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The Nafzger Heritage News

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Nafzger Heritage News Vol VIII No 3
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be J jI J1ctu
We are happy to report in this issue of the News an impor tant Nafzger heritage discovery from two of our German friends. The very important discovery is the direct effort of Hermann Guth of Parsevalstr, West Bermany and Roudolph Nafziger of Ludenscheid, West Germany. It was Rudolph who uncovered the information through his newly created Nafzger Familien Rundbrief and Hermann who had the infor mation and forwarded it to Rudolph. Rudolph translated the data and sent it on to the Nafzger Heritage News. We are grateful to both of them for their fine effort and work on our heritage.
The Information relates to the identification of the parents of Peter of lilbach. Most of our readers know that Peter, born 1 790, married to Jacobina Schwartzentruber, emigrated to America in 1827 but died at sea before his arrial in the states. Herman Guth is almost certain that Peter’s father was also named Peter. Peter Sr. married Anna Elizabeth Danner, who, after the death of her first husfband married Johann Peter
. Nafziger from Uberau.
According to information from Hermann Guth, the brother of Peter Nafziger who married Anna Elizabeth Danner (father of Peter of lllbach) is a Christian Nafziger, born before 1 755, married in 1776 to Katharina, Magdalena, born 1780, Bar bara, born 1 782, Johannes, born 1784, Katharina, Bamara, born 1789, Valentin, born 1791, Christian, born 1794, An na, born 1 797 and Jakobine, born 1 799.
It would appear that the grandfather of Peter of lllbach is yet another Peter Nafziger, married to Barbara Ehresmanri. He lived in Lachen near Neustradt an der Weinstrabe and died in Essingen. This moves the heritage of the Illbach Nat-
• zigers to Essingen and one could conclude that the Ilibach Nafziger, born 1 706 at the Mechtersheimer-hof near Germersheim and married to Barbara Holly, who possibly was the ancestor of all Nafzigers in Germany.
Also included in Mr. Guth’s information is more heritage on Christian Nafziger who headed the Canadian migration In 1836. Christian Nafziger was born 1 776 in Kurpfalz (a Ger man principality around Mannheim). He was married to Marie Stalter. He had gone after 1 803 with the Stalter family to Bavaria, where he applied in vain to King Max I Josef, to whom the Stalters maintained good relations, for a tenament of a larger farm. Mr. Guth states that the letter can b found in the Staatsarchiv in Munich and it will appear in the next issue of the ‘ Geschichblatter” together with an Essay on the Mennonites in Bavaria.
In a chart included with the information, our Canadian Chris tian Nafziger is connected to Johannes Nat ziger of Essingen. Also, tied to Johannes Nafziger of Essir is Ruldolph Nil ziger of Ludenscheld and the publisher of ttic Natzger Familien Rundbrief. Rudolph Is tied to the Essingen N via Peter Nafziger who married Katharina Nafziger, kam 1 780 aus Windstein/Els. came 1 780 from Windst-Als. 1 3,11 1 830 Ludwigsburger Hof b. Seelbach via the Aumenau line.
More information of Johannes of Essingen can be found on page three of this issue of the News. Also, it is interesting to note that speculation is made in the information by Hermann Guth that the possible ancestor of all Nafzigers as far back as we have been able to uncover any records is Moglicher Ahnherr Aller Nafziger. This information may confirm the in formation supplied by Rev. Samuel Nafzger of St. Louis who studied records at Thun, Switzerland and discovered the beginning of the Nafzger story was a Melchior Nafzger who was born in the early 1 600’s and married to Anna Schmocker. Children of this marriage are Christ born 1649, Margaret, born 1632, Zacharius, born 1635Hans, born 1644, Ulrich, born 1646, Melchoir. born 162 Vemena,born 1637 and Mathias, born 1637.
In the last Issue of the News, we explored some Nafzger heritage sites in Europe that would be of interest if some of us decided to take a trip to Germany. As a result, we had ap prozimately a dozen Nafzgers respond that they would be in terested in making such a tour. As a result, we decided to ex plore the cost of such a trip. We contacted the Lufhansa Ger man Arilines and a sales representative indicated that the cost for the flight (round trip) to Franlcfort would be approx imately $475.00 per person. Changes in cost of air fares depending on when we finalized plans and inflation might cause this figure to go higher. The quoted figure was from Cleveland, Ohio. Ad vance payment would be required to take an advantage of the rate.
At Frankfort, automobiles would be rented to travel to the various Nafzger heritage sites. Four persons can rent an automobile for 14 days at a cost of $229.00 per car. The cost of $229.00 per qar would be for unlimited mileage but it would not include the gasoline.
It would appear that we would have no difficulty in reserving tourist class hotels and guesthouses at approximately cost of $20.00 to $30.00 per day.
We believe Nafzgers will be ineterested in visiting three loca tions. The closest one to Frankfort would be Darmstadt. Many of the Nafzgers who emigrated to America came from just south and west of this area.
More Nat zgers
We are grateful for the information sent to us by Finis B. Stroud, Owensboro, Kentucky. Firiis provided the information on the Stroud family which was published in the Ohio County News, Lineage Lines by Harry D. Tinsley, August 31, 1978 issue. The nice article details the connection of the Strouds and the Noffsinger. Zaceus Stroud married July 23, 1837 to Susan Noffsinger, born 1 81 5, daughter of Samuel and Sallie (Rhoades) Noffsinger. Samuel Noffsinger is a grandson of Peter Noffsinger who landed in America in 1 74 FinWwould be a seventh generation descednants of Peter Noffsinger. Finis list the various interlocking generations in his letter. Many thanks for the information. We will use it to add to the list of descen dants we have on file for Peter Noffsinger.
We want to thank Mrs. A. John Yost of New Holland, Pennsyl vaina for all the information on a line of the Peter Nafziger family of lilbach. She supplies us with considerable information on the Hartz line and the Stoltzf us line of this family. Though not the largest line in terms of descendants, the Peter Nafziger line may represent the most complete record we have on file. Members of this family line have been enthusiastic about filling out iriforma tion sheets on the various lines and sending them to us. As a result, we are assembling a very complete record for our files. When we get all the new information added and some of the old correct, we will begin to publish the list of descendants for this line in the News.
It is our contention, that based on estimates of present population of Nafzgers in Europe and America, that most Naf zger families wearied of conditions in Europe and move to America. Only a few remained behind.
Pi lication schedule:
Winter issue, mailed in December
Spring issue, mailed in March
Summer issue, mailed in July
fall issue, mailed in September
Mrs. Leona Baughman of Massillon, Ohio write to report the death of her father, John F. Nofsinger on February 24, 1978. - He is buried in the Union Lawn Cemetery at Navarre, Ohio. John is a 6th generation descendant of Mathias Naftzinger who land ed in America in 1 749. The Naftzgers In Graf ton will remember John Nofsinger as the man with a fabulous memory. He visited us in Grafton several years ago. While going over the records of this family line, we were startled to discover that he could rattle off the birthdates, marriage dates, etc. of many members to this family line without notes.
Also, Mrs. Baughman report the birth of Monica L
Baughmana grand daughter-born to Raymond Alan and I.
Baughman. Monica was born March 8, 1978 and would be a
9th generation of Mathias.
Finally, Rachel Ann Baughman, another grand daughter, born to Clyde Edward and Chris Baughman on December 19, 1978. Like Monica, Rachel is a ilinth generation descendant of Math ias.
While on a visit this summer to Kansas, I enjoyed visiting the Columbus Historical Museum, Columbus, Kansas. I noticed a printed card attached to a “turn of the century” dress. It state the dress belonged to Mary Magdalena Naffziger (known as Helen), 4/11/1871 to 3/8/1950. Married Frederick W. Heinrichsmeier 14 Jan. 1888. Parents of Mrs. Louise Jenn ings, John Heinrichsmeier, Mrs. Anna Jarvis, Mrs. Emma Harvis, Amelia and Marie. Mary Magdalena was the daughter of John and Anna M. Christianson Naffziger.
Mardell Edwards Saratoga, Indiana’
Editor’s Note - Mary Magdalena Naffziger is a great grand daughter of Peter Naffziger who married Phoebe Fischer in Hesse, Darmstadt, Germany, Her grand grand father died in Germany but the surviving sons and the family of deceas daughter, Catherine are the one that emigrated to America. I was nice of you to report this Nafzger display at the Columbus Historical Museum.
GR4 OHIo 4 4044
SUBSCRIPTION V’RICE $ yearly Published q.
The primary reason for the publication is the collection and exchange of information for identifying our heritage. We believe that unless some attempt s made to col such information on the individual family lines, it will become lost down iough the years ind there will be little kr—;,T Nafzger heniage to pass onto our children -- and to their descendants
d ones wr from other oa of the United States, va hope yo’ o be aci to begin a aeneaioqv 0± our particular family line and eventually pace all members of that line together as a result.
I, Christian Rcpp, now an old man of nearly eighty years, at the request of niy children, will attempt to write a brief account of my life. I will begin with my father. He was one of three orphan children. They had inherited a flour mill a hemp mill, but this they lost before they grew up. Then my dear father was compdled to hire himself to strangers until he was twenty- eight years of age, when he was married to Elizabeth Eirnan. His brother
$ died, and his sister married one Zimmerman, whose Christian name I have forgotten.
• My father lived in upper Alsace about six miles from Base!, and two miles
• from Aitkirch, and five miles from Befford. And since he had heard many
.‘ favorable reports of America, he thought it might be better for himself and children to emigrate to America, than to see his sons drafted into the army, for he had at that time mis sons. [ is uncertain whether Beflord should be
I Bclfort.}
1 lived at this time upon a small farm in upper Alsace, called “Barthel Hutte,” two miles from Altkirch, two miles from Damerkirch, and five from Befford. It was in the year 1826, at a time when many people were leaving for America, that my parents decided to go also. In May, 1826, the long voyage to America began. We journeyed from Befford to Paris and Havre, where we had to wait for a number of days. We had our own horse and wagon, but here had to sell the horse.
We entered the ship, but soon most of us were seasick. My mother was seasick most of the time. We met with some stormy weather. We also : a large fish with a hook, which pleased me very much. We were on
..	forty dayL	-	-
irer we reacneo YflhIaCtJphi* my father hued a team to take us to Lancaster Coiiity. After we had gone thirty or thirty-five miles, we stopped over with an old Amishman by the name of Zuck [ Here we remained a number of days to arrange our affairs. Then my father bought a horse, and after setting up the wagon which we had brought with us, we started out again, for my father wished to go to Butler County, Ohio.
\Vben we came within six miles of Lancaster, we met a Mennonite by the name of John Koenig who was plowing along the roadside. When he saw my father, he knew him by his clothing as well as his beard, for at that time no one except our people wore beards. After speaking with him, he invited him to remain over night, but my father hesitated, since there were others also with us who were on their way to Ohio. But finally my father was persuaded to remain all night, and as they were talking together during the evening, Koenig told him of Canada, and many were now going to that place, and that each family was offered fifty acres free.
As three families were about to leave for Canada, my father decided to go with them. The names of our fellow travelers were Christian Farm, John ! Erb, Michael Swartz, and Zebr. After a six weeks stay in Pennsylvania, we left with the above-mentioned for Canada.
‘ My father bought his second horse, but after making about half of the journey, the horse became sick and had to be left behind. Then we had to do some walking. It was a long and tedious journey. The road at that time was bad. We were on the way more than three weeks, but finally in the fall we reached Waterloo Township.
We remained all night in a little village called Rumbletown, now Berlin [ Then my father went to Wilsuot Township, where the free land was to he had, and selected a lot along the middle street. The conditions were to pay nine dollars for surveying, and to clear two rods along the Street; and then the fifty acres were free. There were two hundred acres in a lot; the other hundred and fifty could be bought later for $250 per acre.
Then we built a little log cabin and moved into it the same fall. But now our money was all gone. We had to hire out as laborers in order to make a
S. g, Andrew and I; but wages were very low. I received only $2.50 per nti and wore out more boots and clothes than I earned.
In the spring we cleared some land and planted potatoes and garden veg. etab Then things went somewhat better, for we were supplied with food.
And then each year we fared a little better. We finally cleared forty acres.
But now several of our number decided to move to Ohio, for it was too cold in Canada. These were the following: Joseph Goldschxnidt, Peter Danner, Daniel Unzicker, Peter Nafziger, and several others. And since my brother Andrew had cut his foot so that he had been disabled for six months, he decided to accompany this group; so in 1831 he left for Ohio.
In 1832 we held a sale, and moved to Ohio, but I and my brother Jacob remained to collect our sale money. In 1833 my brother Andrew returned to help collect the money, for in Canada money was very scarce at that time. We then sold our property and collected about $1100.
In 1833 we left for Ohio. There were four of us, I and Andrew and Jacob, and Christian Lehman. We bad a horse and covered wagon. The journey was tedious. We were on our way seventeen days, and at one time came near being robbed, but by the help of Divine Providence we escaped. We finally reached Ohio, where we found all well; and we rejoiced ffreadv. -
But since land was high here, and hearing that land was still cheap in Illinois and that eight families from Germany had already settled there, we decided to move to Illinois. The names of those settlers were Peter Engel, David &hertz, John Schweitzer, Peter RoW, John Auer, — Gingerich, and Peter Beck.
In the fall of 1833 my brother Andrew journeyed to Illinois to see the land. He was well pleased and returned immediately for the rest of us. Since it was late in the year, we decided that the family should remain in Ohio until t. following spring, but I and Andrew started early in January, 1834, for Illinois. We went on ho ‘d were thirteen -days on the .t since the roads were very poor. We had to ride around many swamps and were often as a loss to know how to cross streams, for at that time there were few bridges. We arrived in Woodford County at the home of Peter Engel. Here my brother Andrew married Jacobine Wirkler. [ 1807.90, was ordained later as minister and as bishop.]
In the spring we moved over to the Mackinaw, and took up a claim, for at that time the land had not yet been put on the market. ‘Ic cleared about ten acres. During this time our dear mother died in 1834 of consumpti.n and was buried in Butler County, Ohio. But my father and the rest of the family came to us in Illinois in the spring. Christian Farni from Canada also came to us. Then we lived together until after harvest, when we were all taken sick with the “Schüttel.fieber” [ Then we sold our claim for $200 to Fritz Niergarth and moved back to Meramora, to Peter Engel’s.
Soon after, my brother moved to Pleasant Grove, but we moved over in the timber between Washington, Illinois, and Peoria. Here my father lived for a number of years on a claim, but it was finally taken from him. But I lived with toy brother Andrew and built a blacksmith shop and worked a: the trade.
In 1836 1 married Magdalene Schertz and moved to Mackinaw, and hired to Christian Farni for five months for $20 per month. Then’ I bought ghry acres of land, and built a log cabin on it. Now I had to see that I made a livelihood, for the times were hard and money scarce. I lived on the Mackinaw for twenty-two years and passed through many experiences. Since April, 1858, we have been living in McLean County, Illinois, some thirty years, and have seen much and passed through trying experiences.
CI-IRSTIAN NAFZIGER(1 776-1836) led the emigration of the Amish Mennonites to Canada. What was it like to be an immigrant and pioneer to Canada in 1826? We can get a good idea from Christian Ropp. He was but a boy of fourteen years of age when he emigrated with his Amish Mennonite parents from Alsace to Canada in 1826. The following story is Christian Ropps own account written in 1892. The account was taken from “Glimpses of Mennonite History and Doctrine” by John Christian Wenger, Herald Press, Scottdale, Pennsylvania, 1947 who se cured the story from Harry F. Weber, “Centennial History of the Mennonites in Illinois” Goshen. Indiana. 1931.,
We are in receipt of a nice etter from Ruth Cole of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Ruth is a descen dant of Christian Nofziger - Nafziqer who emigrated to America in about 1 845 and first settled in Wayne County, Ohir. Later descendants of this family line moved to Fulton County, Ohio.
Thanks to HeIe Webb of Danvers, Illinois for her interest in our family heritage.
Our thanks to Rev. P. Melville Nafziger of the Sandy Hill Mennonite Church of Coatesville, Pen ns)’lvaia. Rev. Melville expressed an interest in the trip to Germany to visit Nafziger historical sites there. We are working on the trip and more information on the progress has been an nounced in another story in this issue of the News.
We are in receipt of a nice letter from Margaret Naffziger Barnes of Elwood, Nebraska. Margaret’s family line traces to an Illinois branch of the Naffzigers but we could not identify which one based on the information we received in her letter. We have written for more infor mation.
It would seem that the longest running family reunion in the history of the Nafzgers is the one held at Hopedale, Illinois. This year’s meeting of th Hopedale Nafziger’s will be at the Hopedale Park on the third Sunday of July which is July 1 5, 1 979. There will be a basket din ner and the usual festivities.
We are in receipt of a letter from the F.vangelische IKirche in Hcsseu and Nassau, Germany. The minister of the church researched church records of two Nafziger families for the News . One family is the line otZc,Lcr.of th is Pcte lilbach. The estate of lie berau and thc estate of lUbach ap.;iiè i ()ftTITt C w€re adjoining. After we h had time to sift through the data and translate the intormation, we will report the results of the official church records of the two Nafzigcr families in the next issue of the News. In the meantime, we svill write and try to find out if the estates remain today. After studying a map of (erlnany, it would appear that the construction of the junction of highway 526 and 38 (two freeways) ma have destroyed the estate of Ilihach. It is possible thut the estate of Ueberau may be intact.
GR4FTON, OHIo 44044
...U..UUU.UU•••UUU u..U...aU,.,.
Daniel T. Noffsinger
9050 South 150th. West
Sand Utah 84070
1-1 PETER NAFZIGER. Born in 1740, Essingen, Rhine, Bavaria, Germany. lie was married to Barbara Erisman. Children of the marriage are Christian(2-l), Eliza (2—2) and Johanncs(2-3). In an account given to Ralph 0. Nafziger supplied by a great aunt, Peter Nafziger became a functionary in 1774 at Rheinfelder, Hof, Grossgeran, Hesse-Darmstadt, In 1806, a Christian Nafziger and Peter Nafziger and his brother—in-law took over at Eberbach’s Pfortenhof. Peter stayed at Neuhof. In this account, it would appear that Peter, the father and Christian the son of Peter are the Nafzigers referred to by the great aunt of Ralph 0 Nafziger.
JOHANNES FIAFZIGER, born about 1706, an elder of the Amish congregation in Essingen near Landau in the Palatinate, Germany. The records in the archives mention him for the first time in 1738. He later moved to Essingen and leased an estate from the Baron of Dalsberg. lie married Barbara licily. lie was chosen preacher and then elder. He must have been a leader in the brotherhood. In 1765 he journeyed to Netherlands with two other brethren, where some Swiss Amish had founded congregations. They remained nine weeks to install new preachers and to make theobs of communion possible. We mention Johannes Nafziger who was an apparent leader in the Amish movement because of the possible close relation ship to Peter f horn in 1740 and married to Barbara Erisman. The Essingen area of Germany was the apparent “home base of operations” for both Nafzigers.
2—1 CHRISTIAN NAFZIGER(l-1) Born in 1779, Hesse-Oarnstadt, Germany. Married to Marie Unzicker. I was born in 1779 on the Lahn and died in 1854. She is buried at Ljiesbaden, Germany. Children of the marriage are Jacob(3—l) and per haps other children i names are riot know. t died i 1847 and is buried at Eberbach, F’heingau, (
3—1 JACOB r4AFZIGER(2-1) Born in 1812 at Eberhach, Rheingau, Germany. Married in
1852 to Anna Brenne,ian(l830-l905). Anna was born at Marburg, Germany and is
buried at Darmstadt, Germany. Children are Emilie(4-l), Christian(4-2), Otto
(4—3), Bertha(4—4), tlathilde(4—5), Albert(4—6) and Pauline(4—7). Burial in 1884
at Eltville, Rheingau, Germany.
4—1 EMILE NAFZIGER(3—1) Born in 1852, Eberbach, Rheingau, Cermany. Married to Beno Pawolleck. Children: urt(5—l), Felicitas(5—2) and Elizabeth(5—3)
4—2 CHRISTU NAFZIGER(3—1) Born in 1854, Eberbach, Rheingau, Germany. Married to helene Graa -1OCY). The names of the children are not known. Helene is buried at Drie Uermar
4-3 OTTO NAFZIGER(3-1) Born in 1856, Eberbach, Rheingau, Germany. Married in
1888 to Bertha Jung(l857— ). Children: Maria(5—4) and perhaps other child ren but their names are not known. Burial in 1935, Buschlag, Germany.
4—4 BERTHA NAFZIGER(3-l) Born in 1858, Eberhach, Rheingau, Germany. Married in
1888 to John Hirschy(1858-1918) at Peru, Illinois. Children: Walter(5—5).
Burial in 1935, Marcellus, Michigan. John is buried at Three Rivers, Michigan.
4—5 MATHILDA NAFZIGER(3-1) Born in 1864, Eberbach, Rheingau, Germany. Married to Adolph Reinhardt(1853—l910). Adolph was born at Granville, Illinois and is buried at Spring Valley, Illinois. Children of the marriage are Joseph(5-6) and perhaps other children but their names are not known.
4—6 ALBERT NAFZIGER(3-l) Born 1862, Eberbach, Rheingau, Germany. Plarried in
1890 to Emma Brenneman(1865-1944) at Peru, Illinois. Children: Herbert(5-7).
Residence: Germany, Cook County, Illinois and Berrien, Michigan. Burial in
1947, Cystal Spring Cemetery, Benton Harbor, Michigan.
4—7 PAULINE NAFZIGER(3—l) Did not marry. Burial in 1931.
5—1 KURT B. PAWOLLECK(4—1) Born in 1882. Flarried to Helene S. Guengerick.
5—2 FELICITAS PAWOLLECK(4-1) Died in 1880.
5-3 ELIZABETH(ELSA)PAWOLLECK(4—1)Born in 1884 Marrled to Jose DeVaron in
Madrid, Spain. Children: Felicitas(6—1), .Anita(6—2) and Jose(6—2A).
5—4 MARIA NAFZIGER(4-3) Born in 1889, Darmstadt, Germany. Burial in 1978.
5-5 WALTER HIRSCHY(4—4) Born in 1889, Peru, Illinois. Married in 1914 to Louise
H. Kline(1888—1965). Louis was born at Three Rivers, Michigan and is buried
there. Children: Helen(6—3), Winfield(6-4), John(6—5) and Malcolni(6-6).
Burial in 1965, Three Rivers, Michigan.
5—6 JOSEPH A. REINH/\RDT(4—5) Born in 1895, Spring Valley, Illinois. Married to
Frances Maze(l895— ). Children: Mary Louise(6—7), Elizabeth(6—8) and
5—7 HERBERT NAFZIGER(4-6) Born in 1892, Chicago, Illinois. Married in 1921 to
Ethel Thomas(l898— ). at Chicago, Illinois. Ethel was born at Blue Island
Illinois. Children: Robert(6-1O), Ralph(6-31) and Gertrude(6-l2). Burial
in 1967.
6—1 FELICITAS DEVARON(5—3) Born in Madrid, Spain. Did not marry. Residence:
6-2 ANITA DEVARON(5-3) Born in Madrid, Spain. Márried to Saville Davis.
Children: Julie(7—1)
6—2A JOSE DEVARON(5-3) Born in Madrid, Spain. Married in 1944 to Marguerite Cook.
Residence: Massachusetts.
6-3 HELEN JANE HIRSCHY(5—5) Born in 1916, Three Rivers, Michigan. Married in
1948 to John Paska(1915— ). Children: Ann(7—2) and Ronald(7—3).
6—4 WINFIELD A. HIRSCHY(5—5) Born in 1916, Three Rivers, Michigan. Married in 1946 to Mary Virginia Johnson(1924— ). Children: Mary Louise(7—4) and Nancy(7—5).
6-5 JOHN R. HIRSCHY(5-5) Born in 1924. Married In 1949 to Mary C. Rumsey(1931— ).
Children: Marcia(7-6) and Linda(7-7).
6—6 MALCOLM HIRSCHY(5—5) Born in 1926. Married in 1950 to Jean Plumer(1930—
Children: Dian(7—8) and Daniel (7—9).
6—7 MARY LOUISE REINHARDT(5—6) Born in 1922, Peru, Illinois. Married In 1943 to Keith R. Syrnon(1920— ) at DuPage City, Illinois. Keith was born at Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Children: Judith(7—lO), Keith(7—ll), James(7—12) and Rowena(7—13).
6-8 ELIZABETH REIILHARDT(5—6) Born in 1924. Married in 1946 to Richard Heaton at Wheaton, Illinois. Children: Christopher(7-14), Murray(7—l5), Frances(7—16), Mary(7-17) and Bethany(7—18)...
6—9 JOSEPH REINHARDT(5—6) Born in 1928, Peru, Illinois. Married In 1950 to
Shirley Exley(1929- ). Children: Joseph(7—19), Nancy(7—20), Mark(7-2l) and
6—10 ROBERT 1. NAFZIGER(5—7) Born in 1922, Benton Harbor, Michigan. Married in
1957 to June J. llick(1930— ) at Benton Harbor, Michigan. June was born at
Mobridge, South Dakota. Children: Jean(7-23) and Dale(7—24).
6-11 RALPH OTTO NAFZIGER(5—7) Born 1896, Chicago, Illinois. Married in 1932 to
Charlotte Monona Hamilton at Dane, Wisconsin. Pionona was born 1907 at Winnipeg,
Canada. Children: Ralph(7—25) and James(7—26). Burial in 1973, Forest Hills
Cemetery, Madison, Wisconsin.
6-12 GERTRUDE NAFZIGER(5-7) Born in 1897, Chicago, Illinois. Married in 1936 to Ronald C. Wynkoop at Benton Harbor, Michigan. Ronald was born in 1897 and died in 1968 at Benton Harborn, Michigan.
7—2 ANFI LOUISE PASKA(6—3) Born in 1949. Married in 1971 to Lawrence Camburn (1949— ). Children: Kristin(8-l).
7—3 ROANLD C. PASKA(6—3). Born in 1953.
7-4 MARY LOUISE HIRSCUY(6-4) Born in 1947. Married in 1963 to David Waldrom (1946- ). Chtldren: David(8—2) and Debra(8
7—5 NANCY HIRSCIIY(6—4) Born in 1949. Married in 1971 to Allen Morrison(1938— )
Children: Michelle(8—4)
7—6 MARCIA HIRSCHY(6—5) Born in 1950. Married in 1970 to Ronald Lofts(1949— ).
Children: Alecia(8—5).
7—7 LINDA HIRSCHY(6—5) Born in 1954.
7—8 DIAN L. HIRSCHY(6—6) Born in 1951. Married in 1971 to William C. Silvey
(1950— ). Children: Uiiliam(8—6).
7—9 DANIEL HIRSCHY(6-6) Born in 1958.
7—10 JUDITH E. SYNOII(6-7) Born in 1944, Washington, D. C. Married in 1969 to
Edward J. Arendsen at Dane County, Wisconsin. Children: Hamilton(8—7).
7—11 KEITH J. SYMON(6—7) Born in 1945, Washington, D. C.
7—12 JAMES R. SYMOM(6 Born in 1950, Detroit, Michigan. Married in 1974 to
Jennifer Neviaser.
7—13 ROWENA L. SYMON(6—7) Born in 1953, Pontiac, Michigan.
7-14 CHRISTOPHER HEATON(6—8) Born in 1948, New Haven, Connecticut. Married in
1973 to Barbara Fuller.
7—15 MURRAY HEATON(6—O) Born in 1951, Nashville, Tennessee. Married In 1973 to Mary Cognelta.
7—16 FRANCES HEATOF4(6—8) Porn in 1953, St. Charles, Illinois.
7-17 MARY R. HEATON(6—8) Born in 1956, Stroudsberg, Pennsylvania.
7-18 BETHANY HEATON(6—8) Born in 1964, Rochester, New York.
7—19 JOSEPH A. REINHARDT(6—9) Born in 1953. Married in 1974 to Catherine A.Sossi.
7-20 NANCY LEE HEIfiHAR Born in 1956. Married in 1975 to Samuel W. Smith.
7-21 MARK E. REINFfARDT(6-9) Born in 1957.
7—22 ANN M. REIFIHARDT(6—9) Born in 1962.
7-23 JEAN MARIE NAFZIGER(6—lO) Born in 1963, Berrien County, Michigan.
7—24 Df ALAN UAFZIGER(6—lO) Born in 1%5, Berrien County, Michigan.
7—25 RALPH HAMILTON NAFZIGER(6—11) Born in 1937, Hennepin, Minnesota.
Residence: Albany, Oregon.
7-26 JAMES ALBERT RICHMOND NAFZIGER(6-ll). Born in 1940, Hennepin, Minnesota.
8-1 KRISTIN L. CAF!BURFI(7-2) Born in 1977
8-2 DAVID E. WALDROM(7-4) Born in 1964.
8—3 DEBRA A. WALDROF1(7—4) Born in 1967
8—4 MICHELLE MORRISON(7-5) Born in 1972
8-5 ALECIA LOFTS(7—6) Born in 1974.
8—6 WILLIAt’l C. SILVEY(7—8) Born in 1977
8—7 HAMILTON ARENDSEN(7—lO) Born in 1974, Rotterdani; Netherlands.

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