I have listed his address on the reverse side of the card.
Hopedale, Illinois
Dear Editor, I enjoyed reading The Nafzger
Heritage News. All I ever knew of the family that two brothers came from Germany and settled in PennsyI My husband’s father, George Washington Nafzger was a carpenter. They had seven sons and two daughters.
My two daughters, Wanda Rogers and Nancy Hindman thought the photo of Clair Naftzger and my husband,
Chauncey	carried a resem—
blence.	I am interested in
your work and wish you con tinued progress.
Mrs. C. E. Nafzger Columbus, Ohio
Editor’s Note
There are msny Nafzgers in the Columbus,Ohio area and most of them retain the orig inal Swiss spelling of the name. Almost all of them are descen dants of Jacob who is featured in this issue of the News, The photo likeness can be attri buted to the fact that the two lines, C{ and Chauncey’s are both descendants of Jacob who entered in 1750.
Dear Editor,
I enjoyed the Nafzger Her itage News very much and_ hope you will keep us on your mailing list. I am the family historian of our line and I would like to Visit with you during the week of August 6th.
Editor’s note
Visiters are always wel comed. We can be assured of a good visit if a call is placed sometime near the visit. Home Phone is (216) 322-6402; Work Phone (216)
Dear Editor,
Thanks for sending The Nat zger Heritage News, It is interesting and was a pleasant surprise. I want to wish you every success. Enclosed a check to send four addition copies. One copy will go K Ernst Nafzger of Switzerland. of whom I am n correspond. ance.
Dear Editor,
I found your newspaper to be very interestin9 am happy that someone ; is undertaking such an interestin9 venture. We will be following the news with interest. For your rec-4 ords,Adof ph Nafziger arrived in the USA in 1927. Enclosed is the information on his tarn ily line. Adolph came from Prassens, Germany. MRS.GEORGE NA Cincinnati, Ohio
Dear Editor,
Enclosed is detailed infor mation on our family line to, your records.
ROGER NOFZIGER Goshen, Indiana
- Page Four --
Vol 1, No 3
Dear Editor,
I was so glad to get the the June 10th issue of the News. Ihave a copy of our family tree which was com pile in 1955. It goes back
$	as far as my great grand
father who was born in 1802
and died in 1856. The John
you write about In the news
who was born in Bushing--
Lottering, Germany must
•	have been my great grand
father. I always heard they
came from around Alsace—
L.orine. Is this near bush—
ing Lottering? Did this John
have any other brothers and
sisters other than his brother, Chri ?
Rockford, Illinois
Editor’s Note
Yes, it must be your gr eat grandfather. Your grand father, John, married Anna Garber in Germany in about 1832. In the fall of 1837,they emigrated to America with some relatives and friends including Christian Esch, grandfather9f Rev.Ben Esch
who settled in the same area. John and Anna made their home during the first winter with Chris, who lived four and one half miles north of Metamora. The following year
1838, they purchased a tract of land about three and one— half miles northwest of Wash ington from a Mr. Brown— field. They were looking forward to the time when Mr. Garber,andhiswife,the par ents of Anna could come to America. They started their trips via the way of New Or leans (same route as John and Anna) but misfortunate struck enroute. While Travel ing through Memphis, Tenn essee via boat, they were felled by yellow fever and never recovered. They were
‘ both buried at Memphis. I Cont’d - Next Column
Dear Editor,
Thanks for sending us the Nafzger Heritage News. I am the daughter-in-law of John Nafziger(No.42l). John who is $8 years old, is not able
to write much anymore so I have taken over the task. My husband is Vilas. I have en closed some information for your records. You may be confused when you read that my mother is Barbara Ann L.itwiller who was a Naffzi ger. She is the daughter of Peter J. Naffziger and her mother was Magdalena Nafzi ger. Presently we are writ ing to John S. Nafziger at Brunner, Ontario, Canada. His father’s name was An drew and his grandfather was Samuel Nafziger who was born in Trebo, France in 1830, and emigrated to Canada in 1856. Isn’t th;is the same one who is mentioned on page 3, Col I, Vol I, and No I.
Minier, Illinois
Editor’s Note
There is plenty of good Nafzger history in ths letter. Peter J Naffziger of Grover sheimwill befeatured in ano ther issue, of the News.Peter
was reported quite well in the book published by Mrs.Richer in 1939. There is a very large Canadian line of Nafzi— gers and they trace to Sam uel Nafziger of Trebo, France Ezra Nafziger of Intercourse, Pennsylvania is the family his torian of the Canadian line of Nafzgers. Thanks for all of the good information.
Note to Marvin S Nafziger
would be interested in a de tailed listing of your family line. I do not have much in formation on the line. So far, it is a very small line.Please Write.
Auguet 4
Dear Editor, Congratulations on The Naf zger Heritage News. We wisp you every success. Check is enclosed. May I ask the identity of Andrew Noffslngei who is listed In the county his tories of Darke—Montgomer-y Ohio. He Is credf ted witi “building a blockhouse against the Indians In 1813”. I bellev the location is Neave town ship.Was he the son of John and Catherine Noff singer of Pennsylvania?
Are you planning any sort of query column In future issues? This has been a diff icult feature to begin and to continue In the Bigelow Societ> Quarterly.
Have you considered print ing newsletters for other fam flies? Are you a printer or in the allied graphic arts fielc Recently while in the suburb of Jackson,Michigan, my hus band notice an outlet for Naft ziger Ice Cream Products. Time did not permit him to stop but he promses to do sc on the next trip.Best Wishes The Bigetow Society
Mrs. E. L. Bigelow Jonesville, Michigan
Editor’s Note
According to Mrs.Richer’s publication “Historyof the Naf zger Fam!ly in America”, Andrew was the son of Rudoip who enter in 1749. Can an of our readers make the con nection of Andrew Nofisiriger to John who was the son of Rudolph.A query column ma develop. It would be nice but there are no plans for one We are not interested in print• ing other newsletters——one is enough. The publisher is nc a printer nor a writer. He i5 presently employed as Directc of Community Services at community college in Ohio. We hope some m of th Naftizger Ice Cream Products will write
LETTERS **************LETTERS ****************LETTERS
- Page Five -
Vol I, No. 3
August 4, 1973
Barbara Nafziger was married to ‘Peter Livengood. Penn syl vania c4lnmonwealth land office re cords show that Peter and Bar ba ra obtained a I and w arran ty for a tract of land in Cumberland County in 1775, Other warrant ies were obtained in 1785 and 1799. Peter and Barbara are the oa rents of Chri sti an, B arbar a, Chri attn a, Peter Jr. Mary, Anna, Catherine, Eli7abeth, Franey and John. A family tradition tells of the coming of Peter Liven good’s family from Berks to Somerset (then Bedford)County. The time Is calculated by determijiing the da to of birth of a daughter named Elizabeth, It was in a crude shel— ter beneath the ap readingbrax of a large sugar maple tree at the site of their cabin homestead. The family wa a camping out, pending the completion of their log cabin at the site when Elizabeth was born. The family Bible rbg later of Births fi xes the date as July of 1775. Note that the first land warranty was acquired in February of 1775.
JOHN NAFTZG (Wayne County
Cont’dfrom Page 1
Two children were born pf this rr$sge, one wbo moved to En d— tei and a not1 w moved to the otas. After e t of Cath rise, he married a rd time to tI’abeth Ya
In Wayne County. he was one of the original founders of the United Bre thorn Church I n Burbank, Ohio aid was for years one ofitsorin cloal suonortera. He built sever al griest mills in Wayne and har— rison counties and was considered uie of its outstanding farmers. He diedln 1866 andis buried atBur bank, Ohio. Hisdescendantsare found throughout the central and .westernp arts of the United States. (Editor’s note: The picture must repres ent one of the ear ly photos. It was taken shortly after the cam era was i nvented.)
The house pictured above is made of limestone with walls two and three feet thick and used to be sit uated on a road just north of Pal- myra in Lebanon County. Penn sylvania. It was built on land ac quired Jacob who enter in 1750. As near as can determined, four or five of the houses were built by descend ants of Jacob around Civil War days. It would-appear ownershin of the land by Naf de scend ants of Jacob ended about 1990. Presently, it is a oart of the Bethlehem Steel Cornoration limestone operation and the land is now one hugh strip nit. The old stone house oictured above and all other a along this road with the ex cepti on of the one nictured below ha s beendestroye din the sin pping process. We are watching with interest to seethat theburial sites of Ch ristia n(Jacob’s son)and Mich - ael(his grand son)are not destroyed by the liEestone ope ration. A let-. ter was sent to Bethlehem Steel Company asking for a I ett er of in tent but no reply was received. We ask the deace ndants of J acot’ wholivein the Palmyra area to ke op a watch on the stripping oper ation and help u s preserve this family cemetery. We owe it to our ancestors.
It w appear that Joseoh was born shortly after his father’s
‘rrival in America. He Is listed on the Pennsylvania effective tax lists in1779, Londonderr3r town- shin as having no acres, no horses no cattle, no she en and no tax re - r,uired. Itis not plearwhyhis name auoeared on the list. By 1789 he i lic-ted as the owner of n two horses, three cows and’)aid 4. S9nounds tax. In 17 80, Jacob conveyed some land to Jos eph. The land of fice in Harrisbux lists Josen h Naf7eiger anolying for 12 acres of land under a warrant3 in 1774. He w as acces sod taxes 01 the land in 1786.
He was married to Anna(last
name not known). The Census of Populati on Its ts Joseph Napsac kez with one male over 16 years, five males unde i1 6 years and Si X fe males. Joseph died In 1832 a.ndhia will lists five sons and at le ast three daughters. Children are hoq Christian. John, Abraham, Jos ep Barbara, Mag dalena and a daug hte who married Jacob Moss. His son, Christian died ortor to Joseph be cause the wiWsoecifled that a sh are of th e I nheri tance is to go to Christian’s c hil dren. It would an near that he soent hi a enti re liii in Lebanon County but attomots t find his burial site have been un successful to date.
It is diffic ult to belle ye that a . develop into a full time
venture almost overnight, but suci is the case of the News. The let ters are pouring In daily. All of the people connected with the
printing have full time jobs else where plus the editor will b e re turning to school. Th us, the next issue of the News will be pubIisb around the first of the year. The. it w b e published on a quarterly basis.
- Page Six -
JOSEPH NAF TZGER	(3rd. Gneration)
Eli 7abeth(Llvengood)MiIler
Barbara (liven good)Kei m
Peter Livengood
Cathertne(Llveng ood) Miller
Frances Livengood
Su sanna (Li vengo od) Ho chstetler
John C Livengood
Sa rah(Y oder)Hochstett br
Caleb Yoder
Jo shua Yoder
Mary(Naft7 ger)Snyd or
Nancy(naftzger)H ostett or
Catherine(Naft7ger)Sny der
Michael Naftzger, Jr.
John Naftzger
Christian Naftzger
Henry N aft zger
Joseph Naftzger
Adam Naftzger
Bonjami n Naftzger
Moses Naftzger Abraham Yingst
Catharine Yingst
Alice (N aft zger)Purdy
Emm a(Naft,’ger)Whitm ore
Alexander Naftzger
Daniel Naftiger
Eli 7abeth(Naft”ger)Lehman
Catherine Naft
El iiabeth(Naftvger)Meyer a
Rebecca (Naftiger)B eekley
- Sarah Naft?ger
_ Mary Naft7ger
Jane Naft7ger h vid Naftiger
hn Naftiger
Jacob Naft’ger
tDa Naft7ger B iddle Biddle
Jeremiah R Na! tzger
Ephrtarn H Naftzger
John Naft zinger, Jr.
Elizabeth(Naftz ger)How or
Hannah Naftzger
Ann Na.ftzger
Sarah(Naf tzger) Shilling
Josiah L Nsf tzger
Newell Naft7ger
Joseoh Naftzger
Leo nard Na! t7ger
Joseoh Naft7ger
Cather ine(Na!t7ger)P acker
Christian Nof7ger
Ann a(Naftiger)Allaman
Samuel Nofsker
Solomon Noftsker
Hannah N oft sker
Margaret(No ftsker)B axter
Ann a(Noftsger)Pri ce
Susann a(Noftsger)Porter
Mot lene(Noftsger)Bri 11
Mar3( Kno fsker)Biddle
Christ ina(Noftsger)H et7ler
Cather ine(Noftsger)B ash
Jacob Ylngst
John Yingst
Joseph Ylngst
Peter Yingst
Henry Yingst
Michael Nafzger
El izabeth(Nafzge r)Stlmmel
Jacob B Nafzger
Benjamin B Nafzger
Christian B Nafzger
george W Nafzger
John Nafzger
Nancy(N af7ger)Moore
Christian Naf7ger
Jo’ Na! 7ger
Michael Na f
Moses Nafrger
Eli 7abeth(Naflge r)Dou gherty
David Nat tzger
Samson Na!trger
Daniel Naftzger
Sarah Nofsker *
Jacob Naftzger
Cathar lne(Nofsker )Kail
Edward Lantz
James Lantz
Jesse Lantz
Cl eland La ntz
Christian Lantz
Andrew Lant7
Fanney(Lant7) Bair
Kate( Naft7 ger)Baker
Sarah(Naft zger)Gingerich
Amanda(Naftz ger)Stauffer
Fannie(Na!tzger)Gin gerich
Carrie May Naftzger
John A Nsf tzger
Jaóob Naftzger
Yank J Naftzger
Joseph Nat tzger
Lizzie Naftzger
Harry Na!tzger
Jenme Na!tzger
Cl ayton Naftz ger
John Wagner
Henry Wagner
Ellia GWagner
Mary (Wagner)Gruber
Elliabeth Ylngst
Michael Yings t
Alfred E Yingst
John Yingst	-
Samuel Yingst
Daniel Ylngst
Israel Ylngst
Emm a Yingst
Barbara Mn Hostet ter
Michael Hostetter
Sa rah(Hostett er)Wengert
Malinda(Ho stette r)Brandt
Anna(Ho stette r)Snyder
Catherlne(Hos Let ter)Westenber gei
Vol I, No. 3	THE NAFZ GER HERITA GE NEWS	Au gust 4,1973 —
RI chard Lantz
Henry A Hostetter
William H I zger
Thomas Nafzger
Adam E Nafzger
Henry N afzger
Adam E Naftzger
George Washington Na! zger
El Izabeth(nafzger)L isle
Jacob G Nafzger
Daniel Na!zger
William Nafzger
Josiah Nafzger
Wesley Na! 7ger
Mary (Naf7ger )Boa7
Calara Nafiger
Ja ne(La nt Swon ger
William H Lant7
Barbara(Lant7)P ters
- Page Seven -
Vol 1, No3	THE NAFZGER HERITAGE NEWS	August 4, 1973
Ernest C Naftzger
Edward Naftzger
John Noftsker
Rebecca Noftaker
Jo rmiah Noftaker
Mary Ann Nofteker
Sa mual No fts ker
Daniel Nftsker
Joanna Nof taker
Henry Nofteker
Ann Martha Noftsker
George Noftsk or
Catherine Nan7ger
Susan Naft,’ger
Betsy Naft7ger
Nancy Naft7ger — Joseph Na! tger
Benjamin F Naft7ger
John Garton Naftzger -
Lucinda Na fti ger
Benj am! n Packer
John Packer
Bernard Pack or
Mary A nfl Packer
Mary Elizabeth Packer.,
Catherine Ann Packer
Amnda K Packer
Amanda Naftzger
Nancy Jane Naftzger
SarahE Naftzger
George Na! tzger -..
Franklin Na!tzger
Charles E Na! tzger
Azro H Na! tzger
Johiel Porter Naftz ger
Estella Naftzger
Della (Naftzger)
Ella Naftzger
Etta Naftzger
Gorge Na! tzger
Sherman Naft zger
Earle J Naftzger
Jo sse(Naft ‘ger)O’Brien
Omer Na!t7ger
Ernest Carter Naft
Lesli e J Naft7ger
Mary E Naft ger
Newell R Naft 7ger
Cyrus L Naft7ger
Al bert Wade Naft7ger
Frank Naft7ger
Emm a(Naft7ger) Blandford
-Adell a(Naftrge Walter
A1 ic ger)Horn
Charles Naft7ger
Newell Na! tzger
Adam Shilling
Melvina lling)Cook
Mary (Shilling)Snith
Jerrniah Naft7ger
Sarah Naftzger
Mary Naffzger
John Naftzger
Catherine Naftzger
Elizabeth Naftzger
Mary Naftzger
Henry Noftsger
William Noftsger
Su sannal Noftsger) liman
Maha la( No fts ger) Ward
Nelson P Noftager
Sarah(Naf7ger)O chs
Levi GNaf7ger)
David A Naf
Henry W Naf7ger
Cl ara(Naf7ger)McC luex
Lucy(Na!t,’ger)Clous e
Sarah Yoder
Catherine Yod eP
David Yoder
Samuel Yoder
John Yoder
Jacob Yoder -
Moses Yoder
Samuel Livengood
Jeremiah Livengood
John Liven good
Peter Livengo od
Alexander Liven good
Eliza Livengood
Sarah Livengood
Elizabeth Livengood
Mary Livengo od
Eli zabeth(Naftzger)Bol in
Angeline(Naftzger)Scha ife r
Levi Jesse Naftzger
Julia (Biddle)Bri eke r
Jacob Biddle
Susan Biddle
Cordella Biddle
Samson Naftzger
David Midi son Naftzger
Sa rah(Naftzger)Lampaon
Lucil e(Naftzger)Bri denstln
Samantha Kail
David Nelson Kal I
Oscar V K
Jacob A Kail
ThonBa W Kail
Zorah M Kail
Willis Naft ger
Sarah Naft,ger
Wesley Na! t7ger
M lvtna Naftiger
William Naft?ger
Lorenie Na!t7ger
Franklin Naft’ger
Freeman Naft?ger
Jean Naft7ger
Mary E Naft7ger
Albert Naft
Sarah R Naft7ger
Cyrus Naft7ger
Emma ANa!t7ger
Frank Naft7ger
Adella Naftzger
Alice Naftzger
Sarah(NaIt zger)RichnDnd
Charles V Na! t?.ger
Clayton Ylngst
Margie Ylngst
Susie Ylngst
Eldis Ylngat
Ruth Yingst
Florence Landis
Irvin Landis
Mabel Landis
Zeim a Landis
Dalsey Naftzger
Elmer Naftzger
Clayton Wagner
Goorge F Wagner
Annie I Wagner.
Sadie M Wagner
Ja cob A Wagner
Catherine Gruber
Li ncoln Gr uber
F nnie Gruber
Ulysses a Gruber
Harvey Yingst
Thomas Ytngst
Lydia Yingst
V ctor Yingst
Ellen Yingst	—•
Polly Yingst
Harry Yingst
Al lce(Hostettei)Dohner
Sadie Wengert	—	—
Jacob Wenger t
ClydeE Wengert
Samuel HWengert
Katie W enger t
Carrle(Snyder )Zimmerma
Harry M erber ger
SteIla(W estenber ger)K enner
Harvey Westenbe rger
Carrle(Westenberge r)Hoffma
Irvin M Hostetter
Cora(Hoste tte r)Wengert)
Nora(Ho stette r)Ens mi nger
Curt! s Nab r
Florence Nab-ger •.
Carl F Naf7ger
Ida Naft7ger
Roy Naftiger
Maud e(Naftzger)Weéd
Hollis S Naftz ger
Lloyd Ash Naftzger
Fl oy(Naftz ger)K ope
Elmer Naftzger
Dorothy Naftz ger
Mabe l(Naft zger) Walter
Walter Naftzger
Howard Bland ford
Zella Blandford
Anna(Walte r)Heller
Mary (Bake r)Kaylor
Josiah Gingrich
Abner Gingrich
Mary St auffer
Kati St auffer)He trick
Emm a Yin
Edward Ylngst
Cora Yings t
Sa rah(N aft zger)Wfl 1
Catherine(Naftzger)Sho rt
E P Na! tzger
James L Naftzger
Charles E Na! tzger
Aitha A Naftzger
Lesli e Roy Naftzger
Merr Ill R Na! tzger
Ernest W Naft zger
Everett Riley Naftz ger
Hubert Naftzger
Clarence Naft7ger
Harry Naft,’ger
George Na! t
Robert Naft?ger
Charles Naft7ger
Edison Naft7ger
Thomas Naft7ger
Edith(Naft7ger)L ault
Samuel Naft,ger
Charles F Na! tvger
Arthur Naft,ger
- Page Eight -
Vol I,	No. 3	THE NAFZ GER HERITA GE NEWS	August 4, 1973
Urban S Naftzger
Homu A Na!tzger
Otto TNaft7ger
Arthur U Naft 7ger
Russel J Naft7ger
John W’ Naftz ger
Se Im a(Naft’ger)Seifer
Roger N Naft7ger
Elenore Richmond
Glen Richmond
Meral Richmond
William C Na
Ernest F Naft7ger
Ruth( Naft7 ger)Pow eli
James Karn
Ruth Karn
Nellie K am
El i7abeth Kar n
Edward Karn
Catherine Kar n
Hatty K am
Marion Karn
Charles Karn
Calvin A Naftzger
Saraii(Naft zger)Will
Catherine(Naftzger)Sho rt
Edward P Na! tzger
Charles E Na! tzger
James L Naft zger
Aitha A Naft7ger
Areta M Naftzger
Vera Whitmor e
Madge Wiii tm ore
Marie Whit more
Earl Whitmor e
Venus Whit more
Albert W Nafzger
James Monroe Naf7ger
Harey Ray Naf7ger
Dora(Na f7ger) He isel
Chaunce y Naf7ge r
Burton C Naf ger
Eohraim Yoder
Su sanna(yoder)C onrad
Adam Ir a Yoder
Mary (Yode r)Con rad
Alva C Naf7ger
Florence lone Naf7ger
William R Na! 7ger
George I Naf7ger
Daniel Naf7ger
Anna Naf7ger
Cl ara(Naf7ger)McC lure
Roy Naf7ger
Charles Nafzger
Nesley Nafzger
Thaddeus Nafzger
Harold Nafzger
Clarence Nafzger
Emm a(Swo nger)Eversole
Ada(swo nger)Gardner
Mary (Swon ger)Dysart
John Swonger
Maggie( Sw onger )Wils on
Pearl Swon ger
Fema Swonger
William Sw onger
Edgar Swonger
William Lantz
Charles F Lant7
Henry J Lant7
John W Lant7
Roland Lan t7
Laura L (Noftsger)V anDervort
Clinton Noftsger
B njaminNoscar
Charles N
Gerard B Noft sger
MiltonR Noftsger
J. W. Noftsger
Emily(N oft sger)Gla scock
Mariah(Nof tsger)Kipp
Eliza Noftsger
Jacob Noftsger
Robert D Noftsger
Willie E N)ftsger
Jacob Peters
Fred Peters
Martha Lantz
Ethel E Nafzger
Lile Miller Nafager
Mabel Nafzger
Mary M Nafzger
Vera G Na! zger
Harold J Nafzger
Lester H Nafzger
Mary (St auffer)Zeiders
Anna(Stauffer)En gb
Katherine Stauffe r
Eli7abeth Stauffer
Edwin Stauffer
Harry M St auffer
Samuel No fts ger
Garian John Naft zger
Martha(Naf tzger)Wi Ison
Norman P Na! t7ger
Pearl Whitm ore
Floyd Naft7ger
Lemuel L Na! t7ger
Maxwell A Na ft7
Donald A Naft 7gOr
Laura(N aft ger)Fet 7ee
Zella (Naft7ger)G roop
Leona (Naft7ger)Bupp
May(Naf t7ger)Sinclalr
Luther Lehman
Edwin Lehman
Maur ice Lehman
Fl ora(Naft zger)Hoffm an
Corbin Leh man
Martin Muihollan
George Muihollan
Fred Mulholta n Ida(Mulholl an)Go odrich Viola( Naftz ger)B han
Carri e(Naftsger)Bra den
Lu cii e(Naftzger)Bri denstine
No ra Muiholla n
Willis Muiholian
Charles Muiholla n
Charles Naftz ger
Ezelius Naft7ger
Nellie(N aft zger)Garmon
Fern Naft7ger
Emma (Meyer s)Fra zier
Su san(Meyers)Wickg
Elmer F Myers
Su sie(Beek ley)Bens
El I 7a(Beek ley)Kellar
Pearl(Beek Iey)Ober holtzer
Bl anch Beekley(Bruhaker)
Charles Be ekley
Mae Gingrich
Mary (Gingrich)E shieman
Lydla(Gingri ch) Mark
Addison Gingrich
Michael Glngr ich
Thomas Naft7ger
Gilbert Wengert
Irvin Wengert
Harold A H
John Ensminger
Henry E nsmlnger
Minerva Enaminger
C Dohner
Cl ayton H Dohner
Mabel Thhner
Mary Dohener
Gilbert Wengert
Irvin Wongert
Glenn Wengert
Clyde B Wengert
Elle M Wengert
Anna M Wengert
Phyllis Irene Wengert
Earl Zimmerman
George Wengert
Luke Westenberger
Dorothy Westenberg or
Ruth Keener
Helen Keener
Edna Keener
Pearl Keener
Al ice Hoffm an
Harold Hoffman
Twila(Naf7ger )Adams
Burl M Nafzger
Nancy(Nafzger)H indman
Wand a(Naft7ger)Rogers
Donald Naf7ger
Beverly(Nafzger)Ha ys
Larry K Naf7ger
Raymond 0 Nafzger
Florence Naf7ger
Wesley Na! zger
Leroy W Nafzger
Gladys Nafzger
Vivian Lantz
Frederick Lantz
Maloline Lantz
James Sloan
Vera( Sloan) Martin
Robert C Dierks
Ethel (Dierks)Fox
JohnW Corder
Earl Corder
Merle C order
Robert B C order
Duane M Naft7ger
MwlynK Naftzger
Cl air E Naft7ger
Richard A Naftzger
Thomas Naft7ger
Robert Naft7ger
El don D Bupp
Enola M Bupp
Ronald Sinclai r
Jane (Kaylor)Shaffn er
Harry Etter
Albert Ginger ich
Vi olet Gingrich
Ulysses Gingrich
Miriarn(Gngri ch)Wagner
Silva(Gingr i
Mary Lantz
Leona M Lant
Maxine Lant’
Milton Gardner
Frances Wilson
Faith Fletcher
Mary Ellen Fletcher
Hattie (Naf7ge r)Rowland
Russel .J Naft’ger
Dor I s( Na ft’ ger)F ree’ ian
Roger V Nat t’ger
Nor man.FT Naft7ger
William Naft7ger
Arthur Naft7ger
John Naft7ger
Bettv(Naft7ger)Sei fer
Russol Naft’ger
Clint L Naft7gor
John C Naft7ger
Tho mas F’ar nsworth
Ethel Bra den
Susan H Dierks
Danton R Diorks
- Page Nine -
Vol I, No.3	TIlE NAFZGER HERITAGE NEWS	August 4 1973
Robert E Will
Elaine LW111
Patricia C ort
S A ort
Sandra J Naft7ger
Ernest C Naft’ger
Wilma D NaIt’ger
Helen E N..ft ger
Charles E Nsft
Pamelo Jo Naft ‘ger
Virginia Lee Naft7ger
James L N t Jr.
Louts Dstage
Marie E Kocher
Diane Kocher
Kar en Faye Naft ger
Ver non C Naft
Ceofle i
Carol Powell
Katherine Powell
Richard NNaft
Mliii cent Naft
Gladys(Naft ger)R enner
Dorothy(N aft 7ger)Anderson
Lee Noftager
Henry Clay Noft,’ger
Gladys Noftager
Dorothy No fts ger
Lou Alda(Nosoar)Ftfe
Mary(Nos car)C rouse
Howard N oscar
Grant No scar
John W N scar
B’nJamtn Noscar
Garri G N
Maude(No fts ger)C haxnbers
John Harley No fts ger
Marion Noftager
Howard Lehman zsan (Lehman )Scott HoWard Hoffman
Janet E Aberne thy
Carol J
Tva N Wiley
Kenneth E Naft
Peter C Nait ‘ger
Juil a E (N aft ger)GIb son
Barbara A Naft ?ger
Wtllam D Naft ger
Walter Leslie Naft7ger
Dorothy J Naft
Ann Kathryn Naft’ger
Martha Ann Na! t7ger
Henrietta Naft
Lof a Y Naft’ger
eryl L Na! tzger
William S Naft7ger
Rob ecca S N aft ger
Paul 0 Naftiger
Mary Lou (Kope )Ber tram
Willis E Yodor
John B Yode r
Gladys Yode r
Ada Noftsgèr
Edna Nofteger
Nellie Noftager
Sarah (Noftsger)Morris
John B Noftager
Charles S Nofteger
Edna M Noftager
Mary A Noftsger
George S Nofteger
William T Noftsger
Cather in )Gerb or
Ado ha (Engle)H od
David W Stauff or
John N St auffer
Mir iam(Stauffe r)Books
Henry A Noftager
Neil J Naf
Henry D Yoder
Charles C Yoder
Harvey H Yoder
Willis Yoder
Grover C Yoder
Jam es Yo der
Em ost W Yode r
Raioh E Yoder
Gra ce(Yo der) P erech backer
Samuel H Yo der
Roy Oscar Yoder
Pearl (Yode r)Ames
Orville W Yoder
Aer ta( Naft7 ger)Stage
Calvin A Nat tzger
Ceo ge Bland ford
Pau un e(Blandford )St eiTher
Karl Kenneth Kope
Aud rtene(Ko pe)Gr ady
Calvin Naftzger
Robert Na ft” ger
Thomas Naft’ger
Harold Lehman
Harry Lehman
Ellis Shenk
Alma Shenk
Amy Eshleman
Mabel Eshleman
Mae Eshleman
Herman Gingrich
Ruth Gingrich
Jerry E Naf7ger
Thomas R Na! iger
Karen Htndman
Melania Hindman
Melil sa Hindman
Melinda(Ro gers)Toma
Sa ndra(Rogcrs)B iggs
Lisa Rogers
Laurie K Naf7gcr
Ti mothy Hays
Theadore Hays
Dirk Nafiger
Deanna Na! 7ger
DO ne so Naf7ger
G. Willard Noftsger
Elmer(Bu d)Naftzger
Ruth(N aft zger)Chorti e
Willard Merriman
Robert E Will
Elaine L Will
Patricia C Slior t
Sally A Shor t
Sandra J Naft
Frederick J Naft’ger
Robert E Naft7ger
Charles R Naft,’ger
William L Naft
Frederick J Na ft ger
Roy Naft7ger Jr.
&isanna (Naft’ ger) Weed
Howard James Na! t
Marvin E Naft
Sharon K Naft
Cather ine(Naft,ger) Moshak
Paul E Naft7ger
Sherman 0 Naft 7ger
Ernest C Naftzger
Wilma D Nat tzger
Helen E Naft zger
Louis DiStage
Marie E Kocher
Diane Kocher
Ezra Hurd
John Lee Bishop
William L Naftzger
Patricia Ruth Naft zger
Elizabeth (Naftzger thy
Jesse N Naft7ger
Dor othy(Naftzger)Wiley
Duane r”aftigei
Mar K Naft
ClairE Nsftger
Richard A Naft’ger
Eldon Buop
Divtd Lehman
Richard Groop
Eva (Clouso)Beekley
Robert F Grady, Jr.
Patricla(Grady)Be rtolami
James Naftzger
C Nafti ger, Jr.
Richard Naft
Millicent Naft gor
Kevin W Naft’ger
Wendi Sue Naft7gcr
Dawn P Naft ger
Anthony George Moshak
Both Ann Moshak
Jonathan E Moshak
Elivaboth K Na! t’ger
Juno Fot7or
Juno Morn man
Erie C Naftzger
Angola J Naft7 ger
Pamela J Na ftz ger
Virginia L Naftiger
James L Nat tzger, Jr.
Brian C Dierks
Dianna M Dierk.
Charles Sloan
Max Goodrich
Ton Goodrich
Coy Goodrich
Ger trude Mulholla n
Fay e Coo dri oh
Cha rio. Fra zier
Clyde Myers
T’ora Myers
Eli 7abeth(Na ft, ger)K Ii
Alda(N aft ‘ger)Dsnver
Ger trude(Naft’ ger)Clc
George Groo
Avery WI 111am.
Loyis(Arlfne)Y rgin
Pauline Blinn
Ethel (Braden) StrickIan
Milo B ridenstein
Albert Br aden
Harry Fetter
Ethel(Fet7er)Fros t
Wayne Le hmn
Helen(lehman)F ay
Har old Lehman
Ver a(Loh man)Hondilx
David Lehman
Ruth(Mulholl an)Hali
Glyoene(MuI hoilan)HI n
Mar nuette(Mulh oil an)U1
Dor ls( Mulhollan)Car ey
George Goodrich
Mily(G oodrlch)Hurd
En ola(Bupp )M tiler
Ro7’ald Slnclal r
Lol s(Le hman) Fuller
Nan Morris
me’ Morris
Ruth Morris
Blanche Morris
Ethel Morris
Br’ssie Morris
Harlie D Noftsger
Ann L Stauffer
Michael L Stauffer
Thomas Stauff er
Nancy Stauffer
Jack Stauffer
Donald Stauffe r
Theodore Books, Jr.
Jay Books
Donald Naftzger
Leland Frost
Elliott Liggett
David Liggett
Laura(Liggett )tholml I
Howard Taylor
Roger G roop
_______________ - -	—. — S
Gary Or oop
Shirley Groop
Doreen Carey
Patricia Carey
Darrel Uhi
Gerald Uhi
David Uhi
Doris TJhl
Miriam Myers
Dorothy Myers
David Naft’ger
Dennis Naft
Douglas Na ftP’ ger
Kenneth Na ft’ ger
Donald Naft-ger
Kathl een N aft -ger
Charles Noftsger
Richard Noftsger
Nor man Noftsger
Ros e(Nos car) Wfls on
Mary Noftsger
George Noftsger
Fay e(Noftsger)Fal ugher
Dor othy(Noftsger)Ramey
Edna Morris
Lee Morris
Donald Naft7ger
Larry Naft7ger
Robert Naft7ger
Elicla Naft’ger
Heather Naft7ger
Linda Buno
The Ima Mae Yode r
Opal (Yodor) Coleman
Leonard J Per schba cker
Jan Burtram Perschbacker
Warren Ames
Virgil L Ames
Thelma(Ames) Doyle
Betty (Ames ) Stimmel
Fannie Shaffner
Jesse Gingrich
David Buop
Jacr line Miller
Robert Hendrix
Edith Hen drix
Richard Hendrix
Sandra Hendrix
Robert Abe rnethy
Pa mela L. Aberne thy
Patri cia J Ba ntel
SusanE Wiley
Lisa Ann Naft7ger
David Scott Aber nethy
Jean E Wagler
Ernest Shenk
Mark C Wagner
Naomi M Wagner
Marilyn (Naft ger) Be ers
Sharon(Naf t xtheimer
Ronald He ndrlx
Rony a Leh amn
Maurice Lehman
DavId Lehman
Mark Lehman
Ronald W Doyle
Dennis G Doyle
Sandy Doyle
Carolyn (Ames)Tur ner
Jerry (Ames) Wyman
Jack Ames
Mark Noftsger
Robert Noftager Maria Little
Joseph Pang
Kathy Baloun
VI rglnla Ann Grady
Ruth Ann Grady
Paul Alan Grady
Robert Grady
Toni Bertolim I
Michael Be rtollmi
Jerry E Nafiger
Thomas R Naf7ger
Cinda A Nabger
Robert L Naf
Judy L Naf7ger
Burl D Naf7ger
Kimberly Toma
Phyllls(Noft sger)Fis cher
Alex N oft sger
Alan D Noftsger
Michael E Noftsger
NormanE Noftsger
Flora(Fla ugher )Ahrman
Harry R Fla ugher
JuIi e(Flaugh er)Mann
Marion A Flaugher
Christ opher Naft7ger
Rob ert A Flaug her
Donald E Ramey
Noami LRamey
Louisa Noftsger
Garri D Noftsger
Bre nda K Noftager
Vivian Noftsger
Warren Noftsger
Brian Noftager
Bar bar a(Col eman)An derso n
Tommy (Coleman) Knight
Frances (Perschb acker)Bryant
Otis J Perschbacker
DonaldW Stimmel
Glen L Stimrn el
Todd Allen Na1b
Christopher Naft7ger
Scott A Stoolmiller
Jerry L Frost
Terry L Frost
Julia Frost
Judy Frost
Bonnie SGroop
Amy L Stoolmiller
Arianna K Liggett
Tracy J Frost
Jacques L Nofeger
Robert W Nofteger
Juanita M N
Mark Noftsger
Robert Noftsger
Harry Graybill
Victoria L Naftiger
ChrI sooher Ramey Li sa B Anderson
Flint L Knight Scott Anderson
Jennifer Knight Debra R Bryant
Melanie L Anderson
Diana K Bryant
Dana L Br ya
We are collecting date on some 15,000 Nafzgers who lived in or are living in the United States since 1750. The data includes date of birth, name of pouse, marriage date, county of residence, names of children, and if deceased; date of death and burial site. In this issue of the Nafzger 1—teritage News, we are featuring the de of Jacob Nafzger who en tered the United States in 1750. Look over the list and see if you have any of the data for the names found on the list, If you have some of the data that we are seeking to perserve the heritage for future generations or if you find a descendant not listed, send the information ‘to The Nafzger 1-teritage News, 120 Edgewood Drive, Grafton, Ohio 44044.
Most of the names on the following list of generations of Jacob’s line have been charted and connected on one large wall chart (4 x 6 feet) while is too large for printing. For further Information on the names appearing on the chart, write the News.
- Page Eleven —
— - WIL..t.... rio ‘ p AM OF JACOB NOFZEIGER
In The Name of God, Amen. This 4th day of Aprile in the year- of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundr’c and Eighty Two, I, Jacob Notzieger, the elder, of Londonderry Township, Lancaster County,Yeomen,beir at the present sick and, weak In body, nevertheless of sound and disposing mind, memory and understanding. Thanks be unto God, calling unto Mind the Mortality of My Body and knowing that is is appointed for all Men once for to die do make and ordain this My last Wil and Testament, that is to say, principally and firstof all I recommend to the Earth to be buried in a Christian-like and decent manner and as tuching such worldly cc tate where with it hath pleased God to bless me in this Life, I give, d and dispose of the samein the lol lowing manner and fo lmprimus, it is my will and I do order the first place and that all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid off and satisfied as soon as conveniently may be after my decease. I give and
queath to my son, Christian Nofzieger, his heirs and assigns, a certain piece of land, it being a part of larger track whereon the buildings and improvements is on, adjoining to the land of Joseph Nofzeiger, John Bowman and the said Joseph’s small track, Michael Killinger and to the division line to a white oak marked three notches thereon near Killinger’s line and from thence along the middle fence till it comes to the road by the orchard and from thence along the said road toward my house so far along the road till it extends to a stone corner by said road, containing two hundred acres, be the same more or less, and also the full half part of a certain piece or parcel of land, adjoining the lands of Joseph Forney, Gerret Etters and Quitophe— ha chreek containing about forty acres, to be holden by him, the said Christian Nofzeiger and his heirs and assigns forever, It is my will and I do hereby order that my son Christian Nofzeiger, his heirs, Exor shall pay unto my daughter, Barbara, the sum of two hundred pounds in good hard money in pure gould and silver out of the aforesaid lands and that in yearly payments In the sum 3f twenty pounds yearly un til the full same to be paid. I give and bequeath to my son, Jacob Nofzeiger, his heirs and assigns all the remainder of my plantation and tract of land adjoining the lines of John Troxell (deceased), Michael Killinger and to the said white oak marked with three notches, and from thence along the middle fence till it comes to the great road by the orchard and from thence along the same toward the house and ‘tçom thence along the road by the barn till it extends to the said stone corner containing two hundred acres ‘to be the same more or less and a small tract or piece of land and’ meadow the same more or less ‘with water rights and also the on full half part of forty acres more or less adjoining the lands of Joseph Forney, Gerret Etters and Quitopsh ha Chreek to be holden by him and the said Jacob Nofzeiger, his heirs and assigns forever. It is my will and I do hereby allow and order that my son, Jacob, shall have the aforesaid lands for his part or share in my real estate, It is my will and I do order that my son Jacob shall delver unto my said wife, Anna, dur ing her life provided she remain my widow, one sufficient waggon load of se crop every fall to my bar-n or in the stable where she thinks proper. It is my will and I do hereby or and direct that my wife, shal live in the house where I now live in as long as she remains my widown, and it is my further will that in the case my wife shall decline to live by herself the, my son, Chr istian shall build her a sufficient house and as large as she thinks proper over the Spring if at any time or times where she doth request and put the same in sufficient order with a stove in the said house for her use and build a small stable near the said house for her cow. It is my will that my son, Christian shall deliver unto my said wife, Anna, as long as she remair my widow yearly and every year during her life ten bushels of good wheat and eight bushels of rey and gi her five pounds of woll yearly, and keep her one cow along with his cows winter and summer sufficient take the said grain to the mill and back again, the flower to her house and deliver unto her yearly one hun dred pounds of good and sufficient hogg meat, and thirty pounds of good beaff and allow her one-third part of gardain and deliver unto her one barrel of good sider and three apple trees the choice in the orchard and de liver unto her sufficient firewood for her yearly and cut the same for her, and to soc her one quarter of acr€ of flax yearly where and shen she thinks proper on said premises and deliver unto her ten pounds of hacklec hemp. I give and bequeath unto my wife my bed and bedstead and her close cheist and as much patter and p01 as she think proper. I give and bequeath unto my said wife one of the best cows in my stable for her use. give and bequeath unto my said daughter, Barbara, her cheist and bed and bedstead and a side-saddle and a good cow over and above what is hereinbefore willed and bequeathed unto her which shall be in full for all her part or share in my estate. I give and bequeath unto my two sons, Christian and Jacob Nofzeiger, all the remainder of my personal esate to be equally divided between them share and share alike that Is, money horses, cows and all my household furniture, waggons, and plows, and I do hereby empower my execufors hereinafter named to sell the same either by private or publick sale and divide the same between Christian & Jacob Nofzelger as aforesaid. It is my will and I do hereby order that in case the heirs of Jacob Engel sh_ ould happen to come from Jarmeney and there remains in my hands the sum of twenty pounds it is my will that my son, Christian Nofzeiger, Jacob Nofzeiger and my daughter, Barbara, ;should pay the aforesaid sum of the aforesaid heirs of Jacob Engle as soon as they demand the same, being five in number, that is to each of them four pounds. As I have paid for my son, Joseph Nofzeiger, the sum of one hundred pounds and up wards in hard money in gould and silver when I purchased the plantation and tract of land where he now five and whch I give him for his part or share in my estate. I also give and bequeath to my said son, Joseph Nofzeiger, the sum of five pounds in good pure gould and silver lawful capital money of Pennsylvania to be paid to him by my execs. hereafter named with one year after my decease, which sum of five pounds shall be in full for all his part and share to my estate both real and personal and no more, and it is my further will and I do hereby order and direct the aforesaid lands should be surveyed and divided between my two sons, the said Christian and Jacob Noizeiger as .abo mentioned within one year after my decease, and I do hereby empower my executors hereinafter named to cause the same to be divided and surveyed and ac cording to the bounds and limits aforesaid and ‘after -the same being done shall sign, seal and execute unto the said Christian and Jacob Nofzeiger sufficient release for their lands as aforesaid in fee simple. It is my will and I do hereby order that my said wife shall have only the aforesaid sum, of hundred pounds to be paid u$ her yearly as aforesaid and shall immediately quit all my aforesaid premises. And Lastly, I do hereby ‘mate, constitute and appoint my trusty friend, M Nofzeiger and Peter Hershberger, Executors of this, My Last Will and Testament her-by revoking, disannulling ‘and making void all former and other will and exe cutors by me heretofore made, ratifying and confirming this. This being written on two sheets of paper and no other to be my last Wfll and Testament. In witness whereof, I, the said Jacob Nofzeiger, have heróunto set my hand and seal of the day and year aforesaid.

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