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Nafzger Heritage News Vol VIII No 1
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Ije j JL3rritagc i
VOL.VIII, Number 1
Winter 1978
Four Nafzger Family Lines Marry
We received a letter extending and OPEN INVITATION for Nafzger descendants everywhere to attend the annual Noffsinger reunion at Osborne. Kansas on June 3rd. 1979. The Noffsingers of Kansas have been holding the reunion for a number of years for their immediate clan but for the 1979 year, they hope to add a national flavor by inviting Nafzger descendants throughout the U.S. to join them in the celebration. Thus, now is the time to make your plans for a summer vacation trip to Kansas to meet other Nafiger descendant’,.
If you plan to make the trip and for further information, contact Dean 1-. Noffsinger. 334 W. 27th St., Hays, Kansas 67601. Dean retired recently from the State Patrol and 1 am sure he will assist anyone to make adquate arrangements for their visit to Kansas next summer. Dean will be in Arizona for the winter months but you can reach him by writing, Dean Noffsinger. 300 Avenida De Lumbre, Germ Valley, Arizona 85614 after November 1st.
The often tangled relationships between Nafziger-Naffziger, Nafziger-Nafziger, and Naffziger-Naffziger family lines is wel. known in the family line of Peter Naffziger of Groversheim. Germany. Perhaps, even more entanglement of relationships can be found in the family line of Peter Naffziger of Uberau, Germany
In this issue of the NEWS, we will begin the listing of descendants of Peter of Uberau. Through marriage, we will begir to encountered the entry of other Nafziger-Naffziger lines connecting to Peter’s line. When this happens, we will background you as best as we can on the new entering Nafziger and/or Naffziger line immediately upon entry of the line. We hope Nafziger-Naffziger descendants of the new entering line will not feel that we are not giving their particular family line due recognition of their heritage but it appears to be the only way of getting the often tangled relationships put down on paper and for the records for future generations. Wh hope our readers will understand the difficult task as we try to unravel the tangled relationships. Write us about any errors that may occur in our attempt.
Perhaps, the problem that we just describ be illustrated by the simple marriage of Jacob Christian Nafziger to Otilda Otto in 1892. When we study the marriage, we find that Otilda’s mother was Eliza Nafziger who married Christian Daniel Otto. The parents of Eliza are Jacob Nafziger (1797-1884) and Elizabeth Nafziger (1798-1863). It appears that both Jacob and Elizabeth were Nafzigers born in Germany. But the entanglement of relationships does not end for Christian Daniel Otto’s mother was Barbara Naffziger (1820- ). Barbara’s father is Peter Naffziger (1789-1885) who married Barbara Beck in 1812. Her grandfather is Peter Naffziger of Groversheim, Germany. Not the end of the story vet, for a son of Jacob (1797.1884) and Elizabeth Nafziger (1798-1863), named Christian P. married a Catherine Nafziger. Who is Catherine Nafziger. She is the daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth (Rockev) Nafziger and just to further complicate the story, Catherine’s brother, Henry. married Helena Naffziger. Who is Helena Naffziger? She is a granddaughter of Peter Naffziger of uberau which is where we were at the beginning of this story. We had no intentions of listing all four Nafziger lines in this issue of the NEWS except that they cross into the Peter of Uberau line through marriage. We are hopeful that our readers will understand the problem and forgive us if sc have omitted some descendants of their particular line as it connects to Peter oWberau. We will be featuring the other Nafziger-Naffiiger lines in some future issue of the NEWS.
We have a nice letter from Mrs. William S. Hammers of St. Petersburg. Florida who sends us the latest, corrected data on her family line. Mrs. Hammers is a descendant of the Peter Nafzinger line of Illbach. Germany.
Our thanks to Waldo Noffsinger for sending us updated
information on his family line. Waldo is a descendant of Rudolph
Noffsingcr who landed in America in 1 “49. Waldo live’, at
Continental. Ohio.
We are in receipt of numerous letters and a family history booklet of the Moses Hartz line from Laura Harti Mosher of Baldwinsville, New York. It was Moses Hartz who married a daughter, Magdalena. of the Peter Nafzinger line of lllbach. termanv. We are rateful for the information and was to espress our thanks to Laura for sending it our as to help update this family line.
A Free Mailing A copy of the newsletter will
be mailed to potential subscribers
More Nafzgers
Births- Born to Marsha Kay (McFarland) Nash and Michael Nash are Joshua Nash, for July 1, 1977 and Brian Lee Nash, born September 1, 1978. Joshua and Brian are tenth generation descendants of Ulrich Nafzger who landed in America in 1742.
Births - Born to Janet (Cooper) Hagen and Larry Hagen is Sarah Jean Hagen in Fegruary, 1978. Sarah is a tenth generation descendant of Ulrich Nafzger who landed in America in 1742.
Lydia(Nofsinger)Zieg 1845-1923) and Martin Ziegler( 1845.1936)
Children: Emma Elizabeth, born 1869; Amanda, born 1871; Levi
born 1873; Simon, born 1875; Sauna, born 1877; Mattie, born 1880;
Frank, born 1882; Vernon, born 1884 and Ethel, born 1886.
Note: Amanda is still living - 106 years old.
Deaths - Florence M. Werner, age of 82 of Groveport. Ohio. Survived by Daughter, Mrs. Evenlyn O’Shea, Mrs. Dorothy Palsgrove. Marhta Werner, four grandchildren and 1 great grandchild. Interment at the Union Grove Cenetery. Groveport. Ohio. Florence is the -daughter -of William Nafzger and Maggie (Green) Nafzger of Columbus. She is a seventh generation descendant of Jacob Nafzger who landed in America in 1750.
John Nafzger. He moved to Bedford County and a deed to his land isrecorded in 1 796. Later this portion of Bedford Coun ty became Somerset County. Pennslyvania. It would p hil’lren of the marriage of John-Catherine are John, Martin and four other children whose names are not known. John IS hut it in Somerset County. Date of death is 1825.
John Nafzger. The year of birth is not known It would appuor that e married Elizabeth Farney. The residence of John and Elizabeth must have been Lancaster County and Inter this r:: ‘ have become Dauphin County, Pennslyvania. It would appear that their children are John. Henry. Matii,;;s r.eph ‘ifld, Katr’tririe. Barbara, and Elizabeth
Christian Nafziger was born in 1837 at Goncferexange, Alsace, Lorraine, France. He died in 1912 and is buried at the Goodland Cemetery. He was married in 1869 to Anna Asch and came to America in 1882 settling near Phenoa, Illinois. They moved to Indiana in 1895 and lived on a farm near Brook, Indiana until his death. Children are: Peter, Christian, Helen, Mary, and Marie.
‘flost of the information we have on file on this Nafzger line came from Vivian Natziger of Normal, Illinois and Leona Lehe of Lona Lehr of Rensselaer, Indiana. We have no info on the descendants of Valentine who we believe lived near Stanford, Illinois. Thus, if you are a descendant ot C Nafziger of Alsace, France, please write to the News and tell us about yourself.
Page Two
1 20 EDGEW000 DI
C CR IP I UU Ri S 00 y ly
Pt ii i
Can you help?
The following information was secured by Laura Hartz Mosher of Baldwinsville, New York. from the Lancaster Mennonite Confernece Historial Society of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. “It may help us to locate the llbach, where Peter Nafziger was born if we note the birth record of Peter, his wife Jacobina Schwarzentruaberin, and their seven children. This records states in German that Peter Nafziger, born at Ilbach, according to the Churchbook born at Reinheim, on the seventh of June 1 790. If the position of the comma after the word gebohren is to be taken literally, there is dispute about where he was born. If the position of the comma is a mistake, it may well mean that he was born at II- bach, and the place where the book of record was kept was Reinheim.”
‘All of the children born to Peter and Jacobina Nafziger are reported to have been born at Ilbach, except the last one, whose birthplace is given as Freinsheim, where consistently with one I, libach, not Illbach, or Illsbach.”
‘On the passport for Peter Nafziger we have little trouble because of the blurred effect because the paper is like blot ting paper, but one thing is quite distinct, Am Hof Illbach im furstenthum Starrenburg. Here the spelling has changed to lilbach. It says clearly, On the estate Ilibach in the principality of Starrenburg, and does not state the birthplace of the wife,
simply says that he is going to Crefeld with his wife and six children. It seems that Peter sold their Hof (estate) at lilbach and moved to the wife’s home till sailing time and till the last child was born.”
“The passport was issued at Darnstadt, but that does not help us much except that they probably had to go to the nearest consulate for the passport.”
(The Mennonitc Historical Society enclosed maps with the likely locations marked with the following comment) “Illbach, or Ilibach on the pasport is evidently the name of a Hof. It seems that it was near Reinheim. Peter Nafiger might have owned it, but it seems more likely to me that he probably worked on it for a wealthy owner. There were some pro blems for a long time that Mennonites were not allowed to own land in this area of Germany. They could rent, or work on farms, but not own them. It was.a part of the pattern of persecution that was enforced for about a hundred years in varing degrees of severity.”
It is interesting to note the information supplied by the Men nonite Historical Society confirms the location provided to us by Rudolf Nafziger of Ludenscheid, Germany. It would ap pear that lilbach is a hamlet near Reinheim which is not far from Darmstadt, Germany. To this end, the News is offering $25.00 (reward for the effort) for the name of the father, mother, brothers and sisters to Peter of lilbach accompanied by birth and marriage dates. We at the News believe that the information will provide important linkage fo the Illinois Naff zigers, Canadian Nafzigers and a host of other family lines that we have not been able to establish the exact relationship between the families.
,__________________ _____
Letters, Letters, Letters, .
We are in receipt of a nice interesting letter from Ray Dieffenbach of Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania. Ray is well versed on the Naftzingers of Berks County, Pennsylvania who are descendants of MATHIAS (MATTHEW) NAFTZINGER who landed in America in 1 949. He supplies us with many of the dates of marriages, births,etc. of this family line. Our thanks to Ray.
Wedding Anniversary-Mr. and Mrs. Carl F. Naftzinger, Mohrsville, Pennsylvania celebrated their 40th anniversary at a din ner given by their children. They were married April 23, 1 938. Carl is the son of the late Joseph E. and Mollie (Henne) Nafz inger. They have two children. Peggy Reppert and Dennise C. and one granddaughter. Carl is a descendant of MATHIAS (MATTHEW) NAFTZINGER who landed in America in 1 749.
Deaths-Horace B. Rentschler, 87 of Reading, Pennsylvania who died October 3, 1978. Born in Upper Bern Township, he was a son of the late Alexander S. and Annie Laura(Balthaser)Rentschler. Surviving are his wife, Mary M. Naftzinger Rent schler, two daughters, Grace L., widow of Mark L. Reinsel and Helen M., wife of Owen G. Harvey, three grandchildren and seven great grandchildren. Also, a brother, Michael B. and two sisters Mary Sternbergh and Emma B., widow of Warren Seyfert. Burial made in St. Michael’s Cemetery, Tilden Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania. Mary is a descendant of MATHIAS (MATTHEW) NAFTAINGER who landed in America in 1 749.
Ruth B. Naftsinger Loser, 71, wife of Theodore C. Loser died August 24, 1978. Born in Berks County, Pennsylvania, who was a daughter of the late Jacob E. and Esther Ann Seyfert Naftzinger. She is survived, in addition to her husband, by one
son, Theodor, two daughters, E. Carolyn, wife of Franklin Bachman, Joyce, wife of Richard H. Swope, two brothers, the Rev. Herman J. Naftzinger and A. Wayne Naftzinger; nine grandchildren, one great grandson. One brother, Major Samuel P. Naftz inger preceded her in death. Ruth is a sixth generation descendant of MATHIAS (MATTHEW) NAFTZINGER who landed in America in 1749.
Page Th1-c(
In the above photo are descendants of Rudolph Noffsinger who
landed in America in 1749. Standing in front of the chart are Dean
Noffsinger, 7th generation and from Hays, Kansas; Clayton
Noffsinger. 8th. generation and Jeffery, 9th. generation and from
Natoma, Kansas. Picture was taken at the reunion held on June
4th, 1978 at Osborne. Kansas.
The 1979 Noffsinger reunion will be held on June 3rd, 1979 at Osborne, Kansas. Any Nafzger descendant may attend. In fact, Nafzgers from all over the United States are being invited to attend. In fact, Nafzgers from all over the United States are being invited to attend the gala event next year. Incidently, the chart features approximately 2,000 descendants of Rudolph Noffsinger.
$5.00 YEARLY
Members of the Nafzger family have contributed to the America heritage in some way just because the are Nafzgers and Americans at the same time. We want to run short biographies of sonic of the Nafzgers who lived in America just to report their contribution to our heritage. Below is a format of information we hope to collect. We will print the information in some future issue of the News.
Name, County and year of birth.
State and county of childhood-any unusual information about
his or childhood.
Occupations and place of Employment.
Name of Spouse and Children.
Any war activities? Community afflilation?
Any degrees from College or University?
List all places of employment and/or Communities where he
or she lived.
Achievements or honors?
If deceased-places of burial and date of death.
Any other information of interest to our readers.
CAN YOU HELP IDENTIFY THE FOLLOWING NAFZGERS WHO ARE LISTED IN THE 1880 CENSUS’ Actually, it may well have been that we passed by one of the listed Nafzgers from the 1880 Census and just failed to make the connection to one of our featured Nafzger lines It is quite easy to do with so many names involved. Write and tell us about any of the following Nafzgers.
DANIEL NAFFSIGER, 29 years old, born in Canada, resided in Peoria township, Peoria County. Illinois. Wife is Martha. 25 years old who was born in Indiana. Children are Ella. 6 years old, born in Indiana; Mollie, 4 years old, born in Illinois md Rose, 2 years old.
JOHN NOFSINUER. 3 vers old, born in Prussia and residing in Cherokee County. Ross township. Kansas. Wife is Anna. years old. born in F—.s C rm.snv: cliildr are \1 Q years oid who was born in Illinois: Carrie. 7 old. born
An:.ic. n i •. ann artha. 1 ‘ear old and born in Kansas.
Daniel T. Noffsinger
9050 South 150th West
Sandy, Utah 84070
Grafton, Ohio 44044
1-1 PETER NAFFZIGER was born in Uberau, Germany. Ne was married to Pheobe Fischer in Hesse, Darmstadt, Germany. Children born of the marriage are Christian(2—l), Valentine(2—2), Katherine(2—3), Barbara(2—4) and Peter(2-5). There may have been other children. Peter died in Germany as did one son and two daughters. The surviving Sons and the family of deceased Catherine emigrated to America.
2-1 CHRISTIAN NAFFZIGER(l-l) Born in 1803 in Germany. He was married to Barbara Stachly(l805—1898). The family emigrated to America in 1853 and landed at New York City. He proceeded westward, first stopping at Putnam County, Ohio for a short time and later to Danvers township, McLean County, Illinois. By 1887, he had settled in McLean County. Ch4ldren of the marr iage are Peter(3—l), Jacob(3—2), Christian(3-3), Valentine(3—4), John(3-5), Katherine(3—6), Elizabeth(3—7), Helena (3-8), Barbara(3-9) and Maria(3—lO). Three children died in infancy. William Klenck was raised by the Naffziger family. Burial was in 1893.
2-2 VALENTINE NAFFZIGER(l—l) Born in German,y — date of birth is not known. He was married to Magdalena Imhof(l825—1895). Children of the marriage are John(3—ll), August(3—12), Wilhelm(3—13), Magdalena(3—14) and Christian(3—15).
Residence: Columbus, Kansas. Valentine died in Germany prior to the de parture of Magdalena to America with her youngest son, Christian. Magdalena is buried in the Edgman Cemetery, Columbus, Kansas. She died in 1895.
2—3 KATHERINE NAFFZIGER(l—l) Born in Germany - date of birth is not known. She was married to Valentine Naffziger(1805- ). Children of the marr iage are Valentine(3—16), Peter(3—17), Christian(3—18), Elizabeth(3—l9) and Susanne(3—20). Katherine is buried in Germany. After Katherine’s death, the family emigrated to America in 1853.
The marriage of Katherine to Valentine marks the entry of another Naffziger line into the Peter Naffziger of Uberau family line. Valentine Naffziger is the son of the widow of Peter of Groversheim, Germany. Peter was married three times and one of the marriages was to a widow Naffziger who had several children. Thus, Valentine, who was born in 1805, is a half brother to the children of Peter of Groversheim. Peter of Groversheim will be featured in another issue of the NEWS After the burial of Katherine in Germany, Valen tine with his family and sister, Elizabeth emigrated to America in 1853. Valentine is buried in at Hirstein Cemetery, Tazewell County, Illinois. He died in 1880.
2-4 BARBARA NAFFZIGER(l—l) Born in Germany — date of birth is not known. Burial in Germany. Details of the descendants of Barbara(if any) are not known.
2—5 PETER NAFFZIGER(l—1) Born in Germany —date of birth is not known. Burial in Germany; Details of the descendants of Peter(if any) are not known.
3-1 PETER NAFFZIGER(2—l) Born in 1831, Darmstadt, Germany. Peter emigrated to America and first located in FicLean County, Illinois. Later, he moved to Butler County, Ohio and finally back to McLean County. Peter was married three times. One marriage was to Eliza - last name is not known(1831 -1891) The name of a second wife is not known. Also, Peter was married to Cather ine Stuckey(1840— ). Children of the marriage are Louis(4-39), Emile (4-40), Bertha(4-4l) and a son(4—42) who died in infancy. They resided in McLean County until 1869, and then, they moved to Livingston County, Illinois. Still later, they moved to Washington, Illinois and finally to Slaughter, East Felician Parish, Louisana around 1896. Foneta(4—75) is another child born to Peter of the marriage to Eliza. Peter was buried in 1919 probably in Louisana.
3—2 JACOB NAFFZIGER(2—l) It would appear that he resided in the Danvers, Illinois area and is apparently buried at the Danver Cemetery. Further in formation on descendants, if any, are not available.
3—3 CHRISTIAN NAFFZIGER(2-1). Married to Mina(4—76), Bertha(4—77) and Edmond(4—78) family resided in the Princeton, Illinois there.
Fredericka Erisnian. Children:
and perhaps other children. The area in 1887 and is probably buried
3—4 VALENTIUE 1IAFFZIGER(2—l) Born in 1842, Hesse—Darmstadt, Germany. He ‘as married in 1867 to Henrietta Naffziger(l848—1924). They resided at Danvers, Illinois until 1870 when they moved to Kansas only to return to Danvers in 1676. In 1895, Valentine moved to Lawrence County, Illinois and finally to the home of his daughter, Mrs. Ema Palmer at Normal, Illinois in 1926. Children of the marriage are Edwin(4—3l), Otto)4-32), Theodore(4—33), Emma (4—34), Ilelen(4—35), Charles(4—36), Ida(4—37), and Clara(4—38). Burial in 1927, Park Lawn Cemetery, Danvers, Illinois.
HENRIETTA NAFFZIGER, wife of Valentine Naffziger(3—4) is the daughter of Fred erick and Barbara(Naffziger)Naffziger. Frederick and Barbara were natives of Germany and emigrated to America in 1840. They lived in Ohio for about ten years before moving to Illinois in 1850. Children of Frederick and Barbara are Augustus, Frederick, Edward, Henrietta(who married Valentine), Albert, Julius, Julia, and Ida.
3-5 JOHN NAFFZIGER(2—1) Born in 1844, Hesse—Darmstadt, Germany.
to Marie Imhof(l846—l914) at Tiskilwa, Illinois. Residence; Ca
Children: Christian(4-22), Alfred(4—23), Olga(4-24), Laura(4—25)
Hulda(4-27), Eugene(4—28), Ida(4—29) and Luella(4—30). Burial I
Cerietery, Danvers, Illinois.
3—6 KATHERINE NAFFZIGER(2—1) Date of birth is not Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany. Married to Phillip Kienk. Residence: Sewart, Nebraska in 1887. rio further information is known.
Germany. Married to a Steitz
Missour in 1887.	Children:
tion is known.
Married in 1870 riock, Illinois.
n 1929, Park Lawn
Date of birth is not known, at Hesse—Darmstadt,
- first name is not known. Residence: St. Louis, Anna(4—73) and Marton(4—74). No further informa
3—8 HELENA I4AFFZIGER(2-l) Born in 1832, Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany. Married in
1655 to Henry Nafziger(1832—1897). Children: Fredericka(4-50), Robert(4-51),
Ema(4—52), Henry(4—53), John(4—54), Frederick(4—55), Albert(4—56), Anna(4—57),
Jacob(4—58) and Mark(4-59). Burial in 1919.
HEMRY UAFZIGER, husband of Helena(3—8) is the son of Jacob and Elizabeth(Rocke,y) Nafziger. Jacob was born in hesse-Darmstadt, Germany in 1800. He emigrated to America in 1847 and settled in McLean County, Illinois. Elizabeth was the second wife of Jacob, his first wife having been Veronica Rickey, a sister of the sec ond wife. Of the first marriage, Jacob, Christian and Veronica were born. Child ren of tile second marriage are Catherine, Henry (who married Helena), Peter, Frederick and Eliza.
3-9 BARBARA NAFFZIGER(2—l) Born in 1846, tiesse—Darn’stadt, Germany. Married in
1869 to Jacob W. Brenneman. Residence: McLean County, Illinois. Children:
Luella(4—45), Bertha(4—46), Arthur(4-47), Rudolph(4—48) and Lena(4-49). Burial
in 1919, Park Lawn Cemetery, Danvers, Illinois.
3-10 MARIA NAFFZIGER(2-1) Born in Germany. Died in Germany.
3—11 JOHANNES(JOHN)NAFFZIGER(2—2) Born in 1848, Darmstadt, Germany. Married in
1870 to Anna Magdalena Christense(1846—1936) of Denmark at Tiskilway, Illinois.
Children: Mury(4—1), Hannah(4—2), Anna(4—3), Martha(4—4), Barbara(4—5), arie (4—6), Lydia(4—7) and Ernest(4—8). It was in 1867 when Johannes and his two brothers and three friends, The Miller brothers, left Darmstadt, Germany for America. After embarking at New York, Johannes and his brothers made their way to Princeton, Illinois, where their uncle Daniel Imhof had settled earlier. Later, John made his way to southeast Kansas where his brother-in—law, Henry Feurst had settled.
3-12 AUGUST NAFFZIGER(2—2) It was in 1867 that August and his two brothers, John and Wilhelm and three friends, the Miller brohters left Darmstadt, Germany for America. We presume that they made their way to Princeton, Illinois but we do not have any further data of this Uaffziger family line.
3—13 WILHELM NAFFZIGER(2—2) It was in 1867 that Wilhelm and his two brothers, John and August and three friends, the Miller brothers left Darvnstadt, Germany for America. We presume that they made their way to Princeton, Illinois but we not have any further data on this Naffziger family line.
3-14 MAGDALEMA NAFFZIGER(2-2) No further information on this line.
3-15 CHRISTIAN NAFFZIGER(2-2) Born in 1855, Darmstadt, Germany. Christian emi grated to America some twenty years after his three elder brothers and settled near Columbus, Kansas. He was married in 1857 to Veronica(Fanny)Imhof(1857—1943). Christian was accompanied to America by his wife, Veronica dn six year old daugh ter and his mother, Mrs. Maydalena Naffziger. Children of the marriage are Helen(4—1O), Elizabeth(4—ll) Christian(4—12), William(4—13), John(4—14), Lewis (4—15), Ezra(4—16) and Paul(4—l7). Burial in 1918, Edgman Cemetery, Columbus, Kansas.
3-16 VALENTINE NAFFZIGER(2—3) Born in 1834 in Germany. riarried to Katherine
Nofsinger(1840—1898) Residence: Deer Creek, Tazewell County, Illinois.
Children: Magdalena(4-60), Valentine(4-61), Christian(4—62), Elizabeth(4-63),
Bertha(4-64), Ella(4-65), Clara(4—66) and August(4—67). Burial in 1919, Hir stein Cemetery, Tazewell County, Illinois.
KATHERINE NOFSINGER, wife of Valentine Naffziger(3—16) was born in 1840. Kather ine’s parents are Christian Nafziger who married Barbara Schertz. Children of the marriage of Christian and Barbara are Lena, John, and another daughter whose name is not known. Katherine’s grandparents are Christian Flafziger who married Catherine Maurer. Children of Katherine’s grandparents are Christian, John, Barbara, Magdalena, Jacobina and Catherine. Christian and Catherine(Maurer) Nafziger lived in or near Burscheit, Lorraine, France. They emigrated to America and settled in Washington Township, Tazewell County, Illinois.
3—17 PETER NAFFZIGER(2—3) Born in 1835. Burial in 1909.
3-18 CHRISTIAN NAFFZIGER(2—3) Born in 1837. Married but the name of his spouse
is not known. Children: Edward(4-68), Peter(4—69), Valentine(4—70), Lena(4—71)
William(4—72) and Christian(4—73). Burial in 1923, Washington Township, Tazewell
County, Illinois Cemetery.
3-19 ELIZABETH NAFFZIGER(2—3) Born in 1838. Married in 1867 to Peter Kin zinger(1839-l921). Residence: Washington, Illinois. Children: Otto(4-76) Louisa(4—77), Ella(4—78). Burial in 1883.
PETER KINZINGER, husband of Elizabeth(3—19) was born in 1839. Peter is the son of Michael Kinzinger and Magdalena(Naffziger) Kinzinger. Magdalena Naff ziger, mother of Peter, is the daughter Peter Naffziger who married Barbara Beck. Peter Naffziger, who married Barbara is a son of Peter of Groversheim, Germany. Children of the marriage of Peter and Barbara are Elizabeth. Jacob Magdalena, Barbara, Phoebe, Peter, Catherine, Valentine, Christian and John.
3-20 SUSANNE NAFFZIGER(2-3) Born in 1842. Burial in 1852.
Thus far, in the second and third generations of Peter of Uberau, we find I descendants being married to descendants of three different Nafzger family I lines. Katherine, daughter of Peter of Uberau, married Valentine who is ‘ a descendant of Peter of Groversheim, Germany Valentine, a grandson of Peter of Uberau married Henrietta, a descendant of Frederick and Barbara j ( Helena, a grand daughter of Peter of Uberau married Henry, a descendant of Jacob and Elizabeth(Rockey)Nafziger Valentine, another grandson of Peter of Uberau married Katherine Nofslnger, a descen- • dant of Christian and Barbara(Schertz)Nafziger A full list of descendants of the four Nafzger family lines will be listed in some future issue of
1 I

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