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Nafzger Heritage News Vol VII No 2
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Ije J it)erItage	J1
VoI.VU,No.2	March1978
It is timeihat we update the material on the Matthew (Mathias) Naftzlnger line. The update is not due so much that we have clarified the Information on the early ones of this family but more to the fact that we have added several hundred descendants to the list that we published several years ago. As many of our readers already know, three Nafzgers, Matthew, Peter and Rudolph arrived in Philadelphia on Friday, September 15,1749 on the Ship Phoenix. They sailed from Rotterdam but was last from Cowes, England. In many cases the journey from Germany to Pennsylvannla lasted for about six months. It is difficult to describe all of the hardships that the three Naftzgers probably endured to make the trip. The hardship probably began when they had to make the journey down the Rhine to Holland. On this short journey, there may have
been as many as 26 Custom houses COMMENDATION and all the ships had to be examined.
We enjoyed our telephone conver- In all likelihood, the three Nafzgers sation with Rosalie Naffziger Alter of were detained often by custom
COMMENDATION	Rockfall, Illinois. We talked for	officials. Sometimes, the trip down
sometime on one of the Naffziger	the Rhine lasted four, five and even
lines that we have been seeking	six weeks. Often the ship was
information to make the various	detained five or six weeks before they
connections. We hope Rosalie will	reached Holland. Thus, often the
Our thanks to Frank Nofslnger of	send up all of the Information she can	Germans who were trying to make
Sturgis, Michigan for the old pictures.	collect on this line. Perhaps, we can	their way to America spent nearly all
Frank has been an unselfish,	build a good file on this line. After	they had just getting to Holland.
dedicated worker In behalf of his	chatting with her on the phone,	Cowes, on the Isle of Wight was the
Nafzger family line which is the	checked our files an was disappoint-	favorite stopping place of ships that
Valentine Nafziger family of Wayne	ed to find that either I could not make	are recorded as ving sailed from
County and came to America in 1831.	any connection of her line to the	Rotterdam. So the Nafzger boys had
He has almost single handed traced	information we have on file or it	to get from Rotterdar- o one of the
descendants of this complicated line,	represents a line that we have little or	English ports and In this case, the
It represents one of the scattered	no information on file. Thus, we hope	Nafzgers went to Cowes. At Cowes,
lines in that descendants are found	Rosalie will forward the data such as	there could have been another delay
from Ohio to California and there	date of birth, marriage dates, name of	either to pass through the custom
appears to be no heavy concentration	spouse, names of children, etc..	house or waiting for favorable winds.
of them in any one area. Thus, we	Thanks for the call, Rosalie!	The long ocean voyage was marked
realize the tremendous effort Frank	by much suffering and hardship.
had to make to find exactly 1906	Passengers were packed tightly, had
descendants of this line. We will	limited food and water and subjected
publish the old photographs in the	Thanks to Marvin S. Nafziger for	to all sorts of diseases such as
next issue of the News and then we	helping connect some Nafzigers that	dysentery, scurvy, typhoid and
will all have copies. Thanks!	we found in the census and reported	smallpox. It must have been that the
_____________________	in the last issue of the News. He	fear and misery reached its climax
writes that John and Catherine	when the ships encountered a storm
Our thanks to all the NAFZGERS who Nafziger were his grandparents and that would last for days.
s Christmas cards. It was nice of Benjamin was his father. He had two But the three Nafzgers did arrive In to think of us during this joyous brothers born after the census was Philadelphia one Fall day in 1749 and
season.	taken.	it has been speculated that they must
have been brothers. However, we
have at least one historian, who Is a
All Nafzger-Noffsinger have an invitation from Dean F. Noffsinger to attend
THE NAFZGER HERITAGE NEWS the 7th Annual Noffsinger Reunion at Osborne, Kansas on June 4,1978 at the
Osborne City Park. Up to this point, the reunion has consisted of descendants of
120 Edgewood Drive	Levi Martin Noffsinger (1861-1931) who had nine brothers and sisters. A pot
Grafton, Ohio 44044 luck dinner at noon is planned for the event. If there are readers who plan to attend, they should contact Dean Noffsinger, 334 W. 27th Street, Hays, Kansas
EDITORS AND PUBLISHERS or Mrs. Mervin Legg at Osborne, Kansas.
For our readers, it is our opinion that Levi Martin Noffsinger is a great-great
CLAIR NAFTZGER grandson of Rudolph Nafzger who landed in America in 1749. The father of Levi
KATHLEEN NAFTZGER must have been Peter Noffsinger who married Margaret Martin at Nodaway
BETTY NAFTZGER County, Missouri. Grandfather of Levi Noffsinger must have been another Peter Noffsinger who was born around 1780 and married Franey Keen in 1810.
They lived at Belmont County, Ohio. This same Peter was living in Monroe
SUBSCRIPTION PRICE County, Ohio in the 1820 Census.
We haven’t documented the great grandfather of Levi but it would appear
$5.00 YEARLY
that he was the child of one of the two sons of Rudolph who lived in Ohio. The
most likely he was the child of one of two sons of Rudolph who lived in Ohio.
We a; e in receipt of a nice letter from	The most likely ancester would be Matthias who married Nancy Brill and moved
Vivian B. Nafzigerof Normal, Illinois.	from Frederick County, Maryland to Belmont County, Ohio via Green County,
Vivians sent us a Certificate of	Pennsylvannia.
Marriage in French and translated of
her grandparents. It would appear to	The publication of the Fulton County	Enclosed is my check for my
us that the great grandfather was	Nafzgers is in trouble financially. The	subscription renewal. I am Interested
Christian Nafziger who was born in	main reason is that is a very	in the write up in your November
Alsace, France and lived his entire	expensive plus the number of	issue of the News. Would you please
life in the area. He married Marie	descendants is far greater than We	send a copy to Mr. and Mrs. Earl
Kempf in Alsace. Children of the	expected. For example, the number	Naffziger of Saskatoon, Sask, Can-
marriage appear to be Valentine,	of descendants of Just one of the three	ada? He is the youngest of the f iv
Christian, Peter, and Joseph, and	family lines is approaching nine	sons born to Joseph Naffziger. Thi•
Mrs. Joseph Rupp. We determined	thousand descendants. The cost of	line ties up with our line. The brother
that Joseph was also a son of this	listed data on such a number is too	John Naffziger, born on the ship
family from the marriage license sent	great for us! Shortcuts to the cost	while crossing the Atlantic, was my
to us by Vivian. The marriage license	factor have met with failure.	husband’s father.
is that of her great uncle being
married to Catherine Pelsy. Vivian	My son David Naffziger wrote you
indicates to us that Peter was born in	AN ADDITION	regarding our side some time ago so
1844- not 1845 as reported in the last	maybe, we all can help tie this family
Born to Jolihe Ann and Dean Oswald,	line together. Earl may be able to
issue of the News.
Our records would indicate that the a son on April 16,1977. The new provide you with a great deal of grandchildren of Christian and Marie arrival has been named Christopher information.
are Peter, Christian, Helen, (married Dean. Christopher would be a I do enjoy your publication and Peter Lehe), Mary (married Joseph seventh generation descendant of appreciate the undertaking. Lehe), Madeline, Helen, Valentine, Christian Nafziger who settled in Vida Naffziger (Mrs. Edward Joseph Elizabeth, Peter, Joseph and Julia. Hopedale, Illinois. Naffziger), Anaheim, California
Great grandchildren of Christian	A TRIP TO GERFJIPINY
Marie are Melvin, Gaylor, Rachel,
Arthur Lehe, Edith Lehe, Leona Lehe, Carroll and LeVeta Nafziger of Hopedale, Illinois took a two week trip to Europe
Adrien Lehe, Russel Lehe, Bernice last summer. Carroll says his biggest disappointment was when the tour group
(married Frank Traeger, Helene and traveled within 10 to 20 miles of Darmstat-Hesse where his ancestors came from
Vivian- who sent us the nice letter. and he didn’t have a chance to spend a good day there... It sounds as if their trip Great great grandchildren are was a fast moving one as they traveled to Franäe, Austria, West Germany and
David Traeger, Priscilla Traeger, Berlin. Carroll says two other frustrations occurred when they went through
Daniel Traeger, John Traeger and Antwerp, the town where their first exchange student lived and they didn’t
Rebecca Traeger. have time to stop and when he tried to find a cemetery where his stepmother’s We are quite certain that we do not only brothr, who was killed during World War I was buried in France
have all the descendants of this Carroll vows that the next trip he makes to Germany will be done at his Nafziger family line. We need the speed. He suggests buying the plane ticket over, renting an auto after your marriage partners of many of the arrival and traveling by auto to find some genealogical information about the listed descendants. Please send us Nafzigers. He likes the idea of a group of all Nafzgers heading for Germany as any information you have on the suggested in a past isêue of the News. Carroll says he is ready to go. Do we have Christian and Marie (Kempf) Nafzig- others who feel the same way?
a r,sa....,’._.rzri..ii	-	—
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Nafzger descendant, that poses the	to a Barbara and we have found a	Barbara, a daughter of Mathias
question as to why it was not a father	Berks County marriage record of a	(Matthew) was born in 1759 and died
ar two sons. This is a possibility.	Henry Naffziger that married Mag-	in 1803. She was unmarried and had
F saps, the only statement we can	dalena Specht In 1800. We can find	died at the time of the final division of
make is that they must have been	another record of a Henry Naftzger,	the estate of her father in 1826.
closely related.	buried in Centre County, Pa. but his	Magdalena Naftzlnger, another
Matthew (Mathias) Nafzger, the	wife was Margareth. This Henry was	daughter of Mathias was born in
featured one in this issue of the News,	born in 1764- about the right year.	1774. She mentions children in her
is the one who settled In Berks	Thus far, we have too many wives and	will. Other records cause us to believe
County, Pennsylvannia. He bought a	not enough Henrys! We are reason-	the surname of her husband was
farm in 1751 along the Tulpehocken,	ably certain that Elizabeth, Adam and	Auman. Ann Nafzinger, daughter,
west of where Bernvllle Is now	Benjamin were born to the first wife	was born in 1772. Dortheas, a third
located. It has been reported to the	of Henry. His second marriage was to	daughter of Matthew (Mathias) must
News by descendants that his first	Susanna Phillips. John and Maria	have been the one to have married
wife’s name was Phonica and they	were born of the second marriage. It	John Kenege.
were Mennonites but many of their	would appear that Henry was a	It would appear that Maria was a
descendants joined the Reformed	blacksmith and moved about Penn-	daughter of Matthew (Mathias). She
Church. The records of his sons and	sylvannia quite a bit.	was born in 1782. There is a Elizabeth
daughters are Incomplete but, it	And now for the second mystery	Naftzger buried in Tilden township
would appear, unless proven other-	about Henry. Where are his	between Hamburg and Shartleville,
wise, children to the first marriage	descendants! We find the records	Pennsylvannla. It is quite possible
are John, Henery, Mathias, Barbara,	show that his daughter Elizabeth	that this Elizabeth is a daughter.
and two children who were born	married Joseph Kreitz and they are	Jacob Naftzinger, another son of
between 1753 and the year of the	buried at Beilamans. What happened	Matthew (Mathias) was born in 1778.
death of his first wife in 1768.	to the descendants of the other four	He married Maria Moyer (1 783-1 856).
After the death of his first wife, he	children! Three of them were sons	They resided on the home farm.
married Elizabeth Sollenberger (1745	and should have produced descen-	Children are Peter, Jacob and
-1828). Descendants specu’ate that	dants of the other four children!	Joseph.
t (Mathlas) was born 1731 or	Three of them were sons and should	Adam Naftzlnger was born in 1783.
1 , so Elizabeth must have been 13	have produced descendants with the	He did not marry. Burial in 1815 at St.
or 14 years younger. Anna, Magda-	Nafzger name. The News is especially	MichLels Churchyard Cemetery.
lena, Jacob, Adam and two other	interested in one son named John,
children who apparently died prior to	who may be the one to have settled in	Letters
the 1790 census were born of the	Stark County, Ohio in about 1817.
second marriage from 1772-1790.	This connection is a very vital
Matthew (Mathias) lived his entire	connection to hundreds of Nafzger	Thanks to Mrs. Ben (Rose) Nofsinger
life In the Bern township, Berks	descendants in Ohio who have written	for the identification of one of the
County, Pennsylvannia Matthew	or contacted the News. As yet, we	Nafzgers we pulled from the Illinois
(Mathias) liveed his entire life in the	have not documented that John, son	Census! She wrote to tell us that John
Bern township, Barks County, Penn-	of Henry is th one who settled in Stark	c Nofsinger, 38 years old, born In
sylvannia area and died at the age of	County. In this publication, we have	Illinois, Washington township, Taze
72 years.	listed the descendants of John who	well County is her father-in-law! We
John Naftzlnger, son of Mathias	settled in Stark County as descen-	have information of this family on file
(Matthew was born In 1753 and died dants of Mathias (Matthew) although but did not make the connection until
Rose wrote to us. John C. Nof singer is
in 1823. Children are Sara, Elizabeth, we do not have the kind of the son of Christian and Magdalena Daniel and Samuel. We do not have documentation that we would like to
any information on the surname nor make the claim. We reserve the right Nofsinger. Christian was born In 1809 the blrthdate of his wife. We have to pull the list and move them to and died in 1881. Magdalena was located a record of a Catharine another line if we are proven wrong. born in 1810 and died in 1885. Many
thanks to Rose for the information.
Tobias who married a John Naffziger	Mathias Naftzinger was born in
in 1795. If this is indeed his wife, he	1757. He married Philaphina Ney
would have been over forty years of	(1773-1861). They resided in the
age when married. John is buried at	Tulpehocken section of Berks County,	Thanks to Leona I. Baughman for her
the Bellaman Churchyard Cemetery,	Pennsylvannia. Children of this	nice letter that keeps us updated on
ifkerks County, Pa.. He died in 1823	marriage are Magdelena, Elizabeth,	her family line. Also, she sent an
‘ Naftzger, another son of	Catharine, Sarah, Phillip, Adam,	article on genealogy from her
Mathias (Matthew) is another myst-	Hannah, John, Christina, Mary, and	newspaper titled “The Great Ances
ery. He may have been first married	Benjamin.	tor Hunt” by Harriet Van Home. We
appreciate the material.
Piecing the family history together from bits of	Louisa Ream, appeared. By 1912, the Charles
family-kept data is not easy. This is the case with	Naftzgers were no longer listed in the directory,
the Shafer-Naftzger history. However, when I	and Arthur R. Naftzger had married Eva M-- by
think that up to two years ago I had virtually no	1926 Mrs. A.B. Naftzger was the only one listed.
knowledge of my mother’s family, I marvel at the
story I can now tell.	The research centered in Everett at this point
because I had a picture of Blanche Naftzger
There are two stories being developed: that of	Hampton with an Everett address. The United
the Charles E. Naftzgers and the David Elijah	Methodist church records indicated that Mr. and
Shafers. Charles E. Naftzger and Mrs. D. E.	mrs. C.E. Naftzger joined the church on
Shafer, Mary Angeline Naftzger, were brother	November 28,1926, but nothing about the
and sister. The two stories are linked when the	Hamptons was found.
D.E. Shafers were married. Attached to the
marriage license record in the Wabash Co.,	Mrs. Naftzger died in Everett on November
courthouse is a not: “Mr. James Rofs, Wabash ,	20,1934. Her obituary appeared in the Everett
md, Sir: Please send me a marriage license for	Daily Herald for the same date. Mr. Naftzger
David E. Shaffer and Mary A. Naftzger. Please	moved back to Seattle in 1939 and died July
send by mail and I will send money by return	22,1941, issue of the Seattle Times. Both Mr. and
mail. Yours Truly, Chas. E. Naftzger. PS- The	Mrs. Naftzger were cremated at the Washelli
persons are both of a marriageable age and	cemetery, Seattle.
residents of the county. CEN”
At the time of his death, at 92, Mr. Naftzger was
Being a romantically-inclined person, I Just had	survived by a daughter, Mrs. Philip Hampton,
to persue this Naftzger family.	Everett; a son, A.R. Naftzger, Kirkland; four
grandchildren and three great grandchildren.
In the book, TALES OF THE OLD DAYS* by
W.E. Billings, 1926, North Manchester IN	A survey of the Everett city directories revelaled
News-Journal is a bit from a letter written by	the Philip Hamptons lived in Everett between
CE, Naftzger, who was 77 years old, Sedro	1922 and 1947. The A.R. Naftzgers are listed in
Woolley WA: “Effie Shellenbarger who later	the Kirkland directories between 1959-1962.
became my wife taught school in the fall and
winter of 1871 in a school that later burned, April	C.E. Naftzger had been in the hardware and real
4 (?), 1874. She taught school in the old	estate business in Seattle; Arthur had worked for
Methodist church.” It was also noted that the	the Washington Shoe Co.. Philip Hampton had
family had moved to Sedro Woolley in 1903.	worked for theJ.M. Co., Everett.
In the records of the North Manchester IN United	There is a gap in the C.E. Naftzger history:
Methodist church it is recorded that on	1912-1926. The story for the A.R. Naftzgers
September 20,1874, Charles Noftsger and Effie j.	needs to be filled in from 1926-1959. What
Shellenbarger were married at the residence of	happened to Beulah and Vinnie is a question still
the bride’s parents by Rev. Enos P. Church. In	to be solved. The story of Blanche from the time
later notation it is recorded that Mr. and Mrs.	her name disappeared from the Seattle
Naftzger and Beulah and Vinnie were recieved on	Directory, when the Philip Hamptons are listed
October 25,1896, by J.B. Ford. They were later	in the Everett directories (1908-1922), Is still to
removed by letter.	be discovered as are the stories of the
grandchildren and great grandchildren mention-
The search for this family now shifted to Seattle.	ed in the C.E. Naftzger obituary. Perhaps there
City directories lists the family from 1903 on. By	are Naftzger family members who might help
1908 the names of Beulah, Blanche, and Vinnie	solve the puzzle. I would appreciate their writing
were no longer listed, but the name of Arthur A.	to me: Mrs. A.T. Goold, 412 N. Plum Street,
Naftzger, a son by Charles E.’s marriage to	Northfield MN. Phone: 507-645-9663.
We haven’t heard from a member of the Nosker family about their annual reunion each year, but we were informed at the conclusion of the last meeting that the 1978 version will be the second Sunday in at the park in Iroquois, Illinois. The host and hostess for the one this year will be Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Nosker of Sheldon, Illinois. Persons interested in attending this nice event can contact Wendell or Chelsea Cooper of 2367 Vigo Street, East Gary, Indiana.
( ( ( t, i,shiIj1. %1
Glenn W. Baker, 60 years, died at Timken Mercy Hospital in Canton, Ohio. William P. Naffziger, 89 of the Born in Beach City, he had resided for most of his life in Navarre, Ohio. Bartmann Nursing Home, rural .urvivors include his widow, Mrs. Irene Baker; a son, Gary Baker; four sisters, Atlanta, formerly of the Emden and
s. Gft Reed, Mrs. James Lee, Mrs. Robert Hall, and Mrs. Eileen DeHass; Delavan Illinois area, died on October two brothers, Robert and Carl and two grandchildren. Interment at the Rose 25,1977, at the Hopedale Medical Hill Memorial Park, Massillon, Ohio. Complex. He was born in 1888, in Mr. Baker is a seventh generation descendant of Matthew (Math ias) Nafzger Hopedale, a son of Samuel and Anna who landed in America in 1749 and featured in this issue of the News. Egli Naffzlger. He married Rosa
Thomas in 1909 at Hopedale. She Howard Warstler, 48 years of Massillon, Ohio died on September 23,1977. survives. They recently celebrated Surviving are his widow, Mrs. Emma Mae (Reardon) Warstler; a daughter, their 68th wedding anniversary. Also Mrs. John (Emma Jean) Smith; two sons, Howard and Raymond; his mother, surviving are two daughters, Mrs. Mrs. Cora Warstler; two sisters, Mrs. Dorothy Brown and Mrs. Idella Breniser; Nina Malinowski of Pekin, Illinois and six brothers, Albert Ralph, Nelson, Earl, Wayne and Robert; and two Mrs. Esther Denight of Green Valley; grandchildren. Interment at the Rose Hill Memorial Park, Massillon, Ohio. four sons, Wayne and Lyle, both of Mr. Warstler is an eighth generation descendant of Mattew (Mathias) Nafzger Emden, Illinois, Charles of Atlanta, who landed in America in 1749 and featured in this issue of the News. Illinois, and Ean of Armington,
Illinois; one sister, Mrs. Hilda We are trying to increase the number of subscriptions to the News to keep it Hammond; 16 grandchIldren; 25 self-substaining. We mail a number of free issues each time we publish to add great grandchildren; and two great- to the number of subscriptions. If you know of a Nafzger descendant who may grandchildren.
be interested in the News, send their name and address to the News and we will Burial was at the Union Cemetery, see that they receive a free copy to see if they would like to subscribe. Union, Illinois.
Grandchildren of Matthew (Mathias)
Great Grandchildren of Matthew (Mathias)
Pracilla( Naftzinger)Kreitz	Jacob Noffsinger	Louisa(Noffsinger)Spotts
Rebecca )(	Willoughby Naftzinger	Catherine Noffsinger	Jeremiah Nofssinger
l II. NaItziiigcr	Ruebeii Naftzinger	Sarah Schumacher	Jacob Noffsinger
Carolina Nattziiiger	Louise Naftzingcr	Catherine Nofacar	Elemina Noffsinger
Jacob II Nat tzillgcr	Elizabeth( Naftzinger) Feick	Samuel Nofacar	Katharine(Noffsinger)Zeitzer
Sarah (Naltzinger)BLit t	Sarah Naftzi l	John Nofacar	Frederick J. Noffsinger
Polly iiafczii	William Naftzinger	Henerietta No facar	Alexander Noffsinger
Ct ta(N a Itzi nger )BicLcl	C. Monroe Naftzinger	Andrew Nofacar	William Noffsinger
Frank H. Naftziiiger	Adam Naftziiiger	Lydia Nofacar	Jacob G. Bahsor
Peter Njf tzingei	Heiirietta( Naftzingcr)Megel	Jermiah Nofacar	Sarah(Bashor)Miller
Joseph Hciiry Naftziiigcr	Rebecca Naftzinger	Elizabeth(Naftzinger)Reigel	Benjamin Bashore
Eliz Nat tzinger	Au na Naftzingcr	Rebecca(Naftzinger) Wagner	John Bashore
Harriert Na I rzingcr ) I)undore	Daniel Naftzingcr	Priscilla Naftzinger	Anna(Bashore)miller
4	Einina(Naftziuiger)Wenruili	Haiuiua Naitzinger)Hershbcr	Thomas D. Naftzinger	atherine(Bashore)Weircich
Harriosu Natrzinger	Caroline Naftzinger	Lucctta Naftzinger	Fanny Bashore
‘r N t tzungcr ) Lt t	Catherine Na ftzinger	Sarah Naftzinger	John Stahl
jluiw( Nat tzuiigcr Blatt	Vilnuina Naftziiwcr	Jared Naftzinger	Levi Stahl
Jonathan Nafti	John Noftsinger	Catherine Naftzinger	Cydia(Stahl)Winter
J ouiathan N	Samuel Noftsingcr	Susan Nafzinger	Louisa(Stahl)Barkey
Great Great Grandchildren of Matthew (Mathias)
Janice(noffsinger)Thomas	Elizabeth NOftsinger	Harry E. Naftzinger
Raymond Noffsinger	Caroline Noffsinger	Lillian (nuftzinger)Reber	Katherine Grimes)Flook
Alexander Noffsinger	Catherine(Noftsinger)Beck	Peter E. Naftzinger	Milton Grimes
Edna Noffsinger	Mary(Noftsinger)Frsiend	Katherine A. Naftzinger	John Grimes
Julia E. Noffsinger	Austin Noftsinger	Jacob E. Naftzinger	James Naf’tzinger
NellieONoffsinger)Randolph	Charlotte (Noftsinger)Zopf	Mary(Naftzinger) Seyfert	Harold Naftzinger
Amanda(Noffsinger)Kitzmiller	James A. Noftsinger	Sarah Naftzinger	Samuel Feick
J Olin Bla tt	Ellen( Noftsinger) Haberli	Fayetta(Naftzinger)Tobias	Rose(Feick) Sey fer
Richard Blatt	John L. Noftsinger	PoIly(Naftzinger)Bagenstose	Norton Feick
James Blatt	Harvey Noftsinger	Rebecca(Naftzinger)Klopp	Jacob M. Bashore
.\laggie May Naftzinger	Aipheus Noftsinger	James F. Naftzinger	Susan Bashore
Lucy Na ftzinger	William Noftsinger	Ellen(Naftzinger)Balhaser	Sarah Bashore
Milton Blatt	Henry E. Noftsinger	Eliza(Naftzinger)Balhaser	John N Bashore
Aaron Blatt	Sarah(Noftsinger)Stansberger	William H. Bickel	Mary Bashore
Emma(Blatt)Phillips	Rosella(Noftsinger)Lash	Hannah Bickel	Anna Bashore
Llara(BlattOFaust	Simon David Noftsinger	Annie(Naftzinger)Reinsel	Henreitte Bashore
Elmira(BlattlTobias	Samuel M. Noftsinger	William A. Naftzinger	Sarah Bashre
Diannc(Blatt)Blatt	Mary(Noftsinger)Spindler	S. Peter Naftainger	Catherine Bashore
Maria(Kriitz)Freczman	Nora(Noftsinger)Hair	Joseph Naftzinger	Isaac H. Bashore
Jane(Krcitz)Bibbus	Harvey M. Noftsinger	Allen Naftzinger	Jacob Bashore
Samuel Kreitz	John Hensel	Jacob Naftzinger	Susan(Bashore) Wise
CAtherine (Kreitz)Clouser	Caroline(Hensel)Rohn	Juriah Naftzinger	Mary(Bashore )Houston
ld Naftzinger	Joseph Hensel	Thomas P. Naftzinger	Elizabth Bashore
Willia ii Nauftzingcr	Elizabeth(Hensel)Kline	Joseph D. Naftzinger	Frances(Bashore)Smi th
Edward Nat utzinger	Joseph Naftzinger	Beriah W. Dundore	Mary(Bashore) Wolf
Rucben Nauftzinger	Laura(Naftzinger)Mohn	Calvin A. Dundore	Elizabeth Bashore
Salle ( Naftzinger) Rentschler	Mabel(Naftzinger)Deisher	Isabella(Dundore)Graeff	David Bashore
Calvin Naftzinger	Maggie(Naftzinger)Miller	Paul J. Dundore	Sarah Bashore
J olin Naftzingcr	Thomas C. Naftzger	Paul N. Wenrich	Henry Bashore
Hwoard Naftzinger	I-larriett(Natzinger)Roller	Calvin H. Wenrich	Hettie Bashore
Eva Naftzinger	Charles W. Naftzinger	Catherine(Naftzinger)Egan	Jacob B.sshore
Lucy Naftzingcr	Emily(Naftziiiger)Stamm	Howard H. Naftzinger	Amanda(Bashore)Martin
Maggie Nafrziiigcr	Mary(Naftzinger)Rudy	Edward E. Naftzinger	Susannah(Bashore)rhompson
Elizabeth Nofsinger	James w. Naftzinger	James Naftzinger	Sarah(Weirich)Dorn
Henry Nofsiiigcr	Harry F. Naftzinger	Calvin Naftzinger	Sarah(Dorn)Anderson
John Nofsinger	Catherie Naftzinger	Eva Naftzinger	Mary Weirkh
Rebecca Nofsinger	Emma(Spotts)McCoy	Sallie Naftzinger	Jacob Weirich
Scrcna C. Nofsii	Mary(Spotts)Brendel	Irvin Naftzinger	Ephraim Weirich
Katheriii() Naftzinger)Cassel	Mary(naftzinger)Melester	John R. Naftzinger	Emanuel Weirich
Polly Blatt	William Noffsinger	Howard Naftzinger	Cassie(Ws
Frnaklin Blatt	Elmira(Noffsinger)Mel	Ida Naftzinger	Cassie(Weirich)Mohler
Sarah Currier	Anna Noffsinger)Deitch	William Naftzinger	Anna(Weirich)Mohler
Aiiii Currier	John L. Noffsinger	Edward Naftzinger	David Weirich
James Grimes	Frederick Noffsinger	Rueben Naftzinger	Jacob B. Mote
Jacob Grimes	Elizabeth Noffsinger	Sarah E. Naftzinger	David B. Mote
Sarah Grimes) Fit xer	Emma(Noffsinger)Meals	Eliza Naftzinge	Sarah(Mote)Kepner
Fraiiic Grimes	Anna(Noffsinger) Walters	Isabella Naftzinger	Esther(miller)Manson
Caroline (;rmmes	Catharine(noffsinger)Hartzel	Jacob Naftzinger	John B. Miller
Harry Grimes	Susaniia(Noffsinger)Weitzel	Roslyan(Naftzinger)Nease	Sarah(Miller) Lehman
Charles Grimes	Esabella H. Noffsinger	Alice(Naftzinger)Sattazahn	Susannah(miller)
Henry Grimes	Frederick J. Noffsinger	John Nofsinger	Mary (miller) Brandt
Lillic(Grinies) Fed Ilerson	Robert N. Noffsinger	Henry Noftsinger	Henrietta(Miller )Fetter
Ella Grimes	Eva(Noffsinger)Metzer	Elizabeth Noftsinger	Elizabeth (Miller )Brandt.
Wilson Grimes	Paul Noffsinger	Serena Noftsinger	Jacob Miller
J anc(Grimnez :l.entz	(saac Noffsin	Rebecca Noftsinger
Great Great Great Gianchildren of Matthew (Mathias)
Joseph Grimes	Calvin Phillips
Ella(Grimes)Fritz	Elizabeth Phillips	Kenneth F. Noftsinger	Issac Naftzinger
Anna(Grimes)Dunkleberger	Carrie Phillips	Mrs. Roy Gassert	William J. Naftzinger
Charles Grimes	Howard Phillips	Helen Naftzinger	Florence(Naftzinger)Khne
Beneval Grimes	darence Phillips	Flora(Naftzinger)Premmel	Esther(Naftzinger)Paff
Nora Grimes	Edna(Phillips)Mohn	Paul Naftzinger	Herman J. Naftzinger
Walter Duffield	Harvey Phillips	George C. Naftzinger	Samuel P. Naftzinger
Irvin Duffield	Aaron Faust	Earl J. Naftzinger	Atnthony W. Naftzinger
Coy Duffield	Eva Faust	Sarah Elizabeth Roller	Ruth(Naftzinger)Lowr
Lee Duffield	Jane Tobias	John G. Roller	Francis Bagenstose
Mella(Duffield)Case	Mamie Tobias	Richard R. Roller	Florence Bagenstose
Elmer Grimes	William Tobias	Edith A. Roller	Oarence Bagenstose
Harry H. Grimes	Gertrude(Freezman)Stoudt	Thomas A. Roller	Daniel Bagenstose
Worth M. Grimes	Jenie Freezman	Magdaline E. Naftzinger	Elmer Seyfert
Bessie Grimes	James Freezman	Charles W. Naftzinger, Jr.	Walter Seyfert
Magnola Grimes	Virginia(Nauftzinger)Alheirn	Francis M. Naftzinger	Harvey Seyfert
William C. Fenderson	Violet(Nauftzinger)Shutt	Thomas B. Mohn	Mary Klopp
Alice (Fenderson)Lupton	CatherineNauftzinger)Krantz	Ruth E. Dysher	John Klopp
Maude(Fenderson)Jones	Edward Nauftzinger	G. Harold Dysher	Oliver Naltzinger
Howard Grimes	Warren B. Nauftzinger	Robert J. Stamm	Christina(Naftzinger)Mengk
Catherine Grimes	Donald Nauftzinger	Annabelle Reber	Lottie Naftzinger
Harry Lentz	Miriam Rentschler	Mark Reber	Jennie Naftzinger
Mamie Lentz	Norman Naftzinger	Donald Reber	Jose Naftzinger
William Lentz	Sarah(Nease)Kline	Roderick Reber	Norman Naftzinger
Marget Lentz	Elizabeth(Nease)Lindemuth	Ralph C. Wagner	Luther R. Naftzinger
charles Lentz	Maire(Nease )Herring	Edna(Wagner)Steif	Leroy A. Naftzinger
Edward Lentz	Estella(Nease)Adams	Herman Breneman	Foster Naftzinger
James Lentz	Margaret(Nease)McCoy	Carrie Brerieman	Florence (Naftzinger) Sanders
Ruth (Flock)Deitrick	Carrie(Nease)Hawk	Katherine Breneman	Helen( Naftzinger) Riter
Edward Lentz	Helen(Nease)Straug	Gertrude Breneman	Florence(Naftzinger)Bower
James Lentz	Mada(Nease )Mehling	Floyd Breneman	Mabel(Naftzinger)Sheetz
Ruth(Flock)Deitrick	John Nease	John Spotts	Edna(Naftzingtr)Mohn
Charles Flook	Harry Nease	Peter Spotts	Katherine(Nafzinger)Graeff
James Flook	Charles Nese	Katharine Spotts	Sally(naftzinger)Bagenscose
Harry Hook	William Sattazahn	Daniel Givier	Edwin C. Naftzinger
Lewis Flook	Harry Sattazahn	Carrie Givler	William C. Naftzinger
Merle Flook	Frank Sattazahn	Tilley McCoy	Lawrence J. Naftzinger
Melvin Flook	Mabel Sattazahn	Foster McCoy	Raymond J. Naftzir
Lawrence Flook	Jennie Sattazahn	Elizabeth(Melester) White	Morman Naftzinger
Earl Flook	Elsie Sattazeahn	Harry Noffsinger	Arthur Naftzinger
Raymond Flook	Katherine Sattazahn	Mabel(Noffsinger)Emerich	Virginia( Naftzinger Aiheim
Lula(Flook)Bierman	Charles Sattazahn	Virginia Noffsinger	Paul C. I)undore
Magnola(Flook)Ryder	Annie Sattazahn	Arthur Noffsinger	Stanely B. Dundore
Sidney J. Flexer	James Egan	Viola(Noffsinger)Hamaker	Leroy H. Duiidore
Alice(Flexer)Praster	Maggie(Egan)Geise	Blache(Melester)Braught	Grant E. Dundore
FRanklin E. Flexer	Amelia(Egan)Noecker	Katherine(Deitch)Stone	Arthur D. Braeff
Margie(Flexer)Felix	Carrie(Egan)Keibach	Celia(Deitcli )Naugle	Warren D. Graeff
Sordella(Noftsinger)Krantz	Howard Egan	William Deitch	Sara P. Graeff
William A. Noftsinger	Anna Egan	Lorie(Deitch)Lockley	Jonathan D. Graeil
Roy Royal )Noftsinger	Anna(EGan)Zerbe	Elmira(Noffsinger)Mccleary	Mary Helen Wenric Ii
Luther L. Noftsinger	Raymond Egan	Greta(Meals)Downey	Violet(Naftzinger)Schutt
Mary(Noftsinger)Minter	Calvin Egan	James H. Hartzle	Catherine(Naftzinger)Krantz
Thomas Nafzinger	Wayne Egan	Louise(Thomas)Ludigh	Edward Naftzinger
George A. Noftsinger	William Egan	Madeline L. Metzer	Warren :B Naftzinger
Harvey L. Noftsinger	Margaret Blatt	Jennie)Blatt)Oxenrider	Grace(Spindler)Wettter
Paul A. Noftsinger	Mary Blatt	Nora(Blatt)Mjller	Ruth(Spindler)Bixler
Zelma (N oftsinger) Woods	Mabel Blatt	William Blatt	Leroy Noftsinger
Sarah(Noftsinger;\Verstlcr	Charles Blatt	Milton Blatt	Hazel Marie Noftsiiigei
Cora(Noftsinger)Miller	Amelia(Blatt)Schaefer	Wayne Blatt	Ora Levi Jacob Noftsinger
Flora A. Naftzinger	Alice(Blatt)Gambler	Mabel( Blatt)Stausser	Elsie(Noftsinger)Keller
Earl Naftzinger	James Blatt	Laura(Blatt)Spatz	Mary(Noftsinger)Summers
Ellen Mabel Cassel	Faniie(Blatt)Reigel	Katherine (Blatt) Staudt	Florence (Noftsinger)Maloy
Clayton S. Cassel	Harriet Grimes	Andora(Blatt)Rohn	Gladys(Noftsingcr( Wilson
Elsie Grimes	Dorothy charlotte Noftsinger
Great Great Great Great Grandch (con’d)
Carrie(Egan)Keibach	Mildred Hair	Marie(Noftsinger)Summers	Edna E. Cassel
Harvey L. Noffsinger	Florence(Noftsinger)Maloy	Mary S. Cassel
Howard Egan	zelam(Noftsinger) Woods	Gladys(Noftsinger)Airhart	Jennie M. Cassel
Anne (Egan )Zerbe	Sarah (Noffsinger)Null	Dorothy Noftsinger	Warner No fsinger
Raymond Egan
Calvin Egan	Paul A. Noffsinger	Hazel Noftsinger	Earl Nofsinger
Wayne Egan	Cora(Noffsinger)Sylvester	Ora Noftsinger	Ross A. Lash
William Egan	Blanche Grimes	Elsie Noftsinger	Clarence Lash
Edward Blatt	Mary(Grimes) Wright	Walter Beck	Clarence Noftsinge
Warren Blatt	Raymond T. Grimes	Cletus Beck	Doanld Naftzinger
Norman Naftzinger	EDward Grimes	Goldie(Stansberger)Baker	Daniel Naftzinger
Marian Rentschler	Minnie Grimes	Samuel A. Nofsinger	Morris Naftzinger
Adam Feick	Rebecca(Grimes)King	Dora(Nofsinger)Bricker	cora(N
Mabel(Feick)Lesher	Ellen Cassel	Jacob H. Nofsinger	John Naftzinger
Phoebie Feick	Clayton Cassel	Serena E. Nofsinger	William A. Naftzingcr
Martin Seyfert	Edna Cassel	John F. Nofsinger	Carla Naftzinger
Lillian(Seyfert)FraflCiS	Mary Cassel	Benjamin T. Nofsinger	James j. Naftzingcr
Floyd Feick	Jerinie Cassel	Ruth (nofsinger(Price	Pearl(Naftzinger)Tobias
Fern(Feick)Forry	James Egan	Wiliam Hair	Howard R. Naftzingcr
Shirley( Fcick)SchraCk	Maggie(Egan)Geiss	Russel Hair	Myrtle9Naftzinger Cc ry
Amelia(Egan)Noeckcr	Wayne M. Hair	Vera(Naftzingcr) Sthrack
Great Great Great Great Great Grandchildren of Matthew (Mathias)
Fern Paff	Gladys Spatz	Mabel Wright	William Sattazahn
Lynwood Naftzinger	Sylvia Spatz	Alice Case	Catharine Sattazahn
Ann(Naftzinger)Conroy	Raymond Phillips	Richard Case	Catharine Sattazahn
Joseph E. Naftzinger	Norman Phillips	Harry Grimes	Helcn(Blatt)Shollenberger
Thelma Mengle	Dorothy Mohn	Leota(Grimes)Reaser	Edna(Blatt)Spease
Marie Phillips	Marlin Grimes	Edna(Spease)Sprunders
Catherine Mengle	Harold Mohn	Worthy D. Grimes	Gertrude(Freezman)Stoudt
Paul Mengle
Gladys Mengle	Jane Mohn	Lillian(Lupton)Grumling	Jennie Freezman
Mark Tobias	Charles Lupton	James Freezman
Warren Mengle
Evelyn(Sanders)Rudolph	Floyd Tobias	William Lupton	Eileen(Baker)Reed
Hclen(Tobias) Kintzer	Doris(jones)Gilken	Grace(Summer)l ndorf
William Dundore
Bonnie J. Alheim	John Jones	Catharine(Summer)Cincchinelli
Harry Dundore
Jonathan Dundore	Larry G. Alheim	Robert Jones	Evelyn(Summer)Barlow
Suzanne L. Alheim	Bernard Flook	Lloyd 1. Summer
Esther(Naftzingcr)Becker	Pamela J. Alheim	Earl Praster	Laura(Maloy)Clapper
Harry W. Naftzinger	Richard A. Noftsinger	Daniel Praster	Helen(Maloy)Widder
Mary Naftzinger
Edwin C. Naftzinger	Vincent A. Noftsinger	Joseph Praster	Glen R. Maloy
Walter C. Naftzinger	Linda) Werstler)Luxenberg	Charles Flexer	Junc( Wilson) Wilson
Paul T. Werstler	Muriel Flexer	Thelma(Wilson)Kerr
Reta Klemar
Dorothy Grock	Timothy G. Werstler	Clarence Flexer	Donna(Wilson)Blosfield
Carolyn Manwill	Bruce A. Noftsinger	Walter Flexer	Wilma(Wilson)Poindexter
Ann(Naftzinger) Stamm	Jay B. Noftsinger	Ruth Flexter	Elaine(Wilson)Johnson
Rcta(Naftzinger)Klemar	Victoria A. Noftsinger	Louis Flexer	Dale E. Wilson
Darwin Kohr	Grace Flexer	Russel E. Wilson
Dorothy(Naftziisger)G rock	Irene Kohr	Daniel Flexer	Clarice(Noftsinger ‘Pc terson
Carolyn(Naftzinger)Manwill	Midlred Kohr	Sarah Flexter	Blanche(Noftsinger) Englehart
Loreen R. Nattziiiger	Lucille Kohr	Sarah(Felix) Fredericks	Blanche(Englehar t )Campton
Florence (Naftzinger)Deam
Jean L. Braught	Margaret Naftzinger	Allen L. Felix	Eileen(Noftsinger)i
Lucille Nafzinger	Clyde N. Felix	Shirley(Noftsinger)Radtka
Richard M. Braught
Louis M. Braught	Roger Dundore	Letha(Felix) Kauderman	Joan(Noftsinger Beard
Elmer Nattzinger	Patricia Shun	Paul D. Noftsingcr
Mervin L, Brauglit
Loeria Stone	Clinton Tobkias	Eloise Shun	l)avid E. KI
William Naugle	Clinton Tobias	Robert Shutt	David E. Keller
sVelda Deitch	Catherine Tobias	Thomas Krantz	Margaret Nofsinger
Caroline(Lockley )Stone	rheodore C. Loser	Edward Nauftzinger	Pauline(Nofsingcr)Mottice
Ruth (White)Campbell	E. Carolyn (Loser )Bachman	Howard Nauftzinger	Cleo(Nofsinger) Killgore
Shirley Steif	Joyce( Loser)Swope	Keith Nauftzinger	Rose(Nofsinger)W
Mildred ( Spatz) Brooks	Laura(Maloy)Clapper	Jerry Nauftzinger	Leona(Nofsinger)Baughman
Anna Spatz	Evelyn Naftzinger	Emma Kline	Loretta(Nofsinger)Couts
Fern Naftzinger	John W. Nofsinger
Elmer Wright
Great Great Great Grandchildren (cont’d)
Charles Lash	Marjam Feick
Roy Bricker	Gerald Nofsinger
Sest G. Wetter	Samuel Feick	George Bricker	Milton Nofsinger
line Bxler	Mabel Lesher	Donna(Price)Numbers	Paul H. Nofsing&r
Lowell A. Bixier	Peggy Ann Francis	Wanda(Price)Groh	Walter F. Nofsinger
Mary(Miller)Payne	Fay(Feick)Engle	Linda Null	Samuel C. Nofsinger
Katherine(Miller)O’Dell	Dale A. Feick	Paul Null	Blanche(Nofsinger)Hostciier
Randall C. Miller	Linda M. Forrey	Timothy Null	Opal(Nofsinger)Williams
Brenda L. Miller	Steven Shrack	Charles Last	Shirley(Nofsinger)Kilgore
Marita(Noftsinger)l-lauenstein	Thomas W. Han	June Wilson	Norma(Nofsinger)Seibert
Verne(Miday)llfano	Donald W. Hair	Thelma Wilson	Daryl Nofsinger
Marie(Miday)Haidue	Raymond S. Hair	Donna Wilson	Gary Nofsinger
Rose(Miday)Huberty	Phillip R. Hair	Wilma Wilson	Eleanore(Nofsinger)Bcazcl
Margaret (Miday)Colli ns	Russel D. Hair	Elaine Wilson	Donna (Nofsinger) Border
Catherine (Miday )Householder	Wanda(Hair)Mackler	Dale Wilson	Carl R. Nofsinger
Walter Miday	Douglas G. Hair	Russell Wilson	Dwight T. Nofsinger
Mary Miday	James Hair	Mark Tobias	Ruth(Nofsinger)Mohr
Cora(Bricker)Worstler	Newton S. Kusel
Lillian(Bricker)Sisley	Robert W. Kusel	Floyd R. Tobas	Blame Nofsinger
Samel Bricker	Pauline (Lash) Snyder	Helen(Tobias)Kintzer	Wayne Nofsinger
Dale Nofsinger
Doroth(Bricker) Wood	Ross Allen Lash	Mary Jane(Feick) Wolf	Benjamin F. Nofsinger
Great Great Great Great Grandchildren of Matthew (Mathias)
David Tobias	Doris Tobias
Thele(Tobias)Leh	Patsy Tobias	Sandra Brinker	Lola(Poindexter)Crawford
Vernon Tobias	Richard Tobias	Herman Radtka	Patricia Johnson
Robert A. Felix	Robert Tobias	Gary Radtka	Valerie(Johnson)Buckholtz
Iella( Felix )Kohberger	Barry Tobias	John Beard	William Johnson
•h(Kauderman)Lenhardt	Susan Tobias	Lynette Beard	Debra(Johnson)Mclnnes
E Wetter	Daniel L. DeHass	Paul Beard	Randall Johnson
Brian Bixler	Donald D. DeHass	James Beard	Robert C. Wilson
Connie Payne	Richard T. Reed	Tracy Noftsinger	Eugene L. Wilson
Robert Payne	Mary(Reed)Herndon	David Keller	Beverly A. Wilson
Tani Payne	Paul lndorf	Jenny Mottice	Jack A. Wilson
Kenneth Bricker	William Indorf	Ronda Mottice	Patnicia(Peterson)Letcher
Karen Bricker	Larry Indorf	Aimee Mottice	Robert K, Peterson
Keith Bricker	James Qncchinelli	Donald Kilgore	Dianne(Peterson) Bell
Norma(Tobias)Pilgert	Thomas J. Barlow	Tern Kilgore	Kreg Rudolph
David Tobias	Mary L. Barlow	David Whitmore	Allene(Mengle)Schmehl
Ethel Tobias	Daniel R. Barlow	Paul Whitmore	David Naftzinger Conroy
Vernon Tobias	Michael Summers	Beth Whitmore	Katherine M. Conroy
Ralph Tobias	Katherine A. Summers	Walter Nofsinger	Arlene(Naftzinger)Rhoads
Doris Tobias	Paul G. Widder	Jerry Nofsinger	June(Naftzinger)Spatz
Patsy Tobias	Sandra L. Widder	Lori Robin Wetter	Mary(Naftzinger)Leymeister
Richard Tobias	Linda(Maloy)Shane	Brian K. Bixier	Harry Naftzinger, Jr.
Robert Tobias	Phylis(Maloy)Chaney	Connie Lynn Payne	Nevin Naftzinger
Barry Tobias	Frances(Maloy)Moyer	Robert A. Payne	John Naftzinger
Susan Tobias	Martha Maloy	Tami L. Payne	Douglas Naftzinger
Ned Kinzer	James R. clapper	Dianne L. Hausenstein	Mark Naftzinger
Fredrick Wolf	Laura P. Clapper	Jeffery A. Hausenstein	Roy C. Naftzinger
Dean Feicks	Thomas E. Clapper	Kim Marie Noftsinger	Erlene(Naftzinger)Graeff
Paul D. Noftsinger	Alice(Wilson)Finger	Karen K. Noftsinger	David Naftzinger
Gary L. Baker	Linda(Cleaver)Rembrand	Katherine A. Noftsinger	Ruth Naftzinger
Julie Irene Baker	Margery Cleaver	Karol L. Noftsinger	James Naftzinger
Jeffrey A. Baker	John L. Kerr	Vicky L. Luxenburg	Sue Naftzinger
l) Whitmore	Janice(Weinich)Orr	Mary Beth Werstier	John H. Deam
II. Whitmore	Glen Weirich	Julia A. Werstier	Dorothy
N Whitmore	Shelly Weirich	Pennie Jones	Gladys(Shollenberger)Keiffer
Mille(Baughman)Koweli	€liarles M. Blosfield	Linda Jones	Martha(Cincchienelli)Folmer
R. Alan Baugliman	James Poindexter	John Jones	Barbara(Blosfield)Stanford
C. Edward Baughman	David Poindexter	Ralph Tobias	Mary BremmerNorma(Tobias)Pilgert
—	—	-
Great Great Great Great Great Grandchildren	-	(cont’d)
Ralph Worstier	it Kusel	Jennifer M. Banks	Diane Hausenstein	Beverly Couts
Dale Woods	Kenneth Hair	Eleanor R. Banks	Jeffery Hauenstein	Pamala Couts	4
Carol Woods	Dianne Hair	Julie F. Mackler	Walter Nofsinger	William Couts
Janice Woods	Tammy E. Hair	john Mackler	Jerry Nofsinger	John Nofstnger
l)iane Woods	Scott A. Hair	lwnnifer E. Mackler	Barbara Nofsinger	cheryl Nofsinger
Wanda Bricker	Andrew B. Hair	.y J. Hair	Charles Nofsinger	Gerald Nofsinger
Michael Nofsinger	William Hair	Douglas C. Hair	Robert Nofsinger	Pamala Sue Nofsinger
Steven Nofsinger	Susanne Hair	Cheryl Hair	Rodney Hostetler	Susan Nofsinger
Patricia Nofsinger	Earl Worstler	Jeffery Hair	Bruce Hostetler	Becky Nofsinger
Kristine M. Radtke	Howard Worstler	Curtis Kusel	Sandra Hostetler	Paul Nofsinger
1 L Radtka	Nelson Worstler	Carol Kusel	Clyde Hensel	Steven Nofsinger
Phyllk(Maloy)Bender	Wayne Worstler	Susanne Kusel	Larry Hensel	Patty M. Nofsin
Ronald DeHass	Dorothy Worstier	Scott Kusel	Bonnie Hensel	Daniel DeHass
Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandchildren
Colleen E. Reed	Brad Schmehl	Timothy Naftzinger	Ronald L. I inger
Mcllisa K, liidorf	Vallerie Schmehl	Mellissa Naftzinger	Larry Rebrand
(ristine A. lndorf	Erick Schmehl	Qaig A. Felix	Jay Stanford
Brian 1). lndorf	Sallie Rhoads	Pamela S. Felix	Timothy Stanford
l)iaiitit M. lndorf	Betty Rhoads	Stephen W. Lenhardt	Darlene Stanford
Kristen Folmas	Thomas Rhoads	Andrew S. Lenhardt	John Stanford
I.i (Clapper)Cook	Glenn Leymeister	Nichole Diane Mclnnes	Beverly Stanford
Mathew J. Clapper	Penney E. Naftzinger	William Johnson	Brenda Stanford
Mark H. Clapper	Harry W. Naftzinger	Charles Martin Blosfield	Melissa Blosfu’ld
Scott I.. Widder	Jeffery Naftzinger	ronnie Pilgert	Lori J. Crawford
lammue j. Widdcr	Carroll Tobias	Russel Pilgert	Dawn Crawford
Scott J. Slianc	Linda Tobias	Julia I. Baker	Denna Crawford
Kelly M. Shane	Diana. Leh	Jeffrey A. Baker	Michelle Buckholz	4
Allen I). Sliane	Connie Pilgert	Walter Nofsinger	Michelle K. Wilson
Christopher C. Sliane	Russel Pilgert	Kimberly Nofsinger	Howard I. Letcher
Margaret A. Clianey	Theodore W. DeHass	Sean Nofsinger	Thomas M. Peterson
Jeffrey	Chancy	Daniel L. DeHass	Jeff Nofz	Kenneth F. Bell
Stacy L. Moyer	Lee Ann DeHass	Jeff Nofsinger	Michelle E. Page
Eric A. Moyer	Debra J. Del-lass	Judy Nofsinger	Sharon M. Page
Troy 1. Finger	Eileen B. DeHass	Matthew R. Bell	Warren 1. Briner
Taminie J. Finger	Donald D. DeHass	Kristine M. Radtka
Nattzger Heritage News
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Grafton, Ohio 44044

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