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The Nafzger Heritage News

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Nafzger Heritage News Vol VIII No 2
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Qt J J etu
VOL. Vi 11, NO.2
We are grateful to Dan A. Berry of Columbus. Ohio for con siderable information to the family line of Rudolph Notfsinger who landed in America in 1 749 One branch of the line moved to Putnam County. West Virginia from Monroe-Belmont County, Ohio. Dan is a descendant of the branch that moved to Putnam County. He has supplied us with much valuable information for updating and adding to the Rudolph Noffsinger family line.
We received a letter extending and OPEN INVITATION for Nafzger descendants everywhere to attend the annual Noffsinger reunion at Osborne, Kansas on June 3rd. 1979. The Noffsingers of. Kansas have been holding the reunion for a number of years for their immediate clan but for the 1979 year, they hope to add a national flavor by inviting Nafzger descendants throughout the U.S. to join them in the celebration. Thus, now is the time to make your plans for a summer vacation trip to Kansas to meet other Nafzget descendants.
If you plan to make the trip and for further information, contact Dean F’. Noffsinger. 334 W. 27th St., Hays, Kansas 67601. Dean retired recently from the State Patrol and I am sure he will assist anyone to make adquate arrangements for their visit to Kansas next summer. D.arrwift-be in Arizona for the winter months but you can rsadi turn by writing, Dean Noffsinger, 300 Avenida De
. Lumbre, Germ Valley, Arizona 85614 after November 1st.
The 1979 Noffsinger reunion will be held on June 3rd, 1979 at Osborne, Kansas. Any Nafzger descendant may attend. In fact, Nafzgers from all over the United States are being invited to attend. In fact, Nafzgers from all over the United States are being invited to attend the gala event next year. Incidently, the chart features approximately 2,000 descendants of Rudolph Noffsinger.
In this issue of the News, we want to look at some thc- kx i tions in Germany where some of our Nafzger ri liver:
We hope to identify specific locations and hIi Nafzge heritage landmarks in Germany where U S. descendants ViSit . some future date. To help us with the identlficatI r oroces hope out Germany friends (Nafzger) will write to tell us what may know about the area where our ancestors lived ind to pc vide us with road maps of the area. We hope they hill hei seek out the details of where the Nafzger heritage s car o found. It is possible that a group of Nafzgers from tne outed States will decide to visit Germany when we are hIe . . together enough worthwhile information to make such a t Germany practical.
First of all, it would appear that Frankfort Gerrnar s a point of entry for such a visit. Most of the Natzç cam-i an area just south of Frankfort. Right or wronq tradit, that Peter Naffziger who landed in Canada in 1 826 anc ‘ ..- son of Peter of Groversheim, lived in the Darmst id ar 1is step brother, also named Peter, married the daughter ‘ Nattziger of Ubera’ Thus, we suspect that Uberau when ien tigied. is in the area.
In addition, Mrs. Charles Oliver of St. Petersbun Florio r’t .u to us about an old cemetery outside of Darmstad whe Naf zigers are buried. She is not certain about the ‘ . locatioc Bur it would appear that they are related to Chr ar N&; who married Catherine Maurer. In addition we u that Peter Nafziger of Illbach was born th* IlIl)a reported in the past issue of the News is about 10 rnth Darmstadtt. It would appear that most Nafziger.Naftztn t . settled in Danvers, Washington and other locations in lt)tn Canadian settlement, some Ohio Nafzger lines and one t sylbania branch al trace to the Darmstadtt tamily of Na’ yet not identidied.
Tradition has it that several Nafzger branches ame trom Alsace Lorraine area near Metz, France We riu to l rorr someone who can give us more specific details on exact io i tions in this area where our Nafzger ancestors were horn . and died. Right or wrong, presents records Chu ziger, born 1 777, married to Catherine Schant. Fulton County, Ohio as living in the Rhine Muttt area ‘f Germany which is southwest of Darmstadtt
Dr Staurt Yost of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania telephoned a Sunday in January to report the discovery of a will for Dr. John Noffsinger, descendant of Peter who landed in the U.S. in 1 749, He reports a discrepency of children listed in the will and those reported in the News. We are checking the information found in the will with the information . have on file to identify the error.
Also, we discussed the long held theory of Dr. Yost that Mathias Naftzinger, Sr. may have been the titlar head of the Nafger boys who landed in America from 1 742 to 1 750. Slow ly, he is gathering documentation to substantiate the claim.
Traditionally, it has been the belief of many Nafzgers that at least three of the early Nafzger. Rudolph. Peter and Mathias were brothers. Information and conjecture cited by Dr Yost which may cause us to view the early Nafgzers in different relation ships are the disapparence of Mathias, Sr. from the tax rolls in 1 780. Dates of birth of children that have been attributed to Mathias, Sr , the location of where the two Mathias lived and the fact that Elizabeth Solenberger may have been the wife of Mathias, Jr., not wife of Mathias, Sr as previously believed.
Personally, I am open to any good documentation on our heritage. The will of Jacob who landed in America in 1 75,0 was witness by Mathias but he only referred to him as his friend. I believe that if they had been brothers or even close relatives, Jacob would have made this known in his will We have been collecting a list of descendants of the three Nafzger since they landed in America in 1 749. Presently we have rather extensive list of tenth generation descentants for all three Nafzgers which tend to support that the three would have been of the same age There are some other reasons to believe that they may have been brothers. Both Dr. Yost and I believe that the truth may not be known until we have had a chance to visit Germany and try to identify the family relationships from European records.
After we had sent. this news letter to the pnr w received and important announcement in the mail. We are
delighted to announce the first publication of a Nafzger Heritage Newsletter (Nafzger, Nafzieger, Nafziger, Nefzger Familien Rundbrief) in Germany We extend our gratutations to Rudolf Nafziger of Ludenscheid, Germany who is the editor for the very fine publication Nafzaers in the United States who are looking forward to a closer association with the Nafzgers in Germany edition can write:
Rudolpf Nafziger
Reichenberger St 32
D 5880 Ludenscheid
West Germany
We are in receipt of a nice letter from Edeltr Nat ziger of Stockdorf, West Germany Edeltraut is the wife of Gerhard Nafziger and the English writing member of the family ‘ have two children, Stefan who is 11 years old and Claus who is 8 years old. Gerhard works for IBM in Germany
Edeltraut writes that Gerhard has been trying to trace hs ancestors for years and the difficulties are man Nafz were Mennonites and the churthes did not register them Registry offices in Germany have only existed sin 1 ‘
However, Gerhard and Edeltraut related one e of infü mation new to the U.S. Nafzigers Christian’ Nafziq.- led a mennonite emigrationto Ontario. Canada in 1 826 ha with him his brother. Peter Nafziger.
They obtained this information from Mennonitsc,Ii Greschichtsverejn e.v., 671 9 Weierhof bei Marnheim. Ger many.
It is important because Peter (The Apostle) and son of Peter of Groversheim emigr to Canada in 1827 with Christian and he did indeed have a brother Named Christian of which we do not have records. Thus, if documented, it would mean that Peter of Groversheim is the head of the fami ly line credited with the Mennonite settlements in both Canada and Illinois during the 1826-1827 period
Our thanks to Gerhard and Edeltraut Nafzger for th mt or mation and nice letter.
Jane Robinson, formerly of Florida has returned to Fayet teville. Arkansas, University of Arkansas to acquire a doctorate in education. Jane is a descendant of Rudolph Noffsinger who landed in the U.S. in 1 749. Our best wishes to Jane with her new endeavor
Raymond E. Egan of Bernville, died at the Reading Hospital.
Reading, Pennsylvania Mr. Egan was born in 1894, the son o’
Nathaniel and Catherine (Naftzinger) Egan He was married to
Salbe A. Noecker who died in 1961 Surviving are two
daughters. Stella, wife of Lester Schaeffer and Mable widow of
Howard R Hias, six naftzinger who landed in America in 1 749
GF	,‘..
LF (I F Oi’ F ‘‘
I ,‘
Nafziger, born about 1 706, an eider of the amish :r In Essingen. near Landau in the Palatinate, Ger many is recordel In the archives. He married Barbara Holly and leased an estate from the Baron on Dalsberg. He was a leader in the Amish movement and thus, Essingen becomes of interest to many Nafzger tines. No doubt, many of the present lines in the U.S. will trace to Johannes Nafziger of Essingen. Essingen is located a few miles from Stuttgart in Wurttemberg, Germany. We hope some of our readers will help us identify more specific heritage locations to visit when in the area.
• Our final area In Euro to lczplore for Nafzger heritage in this S issue of the News is the Thun-Berrt area of Switzerland.
‘erh n of the Nafzgers lines living in the southwestern cr c Gc in the 1 700’s will trace to Melchoir Naf zger x s lived in Switzerland in the 1 600’s. Their stay in Switz” apoears to have been a temporary one as many of tt’crn ‘migrated northward. Our expert is Rev. Samuel Nafzger 5t Louis. Missouri. who has visited the area and found some t r According to entries iii the old Thun records ‘‘. v’ by N. the family originated t,Jerteemberg, Germany. “ ‘ft t land t the outbreak of the Thirty Year War and sett’ed in S
cr to S find, Melchior Nafzger must have been i---’- ‘:i the ar’v 1600’s. He was married to Anna Schmocker.
‘n of their marriage are Christian, Margaret, Zacharius,
.	Ulrir.h. “elch’ Bernena and Mathias. Some of our lines
U.S trace to Melchior, We suspect tf Nafzgers arriving
in ii S in the 1 700’s came from this area. Thus, we hope to rclude th rr of Switzerland in a visit that we may make to Germany
I help us with the identification process, we have asked the help of Mrs. Harold Hannah of Chippewa L..ake, Ohio. She ‘s a former ierman resident and take regular trips to her homeland to visit relatives and friends. Although not a Nafzger descen dant. whe hs been very helpful with the identification of areas of our Nafzcrr Heritage, She has written to relatives and friends about some of the problems we have encountered in trying set un a tour gtade that all Nafzgers in the U.S. can use when they
, visit the home of their ancestors.
Enclosed are two information sheets on my NOFFSKER lines from Pennsylvania. It is quite possible that both lines go back to Henry (Heinrich) Nofsker of Centre County. Pennsylvania. Since Samuel NOF’SKER and Eva are listed as ave a child at Penns Creek Lutheran Church in Centre County in 1 826 and 1829. My gradmother. Amanda Catherine was born of Samuel and Eve in Blair County, Pennsylvania. It is possible she met my grar whe she came from Blair County to visit relatives in Centre County and she eventually married him in Centre County. We need to do a lot more work to confirm this thought.
Perhaps you can put a note in the newslett that we would
like to exchanq information on the HENRY NOFS line c-if
Centre County (buns ar Heckman Cemetery - the S
AND EVE NOFFSKER lines who were Iivipc ir [ CO&:r.t iC
1850 and buried in Blair County. CHARLES and PAULA
LE ITZELL San Anselmo, California
Editor’s Note: Mr. Leitzell is a descendant of two Nofsker lines. We have never been able to identify or coenect HEINRICH (HENRY) NOFSKER, born in 1764 marriec to Margareth, Buria in 1823. Heckman Cemetery, Gregg township, Centre County, Pennsylvania. Because of th spelling, it would appear that the connection or r&ationshio wit be Ulrich Nafzger who landed in America in 1 742. If any of our readers can help us clarify the relationships of the Nofsker Noffskers of Centre County, please write.
Mrs. A, T. Goold (Betty Jane of Northfield, Minnesota reports that she likes the idea of Betty Nafziger of Cincinnati, Ohio for a registry of Nafzgers for the U S.
We are in receipt of a nice letter from Carroll Nafziger of Minier, Illinois making several corrections and new additions to the Christian Nafziger family line of Hopedale, Illinois We ap preciate the corrections because the process of getting all the names, dates, etc. correct Sometimes involves getting the material in print to the descendants to that they ca look it over to make sure that what we have is accurate. We hate errors but they will happen as we receive information from ma.’ different sources and au of the sources must be honored until we r pro ven wrong. Thanks for helping us with the Hoped Nat ziger family line.
Carroll Nafziger of Miner, Illinois reports that he is Interested in joining some Na’zgers for a tour gf Germany.
Mabel Nofziger
Mabel E. Noftlger, 84, lifelong locai area resident, died Thursday mornIng, Jan. 11, In Fairlawn Haven Nursing Home, following an extended illness.
A native of MCIthOI4, she was the daughter of Frank and f (Mornlngstar) Nofaiger, and had completed a career of 52
S.. ‘rs ‘s a teacher in the rj Public Schools.
Survivors are a sister, Mrs. A.
C. (Arvada) Fischer, Archbold;
and two brothers, Frank
Nofziger, Archbold, and Ollie
Nofziger, Clear Lake, lad. Services, officiated by Rev. W.
Jing Chow, pastor of the United
Methodist Church, were
conducted Saturday from the
Grisier Funeral Home at 2 p.m.
Interment was in the Archbold
rt t-UtJt<
Our congratulations to Steven Esles of Normal, Illinois for an interesting genealogical discovery. Steven was the first to report the Children of Christian Nafziger who married Catherine Maurer are Christian. John, Barbara, Magdalena. Jacobine and Catherine. The report from Steven is important from the stand point that ties three Nafzger lines together into a single family line. We have had a very extensive listing of John Nafziger,
‘°“ of Christian and Catherine, for some time. John married Frances Anna Garber and they emigrated to America in about 1832. His descendants have been listed in a past issue
Brother Chris emigrated to America in about 1838. The two brothers settled near Metamora. north of Washington. Illinois. Previously, we had treated the two family lines as separate im migrants and as brothers coming to America. With Steven’s discovery, it would appear the two brothers were a part of much larger family of Christian Nafziger who married Catherine Mauer. Our thanks to Steven Estes.
We are in receipt of a nice letter and card from the Goold Northfield, Minnesota. Betty Jane and Arthur Goold are H
geneaologica! buffs. Betty Jane is unraveling the Naftzger-Shafer heritage while Arthur publishes the Winegar Newsletter nd assists with the publishing of the Minnesota Genealogist.
In response to Betty Nafziger’s suggestion in the last issue of the News, I think it is a marvelous one. I would like to meet more Nofsinger and would be glad to have them visit me at my home. I have worked for Corning Glass in Parkersburg for 35 years but for any visitors, by sister and daughter are home most of the time. Maria’s grand daughter is my neighbor: We would welcome some Nofsinger visitors in Williamstown. . $
Wiltiamstown, West Virginia.
Editor’s Note Martha’s great grandmother was Maria N inger who is a great great great grand daughter of Rudoloh Neff singer - landed in the U.S. in 1 749.
We are in receipt of a nice letter from Carroll Nafziger of Minier, Illinois. Carroll sent us further information of the Hcpedale Nafziger family line. Carroll is retired from the school business and reports that he has more time for genealogy. It would a pear that Carroll is keeping busy during his retirement from education.
We are indebted to Rudolph Nafziger of West Germany for writing and avising us (complete with map) of location of the P amlet, lllbach Peter Nafziger. a featured Nafzigei past issues of the NEWS wa from lIlbath. i is located r D stadt, Germany. Many of the Nafzigers who emigrated to America from about 1830 to the late 1800’s came from the same general area of Germany. It is possible that we can connect the various lines who came to America if we can get to the proper records in Germany.
Our thanks to Ivan H. Stoltzfus of Morgantown, Pennsylvania for senc us information on decendants of Peter of lilbach. Ivan is a fifth generation descendant of this Nafziger line. Many thanks for the information.
• T annual Nosker reunion will be held the second
• Sunday (July 8 1979) at Du’inirg Park Iroquois
• Illinois Plan to attend	_______
_._ — ———
Dani&I T. Noffsiflger
9050 South 150th West
Sandy, Utah 84070
1111 N ‘\ I 1.1 , t I
2	I I ir
(.r.,tl )!i .4.1)4
1-1 JACOB NAFZIGER was born in Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany in 1800. He emi to America in 18 and settled in McLean County, Illinois. He was married to Ver3n-
• ica Rockey. Children of the marriage are Jacob(2-l), • and Veronica I
• (2—3). After the death of Veronica, he was married to Elizabeth Rockey who was a sister to Veronica. Children of the second marriage are Catherine(2—4), Henry
• (2-5), Peter(2-6) Frederick(2 and Eliza(2—8).
- —. w	.	-	— -- —.	— — w —	—.
2-i j 1 L’-i) Born ir i McLean County, Illinoic. Family trad— itiori statc’s iiat went e’.tward d the gold rush and was never heard from again.
2—? CH S 4F c.rn in 1833, F County, Illinois.
2-3 VEPC AFZ1- crn in McLean County, Illinois.
2— CATHEPJ ; E in McLean County, Illinois. Residence: “cLean County. Illinois. C Augustus (3-1), Eliza(3—2), r Eml1e(3— Kather JulL Bertha(3—7) and Ferdinand(3-C).
Note: Christian P. afziger, husband of Catherine,.wasborr. in 1829, the son of
Jacob and Catherine fziger. Both of them are native of the German En
Jacob was bor in 17 and Catherine was born in 1798. They were married jr. 1817
and resided in (e i; 1817 when they set sail for America landir.g in New
York City. Tb’ sett n McLean County, Illinois. Jacob died in 1884 and
Cather died i’ LE3. Thiidren of Jacob and Catherine are Augustus, Eliza,
Helen Katherine, Henrietta and Christian(husband of Catheri
2—5 HENRY JAFZIGER(1_i) Borr in 1832, McLean County, Illinois. Married in 1855 to
Helen Nafzlger(1832- . Children: Fredericka(3—9), Robert(3—10), Eii
Henry(3-12), J&i”(3—13), Frederick(3-14), Albert(3—15), Anna(3—l6), Jacob(3—17) and
Note: Helen Nafziger, wife of Henry, was born 1832, Hesse—Darmstadt, Germany, the daughter of Chr1st1 1affziger who married Barbara Stachly. Christian is a son of Peter of Uberau. The family emigrated to America in 1853 and landed in New York City. He proceeded westward, first stopping at Putnam County, Ohio and later sett ling in McLean County, Illinois. Children of Christian and Barbara are Peter, Jacob, Christian, Valentine, John, Katherine, Elizabeth, Helena, Barbara and Maria.
2-6 PETER NAFZIGE Born in 1836, McLean County, Illinois. Died prior to 1887.
2-7 FREDERICK NAFL1GER(1—1) Born in 1839, McLean County, Illinois. Died prior to
2—8 ELiLA NAFZIGER(1-l, Lorn in 1842, McLean County, Illinois. Did not marry. She was living in Danvers, Illinois in 1887.
3-9 FREDERICKA LOUISE NAFZIGER(2—5) Born in 1856. Died at the age of 20 years. Burial in 1876, Stout Cemetery, Danvers, Illinois.
3.10 ROBERT WILLIAM NAFZIGER(2—5) Born in 1857, McLean County, Illinois. Married in 1881 to Mary Slabauqh(1857—1924L .Children: Alma(4—lL Fred(4—21. Edcar(4—3). Lillian(4—4), IIilda(4-5), I’lilburn(4—6) and Alvin(4—6A). Residence: McLean County, Illinois, Burial in 1900, Stanford Cemetery, Stanford, Illinois.
3—11 EMMA HELENA NAFZIGER(2-5) Born in 1859. Married in 1881 to August(Gus) Habecker. Gus was born in Germany and emigrated with his parents in 1872. Children:
Henry(4-7), Clara(4—8), Ida(4-9), and Lena(4—10). Residence: Minier, Illinois un til 3 years before his death when they moved to Danvers, Illinois. Gus’s sister is Mrs. William Naffziger of Marcus, Iowa.
3—12 HENRY JULIUS NAFZIGER(2—5) Born in 1861. Died at the age of four years. Burial in 1865, Stout Grove Cemetery, Danvers, Illinois.
3—13 JOHN EDWARD iAFZIGE F in 1863. Married in 1890 to Bertha Leifritz.
Children: Ralph(4-11), Ruth(4—12), Ida(4—13), Rayn Helen(4—15) and
Conrad(4—l6). Burial in 1949, Minier, Illinois.
3—14 FREDERICK AUGUST NAFZIGER(2—5) Born in 1 Married in 1890 to Lena Schantz
(1864—1942). Residence: Danvers, Illinois. Children: Albert(4—26), Nora(4—27)
and Walter(4—28). Burial in 1922.
3-15 ALBERT HENRY NAFZIGER(2-5) Born in 1867, Danvers, Illinois. Married In 1893 to Phelia Kinsinger(1873-l9Ol). Phelia died at the age of 27 years. After her death, Albert married Florence Ferne Ebert(1886-lg3O) in 1907. Children of the first marriage are: Mabel(4-17). Children of the second marriage: Howard(4—18), Irene(4-l9), Delmer(4—20), Charles(4—2l), Francis(4—22), Dorene(4—23) and Bertram (4—24). Marjorie(4—25) is an adopted daughter. Burial in 1900.
3—16 ANNA NAFZIGER(2—5). Died at the age of one year.
3-17 JACOB CHRISTIAN 1 Born in 1871. Marriad in 1892 to Otilda E Otto (1874—1937). Otilda is the daughter of C. E. Otto and Eliza(Nafziger)Otto. Child ren: Luella(4—29), Viola(4—30) and Pearl(4—3l). Residence: Danvers, Illinois,
Note: Otilda’s mother was Eliza Nafziger who married Christian Daniel Otto. The parents of Eliza were.Jacob Nafziger(1797-1884) and Elizabeth Nafziger(l798-l863). Christian Daniel Otto’s mother was Barbara Naffziç ). Barbara is a granddaughter of Peter Naffziger of Groversheint, Germany. Also, Eliza’s brother, Christian P. 1afziqer married Catherine Nafziger. The relationship of Catherine Nafziger is detailed in number (2—4).
4—1 ALMA t4AFZIGER(3—lO) Born in 1882, Minier, 1cLear Couity, Llinois. arried to a Catlin — first name is not known. Residence. P Louisana
4—2 FRED ELMER NAFZIGER(3—1O) Born 1889, fiinier, Mc...ean Co I1li Marrj
to Wanda Hulvey. Residence: Bloomington, I11ino
4—3 EDGAR WILLIPJI NAFZIGER(3-lO) Born 1883, Minier, t4c L tL) flhinois
Married to Eva Wills. Residence: Stanford, Illinois.
4—4 LILLIAM AGNES NAFZIGER(3—10) Born 1886, iinier, ;icLen County, I
Married to Joseph Unsicker. Re 1i1bank, Douth id
4—5 HILDA STELLA IAFZIGER(3—10) Born in 1887, 4inier, 1c County, Illinois. Died
unmarried at the age of 28 years.
4—6 MILBURN HOWARD AFLIGER(3—1O) Born in 1891, inier, nicLean County, Illinois. Married to Lela Hiner. Residence: Danvers, Illinois. Child: Carol(5—1). Second married to Eunice Green in 1922. Children: Donald(5-2) and Ro Burial in 1966, Bloomington, Illinois.
4—6A ALVIN ARTHUR FIAFZIG Born in 188E, inier, McLean County, Illinois.
4-8 CLARA HABECKER(3-l1) Married to Fred Killus.
4—9 IDA HABECKER(3—11) larried to frank RUSI.IiS (‘Iilct: u
4—10 Lena habecker(3-1 1) 1arried to Charles V
4—li RALPH LOUIS iIAFZIGER(3—13) Born in 1891. 1arried to Lena Noffman. fter the
• death of Lena, Ralph was married to Minnie — 1 rdfl is n L Name wac changed froniflafziger to Logan. Children: i J La Lillian(5—8) and Glenn(5—9). All the children carr the ra cf Logan. Burial in 1970.
4—12 RUTH NAFZIGER(3—13) Born in 1892. Marricu o Conyers 1anchard Afte his death Ruth married Charles Barthel. Residence: Pnttsto’ rennsylvania ani to Bloomington, Illinois in 1925. Children: Helen(5—10), LaVerne(5—il), Charles(5—12), Donald(5—l3), William(5—14), Ruth(5—lS), ‘iadeline(5—1C), 9ick(5—17), Robert(5—18), and Hazel(5-l9). Pauline(5-20), Lucille(5-2l) and FlerIe(5—22) are children of the first marriage. Burial in 1951, Pottstown, Pennsylvania C Pottstown, Pennsylvania.
4— I EDITH NAFZIGER(3—13) Born in 1895. Marrie o John Fuller Clark(l900—1975).
Children: Ji1liam(5—23). William died in infancy. Resi; inkr, Illinois.
4—14 RAYMOND CLAUDE NAFZIGER(3-13) Born in 1897. M’rried in 1919 to 1 Lillian
Parmeie(1899— ). Children: Frieda(5—24), John(5—25) and tlilliam(5—26).
4—15 HELEN LOUISE NAFZIGER(3-13) Born in 1904, t1 County, Illinois. Married to Harry W. Henley in Champaign, Illinois. Children: I!arry(5—27), 1argaret(5—28) and Ronald(5-20). Burial in 1975, Sarasota, Florida.
4—16 CONRAD GLEIffi i’ Born in l° arrieJ to Fa”e Knobelock. Resi dence, Bloomington, Illinois. Children: Joht(!;—30) cin Liiliam(5_3l).
4-17 MABEL HAFZIGER(3—15) Born in l°93
• 4—18 HOWARD GLL FZIGE L in l5fl : C Illinois. Married to Helen Moore. Second Flarried to Alice — l n is not Lnrwn. Children:
Sandra(5—32) and Terrence(5-33).
4—19 1ILDRED IRENE U Born in 1 CL C Illinois. Married to John Wesley Davis. [
• •..
4—20 DELFIER ALBERT 4i Born in l9lOj County, IHinois. Married toAlice Peterson. Children: Marilyn(5-34), Carl(o-35), Jaynet(5-’36) and
. Gerald(5—37).
4—21 CHARLES W000ROW NAFZIGER(3-15) Born in 1913, f County, Ilinols, Married to Maxine Edwards. Children: Linda(5-38), Larry(5-39) and Edward(5-40).
4-.22 FRANCIS DALE NAFZIGER(3—15) Born in 1915, McLean County, Illinois. Marri to Irma McGath. Children: Dixie(5—41).
• 4—23 DO FERN F Born in 1924, McLean County, I1 Married to 4ack McCutchan. Children: Joy(5—42), Dianne(5—43) Marsha(5—44) and Virginia (5—45).
4—24 BERTRAM EUGENE UAFZIGER(3—15) Born in 1922, McLean County, Illinois. Married to Alvera Beatty(1924— ) Livingston County, Illinois. Children: Roger(5—46), Craig(5-47), Jill(5—48) and Dana(5—49).
4—25 MARJORIE JOAN NAFZIGER(3—15) Born in 1927, McLean County, Illinois. Married to Robert Frank Eisele. Children: Barbara(5—50), Douglas(5—51), Merry(5—52), and Jay(5—53).
4—26 ALBERT E. F4AFZIGER(3—14) Born in 1892. Died at the age of 19 years of scarlet fever, burial in 1911.
4—27 1ORA r4AFZIGER(3—14) !larried to Clark Maurer. Children: Wilford(5—54).
4—28 WALTER R. IIAFZIGER(3—l4). drri to Mabel D
4-28 WALTER R. FIAFZIGER(3—14) Married to Mabel Daniels. Residence: Danvers, Illinois. Children: Jeanette(5—55) and Genevieve(5-56).
4—29 LUELLA NAFZIG Born in 1893. Married to Ernest N. Lemons. Residence:
Danvers, Illinois.
. VIOLA NAFZIGER(3—17) Born in 1896, Danvers, McLean County, Illinois. Resi— dence: Danvers, Illinois.
4-31 PEARL I. NAFZIGER(3-17) Born in 1899, Danvers, McLean County, Illinois. Married to Ansel F. Stubblefield(1893— ). Residence: McLean County, Illi nois. Children: Rosernary(5—57).
EN i N . l”Zi( l] it of the intelligent
fi,,tir of lhui’t tr hnvnship, tiwils
a t liiiiiit (Jfl C(tii)fl
lie wa born in tin’ Kingdom of Viir itir”. ;erin:nsy. Uct. it lujug the stiii of
.liitoli imiti i,I ( t Nifaiger. The
- The subject of thk sketch was a youth of fifteen 3e:i when his parents twa to the I iiited States.
1k w:L trained (ii halots of imidmistry and economy and remained under the hitilie roof until i-tithing mi d. lie wa then united in marriage with Mi helen Nafziger. Ajwil . 18 Mrs. N. was burn in I Ie I):mrnmtailt I ermnany, Oct. 2 1 and ta me l A inerica w i her pt re its when a you iii. woman t svt’nty years of we. Our titject and hi wife lae:iiii tiit’ l)11enls tif ttlli& tIiildi’eii, three 1 th( : J \V. 11:111 l Miss Mary
1111(11; Fi°ctltiitLa l1 it luti i;.thitteii ‘t taI of :lgt; .itthiii E. i t lii I i (‘l this
State; Fred is at home; Enirna became the wife f August liabecker, and Lives in Tazewehl County; henry is deeeased; Albert at home; Annie diii whieui young; .lacob iS with his parelit Mr. anti Mrs. N. are members in good standing of the Meti noilite Church, of which Mr. N. is 1i-uu aruil ha been Treasurer for sevei:iJ vialS, lie has been a cheerful and liberal contributor to the Iupport of the church and was one of the building committee it the time their house of Wi t was erected.
Mr. Nafzigt is on at the txte land-owners of this section, having 23)) acres in his Iunit farm ai t ac ri” in ‘l’i ‘ewell (‘utint. lie has of late eu’s been turning his attention to th breeding •
fine stark, including both cattle awl Ii rses. lIe has u;ut valuable t hi :‘o&ighbrcd hoit—Iii I hull, three
a iiii t it hem ICI md sev ii high—ginde cati It’,
iI 3ar will rita part with any that can be
‘, i t part of the (‘(flinty. ‘ caur”’i
Reprinted from Portrait and Bicgraphical Album o McLean Coui, Illinois Chicago Chapman Brothers I Page 5t and 560

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