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Nafzger Heritage News Vol VIII No 4
Raw OCR - 7/6/04

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“	‘rmW
Dean Noffsinger of Green Valley, Arizona writes to report that fifty-four Noffsingers were in attendance at th annual reunion held at Osborne, Kansas The reunion has been scheduled for June 1, 1980 at the same location The Noffsinger clan of Kansas has been meeting for a number of years
We received several nice letters from Arlie Noffsinger of Willowick, Ohio He is a sixth generation descendant o’ Peter Noff— singer who landed in America in 1749,. Arlie added several dozen more descendants to his branch of the line by providing us with a list of seventh and eighth generation de— cendaats that we did not have in our re cords Our thanks to Arlie for the work and the information
Thanks to DorothyM Kennedy of Paso Robles
California for an update on the descendants
of her family line She is a descendant of
Christian Nofziqer—Nafziger (Fulton County,
Ohio) whose chi emigrated to Ohio in . the l845—lS period She says that with
the addttion of the latest material, her branch of the line is now updated Thanks
Johann Peter Mafziopr rf Hofhes or zu Uehera!, Germa t. horn in l77 1 was mi’ried to Ann Carhara Llnzicker( 1 757.1 797). Children of this -r Catherine, 1 Christian, Johann 1 tine, Anna Maj:’alena and A El izab’i can identi at least ty of the c! of of this German Nafziger family line lr in th2 United States
The first snn of Johann ThVr and Anna Barbara (Unzicker) ‘!afzige was named Peter I!’ ‘n 7 to Jacohina in Germa’ Children of thei’ mrriacle are Johann Christfan (married 8’h Staili Peter (married Jacohina Kennel) Johann ‘a] entipe, Barbara and 1\nna Catherine (nr Valentine Nafziger of the Gat’c,rsh° e), the son, Peter c in G as ‘id s’w al of his children One of th s lr,hnnn Christian (who m Carhara St came to America in l853 Also, thr ch n Anna Catherine cmiqra to /‘tmerira at th sai time Annt sore Johann ‘aln’ died in C hut hi wife, £ and her youngest son also emigrated tn I” Our readers can pirr up the story o’:
ch 1 dr af t!iev arri re in f\enr 1w ‘fle— ferring to a past issue o the Net rnl !o 1, Winter 1078 issue important nn is that we ha identified the n:r2:it of the Peter Mn’ linn( the Parents of this American Mafzi iine is Johann Peter and Barhara(thizi c!’o !afzi ie of Ileherati, Gormaru’
The second son of Johann Peter ard Anna Barb t(’ rfrer) Nafziner t n Jhnn Chris’ian Hafzianr marr n 1 to Elizi*et! F in P.eirhein,1-m-rnan”,Ch (l. ron of this nnrri are Maoc’alena. Pe:m’. Cath El ] Jacob r! Chr:-iai, We c not have am’ preb’em pi king ‘ story of this famil” as t1i ru ‘atnd P-ira Christian, t p1I’pont i t’e fa
Continued on Page Jhree
G OHIO 44044
From some old German records that we have received,i.t would appear that our ancestors greatly improved their longev ity by emigrating to America For example,Nafzgers who lived during the late 1700’s and early 1800’s did not live to be very old Many of them died in their thirties and thus far, we have found only one that lived to be fifty—six Their counterpart living in the United States during the same period was living to be seven ty and older We believe that the pioneer days were rough and rugged in the IJOSO but con ditions must have been wo’ from where they came
Last winter I translated Vol umn I of the Aitalaha Lutheran Church Records from the old German script It is now being typed When I get it back, I will copy the Naftzingers founc in the Volume Some of the names in the record are John Herman Naftzinger, Anna Maria Naftzinger, Daniel C Mohn, Thomas Dieffenbach Naftzinger and wife Maria, Thomas, son of Joseph Naftzinger and his wife Catherine Dieffenbach Christ ian and Maria Elizabeth(Kast— nitz) [ Elizabeth Naftzinger who married Levi Riegal and others
Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania
Editor’s Note: Mr Dieffenbach also included news clippiigs from the local newspape re—
We are in receipt of a nice letter from Lynn Nafziger of Goshen, Indiana,, us some of you may recall, Lynn kindly sent us a book An Litroc ion to Mennonite E1isto Cor nelius J Dyck, Editor Since we have been looking into the heritage of the Nafzgers o Europe, we have usec the hook many times The book as u as many other historical pub— lications on the Amish—Mennon— ites identifies Hans fla who was a leader in the move ment between 1750 and l779 It is he who wrote the detailed statement of how an Amish con gregation was to be organized and which has become the patt ern for most of their congre gations from that time to the present
Also, Lynn enclosed an art icle which spells out the ac ivities of Harry Noftsker who is associated with The American Red Cross He is a diro
from St Louis lie was work ing the floods in Peoria, liii— mo when called to Wichita
Falls, Texas The Texas tor nadoes were his thrid straight disaster He hadn’t seen h in six weeks.
I read with a great inter t the recent sum issue of News since the Peter Nafzi Tfne is the one to which I be long Howe’!er., t!’ore are a few mistakes which need to be cor— recte’i
Ralph Otto Nafziger(6—li) and Ger 1 (6—12) were the son and ght- of /\lbert F t rt f ‘: (5—7) S ‘1II it listed Ilorl’ert I qer had only one son, Robert I (6—ifl) Accordingly, J belong in the si ç’encration, no’; the s°”— enth,sinoe my Ththo;’ wn Ra’ph Otto Nafzigor.The same is true for my brother, James Albert Richmond 1 Rob— ort Naf (6 is our cousin Both Ralph Otto and Gertrude are fifth neneration Nafzigers and brother and sis ter of Hcrhert(5-7)
St Pa&, -:
Kenneth I. r!afziger, son of ft3lville and Est):e;’ I4afziger o Gap,Pennsylvania wa one of 25’5 Lan Count’, residents to graduate from Fastn’ fenno nite Co’lcge at ‘Thonhurg, 1.’ ? (‘at’nted y h w;’th a r Pcm’ee in math and r flon gratulations, !(nneeth..
tlrs izabet!i Gol it afziger 74 years of rl Cannc!a, c in an Ontn’-:n I!os . IrvcriI- ), lP7
Corn in Pcnrsy’ ‘an-a ,she was ‘the foster c of the late r V’f of /\tolee,. he t’ the v o Aaron flaf— zi The couple had li n r Pro’ en hefore r to Canada 20 years ano
r’ in addition to hr
hushnn’ are a c!at’!i P
‘ o f
iinhn, of r’ of Cnli and ! Pn and Ja &l of Onta j flT Of cu’c.n (h
We are in receipt of a nice letter from Mart!ia Reed of Fallston, Maryland We were sorry to learn that Martha is confined to a wheelchair and is unable to move about a before She continues to t’irite of her interest in the family line of Peter Nafziger of Tllbach Martha is a fifth ge chsr,endant of this Nafziger family line
We received several nice let ters from Laura !- Moshor of Bal c!wi ns 11 e, !ew York 0 lating to the Nafzgers Many Laura is happy that we have un— thanks for his untiring efforts covered the name of the reets on the Nafz hcritage are of Peter Naf:ipe of ilflhach looking forward to the receipt .a is a fe cie:oration of the church records cksce”d of Peter
Page Two
Continued from Pagc One
ily made the trip to America first in 1846.. The rest of the family came to America about a year later Elizabeth emigrated to Amer’c.a with her children after the death of her hus band, Johann Christian Nafziger died The family farmed in Butler County, Ohio a few years before moving to Illinois in 1854 Johann Christian is buried in Germany and Elizabeth is buried in the Stout Grove Ceme tery just west of Danvers, Il1inoi We have listed descendants of this line on Page 7 of this issue of the News Thus, the parents of this America family line is Johann Peter and Anna Barbara (unzicker) Nafziger of Iieberau, Ge rrna
As nearly as we can determine with the limited information we have received, the next four children of Johann Pete and Anna Barbara(Unzicker) Nafziger did no emigrate to America Anna Catharin r.hild died In 1816 and is buried in Germany The next child, Johann Valrntine (married Elizabeth Imhof) had a family consisting of Peter, \fal— entine, Katharina, 1lagdalena, Johannes, Christian anti Jacob.. Johann Valentine is buried in Germany, We cannot pick up any record of any this children in P Anna 1!agdalena died at the age of “ear, Ar’vi Elizabeth married a r.hneirler It is po ible that the Schneidors emigrated to Amer ica because we do not have a record of her burial in Germany,
The story of Johann Peter and Anna Parhara
(Iinzicker)appears to be a ra tragic one
Peter (son of Johann Peter and father of the
U.,S Ueberan line) die. at the ace of 33
• years.. Wis brother. Johann la1entine died at the age of 27 •“ears, both of th leaving large families Another child Anna died at ene year.. 1 P”ter wife, A died at the age c 4fl y It won’ I app that they iere very diftio time.s fo” them and the early deaths n rnf’eet a !mst of reasons not known t tho wrier.. He tend to believe the early deaths of the Nafzig’ reflect disease or ll nf the dav
After the death of his wf Johann Peter
married another Na ziq widow, 1 i zaheth
Barbara Nafziger Widow El arhara
Nafziger was the win’ of Peter Iafzicier of
Ill bach. Germany..
COtltIIflIC(I 1CX t colii inn
Peter Nafziger of Illbach w born in 1766 and married to Elizabeth Barbara anner. Two children were born of the marriage; Barb ara, born in 1788 and Peter born In 1790 Pick up the story of Peter Nafziger, born 1790(Illbach)as hein the Nafjiger ‘iho marr ied Jacobina Schwartzentrubor) and rnjgrated to America in 1827, But misfortune would strike this family as Peter died at sea. Th- rest of the story can be picked up by refer ing to a number of back issues of the News.
The story of Peter dying at sea at the age of 37 years is tragic but now we discove
h that his father died at the age of 7 ‘ears when ho was just two 3/ears old, Hi sister,
Barbara was but four years old Th m Elizabeth Barbara (Danner) Nafzigor married Johann Peter Nafziger after the death of h wife and her husband
Two chilIron were horn of the marrla of Johann Peter and Barbara (Danner) Naf7icler,. They are .lohanncs, who die(! at th a of 2’! years and Johann Jacoh(no record).. Tht!s in this family, we find children of derrased spouses, half brothers and step brothers and step sisters living as a family unit,
The story becomes even nrn’e tragic. w we learn from the records that Johann Peter Naf. z con suoide in l7 at Eherstarl ter, Ger Thus, Peter of Iflhach ho lost !r life at sea his father t h was hut two year: old end his stcrr when he was hut seven years o1-
T! two Nafziger fami lived very rc’ose each other in Ge Ihat is, the Peter Nafzioer famil of Jilbach and the Johann Pete! Nafzigcr fan o2 L’eherrni, da pendin en the amount of land with ear.h es tate, r have lived next to earh other.. rut O h? !r’ no relatinnsli to the r far li e”cent that Jo! Pcter of Iloheran mrr tii’ew El iz Neth(Pier ziner of ilihach which would not he a Nlc.nJ ‘nl at
Our appreciation to Mrs. Riley Brown of
Fort .‘ Kancac for the latest infnr tiori on her hranc of the Rudolph NofVs PgCr farw1 1 She report the t. n a qrz’i or, Denise Hutch born January
is the c r c 1 (
J’igc Threc
pa c e t
1 Marria Christian Nafziger and Eliza Fisher
2 Birth of Christian ‘afziger, son of Chris— tam r’ and Elizab Fisher.
3. Birth of Peter Nafzinr son of Christian Nafziger and Elizabeth Fisher
4 D of Peter Nafziçier, son of Christian fl 19afzi
40 Death of Peter Mafziqer, son of Christian M and E1izah’ Fish’
5 Birth of fla Nfziç daughter of (Y Nafziger and Elizabeth Fisher.
6. Birth of Eli Nnfzio daughter of Christian 1! ar’ E1izah Fisher.
Book No. 1 — By Thurlow Nofziger of Toledo, Ohio A comprehensive list of over 2 descendants of Christian Nofziger-Nafziqr?r whose children settled in Fulton County in the 1845—1850 period Cos $9
BOOk No. 2 - A comprehensive list of mately 2,000 descendants of Rudolph singer who landed in America in l74 porte-I by descendants t- the Nafzger rs Cost: 9 per copy.
appro Nof as re— Hen t—
It has been a good summer for Nafzger genealogy. We have haveen flooded with letters from our readers, In fact, we have received so many that it will be impossible to com ment or acknowledge all of them in this issue of the News. We will comment or acknow ledge most of them in the next issue of the News Thank you or your irterest in our Nafzger heritage Among the letters we need to respond to are as follows:
Richard Bunn, Laguna Beach, California; Daniel Nafziger, Landisville, Pennsylvania; Vineta Smith Cross, Palos Park, Illinois; Michael Noftsger, Doylestown, Pennsylvania; Wilbur Nafziger, Gridley, Illinois; P. Mc, Nafziger, Gap, Pennsylvan Elmer 1 Springfield, Illinois and several letters from Martha Reed and Lura ftartz F•losher In addtion, we have received some nice genealogical material from our Germai cousins and friends including Rudolph Nafziger of Luedenscheid; K. A. Bucknummer of the Evan— gelische Kirche in Deutschland; Dr Horst Gerlach of Marnheim; t!ie Hessische Staats— sarchiv of Darmstadt; l Werner, Landeshauptarchiv of Koblenz; the Hess Staats— sarchiv of Marburg; Paul Schowalter of Marheim, Edeltraut Nafziger of Stockdorf; e hard Beyse of Evangelische Kirche in Deutschland and Hermann Guth of Saarhrncken Let ters are arriving daily so if we missed yours, it is because we typed this article well ahead of press time. INFLATION
Inflation is with all of us Coping with inflation and publishing a newsletter with out increasing the subscription price has been difficult There has been only one price since we began the project over seven years ago. We want to continue the low subscript ion for as long as possible but we are beginning to drop behind. Presently, the subscrip tion price is just about enough to cover postage In attempt to continiv the $5 sub scription price and still meet the inflation issue, we will be reprinting some of our re cords for sale to our readers In fact, we have reprinted some of them in tN2 past for a few Nafzger families to sell on special ocassions We expect to reprint some more of our files in the future Hopefully, we can generation enough income from the sale to cover the rising costs due to inflation and to continue the low subscription fee,
The following copies of church records have been reproduced for sale to our The copy is in old German script and quite difficult to read Cost is $2.00 per of material. Description of the material in each packet are as follows:
1. Birth of Nafzi ger
2. Birth of Nafz fger
3. Birth of N afzfger
40 Birth of Nafziger
Elizabeth, daughter of Christian
& Barbara Staihi.
Pc son of Christian
& Barbara Staihi.
Peter Nafziger, son of Christian
& Barbara St.alhi(died in infancy)
CAtherine, daughter of Christian
& Barbara Stalhi.
1, Birth of Magdalena Nafziger, daughter of Pet Plafziger & Jacohina Schwarzentruber
2. Birth of Daniel Nafziger, son of Peter H and Jacobi na Schwarzentruber
3. Death of Johannes Nafziger, half brother
6i1 Nafziger & Jacobina Schwarzentrube
Page Four
‘	•1
1—1 JOHANN PETER NAFZIGER, born 1755, Germany Married to Anna Barbara Unzicker(1757—1797) Children: Peter(2—l), Anna Catharine(2—2), Johann Christian(2—3), Johann Valentine(2-4), Anra Ilagdalena(2—5) and Anna Eliza— beth(2—6) Residence: Ueherau, Germany Second marr to Elizabeth [ ara(Danner)Nafziger Elizabeth was a widow of Peter !‘!afziger o Il1b Germany and had two Children, Barbara and Peter Children f the sero;id marriage of Johann Peter Nafziger and Elizabeth are Johannes(2—7) and Johann Jacob(2—8) Burial in l8O5
2—3 JOHANN CHRISTIAN NAFZIGER(l—1) Born in 1787, Ueherau, Germany M in 1810 at Reinheim, Germany to Elizabeth Fischer(1792- ) Child of the marriage are Magdalena(3—1), Peter(3—2), Catharine(3—3), Elizabeth(3_4), Jacob(3-5) and Christian(3-6) Residence: Iieberau, Germany Christirn died in 1819. Elizabeth emigrated to America with her children Christian the youngest member of the family made the trip to America rst The rest of the family came a year later about 18 They farmed in Butler Count:;’, Ohio a few years before moving ti Illinois., Christian is buried in Go:’m and Elizabeth is buried in the Stout Grr Ceniete’-v just west of Danvors, Illinois
3—1 MAGDALENA NAFZIGER(2—3) Born in 1810, tieberau, (ermany.
3—2 PETER NAFZIGER(2—3) Born in 1812, Ueberau, Germany Burial in 1812 in Germany.
3-3 CATHARINE NAFZIGER(2—3) E in 1813, Lleberau, Germany
3.4 ELIZABETH NAFZIGER(2—3) Born in 1815, Ueberau, Germany
3—5 JACOB W NAFZIGER(2—3) Born in 1817, LJQ,erau, Reinheim, Germany. Married to Elizabeth — last name is not known., Children: Bertha(4—1), Edward(4—2), George(4—3), Ferdinand(4—4), Louis(4—5) and Gustav(4—6) Residence: Dan”ers, McLean County, Illinois.
3—6 CHRISTIAN WIELERHAUF NAFZIGER(2-3) Born in 1819, Ueberau, Reinheim, Germ
He emigrated to America in about 1842 and eventually settled at Pa 11
County, Illinois. Married in 1849 to Elizabeth Ehrosm	) at Pt
County, Ohio Residence: Butler County and later McLean County, IllinoiS
Children: John(4—7), Christian(4—8), Eliza(4 nstn Lena(4_11’) a:
William(4—12) Burial in 1901, Mt., { Cemetery McLean Count”, I1li:iois..
Page Five
i -:n ,1tor1I ( Ofl
4—2 EDWARD NAFZIGER(3—5) no informatTh-
4—3 GEOR N1\FZI no information
4—4 FERDINAND NAFZIGER(3—5) no information
4—5 LOUIS A NAFZIGER(3-5) no information
4—6 GUSTAV NAFZIGER(3—5) Did not marry — no further information
4—7 JOHN H NAFZIGER(3-6) Born in 1849 in Butler rounty, Ohio Married to
Amelia Wendelish(1846 ) Children: Romelda(F.. Pustav(5—2), Bertha
(5—3), Hulda(5—4) and Edgar(5 Residence: Minier, Illinois. Burial in
1935, Mt Pleasant Cemetery, Stanford, Illinois
4—8 CHRISTIAN F r Born in 1852, McLean County, Illinois, Married to Ida Flullenix, Children: Albert(5—6), Christian Pierce(5-7) and Edward(5’ Second married in 1889 to Ellen Jane Thompson(1860— ) Children: Loreno (5—9), flrtice(5—lO), Pobert(5—ll) and Evo Residence: Stanford, Illi nois Burial in 1939, ML Pleasant Cemete Stanford Illinois,
4—9 ELIZA ft. NAFZIGER(3—6) Born in 1853, McLean Count.y, Illinois. Married to
a Linker — first name is not known Resid’- Minier, Illinois. The nar
of the children, if any, are not known Burial at Minier, Illinois in 1933
4—10 GUSTOFF ADOLPH NAFZIGER(3—6) Porn in 1855, McI.ean County, Illinois, Married to Bertha Hatiter Children: Alfred(5—13), Roy(5.14) and another son(5—15) whose name is not known Re Fairb’ r Burial at Fairbury, Nehrns in l939
4—11 LENA E NAFZIGER(3-6) Born in 1857, McLea County, Illinois. Married to George W Wright They are t’ pare’-ts of chi1c! b’ft the number or names are not known Residence: Stanford, Illinois, Burial in 1!)3 Mt. Pleasant Thne tory, Stanford, Illinois,
5—1 ROMELDA NAFZIGER(4-7) no information
5—2 GUSTAV NAFZI(ER(4—7) Did not marry — no furthe information
5-3 BERTHA NAFZIGER(4-7) no information
5—4 HULDA NAFZIGER(4-7) no information
5—5 EDGAR NAFZIUiER(4-7) Residence: Nbrth Dakota — died young in 1918.
5—6 ALBERT W NAFZIGER(4—8) Born in 1887, County, Illinois. Married in 1913 to Stella M Hulvey, Chiliren: E1 an” Naomi(6-.6) Residence:
Blooming, Illinois Burial in l97l
5—7 CHRISTIAN PIERCE r’!AFZIGER(4—8) Bern in 8fl, McLean County Illinois.
Married in 1916 to Ma-el M at. Mc.Lear Coun:y, R McI.ean County,
Children: Zo3(6—i), Nor1an( Kenneth(6 and Eda(6.-4) Burial in l9
Mt Pleasant Cemetery, Sta’ Illinois,
Page Six
.‘. ,
5—8 EDWARD NAFZIGER(4—8) Born in 1891, McLean County, Illinois Died in infancy Burial in 1891.
5-0 LORENE NI\FZIGER(4—8) Born in 1900 Married a Wilson — first name is not known no further information
5-10 BRUCE A. NAFZIGER(4—8) Born in 1901, McLean County, Il
5—10 BRUCE ALLEN NAFZIGER(4—8) Born in 190 McLean County, Illinois no further information. Burial in 1962.
5-11 ROBERT L. NAFZIGER(4—8) Born in 1906, McLean County, Illinois Reicl.:nce:
Paris, Illinois. no further information
5—12 EVERETT R. NAFLIGER(4—8) Born in 1909, McLean County, Illinois. Married to
Lois Glena. Children: Christine(6—7) and John(6—8)
5—13 ALFRED NAFZIr,ER(4-1O) no information
5—14 ROY NI\FZIGER(4-8) Married but name of his spouse is not known Two daughters hut their names are not known Residence: Santa Monica, California.
5—15 SON — name not known(4—lO)
6-1 ZOE NAFZIGER(5-7) Born in 1920, McLean County, Married in 1946 to Paul Iutzi, at Taxewell County, Illinois. Children: Robert(7—1), Martha(7—2) and Ernily(7-3)
6—2 NORLAND NAFZIGER(5—7) Born in 1922, McLean County, Illinois. Married in 1053 to Phyllis Henderson. Children: Rruce( Diane(7-8), Linda(7—9), Craiq(7-1O), Karen(7—ll), Mark(7—12) Keith(7—13) and Brett(7—14) Residence: Stanford, Il
6—3 KENNETH W. NAFZIGER(5-7) Born in 1923, McLean County, Illinois., Married in
1954 to petTy M Smith at McLean County. Children: Kent(7-4), Andrew(7-5) nd
Mary(7—6) Residence: Hopedale, Illinois.
6—4 EDA NAFZIGER(5—7) Born in 1925, McLean County. Married in 1948 to Edward
Willis.	Chi1	William(7 Douglas(7—16), Michael (7—17) and El$zabet’i
(7-18)	Residence:	Tulsa, Oklahoma
6—5 ELDON NAFFZIGER(5—6) Born in 1915. Married but name of spouse is not known,
Children: Gary(7—19) and Steven(7—20) Residence: Palantine, Il
6-6 NAOMI FERN NAFFZIGER(5-6) Married to Delmar Ransdel Children: Karen(7-21)
Katherine(7—22) and Barbara(7—23)
6—7 CHRISTINE NAFZIGER(5-12) Born in l94 Married to a Dickson — first na
is not known
6—8 JOHN NAFZICaER(5—l2) Born in 1953.
7—1 ROBERT PIERCE ItJTZI(6— Born in 1947, McLean County, Illinois
7—2 MARTHA LOU IUTZI(6—l) Born in 1949, McLean County, Illinois.,
7—3 EMILY JEAN IUTZI(6—1) Born in 1954, McLean County, Illinois,
7—4 KENT EUGENE NAFZIGER(6—3) Born in 1956, McLean Coimty, Illinois,
7—5 ANDREW WAYNE NAFZIGER(6—3) Born in 1960, McLean County, Illinois.
7—6 MARY RUTH NAFZIGEi Born in lP6 McLean County, Illinois.,
Pager f
GR OHIo 4 4044
SUBSCR!PT PR!CF $5 00 ;(
P Iss l r
Letters Welcomed!!
We welcome letters and will pub lish as many as we can find space for. Be brief, concise, and in clude your name in your kiteN. We reserve the right to edit the ma teria I for pub ea tion.
7—7	BRUCE ERIC NAFZIGER(6—2) Born in 1955
7—8	DIANE ELAINE NAFZIGER(6—2) Born in 1957
7—9	LINDA KAY NAFZIGER(6—2) Born in l959
7—10	CRAIG SCOTT NAFZIGER(6-2) Bor,i in 1960
7—11	KAREN JEAN NAFZIGER(6—2) Born in 1963
7—12	MARK ALAN NAFZIGER(6—2) Born in 1966
7-13	KEITH NORLAN NAFZIGER(6—2) Born in 1970
7-14	BRETT PIERCE NAFZIGER(6—2) Born in 1973
7—15	WILLIAM ALAN WILLIS(6—4) Born in 1949
7—16	DOUGLAS EDWARD WILLIS(6—4) Born in 195O
7—17	MICHAEL DAVID WILLIS(6—4) Born in 1958
7-18	ELIZABETH ANN WILLIS(6—4) Born in 1960,,

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